Dave Chappelle "Comic Strip Live, NYC" (2/27/09) AUDIO RESTORED

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Dave Chappelle "Comic Strip Live, NYC" (2/27/09) AUDIO RESTORED
I wanted to check out this epic four hour set by Dave Chappelle but the buzzy noise audio was unbearable. I decided to do some restoration for my own personal listening. It worked out well so I thought I would share it. Lots of great content over at the Comic Strip Live JPvid page. Subscribe to them today! jpvid.net/show-UCRsQHaNg8-rwEhBlZuOoPTw
original video: jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-b1myaagyYyU.html
NOTE: This video has been reposted multiple times before my post. If anyone affiliated wants this taken down I'd be happy to. This version has restored audio to improve the viewing experience. Obviously not trying to profit or of other peoples work. Just sharing my own effort to make this more enjoyable. Thanks for the original post.
0:00 American Media & Eliot Spitzer
9:54 Facade of Marriage & Conspiracies & Time Zones
18:51 The Age of Spin & Traveling Experiences
31:02 America & Male Rape
44:10 Sushi & 19 Year-Olds
51:30 Lenny Bruce, Joaquin Phoenix, & Mel Gibson
1:00:00 Sign Language & One More Cigarette
1:06:21 Love & Maya Angelou
1:12:36 Money & Rosie O'Donnell's Dick Hole
1:19:07 Naked Dave, Dave's Comeback, Dave Gets a Coca-Cola
1:26:16 Premature Applause
1:28:05 Being 19 (Reprise), The '80s, & Comedians
1:39:58 Strip Clubs & English
1:51:12 Celebrity Status & Kanagroos
1:57:57 More America & A Gift For Dave
2:09:20 Dave's 20th Birthday & Military & Sushi
2:21:50 Smoking & Other Comedians
2:29:55 Countries & Black History
2:40:28 Dave's Wife & The Moon
2:45:48 Dave's Phone Contacts & Autographs
2:57:50 Crowd Work
3:08:00 Red Dawn & Panama
3:16:52 Beginning of the End & Dave's Ohio Farm
3:27:33 The Aussie & Wrapping Up






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The Hammer And Tickle
Well Dave if you are happy to raise taxes as long as it's going to health care give all your money away... Not mine. I pay for MY healthcare. Garbage 32:40
Peter Batman
Peter Batman 3 時間 前
Dave is the real king of all stand up comedians that ever existed. He killed them all George Carlin, Richard Pryor,Eddie Murphy. No other comic can stand a chance against him. He is on some next level shit we cannot even begin to understand. He can literally just talk for 3+ HOURS and people will stay to listen to him. This is the goat of stand up comedy. He fucking ruins comedy for anyone who tries to follow him. IMO comedy will die when he dies this is the greatest stand up comedian that ever lived. If I could tell any celebrity that he is the greatest of all time I would pick Dave Chappelle. Long live Chappelle.
Matthew Thaxton
Matthew Thaxton 4 時間 前
chappelle keeps saying hes bombing, maybe by his standards but hes still funnier than most comics best shows 😂
Jamie Barraclough
Jamie Barraclough 5 時間 前
Gotta love future president Chapelle
Ross FromFriends
Ross FromFriends 9 時間 前
“America’s gonna be great again, you’ll all see” goddammit Dave
W. Holt Gordon Jr.
W. Holt Gordon Jr. 15 時間 前
Dude he is straight up just talking “off the cuff”. Love it when he smacks the mic on his knee and stumbles off the stool
Go CPNG 17 時間 前
M Sync
Adam Butt
Adam Butt 20 時間 前
I have watched this six times at every possible playback speed
vmnctugalife 日 前
This is called Jordan type of level shit!
ClaudiaGundi 日 前
That’s so sad. He speaks about how this awful system REALLY works and nobody know what he actually means... And how serious it is 🤯 Hope there will be more AWAKEN ppl with time. 🤞🏼
Joey Swanson
Joey Swanson 日 前
This set is so amazing. It allows you to enter his genius mind. I watch this when i need inspiration.
