"End Of The World" - Tom MacDonald ft. John Rich

Tom MacDonald
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WRITTEN BY Tom MacDonald

SHOT & DIRECTED by Nova Rockafeller & Jared Potter

MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan
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Tom MacDonald
Tom MacDonald 13 日 前
So, what do y'all think?! Is it my best video yet? Dont forget to share the video and PLEASE download on iTunes or Amazon! Lets get another #1! geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/end-of-the-world/1676982107?ls=1&app=itunes
carla blizard
carla blizard 3 日 前
​@Eric BaileyI was trying to figure out how it was making me feel and I was confused. You nailed it.
Jak Mo
Jak Mo 8 日 前
I like it. Loved the country twist in it as well. But Mr Macdonald. There is good news. Though we are in these last days. Rejoice because our reception draws near. If you haven't already come to the Lord Jesus Christ. It's imperative you come to know Him. We don't want to be left behind. Jesus tells us and gives us warning of these days. But if we hold on to Him and cling to our testimonies. By enduring till the end. We will overcome the enemy, and we will receive a crown and a new name. I pray for you and your wife that you will know Jesus like I have come to know Him. May the Lord bless you and keep you.✝️🕊🙏
Stainless Frenky
Video has nothing with a message u wanna send here.
PEQUIN 9 日 前
I like it, y'all did a great job with the effects
Create Yourself to be a God
LETS GO FAM❤ 🛸 👽 👾 🛸 👽 👾
james mills
james mills 13 日 前
I'm a 60 year old man, who doesn't like RAP music, but this man's message has changed my mind GOD Bless Tom, please pray for our country we need it!!!!
Victoria Papesh
Victoria Papesh 54 分 前
Pamela Grace
Pamela Grace 2 時間 前
Nashvilletn1533 11 時間 前
FJB Bidencrimefamily
Dustin MacDougall
Dustin MacDougall 12 時間 前
Ya everyone pray for Canada... Yay.. ( even know we're doing great) free Healthcare. Open shelters. Food banks. Soup kitchens. And we're not taxied to death. Just enough to have nice things
Shea Allen
Shea Allen 16 時間 前
No rap is still the same. John Rich is not a wrapper
July Goose
July Goose 4 日 前
I'm a 92 year old retired space chimpanzee who can't stand rap music but toms message has opened my eyes!! God bless America 🇺🇸 🙏
T Parsley III
T Parsley III 14 時間 前
​@Just me reminds me of people using and misusing literally and people who say everybody needs a medal for anything and everything.
Matt Trella
Matt Trella 5 日 前
Tom it took me a few days of listening and thinking. 46 years old and I don’t remember anything as close as the truth put out like this. You never fail. You have a special gift and you take 100% of that gift. Congratulations on your success. ❤️🇺🇸🤘🏼 Millions ❤️ you…
truong tran
truong tran 日 前
you never listened to Eminem when he first blew?
Karen Sweet
Karen Sweet 3 日 前
I'm a 67 yr old Woman who don't like Rap music but I've listened to Toms music and videos for years! Its the message that's in his music! I think Tom is better than anyone out there. He knows what he's talking about. God Bless you Tom for speaking the Truth! This to me is by far the Best one Yet! #1 in my book! I'll keep you in my Prayers Tom that you know Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior! Amen. 🙏 Love and Appreciate you! ❤❤❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Amy Strawberries
I've listened to this song many, many times since it came out. And I just want to thank you for the music you create. This particular one has me feeling all types of ways; it really has felt sad, hopeless, chaotic and also made me upset to see the country/society in such a downward spiral.. But, listening to this, it makes me feel less alone...Tom's fan base is some of the coolest, kindest and most welcoming people out there.. I know I'm not alone in my struggles, because we're all feeling these things now. Anyways, sending peace, hope & love to all. ❤️☮️✌🏼💗🙏🏼
Michelle Coon -Fam
Michelle Coon -Fam 4 時間 前
❤ H.O.G. FAM 4 LIFE!
