Coming Out To Your Doctor | Responding To Comments #21

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We’ve got another juicy episode of responding to your medical comments! Today we talk about how to get taller or maximize your height, whether you should come out with your sexuality to your doctor, what role the frequency of your drinking plays into your ability to get drunk, the truth about chicken pox, cracking your knuckles/neck/back, elder care, radiology, draining your lungs, allergies, and so much more. Got a question you’d like me to answer? Drop it down below and I’ll try to get to it in my next Responding To Comments videos!

The Truth About Allergies and Food Sensitivity Tests: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GK4R...

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Anora N.
Anora N. 11 時間 前
Wait so chicken pox is varicelle ?😂
mercy m
mercy m 15 時間 前
omg he is cute
*SparkleFart* 626
*SparkleFart* 626 23 時間 前
I really wanna know why my body jerks every night when I begin to fall asleep... The body jerks are super painful and they happen multiple times as I doze off...
Marinanana 日 前
God save your life!
Ian Jones
Ian Jones 日 前
I'm a Minnesota 6-foot. If I'd got enough sleep in high school, I might be an actual 6-foot.
OliverDeer 日 前
during a life or death thing [diabetic ketoacidosis] a doctor asked me if i was pregnant 5x even though i'm 100% sure i'm not
Bfan 日 前
Q:if my brother has had covid before does his immunity depend on his immune system?
i try and teach my grandpa how to use hi phone but he keeps forgetting like the man can't even turn on is phone
groovy not groovy
Isn’t it called chicken pox because of the dots mimicking raw chicken skin? I have KP and it is actually called chicken skin even more so that’s funny too
Joost Nauw
Joost Nauw 2 日 前
Why would anyone need to 'come out', ever? Who cares what sexual preference someone has?
Kylo-X Ultra Plasma SETH X1
I'm gay!
Ariel Harvey
Ariel Harvey 2 日 前
I like the sound effects you put in this video, they sound like sounds from videogames lol
Ninja 101
Ninja 101 3 日 前
To anyone else that have watched superstore on Netflix, Who else thinks Dr Mike looks like a buff Jonah?
Brad Boyce
Brad Boyce 3 日 前
OK, I cannot believe this clip includes a Ross Geller shot (6:55), and yet it was not used to maximise the PIVOT! at 7:37. Missed opportunity!
Funimate Editor
Funimate Editor 3 日 前
are you gay?
Billius Bobius
Billius Bobius 3 日 前
Him telling me that I should sleep to be taller at 2 AM….
Mr. swift
Mr. swift 3 日 前
I have a question Dr Mike do our organs just float around in blood in our body or what? I have never been able to figure this out.
Max West
Max West 3 日 前
How much money do you make
Mel facenda
Mel facenda 3 日 前
I absolutely knew he was gonna say radiology cause that’s the only one I’ve ever really considered
C 1 0 H 1 2 N 2 O
I'm gay
adam colclasure
adam colclasure 3 日 前
I don't if I'd feel comfortable coming out to my doctor if I was in the states. Having to deal, with the judgement ,or refusal of treatment or insurance dropping me if they found out . In any other more developed, sane country that is illegal. Even in places like South Korea orTaiwan I'd be ok coming out on my own not sure so much if put on the spot and asked.
Jonas Jaso
Jonas Jaso 4 日 前
I'm 20
Jonas Jaso
Jonas Jaso 4 日 前
I'm gay
Chicken  Nugget
Chicken Nugget 4 日 前
Can you explain how a stroke works and what dose a brace help to do
Ruby 4 日 前
I thought you were 5’6 😭✋ no hate doctor mike
TotallyFemale 4 日 前
"instead of dying, you get a muscle spasm" -dr. mike 2021
Kris 4 日 前
ya telling me I might be short because insomnia? dang.
Lucy Messer
Lucy Messer 4 日 前
While I agree it’s important to be open with doctors if they ask about your sexuality it’s also important to keep oneselfs safe for example I have a friend who’s parents are very controlling and go with him to every doctors appointment and if he was to honestly tell the doctor that he was gay he would be putting himself at risk as his parents are very homophobic
Kristina Stepanenko
Is laser epilation harmful or may it be dangerous? Thanks doctor Mike!
