Do All The Try Guys Think The Same?

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Brandon Yee
Brandon Yee ヶ月 前
Hi friends! I edited this video and I’m a huge fan of the Try Guys, so I pretty much had the best time ever editing this Spectrum episode. I love seeing the guys being themselves (definitely laughed a lot at my desk while going through the footage), but I also appreciated their openness about the behind the scenes & struggles of running a JPvid channel. Anyway, reply here if you have any questions about this video or about life or if you want to ask if I’m still vegan.
Dignos Oh
Dignos Oh 12 日 前
Are u still vegan?🥗
MrMoYo 14 日 前
*a r e y o u v e g a n*
Layla Jan
Layla Jan 16 日 前
R u still vegan???????
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode 22 日 前
@Brandon Yee 1 month on, *are you still vegan?* For your happiness I hope you've gone back to the meaty side. 🤫
urtrashkid2011 24 日 前
maybe next time, put their age so we can understand lol , just an idea!
TheForestFamily 9 時間 前
For the record I LOVED the barkchlor
mary 11 時間 前
‘cats’ was awful idc lmfao
Jayati Gupta
Jayati Gupta 14 時間 前
Zach is the bast Try Guy
Aneeqah Adams
Aneeqah Adams 22 時間 前
Their jackets look amazing I want one
steelsheen 22 時間 前
Try Guys is a brand now, not just a group. the Try Guys brand is made of Ned, Zach, Eugene and Keith. they can expand their cast (and they have with the Food Babies and the Try Wives and Miles) but they are part of the team but not the brand. its the same concept as there cant be a 5th Beatle; when one leaves or dies, "The Beatles" will still be known as John, Paul, George and Ringo.
Aa Eee
Aa Eee 日 前
Angelina Akhnoukh
Angelina Akhnoukh 日 前
I want to know so badly what Eugene was thinking when he was looking like that at 10:58
L.A.C 日 前
@ 5:56 i'm surprised Ned got so upset at the guys for showing any inkling of attachment towards Buzzfeed.
Laelee Benusa
Laelee Benusa 日 前
Eugene reminds me of Prince😁
SuperDadsBaby 日 前
Its heartbreaking to see how Eugene is affected by a few hate comments, while dozens of loving ones are overwhelming the comment section really. Eugene you are a freakin rockstar baby!
xzxvaar • 47 years ago
Hey I am the 6666 comment :)
Candrise Luna
Candrise Luna 日 前
I like how Zach jumped or ran to the one he wanted lol
hey there demons it’s me ya boy
They remind me of the wiggles. If they added a new guy, it would be like the new wiggles.
Katie Arreola
Katie Arreola 日 前
Are the try guys the wiggles?
Maayke Van Eijk
Maayke Van Eijk 2 日 前
Keith definetly is the best try guy😂
KzCreationz & More
KzCreationz & More 2 日 前
Hot dogs are sandwiches
Bridgette Newton
Bridgette Newton 2 日 前
And look at the lobster 🤣
•Passion Studios•
Hmm Do all juulers think the same Do all smokers think the same Do all firefighters think the same Do all Jews think the same, Do all (insert astrology sign such as Leo, torus, Scorpio, etc.) think the same Do all doctors think the same Do all artists think the same Do all zoologists think the same
Balotica Bepo
Balotica Bepo 2 日 前
Libelldrian 2 日 前
Eugene is Anakin Skywalker.
Annie Shanley
Annie Shanley 2 日 前
liamdepam 2 日 前
Where can I get one of these sweaterssss? Cause they're not listed on their website :c
Cherry on the top
Cherry on the top 3 日 前
Zach thank you thank you. For standing by The movie cats
maxwell s.strings
maxwell s.strings 3 日 前
I love the barkshler!!!!!
maxwell s.strings
maxwell s.strings 3 日 前
Eugene is definitely most known for being the hot talented one more than his dark opinions
Diane Slaney
Diane Slaney 3 日 前
eugene should babysit wes again like overnight or something that would be interesting to see lol
Katherine Hall
Katherine Hall 3 日 前
You should do "do all Jews think the same?"
