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Ellen Plays Matchmaker for U.S. Open Champion Naomi Osaka and Michael B. Jordan

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Tennis star Naomi Osaka revealed her celebrity crush is Michael B. Jordan, so Ellen tried to play matchmaker for the two. Plus, the 20-year-old opened up about her recent U.S. Open win and the controversy over her opponent Serena Williams.





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Naomilover Tennischamp
No need to buy a car ..Naomi was was offered by a Nissan GTR just the other day .Nov 12 2018..
Steven D
Steven D 日 前
She’s a great person so humble
YOninaBEZ 2 日 前
This is hilarious💞💞💞💞
Jimmy Peremene Gidion
Wow just wow❤
Екатерина Гугой
only 5 mill views for such a nice show, should be much more!!!
Michael Arthur694
She's a haitian 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹
Leray King
Leray King 3 日 前
Love, love, love Ellen. However, this is her interview not Serena Williams.
aolfat 3 日 前
What a dud!
Vogue Flower
Vogue Flower 4 日 前
She’s so cute bless her
Eva PM
Eva PM 4 日 前
So, did he ever respond? She’s so humble, I love her!
k k
k k 4 日 前
It felt like her lips were glued.
AveenosLOL 6 日 前
Ellen is soo funny 😂😂😂
uma sarkar
uma sarkar 7 日 前
that is so funny..
Arwa Naji
Arwa Naji 7 日 前
She is so cute
jics banaag
jics banaag 8 日 前
Naomi is much much better than Serena especially in character and attitude. Amazing lady.
sola ahmed
sola ahmed 8 日 前
Anyone have time wanna make coversation with me ,😕 im about to forget english&speaking. Thnx in advance
imani jacobs
imani jacobs 9 日 前
MMM MMM 10 日 前
I know that I'm not the only one who watch this multiple times.
k odu
k odu 10 日 前
I think black + Japanese makes good children.
Black Berries
Black Berries 12 日 前
5 years from now she’s going to be such a big Star ...., she’s going to “ with sooo much confidence” OWN EVERY INTERVIEW
Amariah right
Amariah right 12 日 前
Don't give her Michael 😢😢😢😢
deepak mahajan
deepak mahajan 13 日 前
Naomi going to be huge celebrity like Serena Venus n sharapova
Asmaa아스마 13 日 前
The girl is so sweet and beautiful i like her ❤
Milika Kaho
Milika Kaho 13 日 前
What a cutie pie! 😍
kim jongin
kim jongin 15 日 前
she is such a cutie ..i love her soooo much ..my beautiful shy queen.. i am proud of you for what you have achieved ..i pray you achieve a lot more in the future.
Craig Bonin
Craig Bonin 15 日 前
Ryan Tse
Ryan Tse 18 日 前
*I'm on season 7 of the office* oh what sadness awaits her...
Romelia Bury
Romelia Bury 18 日 前
Nice girl. But she barely opens her mouth when she speaks.
Jason Ashfield
Jason Ashfield 19 日 前
She`s beautiful
alexhortdog95 21 日 前
What a sweetheart!
Lovely Dai.
Lovely Dai. 21 日 前
At least her personality is pretty 🤷‍♀️
rikittfluit 21 日 前
Greg Turner
Greg Turner 23 日 前
sanelisiwe khambule
She's so shy and humble. Beautiful
Ankush Verma
Ankush Verma 23 日 前
1:56 nobody is calling her young Serena Serena Sucks
XD kingph
XD kingph 24 日 前
i search on youtube naomi/trinity on ellen show and i thought it was naomi in wwe
Lucy Simone
Lucy Simone 24 日 前
Her hair😍😍
Lucy Simone
Lucy Simone 24 日 前
The way Serena behaves at the us open was embarrassing
RosieNight 24 日 前
1st step be famous for something. 2nd step be on Ellen. 3rd step tell her That Harry Styles is my celebrity crush. My whole life is planned.
Ra ma
Ra ma 24 日 前
OMG I love her 😍😍❤️
Shaun Stunn
Shaun Stunn 24 日 前
Naomi Osaka: You stressing me up, am too young to be stressed.😂😂
felion robinson
felion robinson 24 日 前
She is not the new Serena. See that's what they do try to replace fully black people with halfies no chance
Jeremih Jnr
Jeremih Jnr 24 日 前
I love Naomi
Dustin Travis
Dustin Travis 25 日 前
She's hilarious.
Chubi Del Rosario
Omg she's just a kid
Rishav Adarsh
Rishav Adarsh 25 日 前
fidel alamsjah
fidel alamsjah 25 日 前
She is adorable
justa dude
justa dude 25 日 前
Ahh thats weak af... Im jealous
hidayah hadi
hidayah hadi 25 日 前
Omg Ellen! Love you and Naomi so much!
Girl from Mars
Girl from Mars 25 日 前
Okay I have obviously lived under a rock for the past couple of months but can someone explain to me what happened during the race and between this young awesome lady and Serena ?
SAY WHAT??!! 26 日 前
I'm confused. How do you not know your crush's name?!
Sanailovez 1
Sanailovez 1 15 日 前
SAY WHAT??!! She probably had a crush on the character
king cobra
king cobra 26 日 前
She looked scared when Ellen put her hand on her leg and took that selfie. Me too
QRnd 26 日 前
Good luck tryin' not to cry at the end of S7 girl.
Vennesa7 26 日 前
Woohoo he asked her out!!!! Hope it works out for them! Fingers crossed!
Rain berry
Rain berry 26 日 前
She has such a Japanese culture type of behaviour haha kawaii
an awkward sports star we stan!!
christi hamilton
christi hamilton 27 日 前
She is so boring lol but cute.
