Does Planet 9 Exist?

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A planet has been predicted to orbit the sun with a period of 10,000 years, a mass 5x that of Earth on a highly elliptical and inclined orbit. What evidence supports the existence of such a strange object at the edge of our solar system?

Huge thanks to:
Prof. Konstantin Batygin, Caltech
Prof. David Jewitt, UCLA

I had heard about Planet 9 for a long time but I wondered what sort of evidence could support the bold claim: a planet at the very limits of our ability to detect one, so far out that its period is over 60 times that of Neptune. The planet 9 hypothesis helps explain clustering of orbits of distant Kuiper belt objects. It also explains how some of these objects have highly inclined orbits - up to 90 degrees relative to the plane of the solar system. Some are orbiting in reverse. Plus their orbits are removed from the orbit of Neptune, the logical option for a body that could have ejected them out so far. The fact that the perihelion is so far out suggests another source of gravity was essential for their peculiar orbits.

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Hashishi 16 時間 前
Yeah, David Bowie would be sweet name for planet 9 💖
Lee Magee
Lee Magee 日 前
It's called Pluto
Mike Grizzly
Mike Grizzly 日 前
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nuke bro
nuke bro 日 前
I'm going for planet 10 bro, these people aren't on my level.
Ivan Sean
Ivan Sean 日 前
Will the existence of planet 9 vindicate or reinstate pluto as a planet?
Proximo 日 前
Science professor: tries to look like a snack in a hot peppers tee so he can get the college girls 😎
Ricardo Chucky
Ricardo Chucky 3 日 前
i wonder if the james webb space telescope can solve this issue.
Trap Johnson
Trap Johnson 4 日 前
(Pluto is watching this disapprovingly)
Brady Amerson
Brady Amerson 4 日 前
Planet Nine should be named Dolos. The Greek god of deception and trickery.
Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken 4 日 前
3:19 The reason religions exist
Pro 5 日 前
It's on orions belt...
Brian Salazar-Prince
Konstantin Batygin is on my celebrity wishlist. He's adorable and his voice is so deep and delicious!
Skunk Nipples
Skunk Nipples 5 日 前
What happened to the A in Uranus, they pronounce it Urunas... One of the best parts of planetary science is hearing grown men say UrAnus
Michael Machung
Michael Machung 5 日 前
Their theoretical model of Planet Nine is remarkable, a lot of deep thinking was put into it obviously. In any event, I think it exists and its discovery will bring about a reawakening in astronomy whereby more people will want to become more cosmic literate about the universe.
Koliko CVastro
Koliko CVastro 6 日 前
It sounds to me like no one knows if it exists, no one has a strong feeling it doesn't, but they have to opposing views, one tries to prove it doesn't while another tries to prove it does, science has always been this way and it's what helps it progress.. never shoot someone down until you can prove they are wrong
Atentoamusica media
i always have a theory what if pluto is actually planets 9 moon
Haiimlei 8 日 前
The first thing I thought is Girls Planet 999 lmao
Matt Brown
Matt Brown 9 日 前
Planet 9 is called Pluto.
Aymen Yaseen
Aymen Yaseen 9 日 前
Banimator 9 日 前
If u have watched The Good Place then u know that he's going to The Bad Place (at 1:51 on his t-shirt)
Kneel Kneel
Kneel Kneel 10 日 前
Why would you name something that already has a name 🤔😏
elin Saldivar
elin Saldivar 10 日 前
It's hard to take seriously someone in a Chili Peppers shirt.
Muhammad Saad Kamran
Video Title: "Does Planet 9 Exist?" Konstantin: "That's a great question?"
There can be a ninth planet becouse in indians scriptures they is given knowledge about "NAVGRAHA " which mean 9 planets in our solar system.
Game Krazy
Game Krazy 11 日 前
You’re telling me that astronomers can detect planets from 100’s of thousands of light years away but they can’t prove whether a planet this close exists?
Pavel 6 日 前
Find out 1) what is the difference between a planet and a star, 2) what is the inverse square law applied twice ;)
Fishmaster 10 日 前
they can predict where planets are, because they can see the stars.