Margaret Bakly
Margaret Bakly 3 日 前
Honestly Keith eats one bite of try the menu he doesn't eat the menu menu
Victoria Pupa
Victoria Pupa 3 日 前
LONG LIVE THE BARKCHELOR! I want it back so bad. Anyone else with me? (PS. You guys are all so amazing. Thank you for bringing so much joy to his world )
Riley MacKinnon
Riley MacKinnon 3 日 前
look at the lobster!
Downright Delinquent
Downright Delinquent 3 日 前
Eugene constantly putting himself down is making me feel really bad.
Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy 3 日 前
I wonder if their answers would have been different if they responded individually without the other guys in the room
kait 3 日 前
can we get a “do all bisexuals think the same?”
Zoe M
Zoe M 3 日 前
Zach: The universe is vast and infinite and ever-expanding, there's gotta be life somewhere." Keith: And look at the lobster
Liuuku 95
Liuuku 95 3 日 前
Adriana Sancho Merino
Adriana Sancho Merino 3 日 前
U are awesome guyss 🖤🖤 My favourite of u it's handsome Eugene
yes yes
yes yes 3 日 前
i’m so proud of eugene for doing this 🥺🥺
Jing Feng
Jing Feng 4 日 前
Keith: it’s a lot of poor quality meat, and created a lot of stomach stretching.... Me: I LIVE LIKE THAT
fluffy_monkey007 4 日 前
Ned: "Hey, it's Carl." Me: that's my teachers first name and he's cool like he's chill.
Acou Sakurai
Acou Sakurai 4 日 前
I almost cried in this video because Eugene was really sad because people criticized him because of his sexuality and race
Eduardo Perez
Eduardo Perez 4 日 前
Atleast give the sidemen a shoutout, they did it 3 months ago
Kee Marina
Kee Marina 4 日 前
Zach ur adorable, look ur more mature in here just whole another level.
Fink E
Fink E 4 日 前
The Instagram polls didn’t seem to like the try guys that much-
Tay Tay
Tay Tay 4 日 前
A black try guy Native try guy
Rhiannon Collom
Rhiannon Collom 4 日 前
I love Zach but I really hate it when he says "I’m the most insecure one" because yes, he is insecure about himself but Eugene has been through so much and is constantly putting himself down. Even though it doesn’t come off as much as Zach’s, I think that Eugene is the most insecure one. He deserves so much more love and you can just see in his eyes how much he is hurting inside. Once again, this is in no way at all a hate comment, simply me expressing my personal opinion and trying to enlighten others on what I believe to be 100% accurate. Love you Eugene ❤️❤️❤️
Misha Sebesta
Misha Sebesta 3 日 前
Rhiannon Collom i mean i get what youre saying but as much as we would like to think we know, we really dont know these guys that much. i dont think its fair for us to assume whos the most insecure. and i mean its not really a competition. everyone has insecurities :)
Pastel Shadow
Pastel Shadow 4 日 前
*“I am the try guy known for the greatest hits of not being white. Or straight.”*
Briseida Garcia
Briseida Garcia 4 日 前
How about when they have kids it's called the try kids???🤔🤔
Hoodiegurl21 4 日 前
Is it bad that I can’t imagine a world where there are five try guys?
Praachi .s.
Praachi .s. 4 日 前
Eugene being Eugene is whom I love; not Eugene being white or straight.
