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Street Fighter Walkthrough NES
NES Longplay [098] Excite Bike
ClayFighter (SNES) Playthrough - NintendoComplete
Frogger for Sega Genesis
Super Mario Bros. - NES Gameplay
Pac-Man - NES Gameplay
Donkey Kong (Original) Full Playthrough (JP Arcade Version)
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Do Teens Know Their Parent's Favorite Video Game? | React: Do They Know It?



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Jason Ulloa
Jason Ulloa 21 日 前
+TheNews1990 No, Blue Suede Goo *was* in the original ClayFighter. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ClayFighter The first game is an NES bootleg version of Street Fighter II called "Street Fighter VI: 12 Peoples."
Devin Giles
Devin Giles 25 日 前
REACT, I have some suggested 2000's songs the Teens should test out next for a future episode of "Do You Know It?". 1. Keri Hilson feat. Kanye West and Ne-Yo - Knock You Down (2009) 2. M2M - Mirror Mirror (2000) 3. The Jonas Brothers - S.O.S. (2007) 4. Gwen Stefani feat. Akon - The Sweet Escape (2006) 5. Lady Gaga feat. Colby O' Donis - Just Dance (2008) 6. Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say (2009) 7. Miley Cyrus - 7 Things (2008)
TheNews1990 28 日 前
+Mr. Cannabis clayfighter, and it's a legitimate Genesis & SNES game. However they don't have Elvis (Blue Suede) on it. So it is a hack, but a hack of Clayfighter. static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/clayfighter_the_sculptors_cut_profilelarge_8758.PNG
Mr. Cannabis
Mr. Cannabis 28 日 前
+TheNews1990 Also the clayface one is a rom hack of street fighter
TheNews1990 28 日 前
1st game is a ROM hack. It's not an official release.
gokusondbz 19 日 前
Clay fighter 😂
Pac Man
Pac Man 19 日 前
That wasn't an actual Street Fighter game though. It was Street Fighter: 2010 the Final Fight, on NES
MZ 754
MZ 754 19 日 前
For the first video game I instantly knew it was Street Fighter
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen 19 日 前
Because of the hair???
Donna Kennedy
Donna Kennedy 20 日 前
You guys should do one for teens and college students, "do they know" 80's cult classic horror movies.
RyuImperator 20 日 前
My Favorite would Sonic the Hedgehog 2 or Terranigma
Cole Freeman
Cole Freeman 20 日 前
h e s a i d f r o g g y r o a d s
elir 19 日 前
t a k e m e h o m e
lorenzo lim
lorenzo lim 20 日 前
jaxon is cute
Logan Mills
Logan Mills 20 日 前
Let parents guess their kids favorite video game
Barba Neggra
Barba Neggra 20 日 前
Malcolm's hair is freaking awesome!!!
Mireille Torregosa
Mireille Torregosa 21 日 前
I love jaxon
SMSL TV 21 日 前
Totally remember playing that Street Fighter II NES ROM hack back in the day!!!!!
AbuOmar 21 日 前
What version of Street Fighter II was that even?
baderan s
baderan s 21 日 前
Please react to (We are the world video) the old version vs the new version, wich one is better??
baderan s
baderan s 21 日 前
+Penguin TFM jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-M9BNoNFKCBI.html the old, jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-Glny4jSciVI.html the new.
Penguin TFM
Penguin TFM 21 日 前
By new version do you mean ‘Earth!’?
Jason Ulloa
Jason Ulloa 21 日 前
>First parent chooses Street Fighter >Shows footage of Street Fighter VI: 12 Peoples *SEEMS LEGIT*
masbien loquita
masbien loquita 22 日 前
do react to metal slug X
Austen Hilton
Austen Hilton 22 日 前
MaRiO sWiM
Austen Hilton
Austen Hilton 22 日 前
I did a spit take when the kid said Mario swim
Darklurkr 22 日 前
You know can you guys do KIDS REACT: and see if the KIDS can beat GLass Joe? Your channel needs a redemption. Not TEENS. Hell even Elders and Kids. See how many can beat Glass JOe
Stewart M
Stewart M 22 日 前
I've never actually seen the original street fighter
Davinder Samra
Davinder Samra 22 日 前
Street fighter was my jam
Lymezy 22 日 前
You know you must suck at Mario if you've never got to the water level and you call it " MARIO SWIM"
Sanket Dhembre
Sanket Dhembre 23 日 前
It's impossible that none of those parents knew Doom.
