Court Cam: Man SPITS on Judge, Then Starts Jail Riot | A&E

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A defendant gets additional jail time for spitting on a judge, and then some more for starting a riot in jail in this clip from Season 3, Episode 7.

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A&E ヶ月 前
Tune in to Court Cam, Wednesdays at 9/8c on A&E, and stay up to date on all of A&E's premieres at aetv.com/schedule.
Art Florez
Art Florez 2 時間 前
Why does he have the possibility for parole?
Nonya Bidness
Nonya Bidness 4 時間 前
Good behavior gets him out at 56 years old. Close to retirement age, but with next to nothing paid into social security. He'll be a criminal until his last breath just to survive.
TheCoolProfessor 4 時間 前
Eligible for parole in 25 years? Are you serious?! This man is an unrepentant savage! This is NOT how the law is supposed to work!
James Broomfield
James Broomfield 6 時間 前
This is what "going all in" looks like for a criminal with no care in the world
Walter George
Walter George 7 時間 前
Holy Smokes OH MY God
Anthony Silva
Anthony Silva 8 時間 前
Free da guys
Sam moody
Sam moody 9 時間 前
All lives matter❗🙄🙄🙄🙄
JUSTIFY 10 時間 前
Most insane and rogue criminal ever I fear what fatalistic events may follow during the parole.
570 W00D
570 W00D 6 時間 前
Hes not the most insane criminal ever, but maybe top 50
Mia's Eclectic Cuisine
He murdered two women and he gets parole in 25 years. Smh
Princess 13 時間 前
Parole? What a joke
Don Carpenter
Don Carpenter 15 時間 前
Does anyone think this guy would ever make parole? He's a monster.
Gilbert Ayala
Gilbert Ayala 16 時間 前
It should be life and IF parole is granted, you parole out when your 80 years old
Ela Vke
Ela Vke 16 時間 前
In some stars spitting on some is a felony is assault with bodily fluids
hyt hu6
hyt hu6 17 時間 前
He loves the jail system, thats why he don't want to get out
Jason Bradford
Jason Bradford 17 時間 前
What she want this serial killer who’s got nothing lose to come forward n spit on another judge
JBL. LR 19 時間 前
Possibility of parole... Only Biden could.
ItsDLim 22 時間 前
The Judge was like: 😦
Lowkey 215
Lowkey 215 22 時間 前
Hopefully he gets poked up in jail and never gets to see parole
Jai Norman
Jai Norman 23 時間 前
He has my full support 100%
Marg Kropf
Marg Kropf 23 時間 前
There truly are no words.
trish ferris
trish ferris 23 時間 前
What did mom expect naming him after a fish. He was doomed from the start.
John Strawson
What a looser
Erin 日 前
He had to keep going till he racked up all the years of his ljfe.
Marcellus 日 前
Yoo this dudes a straight demon 🤣.
Andrew Long
Andrew Long 日 前
Biden should get the people inforceing his incaseratoin from behind fully investergated there’s no reason for Brendon dassy to be behind bars get a top psychcic to sit in the blue rav4 to nudge a lead to what or where this all happened this is making America look bad
amin a
amin a 日 前
She wipes her face but he hit her in the shoulder
Desmond Charlton
1:08 with the pause 😳
Esme S.
Esme S. 日 前
At this point why keep it alive?
Kady Bee
Kady Bee 日 前
He got off easy 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Shawn 日 前
Definition of evil?…this guy. Good grief
Vernon Keene
Vernon Keene 日 前
Sheree Greer
Sheree Greer 日 前
That white boy got it easy
Robert Saca
Robert Saca 日 前
I'm not American, I hope you guys don't bother paying for food for this guy, let him starve.
Samantha Kelly Walker
He literally has a hit list with names scratched out on his head... And he gets a parole option. Incredible 🤦🏾‍♀️
ZKL 日 前
The judge was probably use to being spit on Not the white stuff from the mouth but the white stuff from the ........
ryan felps
ryan felps 日 前
This side is tough, geting shot at and saying that's all you got? Thos guy clearly dosent care about living.