Fred Issa beautiful human
7:03 I won’t be doing that
Adrienne Vaughan
Tornadoes be like:no fun just run
Fraunze slegnaught
I am strait as rain I have a gf
indisguise96 5 日 前
I don't think I've ever had a doctor ask me my sexual preference. I don't think it's even a question on the check in that I've done
Prince Rj
Prince Rj 5 日 前
2 question: are heartburn and lactose intolerance hand in hand? I know many people who have both, including myself. 2. Is it possible for lactose intolerant people to stop being lactose intolerant?
Mae Hart
Mae Hart 5 日 前
how do you die of hunger
Joygernaut M
Joygernaut M 5 日 前
I on the other hand would love a little time in radiology!!
Jwuu015 6 日 前
The views are currently 1.95mil as i type this(sept 18 9:48pm GMT+8) i'll update y'all tomorrow when it becomes 2mil because bro i once reloaded his vid and it went from 999k to 1mil within seconds
ㅏㅒㄱㄷ무 ㅎ믇ㄱ
Thanks now I know that me having milk is just introlince
sean21football 6 日 前
why do you have to ask if people are sexually active
Taco 6 日 前
I like how he said sign up to my discord lol
radmila romanelli
What if you have two girls and two boys In you’re stomak
Dhanya Suresh
Dhanya Suresh 6 日 前
I was literally *forced* to come out today and then I see this...
Ricardo Vega
Ricardo Vega 6 日 前
Dr. Mike I need you on Only Fans... I think you can do well... Do you have an Only Fans???
Melon soda
Melon soda 7 日 前
me when i see anime dilfs 3:47
Alex The Ferret
Alex The Ferret 7 日 前
Had a guy take me out. Had to tell my doctor. Had my doctor take me out.
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 7 日 前
I’m bisexual
Carla SuAnne Lockett
Honestly THAT would be between me and my partner NOBODY ELSE
Carla SuAnne Lockett
Honestly what does a person's sexual orientation have to do with anything medical?
Sam Bowers
Sam Bowers 6 日 前
The medical risks you’re exposed to through sexual activity vary depending on the types of people you sleep with.
Nez 7 日 前
Ah, I see. So I’m short because of sleep.
Sylvia Moss
Sylvia Moss 8 日 前
4:01 For fun =^.^=
gamer leppard
gamer leppard 8 日 前
If u weren't a doctor what would u be, And why?
stätïøn 78 Fōr ÿòūr nêws
Me coming to watch doctor mike: LETS GO! Comments: “yeah I’m gay” Me: 🤦‍♂️
stätïøn 78 Fōr ÿòūr nêws
@FrogRealness no
FrogRealness 7 日 前
yeah well it’s kinda a part in this video
Diamond-K Games
Diamond-K Games 9 日 前
My great-grandma used expired insulin she was at a blood sugar level of 17 for a few days straight
Flower Rxse
Flower Rxse 9 日 前
I had a question. My parents always told me that if I kept comparing my height with people I would stop growing. Is that really true?
Jay Nathanial
Jay Nathanial 9 日 前
Tombwraith=Toom b rath. Lol awesome
Sasha Maverick
Sasha Maverick 9 日 前
I was randomly day dreaming about Dr Mike watching Marvel avengers with me and not getting anything cause he's into doctor stuff and then Thor comes on with …" this drink I like it" I was like OMG wow what a coincidence with time... lol idk what I'm doing anymore.
Environmentaly 9 日 前
I'm already gay but I'll go gayer and gayest for you mikeyy🤩😫😌☺😳🥺
SmashLike 9 日 前
When I told my Doctor I was Gay, she said; "WOW! I can't even tell,,,,," I was like WTF is that supposed to mean ....
Geckos Channel
Geckos Channel 9 日 前
2:15 😂
Curious Creation
Question about coming out/sexuality. I'm asexual, and whenever I've told medical professionals, they've thought it was weird, they look at me like I have 2 noses when I say I'm in my 20s and never had any interest in sex, even though I have a significant other. Is that still important to mention, or will is just lead to them trying to "cure" me even though it's not an issue? Like, the issue is that I have chronic nerve pain, not lack of sexual attraction...
