Do All Teen Moms Think the Same?

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Jubilee 4 ヶ月 前
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victoria sanchez
victoria sanchez 11 日 前
Hey Jubilee I was wondering if you guys can do all emos think the same?
MrButton 14 日 前
Teen Moms: I kNoW eVeRyThInG. gEt oN My lEvEl
Lucy Cardoso
Lucy Cardoso 22 日 前
Do all teen dads think the same?
Ajaach Madio
Ajaach Madio ヶ月 前
Jubilee ah
barbie4549 ヶ月 前
Do all virgins think the same?
Andrea Castro
Andrea Castro 21 分 前
3:15 “Some girls are having sex, and they’re in 6th grade” WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK. I’m 12 in 7th grade and wouldn’t imagine having sex AT ALL, I mean I haven’t even gotten my period. That just sounds weird to me...
Ruby Rogers
Ruby Rogers 時間 前
I think that Maddie is the most mature ( no offence to the other moms) because A. She is the youngest and I’m 14 and I couldn’t imagine having a baby. Like she has to look after herself as well as Everly.
xWinterWolfx7 2 時間 前
I get what they mean about the education tho..like my school's Sex Ed was just us defining words (mostly things like STD, types of STDs, and STI) and looking at horribly disfigured genitals and our teacher saying "If you have sex you gonna look like that down there..y'all not gonna need syrup for your blue waffles since they gonna come with it" and also roleplaying..i dunno why once i had to roleplay Juliet and i had to chose between Batman, Superman, or Romeo with my class's help...turns out Batman was the guy for me XD Romeo wanted to have sex and Superman was using his xray on me without my consent..apparently :T Sex Ed is weird
ankra12 2 時間 前
I would never have a baby in my teens.
Gabriela Moncayo Zerga
Omg! 14 😱 she’s a kid
I like Pink
I like Pink 8 時間 前
How about teen dads?🤔
Jamille Dabon
Jamille Dabon 9 時間 前
abortion. someone agree but shes pregnant.. i dont get it
Jacqueline Filo
Jacqueline Filo 16 時間 前
Men don’t mature more slowly than women. 😂 Why do women always diss men? Most women are nothing but pathetic gold diggers, and when they become menopausal, OMG 😮 they become CRAZY 🤬🤬🤬!!!
Aya Ray
Aya Ray 16 時間 前
Moms who were teen moms who now have teen children should be an interesting episode
STABGaming 17 時間 前
There still kids says the 15 year old
STABGaming 17 時間 前
I think having a kid as a teen if selfish because u bringing a child into the world odds are you will not have a job you will have little to no money and your family will have to pay for all of it not only are you making your life harder and your families life harder and having a child you won’t have a job for a long time and expecting the man to pay for it all is wrong it’s a 2 way relationship not 1 way you are both in it so if your not prepared u shouldn’t even think about it
LydiC 21 時間 前
Omg Allie!!! I love her! ♥️
Jungkook Bts
Jungkook Bts 21 時間 前
"Can Christian people have sex without being married?" Another question: "Do relationships change after you have sex?" I would really want these two questions to be answered, if they are answered I would really appreciate that.
Rielle Asuncion
Rielle Asuncion 21 時間 前
'do all kpop fans think the same?' or 'do all western fans think the same?'
i love roam & as it is
i genuinely cannot believe there are girls my age with a child like im fully sitting here playing minecraft and spending hours on instagram. ive fuckin never even kissed someone and these people are so mature it actually astounds me
Stefan Grubesic
I'm 19 and yeah this was like watching a nightmare, I'm definitely not ready to be a father now
B A 日 前
Mono17 日 前
Do all asexuals think the same?
Day 日 前
Birth control 101, by me: be a gay introvert that rarely goes out and has never dated anyone.
Cherry Cheesecake
They had quite similar views
Bob Jones
Bob Jones 日 前
i’m not gonna lie that question about birth control options is such a lie, everyone knows about condoms everyone knows about Plan B like come on now
KM - Remasterization
8:40 I was losing hope in humanity until I saw this part. :o
Dree ́s Life
I shall Maddie at my school on field day
Suhasini P
Suhasini P 日 前
The blonde girl was on hiho kids
Connor Skudlarek
Men mature approximately 1 year or less slower than women. I can't say that is somehow "way slower".
Menetekel 7 時間 前
It's noch one or less than a year but around two years. Which is a lot in that age since both are still maturing.
Jubliee: “We want to humanize everybody” “Yeah everybody” “*Everybody*” Next episode: Do all neo-Nazis think the same?
Naraira98 日 前
The red haired girl also have a JPvid channel. Her name is Allie Brooke
Naraira98 日 前
One thing for sure. They're all pretty with beautiful personalities.
Naraira98 日 前
I felt sorry for the blonde haired girl. You're so strong
_Derp3 y
_Derp3 y 日 前
Ik they did like a do all Beyonce fans think the same and who isn’t a Beyonce fan but like let’s get some other fandoms in there idk 🤷🏻‍♀️ Also does anyone know how to sign up for these things? Just curious
Football Analytics
Im 15 my mom is 31...
