Disney Music - Lava (Official Lyric Video from "Lava")

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Sheet Music: bit.ly/1QykYOa
Music video by Kuana Torres Kahele, Napua Greig, James Ford Murphy performing Lava. (C) 2015 Walt Disney Records
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Christopher Acosta Simon
The best thing about this is that it was launched in my birthday, when I made it to 8 years now im 13
Christopher Acosta Simon
My mind say no to crying, but I I say yes to crying You know what I mean it was for the joke
Christopher Acosta Simon
Why are there dislikes that makes no sense why are humans stupid by putting dislikes on a video that is really good that makes no sense
Christopher Acosta Simon
What if I told you this is a real thing
dapper patto
dapper patto 44 分 前
tripped on a rock and landed here in the comment`s section.
Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson 時間 前
I love this song like if you do to
okay. 2 時間 前
don’t try telling me the volcanos don’t look like ed and rose from 90 day fiancé.
Dodge Ginrolf Denden
I'm glad that I'm not alone
Marni Lewis
Marni Lewis 2 時間 前
Who’s playing the guitar 🎸?
chaos kelvin
chaos kelvin 2 時間 前
Crÿštãl Cøøkîē ÒwÓ
This made me tear up.
Salt Yt
Salt Yt 6 時間 前
I remember watching inside out when it came out and this song was an ad
Salt Yt
Salt Yt 6 時間 前
I wish I had someone to
Kamryn Day
Kamryn Day 6 時間 前
It's not sad at all why are you all crying
Kamryn Day
Kamryn Day 6 時間 前
I have listened to this song a million times and not once have I cryed
Rowena Dumay
Rowena Dumay 10 時間 前
Very beautiful places and the. The song is very cute
rollington tv
rollington tv 10 時間 前
Island ang sarap manirahan sa lugar na ganyan tahimik at walang distorbo
Laarnie Labordo vlog
Laarnie Labordo vlog 10 時間 前
Watching your vedio i was antonish how beautiful nature is
Andrew C
Andrew C 11 時間 前
welkies vlog
welkies vlog 11 時間 前
wow this is really a nice view. the music is amazing and relaxing. i like it. God bless
JeCanz101 Tambayan
JeCanz101 Tambayan 11 時間 前
good sound to hear...very refreshing.
Milena Srbova
Milena Srbova 13 時間 前
great boio
great boio 14 時間 前
started playing this song by accident on my ukulele and my friend sent me here and asked if I had seen this before. and then I was crying over two volcanoes while sat next to my confused friend while playing along :/
EnteiFire4 14 時間 前
When the volcano is excited, do you think he has a thunderous eruption?
J c
J c 15 時間 前
She's not interested in me but someday my dream will come true💖
Isaiah Crowder
Isaiah Crowder 17 時間 前
I remember watching this 4 years ago w my BEST friend in music class the good times☹️
בולי מון
בולי מון 18 時間 前
dude this played in le cinema before the moana came and this was the best short movie getting u ready for the actual movie I have ever seen and I started crying I am actually crying my eyes out
Rosli Ahmad
Rosli Ahmad 19 時間 前
My family: why are you crying super loud? Me:because people need love and volcano also needs love so everything needs love I will sing this at school acturaly
IceCookieBEAR _XD
IceCookieBEAR _XD 19 時間 前
i lava me
Cao Thảo Nguyên
Cao Thảo Nguyên 20 時間 前
This song motivates me to love nature and love my working space
frosty4289 22 時間 前
Watching this before Inside Out was an emotional rollercoaster.
flareblaze 29
flareblaze 29 22 時間 前
Oh look it's big ed and rose
Suganyalakshmi Iyyappan
I want to lava
cloud nine
cloud nine 23 時間 前
ed and rose
ava vyanka
ava vyanka 23 時間 前
we have most comments like 72,345 the girl was pretty 2:27 I liked that me: ~hears lava song~ lava: ~sings so bright and nice~ me: ~trys to sing like them and record~ me: realized my voice is a goat me: 0-0
Ling Zhou
Ling Zhou 日 前
Even volcano finds his love, however, i am still single 😪😭😭
Sahara Benioni
This s soo nice.
Beatrice BenbowEst2004
Back in the 1600's, there was a little girl, who was a Native American Girl. Her name was Pocahontas. She was born of Chief Powhatan, and all the other Native Americans. One day in 1607, The England people settled their own home, and named their land Jamestown. Then there came John Smith, he was part of the team, but he wished to Marry Pocahontas someday. But, at night, the natives took Mr. Smith and captured him, the team called the natives, they called them, Savages, thought they couldn’t be, trusted. When Pocahontas tried to save him, she did, then one of the people in John Smith’s team, tried to shoot her. One day later, Pocahontas and Mr. Smith, were finally married, but then Pocahontas died 10 years later. When I hear this song, i think about Pocahontas and John Smith. But they didn't live near a volcano, but they lived near the 13 colonies.
