Do All Teen Moms Think the Same?

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Jubilee 6 ヶ月 前
Hey all - thanks for watching! Hope you loved it! To participate in future audience polls, follow us on Instagram! instagram.com/jubileemedia/ ALSO, watch more Spectrum episodes here: bit.ly/WatchSpectrumJubilee
Kolei Kuma
Kolei Kuma 7 日 前
Please please do one on Polynesians! We dont really have "bad" stereotypes but we definitely have some interesting ones.. 😂
Eloise ヶ月 前
vaithees jppaoppupoipopppppppippppoipopoppiooippp
victoria sanchez
victoria sanchez 2 ヶ月 前
Hey Jubilee I was wondering if you guys can do all emos think the same?
MrButton 2 ヶ月 前
Teen Moms: I kNoW eVeRyThInG. gEt oN My lEvEl
Lucy Cardoso
Lucy Cardoso 2 ヶ月 前
Do all teen dads think the same?
Daniel Adami
Daniel Adami 4 時間 前
Why did it say 94 and 74 when they all strongly agreed?
Ashlynn James
Ashlynn James 6 時間 前
Wow... I want to cry watching this video because I, myself, is a teen mom! I went thru trials and tribulations during my pregnancy and birth... relationships changed, etc. But at the end of the day, my child means the world to me!
Steven Moreno
Steven Moreno 7 時間 前
Age of google, simple search.
Ashley ASHLEYM 8 時間 前
It's so strange to me that teens are taught how to not get pregnant, I was never taught that but I had the internet so it was quite easy for me to educate myself on it. And I'm older than all of them so there really easy no excuse. SO I'm not even sure if I'd say I was educated on it or it wasn't because when people ask that they mean were you taught it and I wasn't but I was very knowledgeable on it.
Dunja 9 時間 前
I really wanna give them all a big hug. Not because I feel sorry for them, but because I think they all just deserve a big hug
Sarah McDaniels
Sarah McDaniels 10 時間 前
Y’all should go teen mom moms because they help out most of these kids with their kids too .
Littletwinkietwink Studios Gacha
Littletwinkietwink Studios Gacha 10 時間 前
Do twins always agree
Nripesh Dhungana
Nripesh Dhungana 13 時間 前
She got pregnant in 14?? I ate mud when I was 14
Ohloveeh 20 時間 前
My heart dropped when I saw Maddie walk to Disagree for the Dad. It's not surprising because he's only 14 and immature, but it's heartbreaking that he's not in the child's life. Absent dads piss me off so much.
Tori Kieschnick
Tori Kieschnick 22 時間 前
The blonde girl talking abt how the father wasn’t involved broke my heart
Wulf fy
Wulf fy 22 時間 前
think you can do a teen dad version? i would like to know what the father's side is like
kzzait 7 時間 前
I definitely agree but most of the fathers don't even stick around
lina chauser
lina chauser 23 時間 前
Do homeschooling vs public schooling
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole 日 前
The pregnant one in the striped dress says like a lot lol, I do the same thingggg.
Curlyhead Tv
Curlyhead Tv 日 前
Christian 👆🏼💙
kzzait 7 時間 前
And I'm an Atheist. You're irrelevant
Meer Almufti
Meer Almufti 日 前
The blonde haired woman is the one from hiho kids
Isosori Harrison
Isosori Harrison 日 前
One, the implants are very bad for you and two you shouldn’t be having sex at that age. However I do agree they should be teaching stuff like that in school since parents fail at teaching this to school.
Becky Wiese
Becky Wiese 日 前
In school I was taught about birth control. I became a mother at 19. It wasn't easy. I could not imagine being younger.
Blender Dumbass
Blender Dumbass 日 前
Am I the only BOY who didn't want the relationship as much as getting a child? I remember at 13 I had an entire plan of how to get a girl into becoming pregnant so I would have MY OWN son. I didn't work. She got scared.
Jacqueline Parker
Jacqueline Parker 日 前
I'm thirty years old now and I strongly connect with these young girls. I was 20 when I got pregnant with my first. She was planned, but I didn't consider anything other than having the perfect little family. Divorced a couple of years later. 25 and 27 had two more children. Almost three years later, I realized I was not prepared to have any of them. You need family, you need friends, you need support if you want or are expecting to bring new life into the world. The financial aspect isn't as important as the support you will absolutely need to raise children. Doing it alone is too much for anyone.
Synchronised Body Solutions
I would love to see one with SAHD (Stay At Home Dads...yes that acronym is a thing I didn’t just make it up🤣).
Jo G
Jo G 2 日 前
Omg Maddie's story really got me🥺, she’s so young and the ex was so mean and immature w her
kimberly donis
kimberly donis 2 日 前
I’m 18 and I’m really young to have kids and then I saw them bring out their babies and I changed my mind whos tryna go half and half ?
Tyunna Jordan
Tyunna Jordan 2 日 前
Its ok Maddie its crazy bc im the same age as you! And my mom had me and my TWIN sister at 14 as well. Maddie is very strong reminds me of my mom.
Ashlyn Johnson
Ashlyn Johnson 2 日 前
when they brought out all the babies at the end 😭
20k subs with no videos?