Battle Ready
Battle Ready 15 時間 前
Elaine S
Elaine S 3 日 前
@amystrawberries890 ❤❤ #HANGOVERGANG
BarefootInAK 4 日 前
Heather Holt
Heather Holt 3 日 前
CONGRATULATIONS for making it onto the radio AGAIN!!! 🎉
Lladdix 時間 前
What radio you listening to that’s playing this garbage 😭💀
Nicholas Warman
Nicholas Warman 13 日 前
John Rich is certainly one of the most outspoken conservative patriotic country music stars the last 15 years. Thank you for a fantastic collaboration
Brian Gutenberg
What may pass will pass.
James Hernandez
video is awful. how can you watch it?
Jory_is_real 2 日 前
@Jona7Fer I'll be standing behind Jesus, if you know what I mean 😉
Jona7Fer 2 日 前
@Jory_is_real You will have no excuse when you stand before Jesus.
Jory_is_real 2 日 前
@Jona7Fer We should have used more nails. ✝
Herb Barton
Herb Barton 4 日 前
I love this song, Tom Mcdonald and Jon Rich awesome job! God bless all
Mula Hutagaol
Mula Hutagaol 4 日 前
Never ever before have thought that rap and country music could go along together. This is awesome and truthful.
Alistair Barbour
My sons just introduced me to you. I had gave up on music. I grew up on resistance music and it broke my heart to think it was dead. Thank god there's still people like you . A new 58 Yr old English fan
Sa5yprincess 4 日 前
I don't know what I love more about this song. The lyrics, Tom's rapping, John's voice....it's all amazing
calimom 3 日 前
Awesome, you two are amazing together! Thanks for speaking up love it ❤
NH Overland Ram
NH Overland Ram 4 日 前
We do not need more rock, rap, hip hop, or country in its own category, but we need this! Please keep making the music that you are making!!
Tennessee Fishing Adventures
I said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m a military veteran and an American Patriot, and I find it’s a shame that I’m more proud of a Canadian Rapper that has more patriotism than some of my own countrymen.. Tom I appreciate you for your music and message, and I pray for your continued success in hopes it will actually reach more people so they can see through the BS of our so called government and the establishment! Much love brother!
Trevor Hathcock
Trevor Hathcock 8 時間 前
Served myself and I agree with you.
Are_Guy 936
Are_Guy 936 3 日 前
Even more sad is that 90% if our Peace officers don’t know the five pillars of the first amendment
Shae C
Shae C 3 日 前
Share it!!!
Charli Star
Charli Star 3 日 前
@nostranger2u 😂🤣👌
BarefootInAK 4 日 前
@FergusonFarm id like to think that when the time comes we will have enough true American Patriots to stand up for our freedom, our Country. Its up to us parents to raise our kids right, Ive made my mistakes, but I’ve got damn good kids, now adults. The problem is the kids are coddled now, taught they dont have to listen to their parents, taught sick and twisted ideals instead of reading, writing and math ect… i have a friend who’s 6 yr old came home from school and told her Dad he couldn’t tell her what to do or punish her, that she could be who ever or what ever she wanted to be OR she would tell her teacher and he would go to jail. This is indoctrination at its highest. This is what they want, this is how we will fall, unless enough people stand up and say enough. Raise leaders and fighters who love America and we will prevail. 🇺🇸 Blessings to you…
Jonathan Masri
Jonathan Masri 4 日 前
❤ Love how you sing what you think Tom.Great song with great points that make you think about whats going on in this world today. John your awesome love the vibe you bring. ''AMAZING VIDEO NOVA YOU HAVE A GREAT GIFT FOR PRODUCING''❤❤❤😊
Jimmie Riggs
Jimmie Riggs 3 日 前
You guys are making music videos great again. I haven’t seen a video this exceptional and groundbreaking since the 80’s. You knocked it out of the park with this song. What a great message for the times we are living in. We can only hope people wake up before it’s too late. Keep sending the message.
Robert Benson
Robert Benson 4 日 前
I'm 63 years old and I love everything Tom has done to date, his songs are awesome, the only Rapper I've got into,keep up the great work Tom and everyone involved, love from Sydney Australia.
