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Ellen Plays Matchmaker for U.S. Open Champion Naomi Osaka and Michael B. Jordan

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Tennis star Naomi Osaka revealed her celebrity crush is Michael B. Jordan, so Ellen tried to play matchmaker for the two. Plus, the 20-year-old opened up about her recent U.S. Open win and the controversy over her opponent Serena Williams.





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Harshita Purohit
She is sooo sweet humble... bt i don't know before osaka that Japanese have also negros...
martin martin
martin martin 8 分 前
Ellen supporting Serena Williams is childish
Aly  Julmiste
Aly Julmiste 39 分 前
Everyone talking about her Japanese roots for her accomplishments. Her father is Haitian and he taught her tennis. We have a lot of the same principles in Haiti. You take care of elders in your neighborhoods. There is someone by their side until their dying day. Respect everyone. They won't start a war, but they will darn well finish it. Very underestimated in their intelligence and athletics. Those were the 2 attributes that whipped the French in war. France decided to retaliate by going to Germany and to make all blacks unable to conceive. In the fear that they might one day take over. Blacks strong. Whites afraid of strong. They use their badge to take advantage of blacks. We drink bottled water now. No more tap water. No more poison. We will reclaim what is ours one day soon.
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vivek patil
vivek patil 時間 前
Pure Japanese parenting effect
Serge Baron
Serge Baron 時間 前
I understand what is like when raise by Haitian parents ,plus Japanese parents no wonder she's so grounded.
BarneyFife00 2 時間 前
Wow, a star athlete who is down to earth!! This kid was raised right.
Skb 2408
Skb 2408 3 時間 前
The original Japanese were Melanated people study history !
mat bauer
mat bauer 5 時間 前
Great, an Asian that wannabe a nagga, but is she an Asian? looks like an nagga to me!
mat bauer
mat bauer 3 時間 前
I think her skin said it all, but thank you anyway.
KeTal 4 時間 前
mat bauer just to inform you, she is half Asian and half black
J.W Kamae
J.W Kamae 6 時間 前
Thanx Ellen for not dragging sarena into this!!
Sami Al-Bakri
Sami Al-Bakri 6 時間 前
Serena told her " there are not booing at you " what a good sport Serena.
Shane Mendis
Shane Mendis 7 時間 前
Wow lot of lovely comments regarding her. Never seen like this before in my life.
Gerry Novis
Gerry Novis 7 時間 前
True Champ...
anita shirazi
anita shirazi 9 時間 前
So sweet
Maisa Mosan
Maisa Mosan 10 時間 前
Beautiful,cute young lady
Jay Solis
Jay Solis 10 時間 前
My God, Her parents raised an amazing person, She’s so sweet and humble.
Cherry Marcial
Cherry Marcial 10 時間 前
Naomi Osaka is a Real Class Act!!!
Stevie Khoo
Stevie Khoo 11 時間 前
She is so camera shy and humble. Naomi I am sure you will have a great future in tennis arena🎾. Keep it going!
Rugamba Regis
Rugamba Regis 11 時間 前
I just found my celebrity crush.."Naomi Osaka"😍
dye0124 12 時間 前
What a wonder girl !!
MLJ Shell
MLJ Shell 13 時間 前
She IS so freakin adorable!!!
Carol 13 時間 前
Serena William is an old sore loser
Nkumbi_TS 13 時間 前
Michael B. Jordan? Yeah. Yes! No!
Esha 13 時間 前
She’s hella awkward sheesh! Asking questions is like pulling teeth!!
Salman Khan
Salman Khan 16 時間 前
I wanna know what Michael B. Jordan's response was.
1kallay 16 時間 前
She has a boyfriend Ellen , no means no.
Esben Rasmussen
Esben Rasmussen 16 時間 前
She is so Japanese
Aasha Rouse-Lovejoy
Aasha Rouse-Lovejoy 16 時間 前
I love Michael B Jordan❗️ and I love Naomi❗️❗️
joseph white
joseph white 16 時間 前
Very cute!
Kamryn Bre
Kamryn Bre 16 時間 前
She’s soooo cute 💕
Janine Pillay
Janine Pillay 16 時間 前
She's the cutest!!! So sweet!!
LiliSimon 17 時間 前
Si like her
Aii Alaina
Aii Alaina 18 時間 前
I love her already
Anant Pant
Anant Pant 18 時間 前
Karen Schumer
Karen Schumer 18 時間 前
I was just thinking, It would have been so great if Michael Jordan would have made a appearance just now.
Karen Schumer
Karen Schumer 18 時間 前
I still love and support Serena, but she is such a passionate and driven player. I fee llike if you are a true American you will support Serena no matter what!
Mike D
Mike D 19 時間 前
I want Bruce Jenner and Ellen to get together and join the circus
Stacey Palmer
Stacey Palmer 19 時間 前
TitanFind 19 時間 前
She is fucking hilarious. And she's going to be #1 within 18 months.
Devabrata Saikia
Devabrata Saikia 21 時間 前
She just killed a giant and still she is so meek ..... Champion character
GHnine Ofeleven
GHnine Ofeleven 21 時間 前
Ellen just sickens me sometimes. Her juvenile antics, and comments sometimes are ANNOYING. ANYTHING for a laugh.
GHnine Ofeleven
GHnine Ofeleven 21 時間 前
Are you a pimp now Ellen?
Ben Carlick
Ben Carlick 21 時間 前
How much you wanna bet they had Michael B. Jordan waiting backstage, then after Naomi unexpectedly went “nooooo” they basically decided not to bring Jordan out?