Robert Adams
Robert Adams 11 日 前
How do you then explain the Oort Cloud? Those bodies do not follow any plane according to the Theories I have seen. Many thousands of objects out there too faint to be seen. It is so true that we know sp little about our own Solar System but much more about around other stars.
Trent Ufford
Trent Ufford 11 日 前
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Mohammed Ahmed Khan
Dear Veritasium, could it be a primordial black hole instead of a planet, with 5 times the mass of the earth?
iLuckie 12 日 前
Was hoping to see Sheldon.
Kln Wg
Kln Wg 12 日 前
Tbh they downgraded Pluto thinking it was just a rockbor astriod caught by our solar sytem. Only to find 4 years later, with the Voyager probe flyby that it has an atmosphere and more moons. Just that fact Pluto should be the 9th planet again and no doubt there is a 10th planet as comets give indicators of objects being pulled into our suns gravity.
Pavel 6 日 前
​@Kln Wg Good point! It would be probably a dwarf planet according to the current definition, but it would be funny if it was a large object with multiple Earth masses. I don't know if you noticed, but in astronomy, there are so many confusing concepts due to historical reasons, for instance, Sun in classified as a yellow dwarf star despite being bigger than some 80% of the stars in the universe ;)
Kln Wg
Kln Wg 6 日 前
@Pavel then by that definition the theorectical 9th planet would not of cleared its own orbit of debris.
Pavel 6 日 前
No, then we would have hundreds of planets. Pluto has not cleared its orbit from the other large objects, which is part of planet definition.
mossy piglet
mossy piglet 12 日 前
This guy is really doing scientific research in a Red Hot Chili Peppers T shirt
Jethro McGL
Jethro McGL 13 日 前
Is it still, the mostest closest to mercury
Jethro McGL
Jethro McGL 13 日 前
@Релёкс84 is it or is it not
Релёкс84 13 日 前
Of course not. But Mercury is the closest to it, however. Also, you're cringe.
ekaだけです 13 日 前
3:09 aye thats my professor
Gravemind Cardiophile
I remember when Pluto was Planet 9, and Planet 8 was Planet X... I miss the 90's
Mister Nobody
Mister Nobody 14 日 前
Konstantin needs to kinda grow up
Dale Gribble
Dale Gribble 14 日 前
Yea. Its called Pluto
Justin Casar
Justin Casar 15 日 前
neptune is 5 light hours from the sun. the solar system is 2 light years in length im sure there is another non dwarf planet within 5 light hours to 2 light years away somewhere in the solar system
Pavel 6 日 前
Find it, just like Jewitt said ;)
Quizzically 15 日 前
I'll be very disappointed if Planet 9 is discovered and not named David Bowie
The Actornauts
The Actornauts 15 日 前
when u have a prof who knows a good music rhcp is the one
Sarik Siddiqui
Sarik Siddiqui 15 日 前
The dislikes are from pluto
plastic man
plastic man 15 日 前
Planet nine or Bigfoot in space. Will any of this misguided research save planet 3?
Let that man rest..
Arkrilok 16 日 前
The amount of glare/clear reflection on that Apple monitor is astounding. Guess they never heard to make monitor surfaces matte so you can see what they are displaying instead of your own reflection.
michael uy
michael uy 16 日 前
Veritasium and the hidden planet.
avatar lowkey
avatar lowkey 17 日 前
Wt# is that?
Vertize 17 日 前
8:50 planet 9 grindset
Roger Eakin
Roger Eakin 18 日 前
Wasnt there a space craft that varied in its orbit enough to think there was new physics at play? wouldnt a huge planet be enough to divert an orbit slightly?
Privileguan 18 日 前
Even if there is a Planet 9, lets further pretend it could be habitable, how do we get there? And if we can't why the fuq would we even care? Maybe, just maybe, we could instead stop ruining our own planet?
Anonymous? 18 日 前
Well, there are certainly more than 9 planets in the universe..
Echo Delta
Echo Delta 18 日 前
Very interesting. What surprised me the most is that they took a movie poster from 1959 (@3:14) and edited for their use. The movie is "Plan 9 From Outer Space". Key word being Plan not Planet.
