Do All Teen Moms Think the Same? | Spectrum

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Jubilee 2 年 前
Hey all - thanks for watching! Hope you loved it! To participate in future audience polls, follow us on Instagram! instagram.com/jubileemedia/ ALSO, watch more Spectrum episodes here: bit.ly/WatchSpectrumJubilee
Freedom Nation 2021 Five G and more
I must share the most amazing story on You tube. This Transformation journey soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo touch my heart. Ariana Armour- She was a lesbian from the age of 4 then Transformed into a Male.
Miranda XX
Miranda XX 6 ヶ月 前
The baby doesn’t have a heartbeat at fourth weeks so maybe make that clear because it’s blatantly false.
Jesse Hernandez
Jesse Hernandez 7 ヶ月 前
Children of teen moms
LaDonia West
LaDonia West 9 ヶ月 前
Why was it mostly white
Makayla Gubbay
Makayla Gubbay 11 ヶ月 前
there were some false statistics here. In the future, please make disclaimers to correct those.
Δήμητρα Σ.
We all came here for Maddie That girl is sooo iconic
Ariana Rose
Ariana Rose 8 時間 前
19 is not teen
lam michael
lam michael 9 時間 前
Love how these girls saying how conservative their culture is about sex but getting knocked up in their 10s😂
Ellisa00 9 時間 前
I have a curiosity.Why everybody thinks the moment the heart is formed then the fetus can feel something?The brain’s nervous system develops around 8 weeks and the consciousness appears around 24-25 weeks of pregnancy so the fetus can’t feel pain before 8 weeks and is not conscious until way later.What I want to say is that we don’t feel with the heart.The heart just pumps the blood.We feel and love with the brain, although world wide the heart is the symbol of love it doesn’t help us feel emotions or sensations.I don’t say I am contra or pro abortion, I just find it curious how we were “fooled” into thinking that we love and feel things with the heart, when in reality the brain is the organ responsible for that
Debashree Konwar
Debashree Konwar 日 前
It was inspiring to see how these teen moms are so mature and strong, I am 18 and I still feel like a hormonal teenager with frequent mood swings
Ioannis Makridis
Ioannis Makridis 日 前
"Men mature slower than women". 100% disagree here. Every single man i 've ever known wanted to start a family before his thirties whereas every single woman i know, are way past their 34-35+ and still wanna party and not commit. Settling down is the epitome of maturity.
Da Baby
Da Baby 20 時間 前
Because who tf wants to settle down lol old man
Shahd M
Shahd M 日 前
قال تعالى(وَلَا تَقْرَبُوا الزِّنَا إِنَّهُ كَانَ فَاحِشَةً وَسَاءَ سَبِيلًا)
Polar Express 7
Polar Express 7 日 前
There's a huge difference between having a baby at 13 and having a baby at 19
Lorenzo Perez
Lorenzo Perez 日 前
rawr 2 日 前
Bruh that 15 year old girl (blond) I THIIGH SHE WAS LIKE 17!!!
R A 3 日 前
I like chelsea
simply vibing
simply vibing 4 日 前
Chelsea acting like she’s better than everyone else was not it, but the others were so awesome and it was great to hear their stories!
simply vibing
simply vibing 20 時間 前
@Paul Fernandes she seemed to be judging the other moms for not having planned pregnancies and not having their lives together and settled down by 19
Paul Fernandes
Paul Fernandes 3 日 前
How so? What she did?
April Chow-chee
April Chow-chee 5 日 前
I was 24 and graduated college been in a long term relationship and still not ready for a child. I respect these girls so much because being a mom is extremely difficult.
nic 5 日 前
maddie seems like such a bright soulll
Brendan Day
Brendan Day 5 日 前
I coincided baby murder is the right question
Communist Rat
Communist Rat 8 日 前
Wow the babies crying in the back
Izzy 9 日 前
I hope that if they're kids ever feel like a mistake they see this
infal0890 9 日 前
Please do one of these for South Asians/Indians
Penguin Maria
Penguin Maria 10 日 前
I totally agree with Allie Brooke!!!