MickeyJMac 4 日 前
Two great ambassadors! Keep reminding us "Together We Stand!" We forget sometimes.
Lastname First
Lastname First 4 日 前
What a cool collaboration! I would’ve never put these two artists together. Once again, Tom- Excellent Truth! Your creativity and talent continue to shine!
Russault Gaming
Russault Gaming 9 日 前
I'm a 63 yr old man with 3 kids and 4 grandkids ... I always disliked RAP music until I heard Tom MacDonald's songs. Tom is wise beyond his years, and has the voice to open the eyes of millions of people, young and old. But what I struggle with every day is ... WHEN IN THE HELL DO WE THE PEOPLE STAND UP AND START FIGHTING THE EVIL BASTARDS ???
Roxanna Pierce
Roxanna Pierce 4 日 前
Go to Turning point USA Charlie Kirk has a new book out called "How we Win" its short (50-100 pgs) and its awesome. It lays it all out for you clear and concise. How we win!!!
Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes 7 日 前
@SpiderME well see the thing is, we don't care what you think
Jonathan 7 日 前
Unfortunately never because it seems like his videos mostly reach out to older people like you, I’d assume it’s them intentionally trying to suppress his reach because everything he says is true
Blue Skies
Blue Skies 4 日 前
What a great song! I’m psyched for the “end of the world”! Lol. I’m SO thankful I found Tom MacDonald last year, it’s the only lyrical music I listen to, so thank you again for uniting us in this battle. 😊
100% love to you Tom! Best music producer in ALL genres, it’s undeniable. I start every morning to this song.
Maria Morton
Maria Morton 日 前
LOVE IT!!! I've never really been into rap music but Tom McDonald does it with such a fantastic message you can't help but really listen to it and what it all means. I have listened to everything Tom has released that I can. Keep putting your truth out there - it will eventually get the message through to the people that really need to hear it. God bless you Tom - you are amazing!!! 🙂
Zephyr7068 日 前
Today I lost one of my closest friend of 4 years. Your music has helped me through tough times before and I am sure it will help me through this time again. Thanks for all the good music.
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson 日 前
Tom is a great guy that puts nothing but the truth out!! Thanks Tom
ASH 21
ASH 21 6 日 前
This is the music industry’s worst nightmare happening right before their eyes, AND I FREAKING LOVE IT SO DAMN MUCH!!!!!!!
Vicious Virtue
Vicious Virtue 2 日 前
No it’s not. The industry doesn’t care.
Clair Evans
Clair Evans 4 日 前
@Jane what's fun about, what he's singing about. I don't think you get the point it's not supposed to be fun
White Trash
White Trash 4 日 前
YES!!! 😆
Alex Does YouTube
Native Europe
Native Europe 4 日 前
It is? Fark the music industry then.
DJ the Nerd
DJ the Nerd 4 日 前
Tom always makes the most truthful songs out there. Hope you make it super super big man!!
A Bug's Life
A Bug's Life 8 時間 前
I’m a 55 year old woman who loves rap music and Tom. His music forces us to look at ourselves and how they impact everyone and everything 🇺🇸✌🏻
Deborah Rudderham
OMG. This song just rocked my entire being. I am so, so, so, scared as to what our world is turning into, and how fast is is spinning out of control. There doesn’t seem to be enough people left to try and save it. We are all crushed by our politicians, and governments, and oh yeh, don’t forget the Elites!!! This song was soooo bang on. Thanks for your hard work, singing and song writing to get these messages out there. GOD BLESS US ALL 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
FSW02 4 日 前
We need more rappers like this I swear
Kathy Wike
Kathy Wike 3 日 前
Wow! Love it! I am a baby boomer. Never listened to rap nor was I a big country western lover. But..... this VIDEO blew me away!! The message the singing all of it was top notch. I will definitely share... good luck hope it goes to # 1
Simply Samantha
Simply Samantha 13 日 前
That’s so great to see Tom bringing different genres together. That’s what we need to do as Americans! 🇺🇸
Bacon Rap
Bacon Rap 日 前
When you realize he's Canadian but is more American then the rest of us Americans
So THAT happened
@sS Lost the plot there a bit, didn't you, hon? 🤣😂🤣 That's all right it helps the algorithm. By the way, Trump, due to his age, is in the highest risk category for C-19, he's also a narcissist, everything he does is 'the best, the greatest' that's how he speaks, how he's always spoken. He didn't force the jab on anyone else. He's also one of the most generous, patriotic men in politics today. No one is perfect.