Asha Mohamed
Asha Mohamed 日 前
I don't think its wise for 6th graders to do that....they're not emotionally capable or mature enough to worry about those things. This is what happens when everything is hypersexualized
isaiah green
isaiah green 2 日 前
Do All Teen Dads Think the Same? next I wanna see
Jo 2 日 前
Soon people will be 6 when they will have sex
Michelle M
Michelle M 2 日 前
I got pregnant at 16.. im 25 now but my mom still talks about how much I disappointed her...
frostinqer 2 日 前
changes their lives for the better > all of them still say not to do it
sine themba
sine themba 2 日 前
I live in South Africa and we have this class where we learn about life and we know like sooo much about these things as early as grade 6.
nina 2 日 前
maddie has a youtube channel its called maddie lambert
NBW_Dark 2 日 前
Well i m 17 And my mom is 31 ! She s more like a friend to me than a mom 😂❤
Kristina Ma
Kristina Ma 2 日 前
I'm so shocked that most of them weren't taught about prevention properly.
Nessa 2 日 前
Hope the blondes baby daddy sees this video. You’re a kid but you gotta accept the choice you made. Don’t abandon your daughter. Also lol where are his parents??
Andrea Alvarez Arcila
I love all these girls
Tronci 2 日 前
Maddie is very nature for a 15 year old
Ani Mon
Ani Mon 2 日 前
Sixth grades having sex?!? That’s ridiculous
Sammu bb
Sammu bb 2 日 前
ryanxamp 2 日 前
Do recovering addicts think the same?
Lukas Crakovic
Lukas Crakovic 2 日 前
Blonde girl looks like death
Blooming 2 日 前
Alexnder Turner
Alexnder Turner 2 日 前
3:06 Daammnn when I was 12 I couldn’t even ask a girl for a spare pencil
Addie King
Addie King 3 日 前
It makes me feel better about how mature they are at such a you g age
Ramona Duru
Ramona Duru 3 日 前
Bruhhhhh Maddie is 15?!?! Just like me...and she looks totally older than me... she looks like shes 17..while i look like a 13 year old😂😂
squirrelhan 3 日 前
I like the blonde girl, she spread so much positive vibe, i know her because of another video and she is so nice, i didn't know she is 15 if she didn't say it because how mature she is
Hannah Freedman
Hannah Freedman 3 日 前
I can’t believe I knew Maddie before she was pregnant. She’s changed a lot guys. Bless her heart ❤️
Margaret A.
Margaret A. 3 日 前
Seriously 6 graders doing that thing,i can't even go outside my bedroom 🙄
Astrid Filbert
Astrid Filbert 3 日 前
my school has literally told us about sex and birth control from when we were like, 7. They ain't hiding ANYTHING.
bb dollaz
bb dollaz 3 日 前
5:04 "we've always been the same age" i mean y'all are twins 💀
Marcus O'Brien
Marcus O'Brien 3 日 前
how is that girl 15. looks 18
eminemel E
eminemel E 3 日 前
Will Sanders
Will Sanders 3 日 前
Bunch of HOES, keep your legs close in the first place!!!
spookysanj 3 日 前
i hate people who are like “you can make whatever choices you want but i’m gonna try to make you feel as guilty as possible “
JaneYthera Nganga
All those Life Judges of the 15yr old Why are you taking Panadol for her headache😭 loving the show from +254🇰🇪Kenya 🇰🇪
Zukii •
Zukii • 3 日 前
Boy how they doin this? I’m 14 and still tryna figure out if the fridge light turns off when I close it-
jose hernandez
jose hernandez 3 日 前
Wooooow ...... this is crazy
bradnandez _
bradnandez _ 3 日 前
You should have named the video something different I thought y'all would ask different kind of questions not like questions like is the dad still involved like that's got nothing to do with if they think the same...
Mypeepeeisstuckhelpbysubscribing Help
Do all disappointments think the same
Owen Krahl
Owen Krahl 3 日 前
Remember kids, even if you're at the peak of the moment, wear a condom, or take a birth control pill. Unless there are other circumstances, it's your fault. One night can lead to years of misery.
Mia Simons
Mia Simons 2 日 前
Owen Krahl misery? Nah. I'm a mature teen parent & it isn't misery. How you look at things is how they end up being - remember that
Josalyn 4 日 前
Damn Maddie’s only 15
Unicorn Nerd
Unicorn Nerd 4 日 前
My friends sister had sex during school and we were in middle school
Why did this video make me want to get pregnant what
Asdfghjkl 4 日 前
there’s something interesting about the point that Sex Ed needs to move with the times. 12 y/o are having sex and do need to be educated so things don’t go wrong, on the flip side in my opinion they should not be having sex this young, and teaching it could open a gateway of it being normalised.
Banafsha Nikrawesh
ttv ErlendBekken
Middle ground idea: teen parents vs Christian parentes
Mechanic Surfer
Mechanic Surfer 4 日 前
15 and already had a kid
Lauren MacWhinney
a 4 week old fetus 1) does not have a heart beat 2) cannot survive outside the womb. that girls argument was like, not right omg
Oh its her again the one with blonde hair Saw her in the kids meet a teen mom vid
bigsissy lilbro
bigsissy lilbro 4 日 前
all these girls are so gorgeous
Mary Toure
Mary Toure 5 日 前
I hope they all become good friends. They get along well.
Marry Potter
Marry Potter 5 日 前
Having a baby at 19 and having a baby at 14 is such a huge difference
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