Dune - Movie Review

Chris Stuckmann
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Chris Stuckmann reviews Dune, starring Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgård, Dave Bautista, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Zendaya, David Dastmalchian, Chang Chen, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, Charlotte Rampling, Jason Momoa, Javier Bardem. Directed by Denis Villeneuve.










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Christian Arreguin
I didn’t like it
William Grand
William Grand 15 時間 前
Literally every shot was beautiful!...
Woodruff Amy
Woodruff Amy 19 時間 前
Didn't like it at all. Clunky, weird flow, too long, didn't keep me interested.
Dominic Menter
Dominic Menter 時間 前
I just watched it and see what you mean, I'm hoping part 2 will be all payoff for all the setup which made it slow
Alex Romm
Alex Romm 22 時間 前
idk i feel like this saga would be better as a tv series.
Franchute Kikito
I usually love his movies but this one felt pretty meh, honestly couln't care less for the sequel.
Nathalie G.
Nathalie G. 日 前
I really discovered Denis Villeneuve with his Québécois film "Incendie" even if I knew him from "La course Europe-Asie", where we first saw all of his potential. To me, he is one of the greatest film maker of his generation and we are so proud of him and that he is one of us ( Québécois ). BRAVO Denis Villeneuve.
John T.
John T. 日 前
Dune is a masterpiece. I am so glad I got to see it on the big screen.
Robot Rallis
Robot Rallis 日 前
Before watching the movie I had a very limited understanding of Dune at all. I knew the main character was special. I knew spice was important. Everything else was foreign to me, but it was intuitive and explained very gracefully. Hunter-seekers, fremen, the voice. It all made enough sense. And I know there's so much right around the corner we won't get to see for years 😫
Anthony Martin
Anthony Martin 2 日 前
box office isn't counting the fact that 90% of dune fans would pay double price to watch part 1 and part 2 again, back to back, in IMAX, when part 2 comes out. I'd personally probably do it 3-4 times.
Colhoun Clan
Colhoun Clan 2 日 前
Timothy I going to be a good actor in the future and he was good in The King
Alfred Lewis
Alfred Lewis 2 日 前
Just wanted to comment on your stuff. Love this stuff and love your commentary
Jason Lopez
Jason Lopez 2 日 前
Despite not caring for the casting of Zendaya who I find as an annoying personality. I really enjoyed this film.
Jordan Hassell
Jordan Hassell 2 日 前
Thank you for making this review. It gives me hope for the future of movies. Your average moviegoer doesn't care about subtly, they want spectacle. They don't wanna have to think, they expect movies to spoon feed every detail with lame expositions like they're 8 years old. Watching this one made me feel like I was seeing classic cinema. (Godfather, A New Hope, Hitchcock, etc) My only concern is how far into the lore are they really willing to go? The concept of prescience and genetically turning people into sandworms will be hard for many to grasp.
jaxtraw 3 日 前
I watched this film but I didn't really understand what was happening. It was about a boy and his mother who thinks he is special so I think she is upper middle class. I think she is also a Jesuit. A fat man floated up to the ceiling but they didn't say how they got him down again. It all happens on a dessert planet with no water and nothing to eat but there are giant worms and they can hear you walking but not giant cities full of people running about. Zendaya is in it for several seconds, several times. At the end the white boy kills a black man but there aren't any riots, so it wasn't very realistic.
JT GREEK 3 日 前
The original is ok. Still have 2 c this one. This is a great channel. Your reviews are appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving!
