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- KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.600
- BTS Debut Stage Reaction Full Ver
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RuSe 分 前
Hope: you can see the passion in our eyes V: that's the eyeliner 🤣🤣🤣
Hayl Gren
Hayl Gren 2 分 前
Jimin is too cute 🥰
amaya 15 分 前
this is all we need in 2019
Lykamae Barba
Lykamae Barba 40 分 前
Jimin: *shy* also Jimin: I look sexy 😂😂
Kookie Fanz
Kookie Fanz 47 分 前
the moment when you dont know where to look..wish i has more eyes tho 😂
Kookie Fanz
Kookie Fanz 48 分 前
the moment where you dont know where to look
Lalisa 4 Jungkook
jhope: you can see the passion in our eyes namjoon: that's the eyeliner i cannot! 🤣😂😂
Aka dream Date with Hobi
"Oh no my armpits" Jin is that all you can think abt 😂
YA YA YA YAH 2 時間 前
They are so precious. Why in the end my heart hurt when they talk about their past. I really love them
Baby Chimchim
Baby Chimchim 2 時間 前
Jimin: why did i do that? Me: It’s okay jimin were enjoying it so much HAHAHAHAHA
leonhardt avril
leonhardt avril 2 時間 前
Who cried after watching this? Me
CoversBy Queens
CoversBy Queens 2 時間 前
4:37 when Jimin in said “Yeah that’s right” I died
Jimin you beautiful creature
Wow I was laughing so hard and then I was crying so hard..that was a roller coaster
Nico Agu
Nico Agu 2 時間 前
woaaaaah, they had to go through a lot but look at them now, it's like a dream for them *I'm happy to know bts* 💞
ᅥᅭ ᅮᅡᅢᅢᅡjungshook
THEY ARE LEGENDARY...I am soooo proud to be a army I love you BTS💜💜
iixTrxpicalVxbesxii 3 時間 前
BTS: *Instant regret* 😂 Keep going Angels! We love you so much!💜✨
Stray Kid's & NCT's Wife
I can literally imagine them saying: "From that we are here. From artists who were underestimated to one of the most respected idols in the history of kpop" IM PROUD OF BTS. AS A 3 YEAR ARMY :)
_ luvpjguk
_ luvpjguk 3 時間 前
Joyce 4 時間 前
xxgamergirlxx otakusena
When you realize that you know them since debut and they grow that fast...
jenikeyt a
jenikeyt a 4 時間 前
I'm so proud of you guys 😭💜
Tanya Park
Tanya Park 4 時間 前
Джин как был пафосный сучкой, так ей и остался 😂
*started from the bottom now we here*
이가연 4 時間 前
와 이 영상 진짜 근래 몇달간 본 영상중에 제일 잘봤다 싶은영상이다ㅜ
Bilqīs Eeee
Bilqīs Eeee 5 時間 前
Jhope: you can see the passion in our eyes🤭 V: that’s the eyeliner... 😂😂
아미블 5 時間 前
애기야ㅑㅑㅑ♥애기♥ 근데 지금은..... 애기야ㅑㅑㅑㅑㅑㅑㅑㅑㅑㅑㅑ♥
Angel Yixing
Angel Yixing 5 時間 前
Wow that brings a lot of memory. I've been a fan since day 1 of their debut. They're truly not the same person as back then, more mature. At the time i truly love being in the fandom *hugs to everyone who interacts with me fangirling over bts*
Loki Laufeyson VII
Loki Laufeyson VII 5 時間 前
*music starts* *Namjoon's eyes widen*
Goth's Lyrics
Goth's Lyrics 5 時間 前
5:18 that is so adorable!!! He looks so cute while doing that 😂💜
Shagufta Anwar
Shagufta Anwar 6 時間 前
3:02 Why soo savage jin 😂😂😂
ccaya Y
ccaya Y 6 時間 前
beautiful guys~ i always support you
Nepeta Leijon
Nepeta Leijon 6 時間 前
V is me trying to not dance and sing but also cringing
Nepeta Leijon
Nepeta Leijon 6 時間 前
Tbh i liked their rookie music more even if its cringy haha. Still love them tho
nanajaemin 6 時間 前
they've suffered so much, but they worked harder than anyone did, and look where they are now ? they're considered legends. they practically own the world now ! so to those who've hated on them before, never ever mock someone based on their past, cause you never know, they can turn into big hits.