Graham Boi
Graham Boi 4 日 前
What if there were 5 💙Keith:The funny hungry one ❤Ned:The dad but when he eats something else he goes nuts 💜Eugene: The scary fasiobable gay person 💚Zach: The defensive short guy 💛Carl:The guy in the background
J C 5 日 前
Teachers at the aquarium: 2:56 Me: 4:07 My friend trying to make me feel better: 17:55
Lilly Anderson
Lilly Anderson 5 日 前
You know what don't get effected by gate comments you all are amazing.❤
Leila Moh
Leila Moh 5 日 前
WHEN THEY MADE THE BRIDGE OVER THE HATE COMMENTS I CRIED A LITTLE 🥺❤️ I love them so much. So impactful. So inspiring
MerandaHooker 5 日 前
Only Crazy
Only Crazy 5 日 前
Zach is impressive in that video, really impactful comments
Only Crazy
Only Crazy 5 日 前
you have really interesting questions for people to reflect on I love that
Addi 6 日 前
did anyone else notice that they were all wearing white sneakers
Lunas Light
Lunas Light 6 日 前
I love eugene but i will say i cant pick a favorite because they all have good qualitys
Alex Harbula
Alex Harbula 6 日 前
Good for them screw buzzfeed
Kelli Green
Kelli Green 6 日 前
Speaking as a culinary person, yes, a hot dog is a sandwich. So is a taco. And yes, a pizza is an open faced sandwich. It is in my culinary textbook and the pizza one was part of the statewide exam I had to take to get licensed.
Myron Baggett
Myron Baggett 6 日 前
A hotdog IS a sandwich!!!
JD Vera
JD Vera 6 日 前
The only way a new Try Guy would work is if it's Wes. 🙃 Zach said "in 10 years." Make it happen!
awww this video is sooo cute
Lauryn H.
Lauryn H. 6 日 前
I wouldn’t want another Try Guy, they created the group, they are the group. Add ons like the Food Babies are completely fine, love them. But adding other guys DIRECTLY TO the Try Guys would ruin the classic that they are
Lena Sievert
Lena Sievert 6 日 前
I love these guys, because they are not so stereotypical ☺️☺️ they are so fun
Michelle Dai
Michelle Dai 6 日 前
I find it very interesting that Eugene disagreed with being the best Try Guy in a heartbeat when the majority of Try Guys fans I've met only watch the Try Guys for Eugene and most comments under Try Guys videos are about him. Is it humility? Low self-esteem? We'll never know.
Hoodiegurl21 6 日 前
Ok why would ANYBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND make fun of these guys or leave hate comments on their videos. They are the most amazing guys in the world and deserve so much better then that, and their S.Os too. They are kind, funny, and are extremely good role models for their viewers. It’s outrageous that anybody could even FATHOM hating on them. Sorry, got a little angry there.
Erika David
Erika David 6 日 前
Madelyn Walker
Madelyn Walker 6 日 前
The best r Ned and Eugene so sry Keith and Zach! U r gr8 too!
Tiffi Guevara
Tiffi Guevara 6 日 前
Okay. Keith is starting to exercise now. Ithink i have to start too!
Patricia Ann Patungan
Patricia Ann Patungan 6 日 前
Universe Derp
Universe Derp 7 日 前
wait is Eugene gay?
Space Spectre
Space Spectre 6 日 前
ShmolKid 7 日 前
“I am known as the asian one of the queer one” okay but ur also the one even before all that, who looks good in everything and wins everything even if it’s not a challenge by not trying.
Tasha 7 日 前
I learned to think about hate in a way that it just doesn't matter. If it isn't your family, husband etc or best friend, it means nothing. They have no meaning in your life. Fans who care about the Try Guys and spread kindness are all that matters
Joanne Darbyshire
Joanne Darbyshire 7 日 前
At 10:32 I think that the you just have to think people are wasting there time to say something bad for u and an affect if u don’t give them what the want you have wasted their time that what they should get
okayajrenne 7 日 前
i’d love to see a black try guy or another minority try guy but also the four are great and i feel like adding another one is kinda forced
okayajrenne 7 日 前
Robin Parker
Robin Parker 8 日 前
I’ve never seen a try guys video but Eugene reminds me of Yuno from Black Clover and Zach reminds me of Yoon from Yona of The Dawn. Keith reminds me of Ida from My Hero Academia. Ned doesn’t remind me of anyone. Sorry Ned.
Tash W
Tash W 8 日 前
How can anyone not like these guys? Like seriously I don’t get it, dont bully them please!
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