I would name it Odin.
airwriq 19 日 前
No one is bringing up Nibiru, described by the Babylonians?
Pavel 6 日 前
Because this is bronze age mythology, aka bs ;)
Релёкс84 17 日 前
That's the 5th planet, not the 9th planet, so there's no mystery there.
E SLP 19 日 前
What would the name of Planet 9 be? Would there be a public poll? I would love to know =)
Vaibhav C.
Vaibhav C. 19 日 前
Scientists: * Can tell the mass, size and density of stars more than a million lightyears away * Also Scientists: * Can't tell how many planets exist in our solar system *
Gamez Hubz
Gamez Hubz 12 日 前
What don't you try it?
konosuke Saikee
konosuke Saikee 22 日 前
can't wait for another 2000 years to look for planet 10
TKainZero 23 日 前
Should have asked redhot chili pepper and coffee guy what their definition of a planet is
AngelicUnity 23 日 前
So one has been found!
Lau Bjerno
Lau Bjerno 24 日 前
David Bowie?? He’s a lot more crazy than I thought at first?
Shannon Share
Shannon Share 24 日 前
The damn planet is Nibiru.
PC Gamer
PC Gamer 25 日 前
Or it could be a brown dwarf star. That will be a bit interesting when it comes into the solar system at perihelion…
Mystic Mongrel
Mystic Mongrel 26 日 前
Remember: Pluto not being the smallest planet means it got upgraded to being the king of the Dwarf Planets
Релёкс84 24 日 前
No, that would be Eris, and most likely there are undiscovered objects out there that are even larger, and still not planets.
Ansar Abbas
Ansar Abbas 26 日 前
I have a stupid question. Is it possible that a planet orbits two neighboring stars? It completes one trip around one star and then another trip around second star like '8' shaped orbit.
Pavel 14 日 前
​@Релёкс84 I see you do some stellar work here explaining things. Half of the comments are about Pluto, OMG. I am interested in astronomy since I remember, so some of the basic questions are surprising ;)
Релёкс84 24 日 前
No, that's not possible. Planets can and do orbit far away around two closely bound stars, but a planet's orbit will always be circular (or ellipcital, but never an 8 shape).
Ty Bronx
Ty Bronx 26 日 前
As much of a legend as Bowie is, please don't name it after him XD
Eymi Eirene
Eymi Eirene 27 日 前
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Dangerous Cow
Dangerous Cow 27 日 前
So you're telling me that we can't find this planet, but we can find thousands of rogue planets light-years away.
how one can become a astrologer or space scientist?
AlphaRoughneck 27 日 前
no offence but the dude in the video looks like the purple guy meme
215WEApON ヶ月 前
Yea it does. It’s called Jupiter.
Srikar Bhuvanagiri
@215WEApON No problem, just lettibg you know :)
215WEApON 24 日 前
@Srikar Bhuvanagiri damn sure did say Jupiter. Pluto! I meant Pluto!
Srikar Bhuvanagiri
That's the 5th one
ben M
ben M ヶ月 前
its called PLUTO. and planet X is Niburu
JunaTah ヶ月 前
Thought planet 9 was music...
bsmi1361 ヶ月 前
Just another ice ball...
Noone From Nowhere
its actually more possible that we have a second sun that is dead its just mass so as i swing round it drags our sun forward it also pulls the planets with it and sometimes steals some, the math speaks for its self.
Релёкс84 28 日 前
The math does not say that. You're just speaking without any actual understanding.
Noone From Nowhere
there are at least 12 planets, the orbital pull of all the plants prove as such, none of them are stable, its also why our moon gets further away every year and closer on its inner orbit, and will eventually hit or get dragged out into space and join or hit another planet, the flat plane our planets orbit on will not always be so, and we are now on the outward position of the orbit flow, they will start spreading untill they settle into a new orbit state, of wich we will not be alive to see.
Mimi Gurudeedee
Mimi Gurudeedee ヶ月 前
What if the kuiper belt is planet nine deconstructed? I guess it would depend on the combined gravitational force of each object in the belt. Not to mention it's connection to the Oort cloud.
