Deadpool and Korg React

Ryan Reynolds
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Two members of the MCJPvid react to the upcoming film featuring Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi.

Free Guy. In theaters now and definitely NOT streaming. bit.ly/FreeGuyTix









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32_ Balaji
32_ Balaji 時間 前
Korg finally met noobmaster 69 😂😂😂😂😂
rr .
rr . 12 時間 前
I’m gonna ask a really corny question… is this canon?
J.A.M 15 時間 前
….and the Characters actually mention Taika… 🤦‍♂️ REACHING ! ! !
guy who focks
guy who focks 20 時間 前
Ryan Reynolds is deadpool
Pratik Vyas
Pratik Vyas 22 時間 前
OMG jus kill me Now!! XD XD
David Aini
David Aini 日 前
Hear me Out Imagine . Spider-Man,Deadpool, Thor, Star- lord, and Rocket Racoon in the Same room Shut up and Take my Money!!!!!
Marc Keegan
Marc Keegan 2 日 前
Long love deadpool that in self is ironic
maggiemea 2 日 前
“Oh my God just kill me now” lmao!!!
HassOle 2 日 前
Free guy is Live Action Lego Movie crossed with Grandma’s Boy.
Dac Cimon
Dac Cimon 2 日 前
“Canadian Cumberbatch” 👌
Ted M
Ted M 2 日 前
Reynolds still looks amazing.
SA Mehdi
SA Mehdi 2 日 前
What is the BG song that is being played at 2:37 please anyone..i wana listen to the full song
Jesse Kope
Jesse Kope 2 日 前
ally is trying
ally is trying 2 日 前
IceFalken Ace
IceFalken Ace 3 日 前
We need a symbiot bonded with Deadpool! The symbiot could feed off him but since he regenerates....
David Aini
David Aini 日 前
You said it
Mrfoo2002 3 日 前
“Where are the f*cking dogs” 😂
Đạt Falcon
Đạt Falcon 3 日 前
When deadpool have all super hero mcu power and abilities even infinity gaunlet 🐧
Infinity Phantom
It would be cool if he Did a Deadpool ringtone
Celso Loterina
Celso Loterina 3 日 前
Zip it thanos
Yoloswagpro Bro
Yoloswagpro Bro 3 日 前
I love how dp hates korg
The Jurassic Squad
Ryan if deadpool 3 doesn’t open with a come and get your love sequence,you will have a very disappointed fan on your hands
xluma 3 日 前
3:32 just realized he’s talking about the fact that doctor strange acknowledges his universe’s existence
Human #97888231
Human #97888231 4 日 前
it looks like it sucks mr pool
Ann Aleena Tom
Ann Aleena Tom 4 日 前
3:52 Deadpool: "Any uhh... any uhh tips on getting into the MCU there Korg? Korg: "Uhhh... Have a dream. Uh... Chase it. Lose that dream. Just sabotage all sorts of happiness, in pursuit of that dream. Climb up to the peaks of that mountain and when you get to the top, land at the bottom and realize your're never gonna achieve that dream. And at that point, check your emails, maybe you'll get something from your agent saying, 'Marvel wants to talk." Deadpool: "Yeah, I preferred dark world"
Alceratops 4 日 前
This crossover: exists Depression has officially decreased by 69%
GIC Immigration
GIC Immigration 4 日 前
Did they just advertise 4 movies in one?
GIC Immigration
GIC Immigration 2 日 前
@Andrew Grabowski let's not forget cruella
Andrew Grabowski
Thor 4, Deadpool 3, maybe Deadpool 2 with a reference in there and then there’s Free Guy of course. Is that what you meant? 😅
Talha Moiz
Talha Moiz 4 日 前
Korg saying "we call that bridging" does makes a lot of sense after watching the movie.
Hazem Jraidi
Hazem Jraidi 4 日 前
This made my day...
Zay 6991
Zay 6991 4 日 前
Korg recruits Deadpool into The Avengers
Yung Twoui
Yung Twoui 5 日 前
Ryan Reynolds is just me
Qais 5 日 前
Deadpool: "That's Taika Waititi" Korg: "He seems quite nice actually" *Obama giving himself a medal*
Eldiego 5 日 前
Qais 5 日 前
it would be great seeing these to characters in an actual movie together
Vitoria Souza
Vitoria Souza 5 日 前
confirmed, dead pool on MCU
Josh Foster
Josh Foster 6 日 前
Dammit if your not the voice of thumper in THE Thumper movie it better be Seth Rogan with you as bambi
Josh Foster
Josh Foster 6 日 前
griff 6 日 前
Does this mean the X-Men movies are mcu too?
dan hopkinson
dan hopkinson 6 日 前
theres going to be another deadpool end credits scene where he shoots himself for this like green lantern
Kristupas jm
Kristupas jm 6 日 前
Dimitri Isov
Dimitri Isov 7 日 前
Does anyone know what he meant by "last days at fox fire sale" my immediate guess is that he's implying fox is going out of business so they have to sell off al the screenplays they have the rights to but don't want to make.
Andrew Grabowski
… Fox got bought out by Disney like 2-3 years ago. That’s the only way they were able to do this. 😅
UwU 7 日 前
Awp Evolve
Awp Evolve 7 日 前
Black knight1000
nobody prefers darkworld
Takius 8 日 前
This is some crazy first appearance, the multiverse is really going mad
scott dempsey
scott dempsey 8 日 前
