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Check out the first 9 minutes of Cruella starring Emma Stone! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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Starring: Tipper Seifert-Cleveland, Emma Stone, Mark Strong
Directed By: Craig Gillespie
Synopsis: Disney's 'Cruella' follows the early days of one of cinema's most notorious - and notoriously fashionable - villains. During the 1970s London punk rock revolution, a young grifter (Emma Stone), transforms herself into the raucous, revenge-bent Cruella de Vil.

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コメント数 2 983
Kevin Myung
Kevin Myung 時間 前
Teachers when Cruella gets bullied: *does nothing* Teachers when Cruella fights back: *sends her to the principal*
Victoria Sylvester
Victoria Sylvester 8 時間 前
i like the part when the lady was pregment
This movie was fantastic! I watched with my son and we both love it 😊
Klenier Guma
Klenier Guma 2 日 前
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos 2 日 前
7:06 song name?
Kytzia Cristobal Lozano
The baroque ball
K W U J I R A 2 日 前
If I would ever have that kind of hair, my classmates would praise me
Agilan Agila
Agilan Agila 2 日 前
Ok but why Anita is black?
jefrytan 日 前
Why cant she? Oh no she is white in the original but like it is not a big deal
Grxnger 2 日 前
Lol u left it on a cliff hanger but ik what happens Hehe the mum dies
Andry Srivastava
I have watched this movie around 2 weeks ago...... Fabulous movie.... One of my favorite movies
adorbsxalpaca 2 日 前
Lucy Nunn
Lucy Nunn 3 日 前
2:03 I love Tipper Seifert-Cleveland. Make her as Madeline for Madeline: Pepito’s Rescue. The sequel one.
Nargiza Aminova
Nargiza Aminova 3 日 前
Julia Berger
Julia Berger 5 日 前
It's sad that the victim of bullying is punished for pushing back when the bullies run free. Happens still everyday in schools.
Hassnain Akhtar
Hassnain Akhtar 5 日 前
Awesome movie ❤️
Delisha 5 日 前
uh can anyone tell me where can I watch this movie EXCEPT FandangoNOW like for eg. Netflix? Prime?
Just Vibin'
Just Vibin' 5 日 前
I think cruella is such an amazing character and that she is my favourite female villain? Idk
Leah Melton
Leah Melton 5 日 前
In London lol 🔥😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😳👍🔥😂
Leah Melton
Leah Melton 5 日 前
She was a great fashion designer LOL 💝😝😂😭😂💝🔥💝🔥💝💝👍💝👍
Zoe Darlington - Pure Improvement
Awww man you stopped it at the best bit! I watched it before and I liked it when her mum fell off the cliff.
Nindita 6 日 前
I love your eyes
idk why im watching this 3 months after i already watched the movie-
Joelle Dayton
Joelle Dayton 6 日 前
Pretty much just like Malcolm Bride Middle school
Людмила Верниковскся
Alanis Abou kors
Zach Evaristi
Zach Evaristi 7 日 前
This movie is different and this is the best compliment you could ever give a movie these days.
کیان محمد
Nick p
Nick p 7 日 前
Curella is actually my paternal grandmother’s favorite Disney villain.
Wilmer Daniel Villanueva Llerena
El director que injusto!! a la pobre niña de todo la castiga!! y al otro mocoso malcriado nada !?
chunky child
chunky child 8 日 前
3:04 that's gotta hurt
Nayara Silva
Nayara Silva 8 日 前
Gente isso é em inglês
Otim sisters
Otim sisters 8 日 前
Her mother the wan throw her in water
Otim sisters
Otim sisters 8 日 前
I have this movei
Dhananjay Pidurkar
Hey that's Priyanka Jonas (chopra) voice
Creativewriter3 8 日 前
So she started out as a Sia wanna be, then became "who shall I be".. then "Estella is History" and then "Oh Cruella is DEFINITELY me".
Sophia 8 日 前
I love crala
Sophia 8 日 前
I mean Creulla
Gustavo Fogaça
Gustavo Fogaça 8 日 前
Addilyn Gilley
Addilyn Gilley 9 日 前
This eas so good my eyes won't pop
Noe Berengena
Noe Berengena 9 日 前
Would have preferred seeing Emma Stone.