sS 6 日 前
The Hogester
The Hogester 2 日 前
Thank you Tom John and Nova. Absolutely love this. 73 Years old and love the lyrics and music. Just keep telling the world the truth. We are all with you. One of the few people that can see what is really going on in this world. Keep going. xxxxxxx
PG GP 5 日 前
Tom smashing it out of the park yet again ! congratulations to Tom John and all of the team
Adam Leonard
Adam Leonard 3 日 前
What a song it's so true and almost makes me mad cause it's the damn truth Tom if your reading this keep doing what you were put in this position for to make people realize wtf is going on in real life. Thanks again Tom love ya like a brother i never met
Michael Alexiou
Michael Alexiou 4 日 前
You can disagree with toms looks or his tattoos but one thing you cannot disagree with is this man's message. The message he points out in his songs is 100% on track. Lots of love to you my friend and keep them coming. At least there's someone out there publicly trying to waken the masses of sheep 🐑 and trying to break the paradigm of the elite 👍
Al Voris
Al Voris 4 日 前
Just wanted to say thanks for your music. I needed this in my life right now.
Wallszy 13 日 前
Tom Macdonald’s lyrics are as real as it gets. Speaking the truth at all times. Delivers on every song. The whole world relates to what he’s saying. This was a great collaboration! 🔥
@Steven Macleod is he? Or is he telling how 'they' want us to think?
Loony N1nja
Loony N1nja 8 日 前
@Mr.G I’ve been saying it for a while now been labeled a “fake fan” for criticism of him because I am pointing out that he’s doing the one thing he was going against that being repetitive lyrics, yes he was talking about mumble rap where it’s drugs and bitches but being different topics doesn’t make it different
Mr.G 8 日 前
@Loony N1nja glad its not just me lol
Jona7Fer 9 日 前
Hi, if you are not saved, and would like to be included in the rapture of the church. Believe that Jesus's death on the cross, was enough to pay for ALL your sins , yes ALL ,(past, present and future) That is what the Gospel is about. We are saved by GOD'S amazing grace, through our faith in Jesus's sinless life, death on the cross and resurrection 3 days later . No additional works needed. It is literally that simple. Ephesians 2:8-9 Romans 10:9-10 Romans 4:5
Valerie Uhunoma
Valerie Uhunoma 4 日 前
Indeed the world 🌍 is ending sooner than we all think 😔. Thanks Tom for this
Elizabeth Bennett
This song was surprisingly bittersweet. I was avoiding it because I didn't want to get depressed, but it didn't do that. It actually made me be glad for the times we had, rather than sad it's coming to an end. I'm young. Only 20something. But I have hope for a future, even if it's the roughest path. God will walk it with me.
Khorzhanis Studios
leisure10464 3 日 前
Loved your collaboration with John Rich! Thanks to both of you for telling the truth.
Aaron Schultz
This was so well done and not just the song. The video is over the top. Epic on both levels
Trevor Hathcock
Trevor Hathcock 8 時間 前
@T Parsley III I’m guessing he is talking about the aliens stealing cows. I don’t think he ment anything bad by it.
T Parsley III
T Parsley III 14 時間 前
Over the top?
riffjiff 7 日 前
Right now, I'd say Tom MacDonald is probably the most important musician on the planet. Always a message in his music. Nobody else has the balls to tell it like it is.....
Jonathan Birnbaum
He has a great message yes.... but listen to immortal technique.... he's been doing this long before Tom has. Look up 'revolutionary vol 1 and 2' for starters.
maxwell samuel
maxwell samuel 5 日 前
@Be Well or they are extremely influential and have been for decades and you’re way too naive to understand that.