ArcaneAzmadi 20 日 前
Maybe it just wasn't their favourite game growing up? Most of those were before Doom's time (except Clayfighter, which really was the odd game out).
burgermike92 24 日 前
What version of Street Fighter 2 was being shown off? I can't find it anywhere.
Andrae Simpson
Andrae Simpson 21 日 前
Jason Ulloa JPvid street fighter 2 c 64 then say that
Jason Ulloa
Jason Ulloa 21 日 前
No, that's a pirated NES version of SF2 called "Street Fighter VI: 12 Peoples."
Andrae Simpson
Andrae Simpson 22 日 前
It is street fighter 2 on a Commodore 64.
xMomox 23 日 前
most likely Sega Master System
l d
l d 24 日 前
why you always got the biggest wet wipes on these
Arnav Rajesh
Arnav Rajesh 24 日 前
Rudy Rubio
Rudy Rubio 24 日 前
Ayyy! I 100% this whole thing 😂
nomar mar
nomar mar 24 日 前
so this is the episode we find out that some kids are orphans?
Linkachu710X 24 日 前
Man clay fighter! Now THAT'S an obscure gem of a game!
luigiman5665 23 日 前
Yes! I was kind amazed that none of them knew about it. Helga now-a-days would be called extra THICCCC.
darkchuky01 24 日 前
Funny how we used to identify those pixels and nowaday kids can´t!!!! (Where did imagination went?)
Troy Rodgers
Troy Rodgers 23 日 前
+Boring Person I think it was in reference to the kids not understanding that a green square was a frog more than the ability to identify every game featured in this channel.
Boring Person
Boring Person 24 日 前
Ok, so name every single new game in our generation. Sorry, you can't! How do you expect us to?
dieCG 24 日 前
darkchuky01 : Same place as your grammar, apparently. Don’t throw stones in glass houses...
Slick Nick
Slick Nick 24 日 前
Mario swim?
Jaheim Burrowes
Jaheim Burrowes 25 日 前
Am I the only one that accidentally clicks the volume button thinking that it’ll reduce the brightness?
Bro 22 日 前
Looks like
Nick Gus
Nick Gus 25 日 前
Ska Punk songs!
Strangerfans 25 日 前
Have you guys done try not to eat Pregnancy craving foods yet? If not as a punishment you could have it be a really gross one
Gecko Treicko
Gecko Treicko 25 日 前
I actually knew every one. Even Clay Fighter.
Chuck Smith
Chuck Smith 24 日 前
Me too, but I guess I should since I used to be a guide in a computer games museum. lol
Rob Kresge
Rob Kresge 24 日 前
Aa games
Aa games 25 日 前
How do people not know Mario?
BaddieUniverse 21 日 前
They know him. The probably didn't know the exact title of the game.
Rob Kresge
Rob Kresge 24 日 前
Because their parents only give them Xbox and Ps4 thats why
bossplayer999 -
bossplayer999 - 25 日 前
I knew all of these and I was borN in 2007
Bro 22 日 前
Uh, okay?
Chuck Smith
Chuck Smith 24 日 前
Good on you!
Lucy Lu
Lucy Lu 25 日 前
No one cares
Fernando Cañas
Fernando Cañas 25 日 前
Congrats, dipshit.
Teddy Jones
Teddy Jones 25 日 前
I was born in 1993 and I only knew Pacman and Donkey Kong.
Алиф Даль Мим
Born 80s but i dnt knw anything.
Teddy Jones
Teddy Jones 25 日 前
+Zach Pohlman never played it or heard of it
Zach Pohlman
Zach Pohlman 25 日 前
How did you not know Frogger, though? o.O
Phillip P Massey
Phillip P Massey 25 日 前
jordan is a clone of her mother
douxboy 25 日 前
Have these same elders react these same games updated versions...they’ll go crazy on the Pac-Man update
Megaxave 25 日 前
mad props to the dad that chose clayfighter!!!