Eunyoung Song
Eunyoung Song 6 時間 前
Sharnice 7 時間 前
No one can tease bts like bts nuff said
hypnotic.harold 7 時間 前
That stunt which Jungkook did with the snapbacks was so cool tho
Zed Xahu
Zed Xahu 7 時間 前
i love how ine the end they were emotional 😭😭😭
Elda Safitri
Elda Safitri 8 時間 前
the last 1 minute is so sad... that escalated quickly...
hey 8 時間 前
I was just laughing.
어왔니 8 時間 前
헐 미치.....ㄴ......저거댓글나도봤는데 진도봤었..구나 헐대박 ㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 사랑해요 이댓글도 봐주길 ㅜㅜㅜ♡♡
Mina Buñag
Mina Buñag 9 時間 前
I cried. 😭
Lips Sync..😂😂😂 it's ok..all news artist do that...but not right right...???😄
Armpit,kneek,hair,abs..all that they want critic..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂so funny..
Auni S.
Auni S. 9 時間 前
Thank you, Mnet
Fuzzy na
Fuzzy na 10 時間 前
“Are you happy? Then, thats all that matters.” - RM I lub him
Nisda Awalia
Nisda Awalia 10 時間 前
I am Cry☺☹ Why???
Mari Kim
Mari Kim 10 時間 前
Bitch why there's water in my eyes while watching this?
BTS FOREVER thank you for 100subs
There are so many 'armpit' comments wth😂
Nicole Calder
Nicole Calder 10 時間 前
Like if you’ve been an Army since their debut! :,)
Laleeeng Barce
Laleeeng Barce 10 時間 前
Syahaddah Nik Nor
Syahaddah Nik Nor 10 時間 前
I am very proud of them... (tears in my eyes)
MariElle Kim
MariElle Kim 10 時間 前
Am not crying
Tae Tae
Tae Tae 10 時間 前
5:18 WHY IS HE SO CUTE! Uwu 💜💜
Yoongi’s Swag
Yoongi’s Swag 10 時間 前
“Oh no my armpits” -Jin 2019
el sassin
el sassin 11 時間 前
"Are you guys happy?" "Thats all that matters." I feel beyond happy for you guys 😘
omlxlana 11 時間 前
**j-nope entered the chat**
BCF fields
BCF fields 11 時間 前
Suga- Jimin your armpits are so...clean Jimin- me? I look sexy Yes you do hunny bun 😘😍😊
YeroJero 11 時間 前
omg When I saw Lee Joon and Thunder...them damn onion ninjas.
BCF fields
BCF fields 11 時間 前
0:35 namjoons look of regret. 😂😂
ꌗꀎꁅꍏ'ꌗ ꌗꃅꍟꌗꀎꌗ
is this tears of joy?
Prince Boy
Prince Boy 12 時間 前
To,Bts- i will be always with you my adorable BTS in every situation😚😚 From-army😄😄
hola hola
hola hola 12 時間 前
Please subititle in spanish. Por favor pongan también sub títulos en español.
Jin Enthusiast
Jin Enthusiast 12 時間 前
I'm about to say the L word
salsabila26 chanel
salsabila26 chanel 12 時間 前
oke love one more time
salsabila26 chanel
salsabila26 chanel 12 時間 前
i love u
Min Kung u
Min Kung u 13 時間 前
We love bts
jungkookie kookie
jungkookie kookie 13 時間 前
I'm crying......I with them when their first debut....that kid really work hard u know...dream came true...