Ryan D
Ryan D 5 日 前
​@maxwell samuelit's both 🤦‍♂️
enrique60033 6 日 前
lol wut? 🤣🤣
maxwell samuel
maxwell samuel 6 日 前
every rapper who’s spoke on political issues speaks on these topics. (Krs one, public enemy, ice cube, Nas, mobb deep, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Rakim, immortal technique, De la Soul, Brand Nubian, Rass Kass, Kool G rap, Buz Markie, KMD, MF DOOM, Quasimoto, Blu, Quelle Chris, Lupe Fiasco, Royce da 5 9, Joey Bada$$, Earl Sweatshirt, Kanye West, Common, Black Thought, Mos Def, Talib Kweli etc.) since the early 80’s either you’re not a big hip hop fan or you aren’t a very good listener.
Delila Pruitt
Delila Pruitt 2 日 前
This song is definitely a memorable one. The melody has been stuck in my head ever since the first listen!
Roxanne Klevgaard
I love it!! One of your best Tom. Really gets the word out what is going on. Keep singing like you do and dont ever loose sight on what you believe. Thats why I love your music. Its from the heart, its what you believe. God bless you Tom!!
Michael Angel - Facebook/Michael.Angel.1048
Well Tom, the hype is certainly well placed, because this is a Number One on every level! And the sound! My God man! Whose hands were on the board!? Cuz it's brilliantly recorded and mixed as well as written and performed! I don't impress easily, so this is an achievement on so many levels and I'm sure that just like everyone else I couldn't be more happy for you* 444*
I think it's fantastic, the message, the music, the musicianship of both of these singers is awesome 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
dianne rose
dianne rose 4 日 前
I'm about to loose my home, lost my kids and husband and zero family round me after having things finally looking up. This song is on repeat for me.
Alfred Neuman
Alfred Neuman 17 時間 前
Valdre Ona Ammons
Damn woman! Don't know you but I know you...blessings and hope from my broken down world to you I'm 65 yr old lady stuck out in the bottom of the CA desert in a chair w a service dog these past 5 yrs HELL don't get no hotter, life might not get better but I'm killing it all alone out here- BREATHE YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU KNOW❤🐾
funny name
funny name 3 日 前
Hang in there, God bless you xx
Your Clairy Godmother
I hope that your future will be better than your present. Bless your heart, Dianne.
Clare Severson
Clare Severson 4 日 前
God bless you man❤
Teshuvah 13 日 前
How many rappers can draw in a 55 year old woman who’s favorite music is classical piano? Only one!! Along with the fact that you boldly speak truth, and that you’ve accomplished this without the industry controlling you, I love that you have broken through walls and brought so many different types of people together! I think it’s safe to say that you were born “for such a time as this” and that you are doing an awesome job of carrying out your purpose! May you and Nova both stay safe! ❤
Teshuvah 9 日 前
@Jona7Fer You mention that he died and rose 3 days later. If he died on a Friday, (Good Friday,) and rose on a Sunday morning, that’s only 1.5 days from Friday evening to Sunday morning. Seek truth.
Jona7Fer 9 日 前
Hi, if you are not saved, and would like to be included in the rapture of the church. Believe that Jesus's death on the cross, was enough to pay for ALL your sins , yes ALL ,(past, present and future) That is what the Gospel is about. We are saved by GOD'S amazing grace, through our faith in Jesus's sinless life, death on the cross and resurrection 3 days later . No additional works needed. It is literally that simple. Ephesians 2:8-9 Romans 10:9-10 Romans 4:5
Branka Moore
Branka Moore 9 日 前
Here here. I’m a psychotherapist, artist, grandmother and seeker of truth, and I’m in total love with Tom, his music, and his whole family. Never a fan of any artist ever, until Tom. Certainly never a rap fan, until I came across Tom a year ago. Now, I blast only his music in my car, and I mean, blast it. 🎶🎶Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a huge promoter and big fan and loving #HOG and part of the #hogfamily. He makes me feel 18 again, either that or just a really cool grandmother. 😉 ❤️🇨🇦❤️ Also, very proud that he is one of our own, Canadian.❤️🇨🇦
Samantha Morgan
Samantha Morgan 11 日 前
Aggie 5 日 前
More power to you TOM and thanks for sharing your amazing talent in music.