EvanEnterprises 3 日 前
I found it incredibly boring. I was intrigued in the first hour or so because of the novelty of the world and some good initial interior set and costume design, but then it started to drag and drag and drag. So many scenes and sequences were devoid of plot-progression or character-building, it just felt like the main characters were going through the motions escaping from the bad guys; into the air, into the sand, back into the air, back into the sand, etc, without anything changing plot-wise. The premonitions of the main protagonist kept repeating and didn't reveal anything interesting and the finale of the film that they were building towards did not pay off at all. There was way too much staring into the camera lens for extended period of time, dialogue with juvenile posturing and attitude between characters who were obviously going to become allies and had every reason to be allies but for some reason had to have some artificial tension inserted between them by the writers. The villains were your clichéd bad-guys from every average fantasy/sci fi movie out there with their one-dimensional, lacklustre cruelty that had no nuance or edge to it. The CGI wasn't even that good: the megastructures felt lifeless and unpopulated and the aircraft/spacecraft moved and transformed too quickly and so lacked the necessary sense of mass to really convince me they were seamlessly part of the live-action world. They really failed to bridge the gap between the live-action scenes and the CGI scenes - overuse of fast camera-pans in the CGI scenes is a common trap filmmakers fall into and was partly responsible for this disjointedness, as was the lack of small-to-large transition scenes where scale is gradually increased to give physical continuity; in Dune it was very much bipolar switching between small-scale live-action shots and large-scale CGI shot with very little in-between. It didn't help the movie that the live-action sets were sterile and barren, with contrived action set-pieces that felt too uniform and choreographed (e.g. perfectly spaced swordsmen charging at each other), this made many scenes feel artificial and contrived - it needed more grit and chaos. The soundtrack was overbearing and the screenplay with all its flaws swallowed up most of the actors - I don't feel emotionally attached to anyone in the movie. Overall, it felt like a movie with high-potential background material that lacked production talent in almost all areas of filmmaking, devolving, as the runtime went on, into an average, big-budget slog with flaws that we've seen so many other fantasy/sci fi movies.
coolbuddydude1 3 日 前
concept art the movie as usual.
nougatbitz 4 日 前
Loved it. Worst part is the somewhat out of place and generic Zimmermann soundtrack.
Dominic Menter
Dominic Menter 時間 前
Can't tell if you are joking or not
injoy inmyself
injoy inmyself 4 日 前
I liked the visual treatment and world building, I had a good memory from the previous movie so I kind of knew what would happen in most scenes,as a result I couldnt get attached to characters or be intrigued by storyline, also I thought they could have done the whole movie in one go, makes financial sense though.
SpartanJohns 4 日 前
and not 1 mention about the music...telling you something big is happening every fucking scene
Josh Pota
Josh Pota 4 日 前
This was actually good I was surprised
1 tomuch
1 tomuch 4 日 前
I liked this movie, but I don't like the main character. When that scene where he says to his mom "I know you are pregnant." I was like WHAT THE HELL IS WITH YOUR CREEPY ASS SMILE
Cody Madison
Cody Madison 4 日 前
Whoever this dude is he looks so smug I bet he loves pretentious crap like this and Tenet. Why does JPvid keep recommending me such stupid stuff? I don’t even like movies these days, they are dumb as hell or woke as a purple haired bagel.
Astro-A 4 日 前
I've never heard of dune before the trailer was released and everyone was talking about it. The movie is absolutely beautiful in the technical aspect (cinematography, sound design, acting) the story was hard to understand though. It was difficult to connect and care about the characters. It might have been the speakers in the movie theater or my hearing but i couldn't hear/understand what some of the characters where saying. I feel like the movie expects you to know everything and throws you in the middle of the story without much explanation or world-building. From my understanding the original story is very complicated and very hard to make into a movie but i would've appreciated a little more explanation for who these people are and why they're fighting. are they humans ? Are they different species ? Why do they live in different planets ? So many questions. Overall the movie was fun but the story feels incomplete.
Nathan 4 日 前
The movie is masterpiece
Daniel Schultz
Daniel Schultz 4 日 前
Absolutely loved this movie!! Definitely glad I got to watch it in theaters
William Burns
William Burns 5 日 前
I made sure to see this movie in IMAX and it was soooo worth it
Zayne Van Day
Zayne Van Day 5 日 前
It’s disappointing get used to it that’s life eh
Cristina V.
Cristina V. 5 日 前
I went to see Dune at a movie theater. I hope they make the 2nd part.
James Kibirige
James Kibirige 5 日 前
I thought this movie was boring, beautifully shot, amazing production values but lacking in story, plotting and characters, it felt like style over substance...
Death before dilution
Blade runner was trash
Ashley Varone
Ashley Varone 5 日 前
4:50 - carefully worded and I agree. Frank Herbert's was a very good show. I highly recommend it.