Jose Harwell
Jose Harwell 日 前
I'm glad he didn't get killed for this vid
Jose Harwell
Jose Harwell 日 前
His mom is mastered in Africa social studies
Jose Harwell
Jose Harwell 日 前
These people don't know how luckily they are
Donny 2 日 前
That guy in the audience that said tell us the story. It's like an audience of fascinated children listening to a captivating storyteller
Justin Hassan
Justin Hassan 2 日 前
He said America’s going to be great again, you’ll all see 👀
Justin Hassan
Justin Hassan 2 日 前
Is this whole crowd high lol
Bon Sav
Bon Sav 2 日 前
1h32mins Bomb Story
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee 2 日 前
31:16 : “it’s gonna be great. America’s gonna be great again, you’ll all see....”. PROPHECY from 09.
Aidan Jordan
Aidan Jordan 2 日 前
Dave says "three years from now I'll be a has been" little did he know a decade later he'd win the Mark Twain prize and get his 60 mil from Netflix.
Jason Allen
Jason Allen 2 日 前
Sushi fish is flown in to NY too depending on the fish and I've had sushi in NY, some is good some is garbage just like anywhere else. People from the East Coast always think everything is better there but the truth is it's just more expensive.
Jason Allen
Jason Allen 2 日 前
@Deanna Szuter What are you talking about? Sushi has been popular for years. I used to work at a sushi place in Indianapolis, it opened in 1997. I worked there for a decade. The fish that we got was flown in from all over the world but like I said, NY has a lot of fish flown in too, probably from the same sources. Just because a place is near water doesn't mean every type of fish is in those waters. And most sushi fish is frozen in the first place. If you're going to a place like Nobu or something I'm sure the sushi is better but that's because of the chefs and Nobu is going to cost a hell of a lot more than your average sushi place anywhere. I went to NY in 1998 and made it a point to eat as much sushi as I could to compare it to the restaurant I worked at, like I said some sushi in NY was great, some was bad just like anywhere else.
Deanna Szuter
Deanna Szuter 2 日 前
In 09 there weren't as many people into Sushi. Because of that, you were likely not to get fresh sushi because of it. Now, there is a demand for it, so the quality has gone up. Where I grew up in Ohio, as a kid, there was only one Chinese joint. 50 years later, and there is Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Sushi, Indian, etc..
Stephanie Woods
Stephanie Woods 3 日 前
22:06 “I gotta get outta here.. I’m freakin myself out.. AND I’m HUNGRY” ... stays 3.5 hours longer
Shavone Granville
this is not a comedy set. This is a cool professor doing a sociology lecture
Kitty Hawk
Kitty Hawk 3 日 前
This was cool .... just watching Dave shoot the shit & cracking jokes for a few hours. Felt like I was hanging out with the guy.
Uncle Beau Beau
Uncle Beau Beau 3 日 前
“America’s gonna be great again” this was 09.. Dave back in the mix. He always knew something that’s why he left, cane back a decade later like the Jordan of comedy. He with the shits.
Victor von Doom
Victor von Doom 4 日 前
Did Dave really do comedy for 3 hours? *salute*
julie xu
julie xu 5 日 前
Freedom is a burdens from 2020🤦 Rewatch history class by Dave 😂
Chris Preston
Chris Preston 5 日 前
No theory he's on point he tells you the answer without knowing. It's all about knowing who you are. I am man! I am not a taxpayer, driver, citizen, resident, student, voter, armpit sniffer, none of that. That's one of those things they forgot to teach in school, too busy brainwashing us. It's time to grow up and do things for ourselves and quit demanding the "government" to take care of us. They only exist through the consent of the governed. They are wrong because the rules they apply to us are the ones that through there very oath are supposed to follow or be criminally charged and sent to prison. But only after there fount guilty unlike there treatment for us it's the opposite, military court where you have to prove your innocents.
John Wilson
John Wilson 5 日 前
Netflix has Dave's Mark Twain award. It is good. Something to watch while quarantined.