Akura XI
Akura XI 23 時間 前
How is she so sweet ?!
Domestic_Goddess Artist
I just love her.
anjali5372 23 時間 前
Ellen are you sure she "deserved to win" doesn't really convincing.
V 日 前
She’s kinda socially akward
Armando Fraile
This is painful to watch, she is so awkward
Jessica A.
Jessica A. 日 前
I thought she was a very tanned Japanese girl. Now I know she's half-Haitian. She's really quite demure when off court.
AeonxCore 8 時間 前
Jessica A. I thought so too! I didnt think she was half Haitian until I searched her up.
Dee Soho
Dee Soho 日 前
She gotta be mixed wit black I dnt think she full Japanese
Zeety Zeety
Zeety Zeety 16 時間 前
She’s half Haitian
黒瀬勝夫 日 前
Right answer.
John Monks
John Monks 日 前
You wouldn’t do this to a male athlete, so why do you think this is acceptable. Pathetic.
still fucked
still fucked 日 前
we all know only trannies are invited to Ellen. so there you are.
Marko San
Marko San 日 前
typical japanese people shes so KAWWAAAAAIIII
Rumbidzai Mwendera
Any feedback on the hook up...lol
Speed King
Speed King 日 前
Seeing humble Naomi makes me hate Serena more.
Joel Wright
Joel Wright 日 前
Its not racism or sexism, its Steroidism
spazke 日 前
Naomi was not made for this world of show business..But she will learn..eventually
Kabelo Themane
She is honestly just the sweetest human. I want to be sweet like this.
Eric Augustus
her voice is sweet asf i think i got diabetes now 😩
abarronboy 日 前
That was all rehearsed.
5:21 >>>>>>> 5:34
Aerive Studio Cinema
Sweet and meek like Haitian Ladies Levi’ 🌹👸🏽💎
Damm Lee
Damm Lee 日 前
Mike is into white gurls he had a party with white gurls only
trent8002003 日 前
Why is she so painfully shy? She was brought up in America, wasn't she?
Rick Meijer
Rick Meijer 日 前
She's absolutely lovely. Totally adore her.
WDMtea 日 前
I may not always agree politically with Ellen, however she will always have my respect for what she does and the kind heart she has.
Sue N
Sue N 日 前
awww... Naomi is so adorable.
Trelise' Avery-Moore
So kawaii and a fireball on the court!
Monty Python
Monty Python 日 前
Ok! was that 65 inch tv box empty? He handled that like it was a 32 inch lcd. Oh! congratulations Naomi
Thornton Nguyen
Not gonna lie. I’m still curious what would’ve happened had Serena not lost focus due to the distraction of the Umpire, and the extra set given to Naomi. Very surprised nobody told Naomi what was happening at the time too. It would’ve been so amazing if she boycotted the match with Serena. Both players are excellent indeed, but only the first time machine can tell
Kellee Gorham
Ellen she acts like your little sister
Giorgio G.
Giorgio G. 日 前
I love how calm and smart she is !!!!!! OMG !!!!
kirsty ferguson
She is just so sweet bless her! X
Wombat Girl
Wombat Girl 日 前
Naomi is so humble & sweet 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️❤️❤️
Ronnie R
Ronnie R 日 前
She’s like a perfect match for drake!
Vivian Mao
Vivian Mao 日 前
She's so cute!!
chris r
chris r 日 前
It's ok serena will whoop her ass next time, just luck.
Denvers Ineus
Of course she is half Haitian that the reason why she's humble.
Patton Benry
Patton Benry 日 前
Patton Benry
Patton Benry 日 前
She's really a soft, humble, adorable and loveable Girl!
life 日 前
The girl is sooooo sweet and shy!
TPD 日 前
I found out about the match due to the whole Serena controversy. And i thought that was highlight of finals. But no one mentions Naomi and just how incredible she is as an athlete and as a person. How the hell can a story about Serena's controversy ever overshadow the victory of this. Its insane. She deserves all the praise she gets
merjan jabarkhil
Were you knitting😂😂😂
KA_gg 日 前
Love love Naomi. Breath of fresh air
Erick Yugesai
Its Lexi
Its Lexi 日 前
Literally me if I was on Ellen 😂😂
Katharina Littleperson
She's too pure for this world ❤
bonn1 日 前
Ellen is an idiot
Brianah Culver
She’s so stinking cute 😍
I love how Naomi keeps her poise and grace.... I am glad she won.
bp 日 前
She is adorable
MrRuss10000 日 前
GMAB. Trash TV.. Ellen wants to eat that chick . You can smell the stink from her Vagina
Manoj Borude
Manoj Borude 日 前
Soo humble and Adorable!!!
Su Su San Sansisar
She's sooo pureeeeeeee!!!
R Myrie
R Myrie 日 前
She's like a uncut key of off white .. Pure.
Semere Hawey
Semere Hawey 日 前
Do I know her because she look just like my future girlfriend
OO7angelo 日 前
She is too adorable . Such a beautiful personality, very humble also. The world is a brighter place with a kind hearted person like Naomi in it.
Abu Kehi
Abu Kehi 2 時間 前
Not for long
Choose Life
Choose Life 日 前
Naomi is so awesome, a real inspiration
J C 日 前
When she admitted that she was practicing her speech under the towel because she wasn’t “that good at talking” she stole my heart. I was like OMG ME TOO!!! I CAN RELATE!! And the fact that she was completely honest about it and didn’t feel the need to change her persona (even for the Ellen show) is just awesome sauce.. love her!