Memento Mori
Memento Mori 6 日 前
Dennis is now my top 1 of all time. So much foreplay and the movie ended too soon sadly.
DynamicSphinxxx 6 日 前
Dune was incredibly boring and try-hard. Blade Runner 2049 was so much more entertaining.
Ana Verónica
Ana Verónica 6 日 前
Ripley... ❤️❤️❤️ I hope you mention Hayao Miyazaki's Nausicaa clear influence in the movie.
Curtis Cj
Curtis Cj 6 日 前
Nice visuals that’s it
Xo_amber 133
Xo_amber 133 6 日 前
This film sports a distinctly Arabic theme, in keeping with author Frank Herbert having used Islamic culture as an influence for his story. Composer Hans Zimmer is a big fan of the novel Dune, and turned down working with frequent collaborator Christopher Nolan on Tenet (2020) to score this film. For the same reason, Denis Villeneuve was the top choice but turned down the offer to direct the Bond film No Time to Die (2021). In Dune (1984), all the Harkonnen were depicted as red-haired. In this movie they are all depicted as bald. Rebecca Ferguson plays the mother of Timothée Chalamet despite being only 12 years older than him. Actor Timothée Chalamet was 23 when he played Paul Atreides, two years younger than Kyle MacLachlan when he played the same role in Dune (1984). In the novel, Paul was 15 years old. Denis Villeneuve has revisited Dune (1984) and continued Blade Runner (1982). Sean Young played the main character's love interest in both films back in the 80s. The film's clothing is based on Dune (1984): the Harkonnen soldiers wear bulky green armor, the Atreides workers wear black uniforms with high collars and kepi caps, and the Sardaukar wear full pressure suits (while in the book they wore regular military uniforms and helmets). David Dastmalchian's third movie with director Denis Villeneuve, following Prisoners (2013) and Blade Runner 2049 (2017). The cast features one Oscar winner (Javier Bardem) and three Oscar nominees (Josh Brolin, Timothée Chalamet, and Charlotte Rampling).
Just a random viewer
The film looked really, really important. 😂
Niko Hadrian
Niko Hadrian 6 日 前
I don’t think majority of you really understands what the film is about! Fredman people believe that a Messiah “Mahdi” is going to save them and Muslims also believe that Imam Mahdi is going to save humanity from injustice and oppression! I can go on and tell you more but I don’t think most of you are ready to know the truth…
Dances with fishes
I walked out, wanting to go back and watch it again. I read the books as a kid, so I have been waiting for this version, like forever.
froge 7 日 前
you know it's a good movie when people are calling it slow and boring lolol.
Chris grew up with Jason Mamoa
Southern Fried Kiwi
I watched this on HBO max yesterday. First and foremost, can HBO get their god damn dialogue track louder? How hard is it to get that simple aspect of movie watching down? JPvid: volume 16. HBO: volume 32. It's ridiculous that a paid service can't get volume levels right. Secondly, this is definitely not worth going to a movie theatre for. It's a well filmed art house TV movie with a nothing ending, that is plainly meant to just lead into another movie. The ending is like when back in the day, they would have "Intermission" at some point in the story. The lights would come on and the audience would go to the bathroom or get more snacks at the lobby etc and then return to watch the conclusion. Except here, it's just the end of the movie and you have to now wait a couple of years to watch the conclusion. At two and a half hours long, they should have come up with a more solid story, to give a better ending. It just stops mid sentence, so to speak. Don't waste theatre money on this.
XxDrJewxX 7 日 前
This movie was meh, other than visuals and sounds, even though we spend 2 hours with characters we know almost nothing about them so we dont care when they die, main guy has a wooden face the whole movie so i dont care about him, in 2 and a half hours the story really didn't go anywhere, they put the house on the planet so they can kill them then they kill them but the son and mother escape, thats it. Zendaya just looked at the camera for 17 visions in slow motion, i dont get what people are talking about, movie was fine but man does it fall short of all the hype, oh and what the hell is chris talking about? The planet looks lifeless, the first planet where the protagonist lives is also lifeless, whe never see any civilization in either of the planets, just some people when they land and some in the city.