John Carter
John Carter 5 日 前
"I have a plan to save the world.... But in not gonna talk about it"
John Carter
John Carter 5 日 前
I bet these people didnt know they where waitressing one of the greatest stand ups of all times
It's Amanda's life.
"I'm not staying at the Four Seasons but there will be sushi" they didn't get that.
It's Amanda's life.
@Dogs out Who let the I will later. Tired right now.
Dogs out Who let the
It's Amanda's life. Can you explain
Kenny Hill
Kenny Hill 6 日 前
Dave 4 President
Andy Moca
Andy Moca 7 日 前
thanks im done at 29.25
Austin Rhea
Austin Rhea 8 日 前
13:41 “What if Aunt Jemima want to do business with Sara Lee? WAIT A MINUTE!”
Leander Le
Leander Le 8 日 前
Dave Chappelle is naturally talented. This isn't a job for him, more of a gift. He is just hanging out in a room of people and conversing with the crowd as if he's just kicking it with some friends. I actually met Dave in Dayton, OH at Urban Active Fitness gym and trained him on the ropes. A cool down to earth dude in person... #Favoritecomedian
Kevin Perkins
Kevin Perkins 8 日 前
Sets like this are why ppl see him as this generations 🐐.... Dope ass set.
Asiatic 8 日 前
I have seen all the Greats in Comedy. Dave is the GOAT
Free.As.A.Beast 8 日 前
The George Carlin for the Brothers...I take that back Dave Chappelle is one and only...but they stay waking us up 🙏🏻
T Bonvie
T Bonvie 9 日 前
I was listening to this it, auto played from from SNL skits and before I looked at the screen I thought this was Michael Che. So weird. Lol. It’s Dave Chappelle. I don’t know how I missed that.
Buddah Ganja
Buddah Ganja 9 日 前
I feel like that every time someone asks me about the government!! Love how Dave had a lighter but no cigarettes. 😎
Donny Sandley
Donny Sandley 9 日 前
Absolutely gorgeous 😍😍😍💕
what do you guys think about the audience? (and in general about the people who is listening to this kind of stand up)? i have funny thought about that
Jerrl Evans
Jerrl Evans 11 日 前
Comic genius
Ling Chang
Ling Chang 12 日 前
This is the best old school comedian I’ve ever heard. It’ll really make you think… not just laugh like until you can’t breathe.
Rury Hernandez
Rury Hernandez 12 日 前
Luka is trash 🗑
Jonathan Kurz
Jonathan Kurz 12 日 前
I think He's in England, not NYC.
Jonathan Kurz
Jonathan Kurz 12 日 前
I'm so dumb. Thanks for clearing that up for me kindly. You were nice to an old man.
cleantones 12 日 前
English tourists in the crowd
Jonathan Kurz
Jonathan Kurz 12 日 前
But why does he keep referencing England? I'm confused.
cleantones 12 日 前
Pretty sure there is only one Comic Strip Live
Jermaine Polidore
Jermaine Polidore
Behind Enemy Bassline
Dave Chappelle's is Yang Gang!
craig cas
craig cas 13 日 前
Best down to earth man ever. Just happens to be an amazing celebrity!!! Stay strong Dave Chappelle.
Jonny B
Jonny B 14 日 前
The truth is brilliant..R.I.P.
Rick Chu
Rick Chu 14 日 前
He's so intelligent!
Jeff Z
Jeff Z 14 日 前
Cause I’m 22 bitch I’m getting Pussy having fun lol
Solidarity Time
Solidarity Time 14 日 前
13:30 begins a wonderful exploration of class CONSCIOUSNESS
Meikan Murugu
Meikan Murugu 15 日 前
Love this man... Old but still Gold🙌🏾🙌🏾
Chad Jones
Chad Jones 15 日 前
Great comedian!! Glad you're back Dave 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Akhnaton 16 日 前
Quarantine N Chapelle
HeavyMental1000 16 日 前
WoW. States how we are going to make america great again after discussing voting for Obama then shortly later makes a joke about China building the wall to keep Mexicans out in 2009! WTF Dave are a blip in the matrix!?