Joijoi larj
Joijoi larj 13 時間 前
jimin:"I look so sexy"
MAKONYA AZ 13 時間 前
Nandiinii Gupta
Nandiinii Gupta 14 時間 前
2:17 "what did we ever do to you" SKSKSKSKKS
RM : "행복하냐? 그럼 됐다. 그럼 됐어~ 나는 니네가 건강해서 다행이야." 감동... love yourself❤
icyyhot baku
icyyhot baku 14 時間 前
you can really see how much they changed throughout the years. from unexprienced rookies to refreshing veterans, bts is really a superstar. forever and always, we, ARMY, will love BTS through and through. we purple you so much 💜💜
검볼덕후 15 時間 前
디스비오 15 時間 前
아윽 귀여워
aestheticbvbbles 16 時間 前
Omg if they were all skinny back then... THEN THEY ARE SKINNY LEDGENDS
Sara Kay
Sara Kay 16 時間 前
If I would See this on TV i would think "what are they doing" XD How they are dissing themselves Lmao
Sara Kay
Sara Kay 16 時間 前
"its shocking Bts about their debut XD
Sara Kay
Sara Kay 16 時間 前
"No Wonder that we got so much hate" Lmao yoongi
Park Jimchimchimmy Chim
*oh no my armpits*
bangtan and i vs the world
I wish I knew about them earlier 😔😭 honestly I'm so in love with them their personalities talents visuals everything about them is perfect I'm so happy for them finally getting the recognition they deserve 💜💜💜
크리스틴Christine 16 時間 前
"You can see passion in our eyes." "That's eyeliner." LMAOOOOO
Kpop Kronicles
Kpop Kronicles 16 時間 前
Thank you for doing this Mnet. This was a really precious moment for them and for army. Getting to see their genuine reaction to it is everything
AlexandriaForever 1211
Hobi- you can see the passion in our eyes Tae- that's just eyeliner
anica jeon
anica jeon 17 時間 前
I was smiling laughing the whole time they are watching the debut stage . but Yoongi Oppa got me tears. "If I had to say something to these guys... Its gonna be rough, but if you hang in there," 😭 look where you are now. Starting from the bottom here you are at the top of your success. Proud ARMY. Damn, stop cutting Onions RM oppa. 😭😭😭😍😍
seesaw 17 時間 前
Why tae is like this😂😂😂
Wifey Ally
Wifey Ally 17 時間 前
Tmi but I wish my armpits were as clean as Jimin's
Marilyn2401 17 時間 前
1:30 LMAO THE SHADE 😂😂😂 RM: look at my hairstyle SG: there's a reason we got so much hate..
ㅅㅇ 17 時間 前
팬들도 막 첨에 총모양 응원봉 만들면 멋있겠다고 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ그랬는데 그랬으면 해외공연할때 큰일날뻔ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Got Bangtan
Got Bangtan 18 時間 前
Im. Crying?
Mel Rosiee
Mel Rosiee 18 時間 前
~Expectation~ kid: dad what kind of person were you when you were younger? Dad: I was a member of BTS Kid: yuck that group that never debut ~Reality~ kid: dad what kind of person were you when you were younger? Dad: I was a member of BTS Kid: WOAH THATS SO COOL !
Sabong Two
Sabong Two 18 時間 前
Now looking back I am so glad the boys made it! Can’t imagine a world without them and their music ❤️
cherry blossom
cherry blossom 18 時間 前
jh- “you can see the passion in our eyes!” v- “that’s the eyeliner-”
angry? hungry? yes i'm hangry.
*Hoseok* : you can see the passion in our eye. *Tae* : that's the eyeliner Loool XD
jisoo jichu
jisoo jichu 19 時間 前
We love BANGTAN WAIT I meant we purple BANGTAN forever we never walk alone☺️💜💜💜
maegan 20 時間 前
when suga was cringing “woOOW, wOOOOW” 😂
lol nope
lol nope 20 時間 前
2:58 kiM tAEhYUNG also wow look at sleepy baby jiminie
Femke Visser
Femke Visser 20 時間 前
okay but... namjoonie's transformation though... he went from a little boy to a whole ass daddy js
Maca Toro
Maca Toro 21 時間 前
Todos unos playboy Uwu💕💕💕
I Don't Have A Name
I Don't Have A Name 21 時間 前
hobi: you can see the passion in our eyes tae: that's the eyeliner that sent me. okay but also joon: "are you guys happy? that's all that matters" -- i was not ready for my own tears
Lonely Unicorn Designs
5:19 is the best moment in this whole video 😂😍 got damn adorable
Sophie Wong
Sophie Wong 21 時間 前
They are so precious i love them