Congress Holds First Public Impeachment Hearing in Over 20 Years

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Seth Meyers' monologue from Wednesday, November 13.
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Congress Holds First Public Impeachment Hearing in Over 20 Years- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers










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Isaac Hibben
Isaac Hibben 8 日 前
That isn't the box for the edible candyland game
tiagovirago 22 日 前
Trump “I am the only president to be impeached... Clinton? What no, I am the best at it.”
Gordon Tinderholt
Technically, Melania can't run for president, she wasn't born here. Same reason why Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn't run for president even though he was governor
Itsjustme 24 日 前
Rudy Guilliano has been really quiet latley.
William H. Baird
William H. Baird 25 日 前
I really do not want to see nude pictures of him (Unless they show Naked Russian pee-pee Hookers on his bed!)
Brer Rabbit
Brer Rabbit 25 日 前
Melania 2048! Hello?
hobbicles28 25 日 前
Regarding Candy Land with edible chocolate game pieces. It sounds great, But keep in mind the game pieces are not, I repeat not, cannabis edibles. We discovered this, after we brought several of the games to a party. Because rather than the party reaching the thermosphere and the exosphere so we could talk to the gods, we were reaching for the restroom to talk to the Porcelain god. Note Do not let the fun size game pieces fool you. If you eat enough pieces of this chocolate you can get sick.
shawn C
shawn C 25 日 前
I will never vote Republican again
Payne_is_good R.J.
Half of his Cabinet is people he found on TV
Hildebeast Clinton
You’re all going to scream at the sky when Trump wins again in 2020🇺🇸😆
D L2
D L2 26 日 前
It's sad that the Republicans can't admit he fucked up big time,what happened to draining the swap?
listen CLOSELY
listen CLOSELY 26 日 前
Nunes needs to take an extended leave of absence and check on his cow.
johnnyj0104 26 日 前
What is he saying @ 2:00 ?? I've watched this so many times and I still cant figure it out!
Gordon Tinderholt
"Those ones weren't?" Seth: i had no idea.
LodiTX 26 日 前
What's the big deal with the 20 years? That's not even a life time ago unless you're a kurd. There was around a 100 year gap between Johnson and Nixon and about 40 years between Nixon and Clinton. And really, can you count Clinton? He was just a sex maniac who took whatever he could get whenever he could get it, (kind of like a drunk frat boy) as opposed to the sub literate one now whose plan seems to be to gather other ones like himself to support his desire to be Dictator for life. Isn't that how Hitler did it? I confess I have so little interest in politics I didn't even realize Clinton was impeached. I vaguely remember a traitor friend and something about a stained black dress. It all seemed tawdry and unimportant, so I didn't watch anything more. Regardless of any of that why does anybody care about the gap in time? 20 years doesn't seem relevant. The fact that I'm stuck in a country of morons and will no doubt die here matters more to me, but there's nothing I can do about it.
Mark Scott Staggs
I hate to break it to you Seth, but this whole so called bombshell is a dud. The only impeachable acts were committed by Pelosi and Schiff for violating Article 6 of the U.S. CONSTITUTION!
slinkeepy 26 日 前
That child robot joke was gold, can't believe it bombed...
Shana Simmons
Shana Simmons 26 日 前
Nunes is such a idiot trump butt licker
Gin Denton
Gin Denton 26 日 前
I predicted before Trump stole that election it would be a paradise for lawyers and hell on Earth for everyone else😂 I'm telling you I'm psychic
Gin Denton
Gin Denton 26 日 前
Martha Stewart got locked up for doing what the son of a b**** do everyday. Justice here is such a f****** joke. The wheels of Justice are all on the rims throwing out Sparks in a high-speed chase
Christopher Scotts
But...but...isnt he a president taken out of television? Doesnt he hear what he says?
Don Dailey
Don Dailey 26 日 前
Make one children’s game with edible pieces. Nothing could go wrong.
Al DAmico
Al DAmico 26 日 前
To all you F--king commie MF, as a Gov Employee read my comment. Kick his ass, Rep Adam Schiff, this Traitor D. Nunes is full of it, they are just looking to make a BS case for when it goes to the Senate! By the way why isn't all the GOP from Nunes, Castor, & Jim Jordan all the GOP Etc, should be kicked out of office for embarrassingly lying in front of congress, the world media & the American public! These Traitorous lies & misdeeds need to be dealt with real actions in, real time, have the Sergeant at arms drag them out & into the arms of the law! GOP, do you understand, when you swear an oath of office, Treason needs to be answered swiftly with trials, hangings an or firing squads. Get in line GOP you are all going down with the sinking CommieTrumpship. It's a great day for the republican party? While jim Jordan got Punted by Walsh when told to bring Donald trump to the impeachment hearings. Fox, where is team Fox, a no show during this with the Head commie DTrumpsky.
Steve-o Mickelson
Do your research Seth. Kelly Conway’s husband hates Trump. Not avoid conservative example. Half the country doesn’t watch your show because you are so one sided.
dn va
dn va 26 日 前
But you are here watching so....
Sergio 26 日 前
Is it just me or does it seem like seth myers has changed? He doesnt seem as live as before . I havent watched him in a month or two , he just doesnt seem as ecstatic
dn va
dn va 26 日 前
Looks the same to me
Jane A
Jane A 26 日 前
Omg the insanity. Couldn’t we just issue a gag order on trump first?
MrBoriqua2000 26 日 前
Lawyers off television? Why not? Our president is a guy off television with absolutely no qualifications to run our country.
Snodge Kat
Snodge Kat 26 日 前
Nudes for Nunes 📸
LochNessax3 26 日 前
When that camera suddenly panned over the set, my heart almost stopped. Naked tRump is the last thing I want to see on my lunch break.
John Shackelford
John Shackelford 26 日 前
This is the world today so many criminals in the USA one was elected President?
Aerial Camera & Video Imaging
Didn't the people of the USA find DJT "on television"???
sam sebastian
sam sebastian 26 日 前
Norm does it better.
Brian O'Kongkohr
Brian O'Kongkohr 26 日 前
What's probably worse than "taking a lawyer off televsion" is taking a constantly lying & crooked Reality TV Personality off television and have the Electoral College make him POTU$. I change my mind - that's DEFINITELY worse.
Kathleen M. Higgins
Well of course! A child robot (bows or no bows) take up far less room in our factories than the human sizes.
Hakkyou13 26 日 前
Wow Adidas. Profits dipping a bit?
Mean Martinni Bataan
Impeach that beotch
ColStuart 26 日 前
Lol there is no way any traveling luggage can fit 62 pounds of weed. Even with two people. Maybe if you had 30 people it'd make more sense.
W P 26 日 前
Great laugh track... Just joking ofc :)
Tele Opinions
Tele Opinions 26 日 前
Devin Nunes looks like a badger. His itty bitty eyes are too close together. Just google badger and look at the images.
Pull my Finger
Pull my Finger 26 日 前
lucia delarocha
lucia delarocha 26 日 前
I would like Orange Stump to take HIS PERSONAL BAT Giuliani out of TV.
Renato Albani - Visto Reprovado