King Corey 98
1:05 that so disrespectful
Forty Oz.
Forty Oz. 日 前
He’s just upset he didn’t get a part in the movie Con-Air
Mark Furney
Mark Furney 日 前
When is humanity going to learn about these pieces of garbages
Craig D
Craig D 日 前
Wow. What a good example of wasting your life.
Lemuel Hackshaw
Can't believe he made it out on two feet after spitting on a judge. If he was...nevermind.
Nonya Bidness
Nonya Bidness 4 時間 前
@Sheree Greer Oh, they'd have walked him out of the camera-filled court room, but he'd have been rolled into a cell on a stretcher at the jail after he 'fell' 20 or 30 times...
Sheree Greer
Sheree Greer 日 前
James Bond
James Bond 日 前
Which you didn't know is there was a giant wood chipper on the back of the courthouse.
Youtube terminated my account
Homeboy is literally ROTTING in a cell right now
Pete Browne
Pete Browne 2 日 前
When he spit in that's judge's face, they handled him like a porcelain doll. Now let that had been a black man...🌚
Jennifer Winchester
Violent dude. Hopefully he never gets out. He belongs in jail for life.
toyoscio 日 前
He hates women.
Jack Shite
Jack Shite 2 日 前
He's definitely innocent.
Jack Shite
Jack Shite 日 前
@GamerArtificialYT pros - well they say the smartest people are those who understand sarcasm, clearly you're a few sandwiches short of a lunch box pal.
GamerArtificialYT pros
You have 5 brain cells and only 2 of them are working.🤣🤣🤣
John von Horn
John von Horn 2 日 前
These idiots have utter disregard for anyone else but soon start playing the game when their own lives are in danger. What a moronic baby.
Dog Serious
Dog Serious 2 日 前
At least he got to spit on a "judge" who is no more righteous than what he is!
Douglas Macpherson
Does this gentleman deserve a long spell in solitary?
manman dood
manman dood 2 日 前
Maybe it's his name that made him mad. Imagine going through life with the name of a fish and spiders home. What??? What a complete waste of a life
Barbara FULL
Barbara FULL 2 日 前
Why waste money keeping him alive
David Howard
David Howard 2 日 前
Why would he be eligible for parole when he murdered someone
pusher1012000 2 日 前
What a loser
Paris Ennis
Paris Ennis 2 日 前
Possibility of PAROLE????? REALLY?
Kenneth Wyant
Kenneth Wyant 2 日 前
Congrats Webb. You know how to live.
Jake 2 日 前
Man didn’t like his jail stay
JustJoshingYa 2 日 前
Why bother paying millions to keep these people alive, I think he's lived long enough and as of today June 20th, 2021 it's only 51 cents for a 9mm bullet. When you compare the costs to each the bullet just makes more sense. Even in prison he's trying to hurt people. Openly bragging about killing people so why do we bother with this?
Phil Gainey
Phil Gainey 2 日 前
We need a "Devil's Island". Serve out term in a totally dark isolated room.
Monica Khedoe
Monica Khedoe 2 日 前
Why not the deadpenalty by hanging?
BlackRussia2016 2 日 前
I’d probably get in huge trouble if I type in about what I’d really like to do to that last guy. What I want to do to him is so brutal violent and demented. Like I literally wouldn’t mind looking in his eyes and smiling while he bleeds out!! That goes for anyone else that’s like him or worse.
I'm so Happy Jesus came to reveal the Truth. Even such a Man Jesus can forgive. So sad because it is not Him but the wicked evil spirit within Him. Pray he find himself. God bless you all
Christopher C
Christopher C 3 日 前
The guy has a lot of endurance for pain, however, his propensity for starting riots shows that his mind is a weapon to be feared. Outside chemical restraint (which would be considered unethical), the only means to defang such a prisoner long-term would probably be a supermax or equivalent prison, where Bass would be isolated on a permanent basis.
