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Painting your home? Hold on, there are some steps you may not realize can make or break your project. That's right, there's a lot the "pros" aren't telling you out there. Well Jeff is here to share his secrets on getting the best result possible. Now be warned, this may be more work than you expected, but this is how the pros do it! These extra steps are WELL WORTH IT! So that being said, here is "How to Paint Like a Pro".
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Home RenoVision DIY
Home RenoVision DIY 5 ヶ月 前
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HS The Lawn Care Kid
HS The Lawn Care Kid 23 時間 前
Michael Galle
Michael Galle 9 日 前
But but but Jeff ! I like to practice cutting in around my plastics 🙄 😄JK !
nelligan1531 12 日 前
Have you found the hidden tool in the handle of the 5 in one? Yours looks like the one I've owned for years. Have a look!
Hocine Tedjini
Hocine Tedjini ヶ月 前
Hello can I paint the interior and exterior house with same color, I painted the interior with Swiss coffee can I use the same color for exterior, is it possible ?
cedonullidude ヶ月 前
If never seen or heard of the first coat being sanded before applying the second coat. Is that a Canadian thing or have I just been around those who are ok with doing a rough job?
andrew 2 時間 前
"Paint only puts lipstick on the pig, and if you don't wanna be painting a pig, fix the wall."
Patricia mckinney
Patricia mckinney 8 時間 前
Funny as I was watching the beginning of him using the roller I cought myself moving my phone along with him - I guess I didn't do a to bad of job?
Shaf Yus
Shaf Yus 12 時間 前
I searched for 501 tool but couldn't find it. Where to get that tool?
Lana Svirezheva
Lana Svirezheva 15 時間 前
I'm going to try out the cutting technique in my paintings :) Your video was so fun to watch, thank you for your great attitude and way of explaining!
Ian Leong
Ian Leong 19 時間 前
what is the suitable powder (or whatever you call it) to patch back the wall after I have embed a PVC hose in the wall? TQVM.
HS The Lawn Care Kid
HS The Lawn Care Kid 23 時間 前
You’re stupid
T B 日 前
Thank you for posting this video. I’ve watched too many “Pro Painter” videos and leave out some important details and tips you touched upon. Great job sir, cheers!
Boostive 日 前
Raymond Li
Raymond Li 日 前
hi Jeff, great vids! so after sanding don't you have to wipe the walls with dry cloth because of the dust or particles that may get stuck on the wall ?
Susan Mandeville
Do you have a video about how to clean the rollers and brushes??
Random Videos
This comment is for all ya'll mahfakas who are saying this is NOT how pros do it, the technique sucks, and touse readymade patch mud and what not. Lets see your videos on your "professional" tips, OR else stfu kindly and respectfully with your subpar work. :) It's easy to be a keyboard warrior.
Wayne Taylor
Wayne Taylor 2 日 前
what if the wall has a texture?
Badass Uchiha
Badass Uchiha 2 日 前
Are you making Pizza Dough lol just kidding
Monique Michele
Monique Michele 2 日 前
Thanks so much! I am a DIYer, loooove your work. I have learned so much! ❤💕
Ivan S.
Ivan S. 2 日 前
I use an even wider roller, like foot and a half or two foot, you can rip through walls even faster.
NimbleBeard 2 日 前
Did I miss the sanding between coats or did he just not show it?
Zte Axon 7
Zte Axon 7 2 日 前
Bob Ross of home improvement.
AKay 2 日 前
Or u can put tape below the baseboard and paint it fast
Sadjad Moqadam
Sadjad Moqadam 2 日 前
This guy is in love with his job
yetsatch 3 日 前
Jeff is the Gordon Ramsey of construction guys.
vlogsurfer 3 日 前
I can't believe I just watch all 40 minutes, and it wasn't like watching paint dry. I really learned a lot. Thank you so much for putting this out there!!
aleksey Smirnov
aleksey Smirnov 3 日 前
Litteraly the best videos out there , serioulsy ! thanks a lot , i legit watched most of your videos when i needed tips on my home renos.
Thanks find the very good
Ridha Alshamari
Ridha Alshamari 3 日 前
Me playing one of your videos: I will watch for five minutes. Me 40 minutes later: Good, now I will read the comments!! Lol. Excellent work, sir, thank you.
Dan Lynch
Dan Lynch 4 日 前
two things : when you cut , don't scrape your paint off on the edge of the pail, if you do ,the further you go the more the line of paint will creep up toward the ferral causing the bristles to not only separate which makes it harder to cut cleanly, but harder to wash clean .Instead gently pat thesides against the inside of the can which presses it in so it doesn't drip but gives you even more paint to work with than scraping it off. Secondly , when you roll , start mid wall and ALWAYS push up first . This negates the possibility of an overfilled roller or use of a thinner product dripping onto the floor or the roll(cage) catching and causing a squeegey effect shoving paint onto the floor . Full time painter here for the last 35 yrs also unior apprentice instructor
Random Videos
So not scrape the brush in the can line Jeff did?