Mushy Sis
Mushy Sis 10 日 前
You know, when he said the immunity of the vaccine disappears i said: Yeah that's why my Dad always make all of us get flu vaccine every once a year.
Dana Rashidova
Dana Rashidova 10 日 前
This man deserves to be the president 😔👌
SycraYT1 10 日 前
Grace Walden
Grace Walden 10 日 前
how old do u have to help at a hospital?
George Rogers
George Rogers 10 日 前
I am torn on the matter of coming out to doctors, or rather, torn on the formatting or phrasing of the answer to it in this video. On the one hand, from Dr. Mike's perspective as a decent physician seeking to provide the best care possible, it is always good to know your patient's gender identity, sexual orientation, and level of sexual activity. On the other hand, from my perspective as a gay man living in a world and time where medical discrimination against LGBTQ+ people is still very much a thing, that discrimination has to be considered when deciding whether to come out to medical personnel. I don't think it is right to say that it is always the right thing to disclose that information because of how not unusual it is for LGBTQ+ people to face discrimination in medical settings. Maybe better than saying "yes, come out to your doctor," it is more appropriate to say "lean towards yes, but don't forget that doctors are people and if you see red flags, and have any choice, take your business- take your body- elsewhere." Even in the chat, there are multiple examples of LGBTQ+ people sharing how physicians have been disrespectful, dismissive, ignorant, or otherwise handled the subject or the information varying degrees of embarrassingly poorly. Sadly, there are still cases of people or even their dependents being denied care once their sexuality is known. A doctor asking me if I am gay could be a way of helping to make sure I get a better quality of care, or from some doctors (not every doctor or most doctors, but any new doctor) it could be the start of a process by which quality care is withheld. Coming out to medical professionals is a bit more of a minefield than I feel like Dr. Mike's answer lets on. I get that this is a big question showing up in a kind of... lightning round style video, but it really is a question that deserves a much longer answer because I, for one, would love to see a Dr. Mike video about the latest stats on LGBTQ+ discrimination in medical settings, advice he has for fellow medical professionals to telegraph that they are LGBTQ+ friendly providers, maybe interviews with some LGBTQ+ people to get a first hand account of things that go wrong and things that go right, and maybe his (or those LGBTQ+ experts') advice as an insider to the system for what to do when one encounters medical discrimination- especially in contexts where finding another doctor is not feasible. It is maybe outside the format of the channel, but it really is a subject with room for a deeper dive than "yes and any good doctor should ask you that."
CupcakeDonutGirl 11 日 前
Oh uh yeah I’m going to bed now 😀
Unlimited 12 日 前
7:05 My mum is around 5’6 I would say. And my dad is probably almost 6’. Idrk. But I am currently 5’2. And I still have a few years of growth left. But all my friends who get less sleep than me are still taller than me! And their parents aren’t that tall either.
Blackkat26 12 日 前
good so for me Couse i hate and don't wanna be any taller ill just sleep less and exercise less. lolz
~Benabickt Dumblerkack~
Chicken Pox are called that because the blemishes look like a chicken bite
Madison Theidel
Madison Theidel 12 日 前
oh so thats why im short....thanks school
Flooo 13 日 前
I would be a bit disturbed if my doctor would ask me about my sexuality...I don't see why it is a medical information.
Alde Ambara Sakti
"If there are insulin or EpiPen that has expired, get them nude" In that case i'm injecting the epipen straight to my testicles.
Diona Berisha
Diona Berisha 14 日 前
Dr.Mike I have question. I broke my arm and now it's in a cast what do I do
*aqua*-*tea* 14 日 前
I have a HUGEEEEEEEE question plz respond Dr.Mike What sexually are u…?im bisexual
Some guy that’s here
I think he’s straight
SMITH Das 15 日 前
0:36 Vibes
Theanonymous Girl
Okay, poison. If said poison is expired, does it become more or less deadly?