How will Deadpool work in the MCU? I’d personally keep the jokes, can’t take our humour, it’s a huge part of his character but maybe cut out the 4th wall breaking and do a more serious take on him. Only way I can see it working.
Hanada Miachi
Hanada Miachi 8 日 前
so Deadpool mentions Benedict Cumberbatch, does that mean Doctor Strange is gonna be in Deadpool 3?
Dan Draper
Dan Draper 8 日 前
WHere is the PATREON!???
Edward hill
Edward hill 8 日 前
Pls I need more it's hilarious
Will Treaty
Will Treaty 8 日 前
Sooo the Truman show 2?
Andrew Grabowski
I thought I was the only one who saw the comparison to The Truman Show! 😭
Saya Sampah Masyarakat
is deadpool a noobmaster?
Sophet Chen
Sophet Chen 9 日 前
Free guy is unoriginal. Free guy is a lego movie rip off. Almost beat for beat the same movie
CHIN CHIN 10 日 前
Danny Theerman
Danny Theerman 10 日 前
Louie Jalimbawa
Louie Jalimbawa 10 日 前
Please sir pool, do spider-man no way home with daredevil. That would be funny cause he's blind and a lawyer so you can tell him that you should be in that movie too in legal forms. Hahaha
cordelia carstairs
So Free Guy is basically Wreck-It-Ralph?
Phoenix Lasas
Phoenix Lasas 10 日 前
I realized he plays 2 characters that are named guy
lille plutt
lille plutt 10 日 前
If we are lucky, Deadpool might be in Spiderman: No way home, probably only a cameo but Still, it would be a great way of getting him in the MCU :)
Smile 10 日 前
So this is why Korg is with deadpool, deadpool 3 will be in MCU now
Vanity Error
Vanity Error 11 日 前
I just want to see deadpool and spiderman in the same room
Grace Lynn
Grace Lynn 11 日 前
I was raised by avocados
June 11 日 前
why does korg say "thanks for having me pool, sorry, you're dead"? is deadpool dead since the last deadpool movie or smth?
PogChamp 11 日 前
Yeah I couldn’t find his cruella reaction video
Saumill Saxena
Saumill Saxena 10 日 前
Its on his channel jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-dQw4w9WgXcQ.html
kaSper1G 11 日 前
Colton Lasater
Colton Lasater 11 日 前
Holy shit this is actually Ryan Reynolds
Chasen Grieshop
Chasen Grieshop 11 日 前
I'm so glad Fox gave you the super suit. You've used it well.
Chasen Grieshop
Chasen Grieshop 11 日 前
SNL already made the live action Thumper with Don Johnson as Bambi - and yes - nobody was waiting for it. It can't be unseen.
Bibhuti 12 日 前
Daylemur 12 日 前
Sup Ryan your an awesome actor and I want to watch dead pool but I'm not allowed. :( because my mum says it's to scary your only ten but that bitch doesn't no that I've seen South Park and Jurassic world and that's dead pool combined blood losing limbs and R rated jokes
MrOldPal 12 日 前
Is this canon?
Ben Bergin
Ben Bergin 13 日 前
Guy and Antwan
merin. 13 日 前
NANDINI M D 13 日 前
Just watched dis movie.it was dope
MyNameLev2 13 日 前
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TV4ME 13 日 前
The Trueman show remake? Sigh
level or cgi for corg is much better than most of the movies
Yhprum Law
Yhprum Law 14 日 前
Forget Tony Robbins! Let Korg help you, achieve your dream! Hurry, webinar starts soon. 00:05
Erick 14 日 前
I really wanted to give another like to this
Matt 14 日 前
Chimichangas in the bucket, feel free to log into the WiFi. The password is XForce, of course
a 14 日 前
Man drax killed this scene. Standing completely still behind Deadpool that none of us could see him lol
KoalazDank 14 日 前
Plot twist: free guy is just Steve from Minecraft but live action.
Will 14 日 前
Taika waititi should be the director for MCU deadpool.. him and reynolds have the same level of humor
Yan Kean
Yan Kean 15 日 前
Sheesh what a cross over
Alucard Moon
Alucard Moon 15 日 前
Korg you handsome devil
we really got tricked into watching a trailer...
Iam 15 日 前
More of deadpool reaction
G.Veloso 15 日 前
no one
no one 15 日 前
Can't wait to pirate this movie! Edit:I mean *legimatly* watch this movie in a *legit* site for free because it was played by the information they sucked from my device and the adds that pop up every 2 seconds.
Ron1n 16 日 前
Enternamehere 16 日 前
what an interesting way to introduce dp to the mcu
Vibhor Jain
Vibhor Jain 16 日 前
What's fridging😂😂😂
Euneile 16 日 前
This just shows that he will be in the mcu and maybe just maybe DP is noobmaster69
ALEX 17 日 前
and for things like this is that deadpool prefers comics than movies or animated series. If you like my comment, like comment number 5, if you don't like my comment, like comment number 7.
Kcid Master
Kcid Master 17 日 前
Lol... Deadpool reacts ahhh... I love you dude and ah this is crazy... I wonder if you/he knows that the actor that plays Guy is the same guy who plays Deadpool
This is one of endings that docter strange see
All Truth
All Truth 17 日 前
azlinawati 17 日 前
pls *deadpool 3* 🤓🤓😎😎
Zena  Arja
Zena Arja 17 日 前
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