J.J. 7 日 前
Honestly not understanding this dude. Gave maze runner a C lol, than praises like it’s some heaven sent movie
joseph adling
joseph adling 7 日 前
Lots of eye candy, not alot of substance, nor charisma. They should have split the movie in 2, and really explained things better(Not digestible on first watch only). I literally kept thinking "Is this the back story to the tusken raiders?"
Sabine Simone
Sabine Simone 7 日 前
guys don' do Imax though. My ears almost tore off it was so loud
Jo Willow
Jo Willow 7 日 前
Incredibly dull movie, fck movie were you lot watching, chalamon staring into the distance the whole time and having visions of zendaya, dreadful film, garbage CGI also
colaboytje 8 日 前
After all the hype, I watched this movie. The acting is great, the story is great, and the visuals are just astonishing. But there is imo a big problem with the movie: I don't care about the characters. So, when one of the characters dies (I won't spoil anything), it did nothing to me. It's like the characters are just there to advance the story, but the important part namely getting to know the characters and establishing a bond between the characters and the audience, isn't there. And it's not because the actors aren't performing well. They are just like empty shells, one-dimensional, devoid of emotions. For example: son almost dies, father is a bit angry for a few seconds, next scene telling another piece of the story. And this goes on the entire movie. It's still enjoyable because of the story and the gorgeous visuals. I hope part 2 puts more emphasis on the characters, what it is that drives them, why they do what they do, what they go through emotionally, ... I think it would have been better to tell the story from 1 or 2 character's point of view, instead of jumping around from scene to scene with another character. Let them have longer dialogues and discussions. Make them 'known'.
Abhijeeth Nambiar
Chris ....iam a huge fan of your reviews and verdicts.....soo I would like to suggest you to a movie according to your taste.... please watch an Indian Movie named CHURULI..... streaming on SONY LIV....it would be great to see your review for that.....Thank you ❤️
neonpop80 8 日 前
Honestly, it looks like most people love it and appreciate the artistic sensibilities. It is so fresh and I swear I forgot about the beauty of filmmaking on the big screen with these stupid marvel universe movies. Ya my opinion but I’m not into these comic movies
Argha Kamal Ganguly
You should make a review video of the t-shirt you are wearing. I wish this was available in India
JohnnyQuest 8 日 前
I've been thirsting for a movie that it's more about the writing and acting and less about the graphics. A must watch.
2009skyline 8 日 前
I watched. it sucked.
Monitor 8 日 前
WOW it was amazing..watched it today AWESOME 💯💥💥💥💥
ksherab 9 日 前
Thanks Chris, you have a good french pronunciation of Denis Villeneuve's name. I was his kids teacher here in Montreal when He was filming Polytechnique and Incendie. I must say that He's a very humble and good person. We are very proud of Him and His work, hope he'll be able to finish this amazing masterpiece. I'm also a huge Lynch and Jodorovsky fan, I saw in Villeneuve's movie a tribute of their vision of Dune that they couldn't achieve because of all the obstacles that we know.
Mateja Ercic
Mateja Ercic 9 日 前
Masterpiece of a movie. Just watched it in a cinema and havent watched this good of a movie in a while to be honest! Must watch if you are a fan of great movies!
Fabian F.
Fabian F. 9 日 前
I hated this movie. Didn’t understand what was going on, these flashbacks or premonitions were annoying, didn’t know all races, Planets, movie plot etc. And the pacing was utterly awful
sebastep 9 日 前
Did he forget to rate it?
Charlene Rafferty
Haven't seen but might cause I like timothee chalament in little women and also the final chapter of resident evil was bad movie I don't like movies it's was milla jovovich as Alice I was just interested in her character cause she was so badass but the final twist was she was clone annoyed me cause Alice is the main character I just don't understand this the red Queen shows Alice Alicia memories the childhood you never had combine with the woman she could never become what did that mean did it mean Alicia giving Alice a childhood while Alice is the woman Alicia could never become why were they combine and how did Alicia Even have images of Alice
Lance Boyle
Lance Boyle 10 日 前
All the morons whining about it being boring are the reason why Fast & Furious and Transformers and MCU make a gazillion dollars. If you're looking for mindless CGI and explosions with no story then this isn't for you.