Dustin Rodriguez
Dustin Rodriguez 15 日 前
Aw, Dr. Mike... you skipped the perfect opportunity to spread awareness about one food intolerance which can actually be self-inflicted! Gluten. If you do not have Celiac Disease, but you cut gluten out of your diet for an extended period of time... you can inflict in inability to properly digest gluten upon yourself. And it is likely nearly impossible (without treatment like a fecal transplant) to restore once you have destroyed it. Gluten is broken down in a health person without Celiac by a bacteria in your gut. If you starve that bacteria by staying away from gluten long enough, it does like anything starved - it dies. And from that point forward, unless the bacteria is re-introduced (through fecal transplant or other route... not probiotics which are marketing mumbo-jumbo that don't survive gastric juices), you can no longer break down gluten. It will cause varying levels of intestinal distress. Might be terrible, might be no big deal, it varies a tremendous amount. But I like to think that if you cut out gluten because it was trendy and you take your dietary recommendations from your Facebook feed, you get to have diarrhea for the rest of your life any time you eat bread, one of the most common foods in every culture throughout all of human history. Because it seems fitting to have a very vibrant reminder of how unthinking and blithe about your own biology you used to be.
Jay Is Forking Done
I think thwy call it chicken pox cause chicken skin looks like it has small red bumps
Katie Gase
Katie Gase 17 日 前
I would love to have a conversation with this man so much
JamTheAlienCorgi Draws!
7:08 me watching this at 2:48am 😳
Courtney Coghlan
Courtney Coghlan 18 日 前
Dr. Mike its kinda dangerous to come out to your doctor because A: they can legally deny you services and B: death threats from medical professionals are no fun (expierenced the later personally btw)
Cara Van niekerk
Cara Van niekerk 18 日 前
And wat is normal symptoms day to day for somone with ibs
Cara Van niekerk
Cara Van niekerk 18 日 前
Wat hapens during an asthma attack (deileksic)
65NART 20 日 前
God you like being sensationalist. This had nothing to do with coming out, though the topic was touched on briefly.
Rachel Schwendiman
@DoctorMike. I have a question. Why does the medication Prozac/ Fluoxetine make my muscles twitch for no reason??
Crusorey Notfound
For some country sex is not allowed
Some guy that’s here
Asexuals: 🕺💃
Cookie cove🍪
Cookie cove🍪 21 日 前
Bruh I have tourettes and when it did the pop pop pop thing I started doing it too
Catherine O'Brien
About the popping towards the last video, is this advice on popping exclusive to joints? Me, my mom, and my grandma can all pop our noses. Meaning if we push our nose to the right or left (on the bottom of the nose) it produces a sound and feeling similar to popping your knuckles.
Don’t ask
Don’t ask 21 日 前
Dr Mike has good vibes
Henry Mathews
Henry Mathews 21 日 前
So I didn’t see the title of the video, I just saw coming out and his face and I was like Ouuuu!!!!! My mind: * *sPiCcY* * 😏 Then I see the title after I click……..Poor me 😂
Chase Morgan
Chase Morgan 21 日 前
Dude you should join nebula
Hamza khan
Hamza khan 22 日 前
Interesting video
Yan Gionet
Yan Gionet 22 日 前
I think chicken in chicken pox is beacause chickens have a lot of buttons under under the plumage
Molly Caldwell
Molly Caldwell 22 日 前
I found out during routine bloodwork during one of my pregnancies that my chicken pox titer was bad! So yes you can lose efficacy from a vaccine!
Netflix flix
Netflix flix 22 日 前
Dr. Mike: Are you gay? Me being gay: Yesterday I was but I think that looking at you turned me straight
Gremlin 22 日 前
My mother is a nurse I am trans My mother doesn't like the fact that I am trans :')
CherryBlossom 109
I accept you 😊
Amelie Fontu
Amelie Fontu 23 日 前
In romania we say varicelă
Crystal Artz
Crystal Artz 23 日 前
Question, is it possible to start becoming lactose intolerant later in life? Like not showing any signs very early but in the middle to later life you start showing signs (or find out) that you lactose intolerant??
💖 𝐿𝓊𝓁𝒶! 💖
Dr mike: "who do you prefer to have sex wit-" Me: *"Y-YOUR MOM.."* Dr mike: Me: Me: *"both- both."*
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