Natalie Mae Tan U-En
Natalie Mae Tan U-En 12 日 前
ginny and georgia
Lol kalsi
Lol kalsi 14 日 前
I’ve only seen 14 y’os with kids in like movies and stuff. It seems so scary in real life
exthxr_04x 15 日 前
You can tell the blonde girl at the front probably had the hardest time. I felt so bad for her when she was talking about the father
SekkaiRaimu 17 日 前
not lovely peaches in the intro i---
Rachel Fischer
Rachel Fischer 18 日 前
2:18 Chloe 100% yes The “birth control” information that I got from my Christian mother was “Dont do it.” Literally So many times “Just dont do it”
Lexx Staats
Lexx Staats 18 日 前
Do a video on moms that have kids that have had abortions in the past
cool dood
cool dood 19 日 前
I believe in all of this but the fact that men mature slower in women is kinda off putting
Serenity Fenwick
Serenity Fenwick 19 日 前
doesnt baby have heart beat like 6 weeks? like deadass terminated a pregnancy 2.5 weeks ago and literally had a scan at 5 weeks 5 days and no heart beat
T Gauff
T Gauff 19 日 前
Normalizing teens having kids should never be a thing
danei cekaa
danei cekaa 20 日 前
The boring hen extraorally look because cobweb aesthetically inform amidst a bewildered aluminum. mixed, unknown energy
Jo Williams
Jo Williams 20 日 前
Kid of teen parents here! Mother was 17 and dad was 19 when I was born. Upon dad finding out about mom being pregnant he immediately assumed responsibility and both sets of grandparents arranged a shotgun wedding. I was born in the late 80's (and my two brothers two and five years apart). Then, in 1997 my parents divorced...but they later remarried other people (mom married my step-dad in 2004 and dad married a sweet lady in late 2008). These days, I'm closer to dad than mom because dad "gets" me better than mom. It has always been like that: mother and I look almost identical on the outside, but personality wise, I'm 100% my dad to a T.
EnderQuakePlayz 20 日 前
After watching this video I learned something very important relating to this video. I like guns.
rabbitrah 21 日 前
I used to be really close with a teen mom and helped get her a job where we work. We went out to lunch one day and a coworker was there with her teen daughter, and the coworker said "I feel sick knowing I was pregnant when I was my daughter's age." It felt like such an unnecessary thing to say in front of my teen mom friend, even if she was talking about her self :/ Like why?
breanna nutting
breanna nutting 22 日 前
I am in love with Allie, she is so gorgeous and amazingly articulate.
Krish Vyas
Krish Vyas 22 日 前
this video is a lot more wholesome , I thought it will be all misandry
MEE6 23 日 前
i am not a human
Sofia Gonzalez (Shaba)
Sofia Gonzalez (Shaba) 23 日 前
That girl planned her pregnancy but got married in a rush because of it (?)
Sasha Bowman
Sasha Bowman 24 日 前
It's the breeders that are taking over the world Marry them as young as possible ,breed with boys when they are 9 ,the girls around 12.
Ur Senpapi
Ur Senpapi 24 日 前
I relate way too much to the girl in the denim jacket, I'm a Hispanic in a Christian household who got pregnant at 19 while being a student 🥺
H&M Science
H&M Science 24 日 前
wow Maddie does not look 15
Zax 25 日 前
1:42 i mean sometimes those methods can fail tho
Larry Bird
Larry Bird 26 日 前
I hope the guys who got them pregnant we’re supportive
payal Agre
payal Agre 26 日 前
I am sorry but the name Chole reminds me of Chole Ting
James Beck
James Beck 27 日 前
I knew Maddie would change her mind
Nightmare 28 日 前
I saw her in hiho kids
Steve B
Steve B 29 日 前
I was very surprised when 4 of them went to disagree on the birth control education prompt.
not telling
not telling ヶ月 前
I love how every teen mom said that having their baby changed their life for the better. Not ONLY did they agree, but they all strongly agreed. ♥️
guadalupe herrera quan
guadalupe herrera quan ヶ月 前
demin jacket girl is so beautiful omg
Can you do do all Twins think the same? And have all types of twins included like fraternal and identical and boy and girl twins etc.?
Sandithma Basnayake
Sandithma Basnayake ヶ月 前
"Men mature way slower than girls" Those are facts.
Cheetah Gaming
Cheetah Gaming ヶ月 前
It’s not a shot as us men, it’s true. Girls start and end puberty a lot sooner than we do. It’s basic biology
samar🔮 ヶ月 前
William Alger
William Alger ヶ月 前
Teens with money. Who's parents have money. Not many teens can support them self and have a kid. Terrible mix of people.