Edward Antone
Edward Antone 9 日 前
Cruella de vil Cruella de vil if she doesn't scare 😨 you no evil thing will she like a spider 🕷 on the Kill She's Cruella de vil 🐶🐕🐕🐕🐕🐶🐶🐶🎶🎼🎼🎵🎵🎵🎶
Prerna 123
Prerna 123 9 日 前
She was not her real mom
Liam Thompson
Liam Thompson 9 日 前
yes please
yes please 10 日 前
She actually did absolutely nothing wrong(maybe except some vandalism..)... she just stood up to bullies and was actually kind to them at first..LOL love this movie though
Fire Mason Walker
I’m Bailee I msaD🥺
Tilly’s channel
I think they do because heroes don’t have much backstory
anabel 10 日 前
When you find this on your recommended but you've already watched the whole thing 😓
Pugs Bonitos 😍
Ooo this is good
Bhloreta Mischa Shagita
Ah yes! Cruella! My favorite villainess
Jewaan Hamed
Jewaan Hamed 11 日 前
Disco Dork
Disco Dork 12 日 前
I'm so happy this movie was released on the same day of Cameron Boyce's birthday.
Syd’s Tv
Syd’s Tv 12 日 前
Are you rewatch this movie like 12 times I don’t know why they put on the kids account I meant I don’t know why they don’t put it on the kids account why don’t why don’t they just put it on the kids because it’s on the doors for no reason even though it’s not PG-13
Ronald Encinares
Ronald Encinares 12 日 前
i lllllllllllllllliiiiiiiikkkkeeeeeeeee iiiiittttttttt
Samantha Matuszak
I would love to have a child like her. She would be a challenge but so much fun. ❤
sparxy 11 日 前
i too would like a child who will grow up to skin puppies
Naomi Lecoq
Naomi Lecoq 12 日 前
So cool her hair
freyja 12 日 前
Small Sia 😁😜
mundo do desenho
mundo do desenho 13 日 前
Img i love cruella so cute dog on the movie
sparxy 11 日 前
doesnt cruella... skin... dogs???... welp that puppies now somones scarf!
Pesamino Leuta
Pesamino Leuta 15 日 前
Omg alberto
Deborah Pelletier
eswdfddsasdfghjkl’ Styuiolp’ Wertyuiop[ Wertyuiop[]qwert yuiopoiuytrewqwertyhjkl.kjhgfdsaASDFGHJCVBNM,.asdfghjklzxcvghjkl’”lkjhgfdsas
Rizalyn Santiago
Rizalyn Santiago 15 日 前
Blitzy 16 日 前
Birds of Prey intro (without the animation) vibes.
Dex Peck
Dex Peck 16 日 前
This is ridiculous. Cruella hated dogs in the original.
Burke Boyer
Burke Boyer 16 日 前
Liked for the Supertramp song at the beginning
Cristina Plesca
Cristina Plesca 16 日 前
I love you cruella
rk212005 16 日 前
this makes no sense to me at all
rk212005 16 日 前
i dont understand this at all as a child she likes puppies in the once a up on a time show her mother had mean dogs and she wouldnt let her do anything at all i dont get it
Ngan Nguyen
Ngan Nguyen 17 日 前
Phim hay quá
Rebecca Sullivan
Rebecca Sullivan 17 日 前
Loved this movie....