Dennis Storie
Dennis Storie 2 日 前
Tom sings his rap version where everyone can understand and relate to the message which is why it is received well
alex garcia
alex garcia 2 日 前
Congratulations on all the success brother! It's been awesome to see you winning 🥇!!!
Cindi Neumann
I love so much about this video. John Rich adds a new depth to the vocals, your dad rocks his tin foil hat, and you rocked your homemade red glitter outfit. The lyrics are awesome and the video is great
preeti Devi
preeti Devi 日 前
My favorite rapper ever!! Great collaboration with John Rich! Bless you both! 👍👍
Mr. Vending
Mr. Vending 11 日 前
It’s great how Tom doesn’t have to be crudely offensive to be famous. He has actual talent and has truly talented friends around him.
Amy Strunk
Amy Strunk 11 日 前
It's really sad that some will judge Tom by his appearance and never give him a chance. They are missing out on a musical genius!
LostWizardCat 11 日 前
@JJJT yes but you cannot deny the influence we have over the word, and that is part of the issue.
Tim A
Tim A 11 日 前
but i definitely agree with you..He is on point!
Tim A
Tim A 11 日 前
Dont say that to this woke generation lol
God has certainly blessed you Tom, another amazing #1 hit! I am 70 today and I can’t get enough of your music, thank you, love from Ontario Canada🙏🏻💕
Trinity 11 時間 前
This is my favorite song. You kill it every time. I love what you stand for.. and I love the message you put out there. Spitting nothing but facts. We’re in a serious crisis in our country.
Miss Brightside
Miss Brightside 3 日 前
This is epic, well done Tom & John.
Tanya Malone
Tanya Malone 4 日 前
This is the most amazing song and everything you sing about is true....never know when it is your last day...live for the moment!❤
Leann Grover
Leann Grover 3 日 前
Another great song Tom. You really have your finger on the pulse of the people. Great to hear someone who isn’t afraid to speak the truth.
RU$$ ill!
RU$$ ill! 13 日 前
It's impressive how Tom has the lyrical ability to continuously speak on the same subjects, but in different ways.
Nick Havel
Nick Havel 10 日 前
@Art is Subjective🖕 He's really not....just another grifter.
MPG&HOG4LYF!! 11 日 前
MPG&HOG4LYF!! 11 日 前
Corey of NY
Corey of NY 2 日 前
I am a rocker but my boys love TM. His lyrics blow me away. It is good to see his talent getting recognized.
Jonathon Estep
Jonathon Estep 4 日 前
He's definitely killing it right now. I liked him from the start
Eyesee Grim
Eyesee Grim 日 前
Tom your music is always fire, and have supported for years, but this has to be my favorite video yet. It has that old school music video vibe to it. lots of storytelling and visual relations. Thank you, Nova and potter!
Joseph Turberg
Joseph Turberg 2 日 前
Once again, a great piece, keep it up and keep the faith brother, we love ya!!!
inked 4life
inked 4life 12 時間 前
I listen to old school rap, but Tom Macdonald has opened my eyes to alot of things. There is not one song or collaboration that he's done that I didn't like. He's a lyrical genius. Love the dude. And Nova Rockafeller love her stuff too. And her video skills are 🔥 HOG 4 life!!!
SUZANNE B 13 日 前
Tom, John Rich and cows being beamed up to spaceships...how can you not love this video???? Another gift to the music world and the Hang Over Gang! Love you Tom and Nova!
mary.w 日 前
Congrats Tom and John on #1Hip Hop Billboard award ❤🛸👽❤️🛸👽
Gloria Piccioni
Gloria Piccioni 2 日 前
I discovered your channel today and I love it! god bless you Tom. Thank you for your courage and your talent.