AnimeKing 2020
AnimeKing 2020 10 日 前
I've loved Blade Runner 2049, but Dune? It blown my mind and made me loved it more and more
David Manning
David Manning 10 日 前
Nolan has been my fav director since Memento but Denis is catching up (sicario, prisoners, blade runner 2049 and now dune). I think Villeneuve might be slightly better at the blockbuster even tho Nolan has inception and the dark knight trilogy made more money but blade runner and dune has been exceptional with BIGGER scopes.
mickbanner 10 日 前
Too compact. Leaves no time for emotional reaction of the character or anything to relate to. A visual splendor but only an accompanying piece with the book to really get the most out of it.
Andrei Dicu
Andrei Dicu 11 日 前
I didn't enjoy this movie at all. I found it boring, too complex and unlinked.
Bhagya 11 日 前
Any movie that can make me dive into an unknown book series head on is a hit in my books
Matt Bolt
Matt Bolt 11 日 前
That wasnt a review lol
WardeN 11 日 前
To me, the pacing was off. It felt far too dragged out. There's no way they can keep dragging it out like that over 3 movies.
George Echeveste
George Echeveste 11 日 前
It's the times that we live in. Remember when Disney made TRON: LEGACY and how great that movie was? And then they made Tomorrow Land and how horrible that was? Then they cancelled Tron: Flynn Lives because of how bad Tomorrow Land was. Then they give us Star Wars with all the bad story lines and plot holes. It's as if Hollywood has lost touch with the people
Justin Anderson
Justin Anderson 11 日 前
I loved everything about this movie except the soundtrack. I would pay to own a copy without a soundtrack. Also, I don't get the praise for chalemet, at best he didn't suck. But he was flat and wooden. Bleak even.
A Afedola
A Afedola 11 日 前
What a great movie. See it at the cinema if you can.
Why does Sean Chandler Talks About room look so similar to yours?
Awin Nongiti
Awin Nongiti 12 日 前
Book is amazing. The movie was spectacular but felt empty. I mean, it’s obvious that some really talented people worked on this. For comparison, I prefer Lynch’s Dune because as campy as that one was, the characters and the story itself were adequately fleshed out by the point this movie closed. As contemplative as the story is, beyond the veneer of sheer cinematographic excellence, watching it feels like a chore.
Fabbrizio Plays
Fabbrizio Plays 6 日 前
To each their own, to me the 2021 film captured the soul of the book and conveyed Arrakis as a living breathing world with complicated morality, while Lynch's film goes beyond camp into pure unwatchable cringe and treats Dune's morality with all the nuance of a sledgehammer, frequently missing the point and defeating the purpose of adapting the novel at all.
Bryce Cooley
Bryce Cooley 12 日 前
I love that I've followed your career for years and years and I still feel a slight tension when you threaten to Stuckmanize me. OH and also great review, saw Dune 3 days ago and it was amazing. Wife wanted to watch it on HBO and I was like NOPE THEATER!
hamdanxhamdan 13
hamdanxhamdan 13 12 日 前
I slept in the movie.. maybe its just me
Morbs 12 日 前
saying that Zimmer's soundtrack sounds unique when is over and over the same sounds he used in all his soundtracks and that Timmy's performance is good when he use only one expression says all to the tangiblity of this review
Evil Dog Films
Evil Dog Films 12 日 前
The ending was like the ending of Fellowship of the Ring, the adventure is yet to be discovered
SHADY 12 日 前
too complicated for me
louise scott
louise scott 12 日 前
I thought I'd hate this film. I loved it! I'm looking forward to part 2.
Another less than 10 min video and he has over one millions views. Nuts. The money Chris is making for just talking for less than ten minutes, is crazy. We should all be so lucky to make such easy money. And good money. No bells and whistles on his channel. Probably one of the most organic/ simplistic videos on JPvid, and very short in length, and he always gets at least a million view on every video. That is good JPvid money.
Derrick W
Derrick W 12 日 前
Just watched it . Knew nothing of books. Can't remember ever being sucked into 2 1/2 hour movie. Absolutely amazing. Need to watch again to fully understand , but still amazing.