Red ヶ月 前
7:53 "Men mature way slowerrrr" It got me dead.
Cheetah Gaming
Cheetah Gaming ヶ月 前
It’s biologically true. Women start puberty 1-3 years earlier than men do.
Gleyce Araujo
Gleyce Araujo ヶ月 前
14? 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Ginger Bread
Ginger Bread ヶ月 前
Chelsea is just another example to the crazy latina stereotype
Lollipops ヶ月 前
The baby was totally not planned for the married 19 y/o. I think they were planning on having kids soon, but he was def and accident. Came a little too soon.
Cheetah Gaming
Cheetah Gaming ヶ月 前
@Adriano Castellano Wait, in your culture the purpose of marriage is to make children? In mine it’s to show love for the other person, and to have a deeper bond with them
mthpoetry ヶ月 前
Why do they all look the same?
Sudiksha Sisodiya
Sudiksha Sisodiya ヶ月 前
This is so wholesome. It made me cry 🥺🥺
Oturei Sio
Oturei Sio ヶ月 前
I mean like males fault because he wasn't the one who used protection but I think its the opposite its the females fault because she was the one who allowed that to happen and also is the one responsible for carrying the baby and taking care like the male doesn't have anything to carry he can literally leave and its not his problem anymore lol the problem is on you now well I should at least say its both their faults lol
Oturei Sio
Oturei Sio ヶ月 前
This is pathetic🤣
Monkeyboyzee ヶ月 前
Everyone in the comments saying it's an American thing lol trust me when I say most people in America don't normalize this. In fact it's mostly frowned upon. I feel like it's one of those things that teens want to say their grown up and adults and when they actually are adults they realize they still have a lot to learn
Ana Mimi
Ana Mimi ヶ月 前
In my country your and adult since your 18 years old .
sinhj dbnf
sinhj dbnf ヶ月 前
SuperHappy120 ヶ月 前
Respect to whoever wrote the subtitles, so there not just auto generated
Mike Looby
Mike Looby ヶ月 前
Happy mothers day
girls generation
girls generation ヶ月 前
شكرا على الترجمة
Anna Scanlon-Kimura
Anna Scanlon-Kimura ヶ月 前
The hispanic woman said like 40 times her kid was planned when no one asked...
IlariaNaclerio*:・゚ ヶ月 前
that red head girl i can tell is a amazing mother.
Emma Maliki
Emma Maliki ヶ月 前
Ms cousin She is 16 years old and has a baby
Sarah Ramirez
Sarah Ramirez ヶ月 前
I have to say those babies certainly are adorable
Sam Saad
Sam Saad ヶ月 前
I'm 24 and I can never imagine myself with a kid anytime soon, damn
Emily Valentin
Emily Valentin ヶ月 前
Leviticus 19:28 "Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD." Proverbs 24:29 "Do not say, “I’ll do to them as they have done to me; I’ll pay them back for what they did.” God loves you! Don't use God's name in vain! ~ Exodus 20:7 "“You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain." ESV ~ Exodus 20:7 "“You must not misuse the name of the LORD your God. The LORD will not let you go unpunished if you misuse his name. " NLV ~ Exodus 20:7 ""You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name." NIV (for example: oh my God or: God d*** ) ( try to avoid alternatives like: Oh my gosh or: God d*ng bc God knows what you mean) ................................................................................................................................................... Numbers 6:3 "they must abstain from wine and other fermented drink and must not drink vinegar made from wine or other fermented drink. They must not drink grape juice or eat grapes or raisins." ~ "They must not drink grape juice or eat grapes or raisins." Means don't eat/drink it when it's fermented. Leviticus 18:22 “Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin."