CamJonesZone 2 日 前
I listen to this Everyday, keep up the good work Tom and Nova, y'all are special people, spreading good vibes and positive energy. Love you guys 💯❣️👍
Kurt Downey
Kurt Downey 2 日 前
I do too.
Darryl Adams
Darryl Adams 日 前
You are unbelievable with the message you r spitting out keep up with the bomb ass music tom your the man brother
randall woods
randall woods 11 日 前
This needs to be on the radio immediately
Jona7Fer 9 日 前
Hi, if you are not saved, and would like to be included in the rapture of the church. Believe that Jesus's death on the cross, was enough to pay for ALL your sins , yes ALL ,(past, present and future) That is what the Gospel is about. We are saved by GOD'S amazing grace, through our faith in Jesus's sinless life, death on the cross and resurrection 3 days later . No additional works needed. It is literally that simple. Ephesians 2:8-9 Romans 10:9-10 Romans 4:5
Raven Starver
Raven Starver 10 日 前
There's not even a single news article about this song. And Billboard doesn't seem to want to rank it yet either. Doesnt matter millions are listening.
Joshua Pierce
Joshua Pierce 10 日 前
​@Lisa Jordan Amen. Glory to God!
Rick Evan
Rick Evan 10 日 前
@Lisa Jordan Amen sister!
Lisa Jordan
Lisa Jordan 10 日 前
The devil will never take over Heaven. GOD created him, and kick him and rest of the devils out because he tried to over throw GOD and he couldn't. Jesus went and took the keys from him and got up with all power. The only thing the devil is doing is lieing to people seeking whom he can take out, destroy, and devour. Repent JESUS CHRIST IS COMING SOON!!!
Robert Yoder
Robert Yoder 4 日 前
Love what you’re doing Tom just keep being you brother.
Doe M
Doe M 3 日 前
Love me some Tom & John that song made me tear up😢because it’s the truth 🙏🏾🇺🇸
Buck Jones
Buck Jones 3 時間 前
There couldn’t be a better week or day to listen to this song! Great collaboration! John & Tom thank you!
Elmer Chavez
Elmer Chavez 3 日 前
70 year old Wyoming cowhand loving these men and their words of truth , may Jesus save us !
Awesome. Love it you always take it to a different level. So cool. You all never disappoint Nova keeping everything exciting.
BlissKris 13 日 前
OMG John Rich coming in on that hook gave me FULL BODY GOOSEBUMPS!!! 😮❤😊
Jona7Fer 9 日 前
Hi, if you are not saved, and would like to be included in the rapture of the church. Believe that Jesus's death on the cross, was enough to pay for ALL your sins , yes ALL ,(past, present and future) That is what the Gospel is about. We are saved by GOD'S amazing grace, through our faith in Jesus's sinless life, death on the cross and resurrection 3 days later . No additional works needed. It is literally that simple. Ephesians 2:8-9 Romans 10:9-10 Romans 4:5
L Morris
L Morris 10 日 前
katie+ 10 日 前
Me too!!!!🤗🙏🎉
Total Wealth Show
@alex bradford nice idea though!
kherise 4 日 前
I wish that at least once you’ll perform this amazing song LIVE together with Mr Cash. Better yet, pls make a virtual concert for international fans to see you too performing live 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Steven Slone
Steven Slone 5 時間 前
I have been out of person for going on 3 years and been drug and alcohol free man your music helps keep me grounded and thinking about the things that is important to me it has changed my life for the best thank you
Hotmommasue 13 時間 前
Omg chills.just chills, tom you guys just kicked it out of the ball.park. john rich so proud representing my love of country music.
warrant Kang
warrant Kang 3 日 前
Your MVs make me impressed all the time. I'm a huge fan of you now. I will support you until I die bro. Thank you for always giving me best songs. From Korean fan.
M V 17 時間 前
Love the lyrics to this song…. Makes you think about civilization and reminisce on what we have been through.
Andrew Shelton
Andrew Shelton 10 日 前
Can we all PLEASE get this to #1 on every single chart?!