Waheed Gonzalez
Waheed Gonzalez 25 日 前
I grew up playing frogger and frogger 2 i loved it
O hecc
O hecc 26 日 前
Can we have an episode of the opposite? Parents guessing teen's favorite video games?
lakesha jones
lakesha jones 26 日 前
Captain Rex
Captain Rex 26 日 前
When I’m twelve, and I know all of them... Also, NO CONTRA!?!
Rob Kresge
Rob Kresge 24 日 前
Captain Rex Me to, i just dont understand how other kids that are older dont know these
Fernando Cañas
Fernando Cañas 25 日 前
Congrats, dipshit.
Johan Cina
Johan Cina 26 日 前
I wondering today's street fighter. Those two fighters, Guile and Blanka. Are they both had been removed from the game?? Why today teens don't know them?? Or today teen no more play street fighter video game???
Will M
Will M 20 日 前
Fighting games just aren't as popular these days, and the skill gap for some of them make it tough for people to really get into the games. Were seeing a resurgence with big tournaments like evo and capcom cup, but it's mostly just the die hard fans that stay on board. Even newer titles like SFV and MK11 tend to have an older player base, maybe due to playing the older titles when younger.
Johan Cina
Johan Cina 24 日 前
Anthony Arnold what video games today teens play? Just some mobile games? And some online games??
Anthony Arnold
Anthony Arnold 25 日 前
+Johan Cina I don't know how much anybody plays any game, I was just answering the part about if the street fighter characters were still present. That being said, I'm 21, almost 22, and I have never even heard of King of Fighters, so I'd assume that game is either fading or has a niche fandom in the fighting game world. But, I don't claim to know everything, so I could be very, very wrong.
Johan Cina
Johan Cina 25 日 前
Anthony Arnold So only adult play street fighter today?? How about king of fighters?? Tekken??? Do teens today play these battle games????
Anthony Arnold
Anthony Arnold 25 日 前
I assume Street Fighter V is the most recent non-remake game, in which case both characters are still part of the game according to the Street Fighter Wiki.
jackzter04 gaming
jackzter04 gaming 26 日 前
I brought a.moddwd new to play all these
dir dbbed
dir dbbed 26 日 前
Donkey Kong is very heavily based on an algorithm
richard courchene
richard courchene 26 日 前
most of the early games were based on that.
Michael Dailey
Michael Dailey 26 日 前
The street fighter one kind of broke my heart.
Rafael Hakimian
Rafael Hakimian 26 日 前
Sorry 4 never suggesting this earlier, Do Teens Know Living Books?
Brianna Jones
Brianna Jones 26 日 前
Jaxon is the cutest ❤️
Mark Small
Mark Small 26 日 前
I didn't know the first three. I was too tied to my C64 to get into NES stuff back then.
Oskar Rafoss
Oskar Rafoss 26 日 前
Jeremiah’s smile and laugh is everything, he seems like a guy I could hang out with all day long
Cobalt 26 日 前
Man, Street Fighter 1 was so amazingly crap, it's amazing that it spawned a series.
Cobalt 25 日 前
Trust me, it probably plays better than Street Fighter 1. Although that did confuse me a bit because I thought the only characters in SF1 were Ken, Ryu and Sagat. Maybe one other? I dunno. I was fairly sure Blanka and Guile weren't in it though, so glad to know I'm not insane.
sanjurosama 25 日 前
I'm notsaying Street Fighter 1 is good but what they show in this video is a bootleg version of Street Fighter II.
brian constantino
brian constantino 26 日 前
Plz let's play a naruto ultimate ninja storm 4
D Fin
D Fin 26 日 前
Jaxon! A huge monkey come on!
LoVeOlicity 26 日 前
Ugh I feel old.. I only knew 3 of these...
TheMadZocker 26 日 前
How can you feel old if you only knew 3? .-.