Iana Corrêa
Iana Corrêa 27 日 前
she's so nice omg
Kay Dzope
Kay Dzope 27 日 前
i love introverts...they are such beautiful mysteries
Lamel Jarvis
Lamel Jarvis 28 日 前
She’s so fine
nami aisya
nami aisya 28 日 前
Can someone tell what happened after?😂 dying of curiousity
s u
s u 28 日 前
Awww She's so adorable.
Jay Seth
Jay Seth 29 日 前
Shes so cute! Dang!
Tong Zou
Tong Zou 29 日 前
totally opposite of Serena's personality
Vaughn Hanley
Vaughn Hanley 29 日 前
I love Ellen
graceful beauty
graceful beauty 29 日 前
great interview
Sonam Namjay
Sonam Namjay ヶ月 前
What's Michael's response ?
Conny V
Conny V ヶ月 前
I wonder if she has looked at videos “now”, and actually “heard” what was going down during the match and I am also wondering how she feels about it.
Ronny Mannheimer
Ronny Mannheimer ヶ月 前
Hope she keeps her humble...ness (?) for the rest of her life in the spot, you never know. Not hating. She's lovely now
Sports Central
Sports Central ヶ月 前
Leave her alone Ellen. She doesn't need the drama and distractions these Hollywood relationships bring with it. Let her focus on her career.
Brian Lawlor
Brian Lawlor ヶ月 前
Naomi is the coolest thing in tennis
46664 NM
46664 NM ヶ月 前
The type of woman you bring home to your mama
Sarah Marshall
Sarah Marshall ヶ月 前
She's so nice. Comes across really genuine. Great for the game. Breath of fresh air.
Captain Everyman
Captain Everyman ヶ月 前
If I were MBJ, I would snap her up immediately. She's a rare and precious stone.
Soul Chapman
Soul Chapman ヶ月 前
Mario Fervers
Mario Fervers ヶ月 前
Naomi Osaka is a true rolemodel.
knock knock
knock knock ヶ月 前
After this watch Conor Macgrogors interview...
Zen Chen
Zen Chen ヶ月 前
The awkward moment when the 65inch TV came & girl didn't flinch nor when Ellen pointed out the obvious, she had to wait 3sec for the thank you. Phew! Ellen oughta be the best interviewer out there lol
breakaway2x ヶ月 前
She's a good person.......hope she becomes the next US President :)
MMM MMM 10 日 前
She's too good to send soldiers to battlefield.
kznr2 ヶ月 前
Nawang Jorgyas
Nawang Jorgyas ヶ月 前
She is such a sweet & nice girl Naomi osaka, love her.
exdoode ヶ月 前
stunning girl
Jessica N.
Jessica N. ヶ月 前
Now, I'm really curious: What DID happen after that text was sent? (Apart from the fact that Ellen clearly made her uncomfortable this was still cute to a certain degree). Naomi seems a down-to-earth and modest kind of person, I hope she does not lose this over stardom...
Layiah Winston
Layiah Winston ヶ月 前
Um . Well um 🤣
Daniel Dancer
Daniel Dancer ヶ月 前
She's clearly has Haitian in her. No japanese person is that color
avery domingue
avery domingue ヶ月 前
Ellen has all that money and buys a cheap ass TCL TV?? why not a Samsung?
Alvin Comer
Alvin Comer ヶ月 前
Everybody thats watching heard her say michael b jordan, even she know she is so called black because her father is, so kill that half crap.
Sourabh Chakraborty
Please don't talk about Serena. You are taking away her moment. She is sweeeeeeeet. And the crowd was booing her even she received the trophy that's not fair.
jack brandt
jack brandt ヶ月 前
It feels like I'm watching the innocent sinless angel being fed temptation and trying to get sucked in to the elitist satanic world of idolatry, deviance, fame, and eternal sin. Run away Naomi, run away, before it's too late. Stay pure you beautiful, humble, and shining light of goodness. You can be successful in the tennis world without losing yourself in the process by joining this clan of monsters in their twisted private universe.
Yusuf S Jama
Yusuf S Jama ヶ月 前
this how ALL black queens were b4 our cousins Europeans spoiled it for everyone
Tweety Bird
Tweety Bird ヶ月 前
So cute🌻
dublion7 ヶ月 前
She is so beautiful, my goodness.. Great tennis player , can’t wait to watch more of her matches.
YasGawdOkurrr ヶ月 前
Did i say i love her? ❤️❤️❤️❤️👑👑👑👑
Ia Faye Sison
Ia Faye Sison ヶ月 前
Steven A
Steven A ヶ月 前
Soooo adorable. Kawaii overload!
MojoRisin ヶ月 前
so weird (good weird) to see her with the typical japanese demure, soft spoken personality! i'm glad she won. she deserved it 100%. i don't support serena.
Phi-Dung Nguyen
Phi-Dung Nguyen ヶ月 前
This is a bizarre take when she literally grew up in the US and barely speaks Japanese
Alice Wilde
Alice Wilde ヶ月 前
She's sat there like a frightened teddy-bear
backyard vigilante
Japanese people are so well mannered.
Twisted Logic
Twisted Logic 13 日 前
Does this mean she's only half mannered?
tsuyu asui
tsuyu asui ヶ月 前
backyard vigilante she’s half japanese and hatian..... in other words half black and half asian....
king lord
king lord ヶ月 前
She not Japanese she's black
Boredgirlivy ヶ月 前
She has the same personality as my cousin! Always so shy idk why but I love her 💕
HernandezNC ヶ月 前
So MBJ finna have the same fate as killmonger if he doesn’t stop taking all my girls