20k subs with no videos? 2 日 前
Where Cameron from CamandFam
Paulina Simoni
Paulina Simoni 2 日 前
Abortion is cool😎
Holly Venetis
Holly Venetis 2 日 前
I know somebody who is 14 and pregnant, and I dont know much about her being pregnant but she has changed so much
Kyle G
Kyle G 2 日 前
"I was never taught birth control, all they taught me was abstinence"..... -_- are you girls trolling or something??
Jeon Jonae
Jeon Jonae 2 日 前
Maddie im from Texas too💖💖💖
Xpsycho.unicornX 2 日 前
10:49 Omg soooo cute!!!😭😭
ahhh196 2 日 前
What an amazing video! They're all so strong. The one who planned the pregnancy seems slightly judgemental tho like sure there are "other ways" to prevent pregnancy but like so many people aren't even educated about those ways. And her claim about the heart beat is minsinforned.
BTS ARMY 2 日 前
- These girls are so strong for carrying a baby and taking responsibility of their whole life alone! as an adult I'm so scared to have s*x and maybe this is so unrelated but I never felt to have sex with anyone too!! These girls are so brave I'm wondering how careless and jerk their boyfriends was! I hope these kids will respect their mothers when they will grow up!
Martin Holland
Martin Holland 2 日 前
This channel is literally the only politically neutral channel on JPvid.
swim reaper
swim reaper 2 日 前
Damn. Some of this hit hard
Alyssa Dyer
Alyssa Dyer 3 日 前
Having black teen mom's opinions would've been interesting as well.
A J シ
A J シ 9 時間 前
What's the difference between a white teen Mom, an Asian teen Mom and a black teen Mom? (only assuming that they're all born and raised in america.) Why does race need to be brought into a discussion like this?
Ricky Dominguez
Ricky Dominguez 3 日 前
So what about teen dads
Ricky Dominguez
Ricky Dominguez 3 日 前
15 she looks 16
Ricky Dominguez
Ricky Dominguez 3 日 前
These questions were like y’all knew everything but still ended up pregnant
Crazy Kate
Crazy Kate 3 日 前
Maddie is 15, when I’m 15 imma probably be like legit trying to see if I can see the light turn off before I fully close the fridge door, but she is so strong
50 shades of Micheals hair
No teen m or for anyone that mature thinks the same way we can agree on opinions yes but no one thinks the same way
HEATH Kyle 3 日 前
Lady : I'm a mom because I wanted to have kids Erin: that's not vegan
Emily Martinez
Emily Martinez 5 時間 前
Murssal Danishyar
Murssal Danishyar 日 前
HEATH Kyle ahhaa
Erica Narduzzi
Erica Narduzzi 3 日 前
2:02 this is the worst reality. They should teach about birth control at school. Properly.
Rohit 3 日 前
or just keep your pants zipped
Burnt Chicken Nugget
Burnt Chicken Nugget 4 日 前
The red headed girl with the nude sweater low key looks like Kylie Jenner lol
El Law
El Law 4 日 前
I can’t believe how many didn’t know about birth control!
Nesmée O’Hara
Nesmée O’Hara 4 日 前
Reading the comments section I feel so blessed that I’m british and live in the uk. Proper sex education in schools is mandatory here. Schools don’t force abstinence here. Thank god.
Naima Musse
Naima Musse 13 時間 前
Depends really. I reckon less then a quarter of my Year 9 group have had sex, and a few people have got pregnant or contracted STD'S. Bear in mind last year we had lessons on sex and STD.
Food is life
Food is life 4 日 前
"since men mature way slower than women" I can't help but to agree with that
BS xx
BS xx 4 日 前
Aww Allie and Cartia😍😍😭😭😭
Ela Paksoy
Ela Paksoy 5 日 前
at the end my heart omggg
Green Cheeae
Green Cheeae 5 日 前
bruh, they didn't learn about sex in grade 4? lmao. American school system sucks. they hammerd it in more from grade 7 to 8. tee hee. I'm Canadian.
Maya Micallef
Maya Micallef 5 日 前
2:17 take a shot everytime she says like
Gamerrr Dude
Gamerrr Dude 日 前
“9 times”
Jikook & BTS
Jikook & BTS 6 日 前
I guess my mom was a teen mom...? she got pregnant at 18 years old with my oldest brother
Maria Malik
Maria Malik 6 日 前
7:53 Me: XD
pink violet
pink violet 6 日 前
I don't want to sound rude but having a baby at 15-18 isn't really great? Cuz all your time being a teenager is to take care of your baby, should i study,work or have free time? But it's their choice i guess
Alice 6 日 前
I love this channel.
Katerina Northway
Katerina Northway 6 日 前
Do all anti vaxers think the same? Do all flat earthers think the same?
Ateng Multi
Ateng Multi 6 日 前
I dont even know why this is on my newsfeed when i dont know anything about what theyre talking about.
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 7 日 前
I have a female friend who had a abortion at 16. She is 44 my age and still is single and no kids. It haunts her that it’s almost impossible to have kids now.
Jarrod Wallace
Jarrod Wallace 7 日 前
I would have never guessed she was 15...SHES BEAUTIFUL!
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