Shekhinah Tirado
Shekhinah Tirado 26 日 前
Bro 22 日 前
+Shekhinah Tirado Hootie?
Shekhinah Tirado
Shekhinah Tirado 26 日 前
I’m kidding jaxon is my favorite and a true hootie
luke brown
luke brown 26 日 前
#luis and jazmine suck
AwesomeMLGamer Royale
AwesomeMLGamer Royale 26 日 前
luke brown
luke brown 26 日 前
AwesomeMLGamer Royale
AwesomeMLGamer Royale 27 日 前
Who da F%#k doesn't know Mario like some of you millennials I'm a kid by the way
Bro 22 日 前
+jackzter04 gaming Message sure falls apart when you can't spell it, eh?
dieCG 24 日 前
Honey child, millennials are very aware of all these games. Those kids were generation Z, like yourself. Damn, children your age are apparently denser than rocks... I bet you thought you were being a clever edge lord, didn’t you? Kid, your parents are probably older millennials. lol
Kazef TM
Kazef TM 25 日 前
I think what you meant is generation Z, cause i'm a millennial and this comment kinda offended me :( and i know all of these games
jackzter04 gaming
jackzter04 gaming 26 日 前
Then you are a minelial
Intell 27 日 前
Ew they actually showed a bootlegged Street Fighter..
Kraven Spider
Kraven Spider 27 日 前
That was a bootleg version of Street Fighter 2 that they showed. Edit: 8:57 “What is this? It looks like bowling.” 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
sanjurosama 25 日 前
+Jennifer Reed The game they showed in this video isn't Street Fighter 1. There is an actual Street Fighter II and then a bootleg Street Fighter II. If you still don't understand, please ask your math teacher to explain.
Jennifer Reed
Jennifer Reed 25 日 前
There was a Street Fighter before Street Fighter 2. It's like movies. There is a Deadpool movie and then a Deapool 2 movie. If you still don't understand, please ask your math teacher to explain.
Latinofire202 27 日 前
Wtf is clayfighters??? Was that a Sega game???
RollandDynasty 27 日 前
Super Nintendo. It's not a hugely known game, but it was pretty advanced graphics wise for the time.
J-Sama1990 27 日 前
6:55 he did not just say Mario Swim 😑😑😑
pernada boriusz
pernada boriusz 27 日 前
Everybody even a little into retro gaming should now all of these games. I really can't understand that these kids don't even know street fighter
MrGuppy 27 日 前
Where's some Zelda at?
Ivan Estrada
Ivan Estrada 21 日 前
Where is punch out
Hauke Holst
Hauke Holst 27 日 前
Hey where are the good games like Bard's Tale or Ultima? Or Elite?
George Awad
George Awad 27 日 前
Hauke Holst s
Bill Salter
Bill Salter 27 日 前
I new all of them except clayfighter and im 12 get some
Bro 22 日 前
"get some"...is that supposed to sound tough or something bro? Because it sure makes you sound like a small fry.
Duel Masters
Duel Masters 27 日 前
Javier Sanchez
Javier Sanchez 27 日 前
Didn't know how to spell though huh.. R.I.P
Ordoric 27 日 前
Kids vs parents cartoons
detective clickbaitchu
detective clickbaitchu 27 日 前
Street fighter is showing there names
Ordoric 27 日 前
I try and do kids know for pure audio and frogger got me thought it was adventure island
detective clickbaitchu
detective clickbaitchu 27 日 前
Really me too
Derill Troy Tacang
Derill Troy Tacang 27 日 前
wow! I played all of this!
tiblu68 27 日 前
Malcolm if you like Frogger,try Crossy road... Lots of fun.. phones and tablets...
Sidestreetdog 27 日 前
If I'm remember correctly Street Fighter wasn't that popular until Street Fighter II
Gage23 25 日 前
That wasn't even sf1
Blade 27 日 前
Chris Grey
Chris Grey 27 日 前
I know every single one of them
Rob Kresge
Rob Kresge 24 日 前
+Fernando Cañas Seriously are you really going through the comments just to critisize?