Why Why Why Why Joe 'Groper' Biden
I already got exhausted just by watching this. I hate painting, but love to watch others do it.
Public Private Investigator
Lol so you are an Ottawa boy huh - had no idea! Shoutouts from Byward Mkt
Collin Kloster
Collin Kloster 4 日 前
“You don’t want to drag any dirt through your mud”. I think the funniest stuff he says is completely unintentional😂
Lindy Carter
Lindy Carter 4 日 前
Morgan 4 日 前
this dude a idiot i been painting for 30 years and run a painting business!! 99% of the time its 2 coats and some colors you need more such as reds over whites etc etc utube idiots on here think there PROs
grantai1 5 日 前
If there are years of paint build up is it necessary to scrape it all off first or is there a shortcut to save from all that extra work?
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 6 日 前
I spent 3 years painting my living room alone. I made sure ever speckle of paint was exactly uniform to the one next to it... I did this to every square inch of the wall. I then did the same with my baseboards, I used a single brush hair to paint a perfect line where it met the wall. It took about 1 year just to cut in, then 2 years to paint. (Hint guys: make your excuses believable so your wife wont nagg about uncompleted projects, I now have 3 years to paint our bedroom👍)
T. Myers
T. Myers 6 日 前
This was awesome! Thank you for sharing!! 🙂 Love the crown molding comment LOL
Andreea Dumitrescu
Loved this tutorial, hubby & I learned so much from watching it just before starting to decorate our bedroom - had bought 4 rolls of masking tape in advance, but used none of it due to your cutting in technique, so we need to return it now 😍
Home RenoVision DIY
Great job!
MistyJoMay 6 日 前
Why do I watch this video like once a week?
Himanshu Pandya
Himanshu Pandya 7 日 前
Time spent watching this will save me so much time when I paint. This was awesome! Keep up the great work.
MLA Products
MLA Products 7 日 前
Anyone else hear him say he gives a shit at 12:12?
Madhurima Chatterjee
You are a wonderful teacher.
Kris Waygood
Kris Waygood 8 日 前
I've been doing reno work for nearly 20 years, didn't think I'd find anything of interest in this video... damn... knocking the extension pole against the cage instead of wrapping the sleeve in a bag and pulling.. who would have thought of it... definitely subscribing
dale r
dale r 8 日 前
My biggest pet peeve is when people paint over an outlet cover.
Eyedeas Never Die
This guy is the only dude Ron Swanson would look up to. Absolute hero!
Chris Sanchez
Chris Sanchez 8 日 前
This guy looks like the type that'll yellvst you in front of customers.
Lady E
Lady E 8 日 前
You’re so good ! Thanks for all the wonderful tips how to do the easy way.
Tracie Claiborne
This is the best video about painting that I have ever seen. I’m about to tackle a big painting job and this was exactly the information that I needed. I probably will still tape my baseboards because I am a perfectionist and I know my limitations but everything else I’m going to do it exactly like you did and I’m going to watch this about 10 more times before I start. I especially needed the information about spackling and about how to make the corners straight and clean again. My house is 25 years old and the corners have been messed up since we built the house. Our painters were horrible people that ripped us off and they did not do you a good job like you do. I’m about to fix their mistakes. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.
Dol l
Dol l 9 日 前
I K 10 日 前
What a great video. Thank you!
Hey great tips! Thanks! Question, when you sanded, is that wall textured or smooth? My walls are textured but a flat texture. Can/Should I still sand them?
Domenic Localzo
Domenic Localzo 10 日 前
We must have had the same teacher. A+👍
U Know
U Know 10 日 前
Really good video just sent that to my son hard to tell him how to do things properly 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻 I’m letting him paint my house
Akshat Chagarlamudi
2020 bob ross
Jim Bowden
Jim Bowden 10 日 前
Awesome instructions, I'll be giving this a shot and bumble my way through this.
mytube 10 日 前
dude i love your vids, i dont even have to paint, but i'm watching just because
Macro Teci
Macro Teci 10 日 前
What sand grit do I use?
The Social Dancers
I'm watching this after painting a dark accent wall in my apartment. As you mention - all the patching I did can be seeing under certain lighting. Do you think a third coat of paint will help cover it? (I didn't prime it unfortunately)
Gédéon Bouchard-Plante
Guys, he is Bob Ross
Anthony 10 日 前
Buy a mud pan.
Pine Mash
Pine Mash 11 日 前
Nice work - UK Decorator
Home RenoVision DIY
Thank you very much!
Ligeiaz Tomb
Ligeiaz Tomb 11 日 前
Thank you for this. In lock down. Repainting the whole house. Lol Why not? It makes it fee clean, new, and refreshed.
ld2102011 11 日 前
Your videos are fabulous! SO much detail and info. I’ve learned a whole lot in your videos, so worth the time to watch! You are a great teacher ;)
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