King Core
King Core 16 日 前
That Joaquin Phoenix bit. 😲😲
Robert Matlock Jr
Cowboys Steelers Super Bowl I don't know but it was at ASU stadium Arizona State University Stadium and definitely get the Super Bowl was busy acknowledged Martin Luther King's birthday is a holiday and then that's when they were able to buy the Cardinals and have them big freaking Dome
jesu cristo
jesu cristo 17 日 前
Fuck yes! Albuquerque! #505
Red Ericson
Red Ericson 17 日 前
3:02 :13 "Thinkin' of a master plan... (Def with the record, Def with the record.) Thinkin' of a master plan... `Cuz ain't nothin but sweat inside my hand so I dig into my pocket, all my money's spent. I dig deeper, still comin' up with lint. So I start my mission; leave my residence. Thinkin' "how can I get some dead Presidents". I need money, I used to be a stick-up kid. So I thought of all the devious things I did. I used to roll up. "This is a hold up. Ain't nothin' funny, so stop smiling, still know nothin' move but the money"..." I lived on these words ever since my father played Eric B. and Rakim in his car when I was little. God bless this man for bringing back the best parts of my memory.
The One
The One 18 日 前
This is the real Dave chappelle
Martin Micev
Martin Micev 19 日 前
Cus I'm 22 bitch, Im getting pussy, I'm havin fun. DEAD
Dirk G
Dirk G 20 日 前
The lady laughing at every single thing with the fake laugh is annoying.
Tnelly12 17 日 前
Dirk G so fucking annoying how Dave not tell her to stfu
Scott Brady
Scott Brady 23 日 前
fantasmagorical. it's uncanny how he is so aware of the realities of the situation on the world stage. all the world is a stage, and we are paticipants. the political sketch, where he's "black bush," saying saddam has aluminum tubes, bitch! ALUMINUM! ..and went to africa, and came back with yellow cake! "i'm not sleepin' on that! ..ain't happnin' on MY watch! side splitting!! and it's so funny, 'cause it's our planet. he went to durban on hiatus for several reasons, i'm assuming. and, yes, the differences to one's family existence in the tens of millions range is inconsequential as well. he had to hit rehab "base."
Leondist Duvall
Leondist Duvall 23 日 前
He held a lot back
Rain X
Rain X 23 日 前
Dave is very intelligent.
Blooper Planet
Blooper Planet 23 日 前
"americas gonna be great again you'll all see" people from 2020 0-0
marsel davis
marsel davis 24 日 前
still hella funny !!!
bert 25 日 前
If I was a girl 🎶
ladedade23 25 日 前
australia is absolutely a penal colony just like america was
Sedia Bonsu
Sedia Bonsu 26 日 前
almost 4 hours..... a legend
Clifford Ototivo
Clifford Ototivo 26 日 前
Dave was on point in politics way back in 09! #Bernie2020
tfairborne501 12 日 前
Give away 70% of everything you own, then tell us how great Bernie is
still Breezing
still Breezing 26 日 前
Thanks for the topic breakdown. Didn't use it but nice to refer to for revisits. Got to say, I wish someone would give dave a shot at that apocalypto skit.
ThatGuy FromFl
ThatGuy FromFl 26 日 前
Dave was high on some good medical hybrid.
lawrence tashjian
1:27 :29 “and as for you....get the f*ck out of here” 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😭😭😂😂
Victor Cruickshank
This took my mind off the coronavirus for a bit. I wasn't expecting to watch the whole thing yet I did.
hopepatterson1015 3 時間 前
Me too and forwarded to my husband so he can listen during his 12 hour shift.
Tredinya Moore
Tredinya Moore 15 時間 前
Victor Cruickshank Same 😁
Black Economics
Black Economics 10 日 前
Dean Champion
Dean Champion 26 日 前
An Evening With Robin Williams 1983
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