Fernando Cañas
Fernando Cañas 25 日 前
Congrats, you're special. You can expect a call from the president any moment now.
David Barham
David Barham 27 日 前
Can you get some parents who actually played games back in the day to do these videos!!!
Daves GoldenDuck
Daves GoldenDuck 27 日 前
Sad how teens don't know Street Fighter at all
JoEs_ Do9
JoEs_ Do9 28 日 前
I got all these corect and I'm only 17 people are stupid lol
Paul W
Paul W 27 日 前
I got all these correct and got a score higher than 69 and just turned 2 years old. people are stupid lol
Zombe killer
Zombe killer 28 日 前
I’m going to finically and mentally cry if anyone doesn’t get Mario
Bro 22 日 前
...fin...finically? Are you going to turn into a fish and then start crying?
Zombe killer
Zombe killer 28 日 前
Is that fortnite
kattahj 28 日 前
I played some of these as a little kid (on my older brother's Commodore 64) but my favourites were Paperboy, Little Nemo Dream Master, and Boulderdash. I thought the miner in Boulderdash was an ant. :-)
TheNews1990 28 日 前
1st game is a ROM hack. It's not an official release.
fierce resolve37
fierce resolve37 28 日 前
Street fighter was an easy one to guess couldn't they give em harder titles like castlevania IV or something harder.
Bro 22 日 前
I bet a lot of them couldn't guess Raiden Trad since it looks so generic. It's my favorite Mega Drive game.
Chiita kun
Chiita kun 28 日 前
They hardly guessed the easy ones so I doubt they would do well with those kind of games.
fierce resolve37
fierce resolve37 28 日 前
For real yo jordan's mom Kristy is hot as f No doubt about it.
Frank Van Rijn
Frank Van Rijn 28 日 前
When did videogames become classic... I'm so old... lol!
Freaksoftheinternet 28 日 前
I thought my brother and I were the only people who ever had Clay Fighter!!
XTerra KnightX
XTerra KnightX 28 日 前
The only one I didn’t know was ELVIS BACKFLIPPIN PRESLY
zhafsan 28 日 前
Who picks the game boy version of Street Fighter 2?
Bro 22 日 前
Who thinks a game running in color is a Game Boy game?
Robert Pflieger
Robert Pflieger 28 日 前
Worse, that was a bootleg NES port.
BiteThis 28 日 前
What no paperboy?
pituchati 28 日 前
What the hell is that laugh at 9:21 and most importantly WHOSE
ChrisCa1601 28 日 前
React to the 20th anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast.
TheMutatedGreninja 28 日 前
No suprise that no one knew clafighter
Jillian Fifield
Jillian Fifield 29 日 前
I'm 529,981st viewer. I love FBE so much. You guys rock. I am I the only one who heard watch the hair man and started laughing?
Smol Tae
Smol Tae 29 日 前
How do they not know what street fighter is? I’m 14 and I know
Erik Bakker
Erik Bakker 28 日 前
Weird and meaningless flex, but ok.
Krishaan Singh
Krishaan Singh 28 日 前
ikr, im 11 and i know
ekahnoman 29 日 前
"The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog" - Mark Twain
Override l
Override l 29 日 前
That girl with the banana nails and her dad are uneducated on the old school games Man!!!!! Like come on how tf do you not get donkey kong
jagger lame
jagger lame 29 日 前
I guess Pac-man is the new Mascot huh lol
Francis Rafael De Jesus
Francis Rafael De Jesus 29 日 前
I feel bad cause the parent from the first one said “ I can’t see somebody having fun playing street fighter” :(
Maniac 12101
Maniac 12101 28 日 前
Let’s be honest that street fighter didn’t look like it aged too well
Andrey Kusanagi
Andrey Kusanagi 29 日 前
yeah, i'm pretty sure Luis meant that NES bootleg specifically, and let's be honest, playing an NES bootleg is a pain in the shitting hole, no matter how old you are.
trebull 890
trebull 890 29 日 前
I think he meant that version, and nowadays lets be honest kids would prefer newer stuff a lot more like fortnite which is good for quality and it does look good compared to something like that
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