Nehmo Sergheyev
Nehmo Sergheyev 3 日 前
I know a girl who got 40 months for a tiny amount of crack. (She had previous convictions.) Now, I see people get only 3 times that amount for almost killing 2 people. Sentencing in America is not consistent with the crimes. The laws and judges give out so much time for petty offenses, there isn't much room left for the serious ones.
Breeze Smith
Breeze Smith 3 日 前
Parole?!? For THIS POS???
Shorouq Tahraoui
Why do i find him funny lol
The Viper
The Viper 3 日 前
Mom: I’m pregnant is a boy. What should wee call him?? Father: I have and idea. Mom: yes Dad: Bass Webb. 😂😂
Joe Haeck
Joe Haeck 3 日 前
he needs to be taken out back.....hes a waste of life
High Phye
High Phye 3 日 前
"Bass Webb" Name checks out 👍
Just Mango
Just Mango 3 日 前
Well yea if you shoot someone with attempt to hurt, expect a retaliation 😂
David Lohnes
David Lohnes 3 日 前
Parole,,? Smh
Payne, Inc.
Payne, Inc. 3 日 前
Of course. He's white...
Brenda no
Brenda no 3 日 前
Why is he in the courtroom without a spit mask on? He is a sick f$%k!! He actually likes himself and what he is.
tutu you
tutu you 3 日 前
Life in prison? Tax payers are punished For this criminal
nkumbu simwawa
nkumbu simwawa 3 日 前
What's his issue, even thugs have limits
Nancy Rodriguez
Nancy Rodriguez 3 日 前
I hate Judges.
Chewy Bacca89
Chewy Bacca89 3 日 前
They treat prisoners like animals. I dont blame him. People are not born to be slaves. Criminals or not. Humans deserve humane treatment.
Varg Viper
Varg Viper 3 日 前
Now that is one outstanding and upstanding citizen. Sometimes it is difficult people like that exist in any world.
Rosa Mesa
Rosa Mesa 3 日 前
Yep send him life in prison he kind of like it so … lol 😝 the system justice is really confusing why even call it justice
Rosa Mesa
Rosa Mesa 3 日 前
Why don’t judges has a glass in front them to protect them ?? So confusing
Rosa Mesa
Rosa Mesa 3 日 前
So dumb … apparently he like to be in jail … so let guns where he belongs jejejej
Street Guru
Street Guru 4 日 前
I ve seen blacks in jail for intent to distribute marijuana get worse sentences...
saultube44 4 日 前
Maybe deeply Depressed, they don't care, lost faith and worth for everything, including themselves; this is because the system is rigged against normal people and 8n favor of the rich and powerful, no Meritocracy, something puts people in a psychotic state: they seem stupid, but they aren't, they're in survival mode for some reason
Xxxx Xxxxdd
Xxxx Xxxxdd 4 日 前
He needs to be in a Asylum that way he can take medication because I guarantee you he suffers from schizophrenia or personality disorder he needs to never get out except when he's around 70 years old
Aeron Ragandap
Aeron Ragandap 4 日 前
why is he even alive during these hearings😅
Marcia M
Marcia M 4 日 前
Wait...he kills not one but two girlfriends and he's eligible for parole??? And people wonder what's wrong with this country!!! The criminals have more rights than the victims. He should be in prison just as long as those two women are dead! Prison overcrowding?? Do what the judge in Arizona did.
[KPG] 4 日 前
The very definition of a menace to society.
Janice-Ann Wilson
Lucky judge 😍
Stoof 4 日 前
That last guy gave me chills bruh TF
Perry Fefchuk
Perry Fefchuk 4 日 前
As soon as he spit on judge .He should have givin some respect by the sheriff's on his way to a very lengthy prison sentence Bada BOOM.BOOM BOOM
Mark Marten
Mark Marten 4 日 前
Put the likes of him in prison and never let them out, total solitary. No easy life, bread and water only. One blanket only and a pillow and sleep on the floor.
ZYX74 4 日 前
That is a THUG !!!!!!
John Stewart
John Stewart 4 日 前
“”Possibility of parole”....surely you jest..what kind of UN-domesticated animal gets DENIED the “possibility?”
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