MrTeob1 12 日 前
One of the best films of 21
ArmyOfAll 12 日 前
it bought in marvel money, job done :)
CAS 12 日 前
Movie is so confusing and it's boring
Stephen Odey
Stephen Odey 12 日 前
Arturo Rangel
Arturo Rangel 13 日 前
Well, the movie is doing PRETTY good among people who is not so much into this kind of movies and themes.
Andrew Watt
Andrew Watt 13 日 前
I hated it. Too damn long.
Andrew Watt
Andrew Watt 13 日 前
‘’Masterfully directed “!’ Are you serious? It’s too long and slow.
weeschwee 13 日 前
I just saw it yesterday. I really liked it, but man do I need a part two! And it really makes me want to read the book, because I can tell there is so much lore that the movie can't explain.
Millsy Kooksy
Millsy Kooksy 13 日 前
I'm really excited to see Javier Bardem in part 2....he's such a phenomenal actor. I LOVED Jessica/Rebecca's character.
RHPG SC 13 日 前
(This is not about politics) When the entire world is shut down and told breathing non-filtered air and touching something in public would kill you, is it any wonder that the "blockbuster" in Blockbuster Movie has been lost? Theaters are dying. They've removed seating, increased spacing, and unless a person is truly just wanting a big screen experience strongly enough to go, they're just staying home. Seventy inch, 100 inch, Ultra HD with home surround systems have allowed us to create the one thing we didn't have...our own private "big screen". No more $15-20 tickets, $30 concessions, and if we want real butter on our popcorn...we can drown in it at home. Anyway, I wish the theaters hadn't been crushed by the mandated shutdowns. I had already found myself consuming fewer theater movies, and that just made it easier to realize that, minus one or two franchises, I didn't want to go back and spend $50 for what I could do for virtually nothing on my own at home. Regarding Dune...maybe I'm the prime "example" of your intro...I don't know the story, love sci-fi, wanted to see it just due to hype and my love of all things sci-fi, but found myself so removed from the theater for nearly 2 years, I literally forgot it was even showing...much less opening. And when I haven't heard one peep about the movie, didn't realize it had been out, I'm the guy that thinks "I'll stream/rent it one of these days".
Mark Dubois
Mark Dubois 13 日 前
Almost all his movies get 80% or higher on rotten tomatoes. Alot are low 90s and high 80s. Enemy is the only one I saw at 70%. But that definitely deserved 85% or higher. Enemy was an amazing film.
D P 13 日 前
Incredible movie! Loved it. The only thing I found I did not like was the casting of Mamosa. He is ok for a superhero disney film but he cannot do dramatic seriousness. Each scene with him jarred me out of the world and made me think he was at comicon or something. Let him play the cartoonish aqua man stuff. But this was way to serious a part for him.
Chris Jovanovic
Chris Jovanovic 13 日 前
Agree with everything you said here! I will watch movies in the theater until the day I die, as long as movies like this continue to be made. Villeneuve's Dune was meant to be seen on the big screen, people! Go see it!
Mybricksters 13 日 前
I was loving the movie till they just ended it with out any kind of epic battle seen. It pissed me off. It was like enjoying a campfire then somebody walked up and dumped a bucket of water on it. 😡
Ginkoman2 13 日 前
the score was aweful imo. full of cliches and omnipresent. not one scene without score. less is more
Not Always
Not Always 13 日 前
Kam 13 日 前
I saw this one in cinema a few days after it came out and I'm absolutely obssesed. I later re-watched it twice on HBO. Absolutely thrilled about the part 2 coming out!
lord mysterio
lord mysterio 13 日 前
2 and a half hours was not long enough. Probably has the best BGM in recent times. An absolute masterpiece.
Sam Spade
Sam Spade 13 日 前
Saw it three times. I’d definitely see it a fourth
Andrew McEwen
Andrew McEwen 13 日 前
Can’t wait for Dune 2: Dune Harder or Dune 2: Electric Boogaloo.
blueduck Umber
blueduck Umber 13 日 前
But it looked like a bad video game…. And they didn’t make us care.
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