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How is jaywalking a thing? What’s up with food fights? And why is the Happy Birthday song so sad? Trevor tells the audience eight stories about things in America that have surprised him.
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コメント数 60
Lexta Vactchi
Lexta Vactchi 2 時間 前
At least half of the US is utter shit
HandSpeed 7 時間 前
can i have a heart from my idol? :)
Zahra Hamdani
Zahra Hamdani 8 時間 前
Oh man 😂😂. . I love the happy birthday song . 😂😜👊
Dens Maish
Dens Maish 9 時間 前
In Kenya police will ask you for gas money
hippieemotrash 10 時間 前
The reason the chickens in the US are so big is because of selective breeding and genetic mutation. This means that especially in factory farms where they’re denied any vet care they suffer from a multitude of issues. Even if they are lucky enough to escape the slaughterhouse they’ll still suffer from health problems the remainder of their lives. The agriculture system in America is so screwed up honestly, it’s heartbreaking.
Soul Tatenda
Soul Tatenda 11 時間 前
My best show
Jotie Van
Jotie Van 11 時間 前
Come to Uganda
앤서니 야
앤서니 야 12 時間 前
The cows have wings in South Africa... c’mon, Trevor! Wings?!
Lynnae Hardy
Lynnae Hardy 12 時間 前
I hope you like living under the SLAVE MASTER SOROS AND ALL HIS KIND. YOU DUMMY!!!
Ankit Dhali
Ankit Dhali 19 時間 前
he is a sit-down comedian
ketti benn
ketti benn 22 時間 前
Emergency response simply don't work in Africa. Never heard someone who has used it here in Kenya.
Mr 9ummy 6ear
Mr 9ummy 6ear 23 時間 前
14:40 I have a strong feeling it was a Citi golf 😂😂😂
Ainsley Harriot
Ainsley Harriot 23 時間 前
1:30 And defunding the police is supposed to fix that?
aina benjamin
Anyone with Trevor talking about his journey to America? I want to know what happened
Maria Cazuza
Maria Cazuza 日 前
Es que no escuchaste las mañanitas! jajajajaja
lemonmusk42 日 前
Here is 190 lol
Zoubir Chenini
maybe you should think of Omar Abdulaziz!
sabyasachi patra
sir you ruined happy birthday for me😶
Samuel Njihia
999 = 911 in Kenya. Don't even other calling that number, sort yourself
Tomi Wiredu
Tomi Wiredu 日 前
This dude is highly talented
Jacob S Siachinene
The benefits of being barefoot😂😂😂
Censtudios 2 日 前
pugsnicher 0
pugsnicher 0 2 日 前
Yehinuel Odidi
Yehinuel Odidi 2 日 前
Oh Really? Tell us more uhhh... His African voicing is hilarious! 🤣🤣
arnold mudekunye
"Ive never lookee into someones eyes and see sex being erased just like that" 😂😂😂😂
John Churchwell
John Churchwell 2 日 前
i love this guy. his comedy needs no actors to make others llaugh
Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson 2 日 前
Well technically your one birthday closer to death
Elena Keller
Elena Keller 2 日 前
My science teacher called 911 during class on accident. The police came to our school. Gotta love public school am I right?
Dominik :
Dominik : 2 日 前
In school we wait for Latin to sing happy Birthday, because it's so bad.
Kashi Viswanath NA
11:17 well, the Europeans didn’t just say that to Africans, They did that pretty much everywhere they colonised, I’m an Indian and I can relate to that 😂😂😂
akanyang seloma
akanyang seloma 2 日 前
im watching this laughing my lungs out nd then i notice the crew guys at the back and they are way too serious dude
kaymee Jonia
kaymee Jonia 2 日 前
Normal animals 😂😂
Abigail Aurora
Abigail Aurora 2 日 前
That's very true with 10111 😂😂😂😂i am dead 😂😂😂😂😂
# icantspell
# icantspell 2 日 前
In Spanish happy bday is much better becuose my school adds cha cha cha
Arina Savva
Arina Savva 2 日 前
Finally he speaks honestly about racial ..perception in Hollywood!
M Dee
M Dee 3 日 前
Yes! It is a depressing song. We need a complete re-do. Even Stevie Wonder's doesn't make me happy. It's better but...
ZED 3 日 前
@Trevor you should visit Balkan, it will blow your mind.. you will feel like home
Aworonla Tv
Aworonla Tv 3 日 前
i love you guy you are so real
Eeh_Rick 3 日 前
Happy Birthday Donald Duck jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-Obhsql25Hc4.html
Image Loading
Image Loading 3 日 前
Happy birthday should be sung with banging tables and end with someone popping a shaken coca-cola
Happy Fox
Happy Fox 3 日 前
YES tell them more about normal animals !
Tsering Shrestha
When I see lights on in all buildings 24 hours a day, it drives me nuts!
Heckzotica 3 日 前
I totally had a record with that Donald duck birthday song when I was a lil kid.
Uwe Hansen
Uwe Hansen 3 日 前
Normal Animals, he is from .... oh yes ...."Trump are not abel to give his vote a piar of Rhinos blocking the road of the Withhaus....." that nice
Uwe Hansen
Uwe Hansen 3 日 前
In germany you can los you drive Licend over jaywalking or Old Grannys tell you that you are a bad man
Monkey Luffy
Monkey Luffy 3 日 前
Trevor Noah is the best!!!
Yah77 Bradford
Yah77 Bradford 3 日 前
Kissan Singh
Kissan Singh 3 日 前
Happy Birthday song scene was so interesting 😂😂😂
Ali Salimi
Ali Salimi 3 日 前
Khethokuhle Mncube
"Pay as you go gorvenment"😂😂
Tyson Harden
Tyson Harden 4 日 前
Great way to end it 😂😂🤣🤣
Kim Byrd
Kim Byrd 4 日 前
Why does the staff just walk through the set as if they are not filming? Like they are gaslighting the host. What is the that about?????
Rachel Clark
Rachel Clark 4 日 前
Americans are blase about our government because it's a deeply held and fiercely cherished American tradition to dump on the government. It's our constitutional right to crack wise about the government and we do it with glee no matter our lolitical leanings. We just culturally have the feeling that anything the government can do, you can do better without the government. So when the government shuts down we're all like, 'eh whatever. They weren't doing anything anyways. Dunno what we pay them for'.
Rachel Clark
Rachel Clark 4 日 前
There's a reason we say 'arson, murder, and jaywalking'. But also no one cares about jaywalking. It's a law, yes, but only the most bored and desperate of polocemen would bother arresting you for it.
theto ramashala
theto ramashala 5 日 前
lmao Trevor come back to South Africa more often we miss you bro😂😂😂😂
Amy Bischoff
Amy Bischoff 5 日 前
Omg I know the Donald bday song! Grew up on it too!!!!! In Toledo ohio. Depressing
Brandol K.O
Brandol K.O 5 日 前
I love this guy
Funworks 163
Funworks 163 5 日 前
That one camera guy must love his job.
Linda Terry
Linda Terry 5 日 前
Regarding slavery thing : no back like is the white people that are living now that did it to them, which is impossible because they weren’t around either. They also profited from slavery. They live in the United States they could be living in Liberia.
Arya King
Arya King 5 日 前
Happy birthday,,,, funeral sound, great imagination
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