ABeautiful Drawing
"If or when you do find it, who gets to name it?" We shall name Planet 9 after the greatest person on the Earth ever exist and we shall immortalize his name Rick Astley
Chas Burns
Chas Burns ヶ月 前
Ya it does you idiots. It is called Pluto. Only people that got participation trophies in school think there are only 8 planets in the solar system.
Winston Smith
Winston Smith ヶ月 前
Planetary Scientist: Guy who makes $175k/ year to sit in a little office and think about planets.
Envar ヶ月 前
Can we name Planet 9 “Mr. Beast” ? He could do the island video, but with a planet!
The All American Bad Boy
Never thought a vid would start with an RHCP clubber scientist but here we are
Ken Dal
Ken Dal ヶ月 前
If i could do the honor im gonna name it "californication" it deserves long name because it's also long time to find
Randy Clark
Randy Clark ヶ月 前
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Anthony Brink
Anthony Brink ヶ月 前
I’m getting some strong Elon musk like vibes coming from the younger guy, less rambling and stuttering, but it’s there.
Sangam Chhetri
Sangam Chhetri ヶ月 前
well that simulation shows planet is really far far far from us for me to believe that sun gravitational force can have influence upto there 14:45 more or less sums up my stupidity🤦🤷
Caul Campbell
Caul Campbell ヶ月 前
I am confused 😕 how can you know the mass of a planet that haven't been found yet 🤔
Gretgor ヶ月 前
I love how they changed the pronounciation of "Uranus" to avoid demonetization.
Lau Bjerno
Lau Bjerno 24 日 前
They didn’t change it. That was always the pronunciation. Except of course for uneducated people.
HP Lovecraft
HP Lovecraft ヶ月 前
Was Pluto misidentified or was it just re-evaluated towards modern thinking?
Ryan THomas
Ryan THomas ヶ月 前
Pluto is a planet!
the wizzard
the wizzard ヶ月 前
yes It is called pluto! i have seen it.
A M ヶ月 前
Planet 9 is Pluto...
Antonis Papas
Antonis Papas ヶ月 前
Please do time crystals
Michael Vogel
Michael Vogel ヶ月 前
my vote would be that if we ever find planet 9, we name it pluto just to make the "is pluto a planet?" debate even worse
Sam Shelton
Sam Shelton ヶ月 前
If you believe the scientific method is objective, then you're no different from any secular cult.
Sam Shelton
Sam Shelton 21 日 前
@julian vazquez when does academia become religion? I don't believe that theirs some alien inhabited planet roaming the outer reaches the solar system. But it's not impossible. The Physics say that a massive influence is out there somewhere. But we can't question the this. We are conspiracy theorists.
julian vazquez
julian vazquez 22 日 前
@Sam Shelton kinda
Sam Shelton
Sam Shelton ヶ月 前
@Релёкс84 oh, so you know me?
Релёкс84 ヶ月 前
@Sam Shelton I'm not that clever; you just happen to belong to a very predictable part of the general population.
Sam Shelton
Sam Shelton ヶ月 前
@Релёкс84 wow, you're so clever.
Captcha Monkeys
Captcha Monkeys ヶ月 前
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Jay Spiteri
Jay Spiteri ヶ月 前
Not sure but I think I'll be dead before you find it.
Ilove Paint
Ilove Paint ヶ月 前
Repent. The lord will return. Pray, spread the word, read your bible and have faith
REDF00Q ヶ月 前
planet 9 is like that commercial " it feels how to 5 gum chew"
Twirlyhead ヶ月 前
You should all play a version of Spot the Ball in space with a big cash prize for someone when (if) Planet 9 is found.
Loins De Chez
Loins De Chez ヶ月 前
There is no Greek God or Godess by the name Nibiru. It is still an unknown plan, a sun of a hollow earth, maybe. Maybe a hollow sun.
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell ヶ月 前
A TENTH planet, or eleventh. Ceres was a planet in the 19th Century until somebody decided to cancel its planetary credentials.
Michael Vogel
Michael Vogel ヶ月 前
yeah, so it's not a planet anymore lol, same as pluto
bluekryptonite22 ヶ月 前
Okay, Konstantin doesn't even look real. Like...he looks like a drawing come to life O_o Is he from another planet?
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