Conscious Citizen
@Jona7Fer are you a socialist?
minh van
minh van 9 日 前
Comrade Everclear
​@Big Cat 2 Honestly not a fan of that song. Its not bad by any means, but this one is way better. Now Zombified is a fuckin banger!
Comrade Everclear
​@xPr0j3kTMaYH3M Yes. And all the Yes. The song deserves it. Tom deserves it.
Susan Garbutt
Susan Garbutt 2 日 前
Tom MacDonald is the only rapper I can listen too . Thank you Tom.
jamteg 3 日 前
Great song Tom and John , you guys sound so good on it.
radek pohorsky
Tom is a great artist he is who he is and doing all he is doing on his own way. Great way. Thx for your music and art.
Natarsha Billing
I can't help it! I can't help admiring Tom and his .... um.... crafts! So multi dimensional on so many layers. Such complex simple beings we are.
Jean Spalding
Jean Spalding 3 日 前
Love it! 👏🏼 Love that you teamed up with John Rich...💓 Keep sending those messages out! 🔊
just another guy on YouTube
Tom is the only Artist who can literally collab with ANY artist in ANY genre and produce an amazing song. Tom your going down in the history books with the greatest of them all.
Darrell Weems
Darrell Weems 2 日 前
2dogs Larry
2dogs Larry 4 時間 前
Absolutely beautiful song. It's given me chills. I am a fan of your music for a few years now. An love seeing your growth. It's inspiring. But now you have one of my favorite song writers on a song. That just blew me away. John Rich has so many songs out there that lots of people have no clue he wrote them. An big and rich are one of my favorite bands. I went to Arizona back in 2005 to see a buddy. We went to Yuma sand dunes for a weekend to ride. I forced my buddy to listen to save a horse ride a cowboy album all the way through a few times. An this buddy when I met him. Had hair about as long as yours and a Metallica tee. An I told him right then we are going to be good buddies. That was 23yrs ago and we may not talk everyday. Me Florida him Arizona now days. But we could call and have a place to rest our heads no questions asked. Keep up the hustle. Keep hustling till the haters are asking if you are hiring. 😊
Grey Nomad
Grey Nomad 2 日 前
Anything Tom touches turns to pure gold. Tried and true.
Edward Fancon
Edward Fancon 3 日 前
you want peace but you keep dropping BOMBS like this one Tom!!!! Great job man! Love it. John's a perfect collaborator here!
Jeffrey Woitekaitis
I'm 58 i don't really like rap music, been a metal head my whole life, but i love listening to your music. I played a few songs for my 93 yr old mom and she likes your message.Keep the faith, better times are coming we will not let "THEM" ruin our great country. God bless to you all.
DeathCrueVideos 13 日 前
Tom isn't just singing a song here people, he is speaking truth, someone who has the balls to try to explain to everyone that the end is here... This song isn't about likes or views or even money, He's trying to wake us up. Money is no good in the end. Getting right with the Lord Jesus Christ is what's important.. Thank you Tom for this awesome song. I'll pray for you and everyone who likes this comment.. Let the Lord know we still love Him..
Rachel Sartain
Rachel Sartain 8 日 前
@Hannah Goldberg please explain how??? The dude is FULLY independent.
Rachel Sartain
Rachel Sartain 8 日 前
Amen!!! 🙏
Im_Alive 72
Im_Alive 72 8 日 前
🤮🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 I don’t need him to tell me. You people crack me up. Song is weak as hell
Tracey Rotar
Tracey Rotar 日 前
Seriously ,chills down my spine !! You are amazing!!! Hates off to you❤
just me
just me 日 前
Oh yeah and Nova and Jared you guys did amazing on the video like wowI'm certain you guys put a lot of time into that and it shows extremely good quality your little family never ceases to amaze me
jackie Meier
jackie Meier 20 時間 前
Fantastic song ❤️ keep sing truth Tom, praying for you. Please promise you will be humble and don't allow fame and money to destroy your soul. May God be with you and guide you!
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