Alicia Fortson
Alicia Fortson ヶ月 前
I was a teen Mom I was 14 when I got pregnant with my son I wouldn't change a thing in the world I wouldn't say everybody should do it but I did mature a lot quicker and even his teachers tell me he does better in school then people who waited till they were in their 30s which is crazy to me because I was always told he wasn't going to be s*** and I wasn't going to be s*** but now I have my own business and he is graduating high school next month so I think I did pretty good for any of you who are a teen mother your life is not 100% over you still can make it if you have a good support system
Idk actually
Idk actually ヶ月 前
I feel bad for their kids
siddharth r
siddharth r ヶ月 前
Okay the last scene with all the babies got a tear in my eye
Black Rose
Black Rose ヶ月 前
“My bother we are twins” “we’ve always been the same age” 😂😂
Black Rose
Black Rose ヶ月 前
Liv Batista
Liv Batista ヶ月 前
Maddie looks so different now
Abigail Entsminger (rosey)
Abigail Entsminger (rosey) ヶ月 前
When I first read the title the thought that came to me was "all moms think differently, their age don't matter"
tanushree Sharma
tanushree Sharma ヶ月 前
I love how jubilee starts off with the most intense questions
Darshani Haldar
Darshani Haldar ヶ月 前
Afia Javed
Afia Javed ヶ月 前
i am so shocked how young they all are and 1 girl is 15 omg !!!! or maybe only in india young kids don't have babies like i've never heard of 1 in india around me'
Neha Ahuja
Neha Ahuja ヶ月 前
So youtube recommended it to me in 2021 BTW Maddie is so strong at such young age, she knows what's best for her baby
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear ヶ月 前
Honestly, I understand that yes these women may have been irresponsible but i truly admire how they chose to keep their babies because that in itself shows how selfless and caring they are to their children even if they didn’t plan of having them in the first place. And it also comes to show how they were willing to become responsible parents to their kid/s. More power to them 👏👏
Suntiera SANDERS
Suntiera SANDERS ヶ月 前
The blond girl is from hiho
Eavan Smith
Eavan Smith ヶ月 前
Fantastic, intelligent, wise young women. Their babies are lucky to have them as mothers irrespective of their age.
Truebawadi ヶ月 前
“I considered an abortion.” The kids when they see their mother stepped to agree. 😟
erina ヶ月 前
zionna ヶ月 前
I've seen her pictures when she was 13. If you blur out her face, you would've thought she was a grown woman.
khaoula tube
khaoula tube ヶ月 前
I love allie
Tanja Horvat
Tanja Horvat ヶ月 前
Very mature young women.
Ching Li
Ching Li ヶ月 前
In a marriage, or in a parent-child relationship, or really in any relationship, unfortunately there is the potential for physical, verbal, mental, emotional and/or sexual abuse, which is never the victim's fault. Sometimes power dynamics can be potentially dangerous: for example, a child being instructed to do something by a parent doing so even when it is harmful for them because it is their parent telling them to (which should not be the case), or a husband or wife being instructed to do something potentially harmful to them even when it is harmful because of being expected to listen to their spouse. If your spouse is over-controlling over you such as by controlling all of your activities and not letting you see people other than them, that is also a form of abusive behavior. You do not need to and should not accept abuse of any kind (which can sometimes be disguised as "love") in any relationship because abuse of any kind is always wrong and you deserve respect. If you are a parent and someone else (such as your spouse) abuses your child and it comes to your attention, please do not do nothing about it, because by doing nothing about it you are enabling the abuse to potentially continue and allowing your child to potentially to continue to be harmed, and because the abuse may have already had an impact on a child, and your child is worth more and does not deserve to be harmed. Unfortunately is also the potential for physical and/or emotional neglect (which is also a form of mistreatment) of a child in a parent-child relationship which is also not right. You can also report such behavior to the authorities. If your spouse commits adultery against you you can also divorce or separate because adultery shows a lack of loyalty in the marriage. So you do not need to accept mistreatment of any kind in any relationship which can sometimes escalate sometimes even potentially gradually leading to death If something doesn't feel right in a relationship, maybe it isn't right.
Jessica B
Jessica B ヶ月 前
The blonde looks like Dove Cameron.
Sarika Ali 1055
Sarika Ali 1055 ヶ月 前
I watch Ellie Brook and her baby Cartia's vlogs.
Sarika Ali 1055
Sarika Ali 1055 ヶ月 前
That girl who planned her pregnancy, her concepts are messed up.
maggie ヶ月 前
whos here after maddies video:)
hello 111.I
hello 111.I ヶ月 前
i couldn’t stand that first question ugh i knew i shouldn’t have watched this
mother Coyote
mother Coyote ヶ月 前
Zykerriah Fleetwood
Zykerriah Fleetwood ヶ月 前
lgbtq people
Amy K
Amy K ヶ月 前
Who else is here from Maddie's new video? 😭
Amy K
Amy K ヶ月 前
Can't believe this was posted two years ago (exactly!) 💕
Sarah Vilmer
Sarah Vilmer ヶ月 前
Support pregnant teens Don’t support teens getting pregnant 💕
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