sparxy 11 日 前
Mega Sandwich
Mega Sandwich 17 日 前
She looks like Sia on the thumbnail
darcyst11 17 日 前
This is super cool
Jus Jaylea
Jus Jaylea 18 日 前
I’m watching it tonight
Banshan Lamare ✓
Eid Alshammeri
Eid Alshammeri 18 日 前
Azam Nasir
Azam Nasir 18 日 前
The Best villain backstory so far 1. Joker 2. Cruella
this is the best movie I ever watched this is the best work for Disney the characters and songs and plans and effects are pretty amazing I never thought Disney would be that creative
꧁ᗩ ᗯIᗴᖇᗪ TᕼIᑎᘜ꧂
Wow, people really hated her didn't they 👀
hitwill 19 日 前
First 9 minutes I love it and Fight scene was 💓💓 School😌😌 💜 Rare
YoutubeSicka 4
YoutubeSicka 4 20 日 前
When I first watch the movie, I actually thought that *she* was Cruella's mom 😭
Eva Mifsud
Eva Mifsud 20 日 前
Buddy is my dogs name lol
Malú Necochea Aroste
Billy ig
Billy ig 20 日 前
Why just why do I laugh when they put her in the garbage I just can’t stop IM SORRY I JUST NEED TO SAY IT
Kritti Vivek
Kritti Vivek 21 日 前
who all agrees that Cruella deserved a happy ending? petition for 101 Dalmatians 2! i also love how nothing happened to the cakes lol
tina bastarache
tina bastarache 13 日 前
i heard we got good chance for a sequel
Dilson Soares Da Silva
Stella i Love
Aleksandar Vil
Aleksandar Vil 22 日 前
Zero Tolerance Politics in a Nutshell.
SM Shohag
SM Shohag 22 日 前
1:25 What a hell!
MyraJean Koon
MyraJean Koon 22 日 前
I watched this movie when it came out on disney +, and my mom got mad because we both wanted to watch it, and I watched it without her.
Sophie Napier
Sophie Napier 22 日 前
First bit with the Disney castle ruined Disney for me
marsmellow 22 日 前
Am I the only one who was thinking of Melanie Marteniz when she was getting bullied?
Teacher Luis Diego
This in not the Cruella I know. Corella is evil. This is soft.
Sofia K.
Sofia K. 22 日 前
00:54 "not everyone appreciated *burps* that".
Shawn Togialeoli
Shawn Togialeoli 23 日 前
wait Sia has a sister!!!!!!!wtf
Scarlett Witch
Scarlett Witch 23 日 前
*Hello Peter* from No Way Home and *Anita Darling* from Cruella has the same ✨ Energy✨
Keri Martha Anderson
And she had to have a black friend??🤣🤣. Disney trying to be politically correct
Maryss Silva
Maryss Silva 23 日 前
Does she have a... You know.... Identity disorder?
NeSsa Bhake
NeSsa Bhake 23 日 前
I adore the woman who played her mother
Nelson Omondi
Nelson Omondi 24 日 前
Whoever told Hollywood directors that the key to creating a strong female character is to have have beat up male characters can only be some toxic woman. And there is always that scene where they assault a male genitals, no matter how young he might be. Also men do not bully women; this is a universal natural law for two reason. One, it is frowned a pone by other men and the society, and two it is hazardous to men health in that they can actually die!!!
Lilly Braga
Lilly Braga 24 日 前
Sylvia Barr
Sylvia Barr 24 日 前
I AM WATCHING THIS if you can download it on free cinema k?
*someone* 25 日 前
That 9 minute was cruel ella bu dum ch 🥁
Will Fomes
Will Fomes 25 日 前
Cruella was lucky she was born with cool hair.
MisterDongYT 23
MisterDongYT 23 25 日 前
"A villain is just a broken hero" - someone
jefrytan 7 日 前
A hero, a broken hero Ejhhhhhh
Syndrome Is a Hero
@MisterDongYT 23 Still a dumb quote in my books
MisterDongYT 23
MisterDongYT 23 10 日 前
@Syndrome Is a Hero who cares its a quote not a debate
sparxy 11 日 前
ah yes i now feel bad for the woman who tried to skin puppies
Syndrome Is a Hero
Yes because Hitler was a broken hero and Genghis Khan was a broken hero apparently 🙄. Whoever made that stupid quote obviously has no idea what a hero is and the principals are of them and is probably another crook trying to justify their shitey actions. Batman is a broken hero, he lost his parents before puberty and could've easily been a villain but instead chose to be the opposite he does the right thing has a code of ethics yet is tragically hurting on the inside most. Punisher is a broken hero losing everything and most of his humanity but yet swore to protect the innocent by paying evil with lesser evil. Don't ever insult the word and meaning of hero by saying they're villains that's what anti-heroes and anti-villains are.
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