Here and Genderqueer.
That is not the true story. John Smith did know her when she was little but there was no evidence he wanted her. He was never threatened by the Natives and in fact they were originally welcomed. Then John Smith left and decided write about the Colony. He embellished many parts of it, most debated is if he was actually threatened by the tribe, another one includes ageing up Makota(Pocahontas was Powhatan for mischievous one). Makota was married of To John Rofle and paraded around as a throphy to encourage men to settle the Americas by promising them beautiful native wives. www.smithsonianmag.com/history/true-story-pocahontas-180962649/
Romadoni Fuji
Sweet, im crying
Kingston Ramirez
I’m crying it’s so beautiful 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Alice Kyker
Alice Kyker 日 前
so cute
I lava you
Nam Nguyen
Nam Nguyen 日 前
this is 90 fiance ed and rose
Savannah Pieller
This is so emotional for me!
Xmrs Kitty's
Xmrs Kitty's 日 前
OK so this might be super dumb but doesn’t he look like no neck Ed with his girlfriend Just saying
olu atoki
olu atoki 日 前
I love this song. 😉😉😉😉🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩🤩🤪🙄🤪🤪😚😚😋
Henry Velazquez
Mary ann i lava u
The original 3d animation of this is deleted everywhere in the internet
Satoshi-kun 日 前
I, Volcano Island have a dream.
Big ed and Rose
Asma Izz
Asma Izz 日 前
wooooooooow what a good singer.
I can’t believe I cried cuz of 2 rocks/volcanos can’t find themselves LAVA!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
aditya azad
aditya azad 日 前
My daughter love this and she has also made her own video on this - jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-eXGjVCiUsOo.html
demaz akira
demaz akira 日 前
Quarantine favorite video
Isabel LEWIS
Isabel LEWIS 日 前
big ed and rose look a lil different here...
일타 日 前
한국인없나... 올레티비 영화카테고리에서 보고 계속 들으러 오는데 아무도 없네
Trisha Sheshadri
Thirdy Gaming
Ed no neck only filipino can understand maybe not all
xk3r151x 日 前
Crying because of Ed and Rose
꧁Toxic꧂ 日 前
Ed and Rose looking a little different here
Aneta Karasek
kristini 日 前
This song hits different at 3 AM
Nujac Ordep
Nujac Ordep 日 前
Bid Ed and rose 😳
Alex Williams
A volcano can fall in love but I'm still as single as a Pringle wait have the Pringles found love yet?!?!
Alex Williams
Damn I am crying over a volcano!
Genesis Andrade
I almost cried after this song btw I'm still single waaaa
Jae Cookie Jello Jelly
*”Volcanoes have feelings and love too”*
Me: *sitting in quarantine watching all the Disney shorts again* Also Me: *Crying over the process of plate-shifting, hotspots, and the fact that it takes hundreds of years for these two to actually get together* I feel as if more than half the comment section is with me.
Eric Morales
Eric Morales 日 前
I can’t
Gecko Gamer
Gecko Gamer 日 前
My teacher had the class watch this and everyone liked it I was in gt
Kaela Kriete
Kaela Kriete 日 前
Mom: so what have you been doing during quarantine Me: crying over 2 volcanos Mom: ...
Agnes 2 日 前
Not gonna lie, they look like Big Ed and Rose from 90 Days Fiance
Iceskater 2 日 前
My science teachr put this because we were learning about volcanons lol
Crombide 2 日 前
The Volcanoes look like Big Ed and Rose
Ski Lift Sniper YT-Skiing
Quarantine bReAk uP ahhahahaahhahahaha........ Yea.. my ex broke up with me... without even telling me that she was basically cheating on me.. it’s tuff ik. And just to top it off, I’m gay and that was my first girlfriend. :,) quarantine life amirite
Verizon Wehrley
Verizon Wehrley 2 日 前
Love it
Meowsi 2 日 前
When this is your music assignment during quarantine
Julie Lohman
Julie Lohman 2 日 前
me: WiLl SeNd Me SoMeOnE tOo LaVa
Xiaochun Yu
Xiaochun Yu 2 日 前
If Big Ed and Rose were volcanoes:
ThickyNicky 2 日 前
i love this but they look like big ed and rose-
Johnny Dye
Johnny Dye 2 日 前
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