Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: "Just Tell Him You’re The President” (Season 7, Episode 1)

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syz 12 時間 前
No matter how hard he tried, he was never liked by a big number of people and which was reflected in 2016 election.
Mike Ferney
Mike Ferney 15 時間 前
Obama was the man
Weird Dribs
Weird Dribs 15 時間 前
Time for court big guy💯
MrKalergi 20 時間 前
"C'mon man!" is the best closure sentence .
nur Sabrina
nur Sabrina 23 時間 前
Nice head line
"because thats how i do it, and i dont really need a reason" im going to use that....
Bee talking to the great president
Del Taco Jordan
I love Obama in this episode... I would love to chat with him over coffee
Jambu kizee
Jambu kizee 日 前
Love you Obama, so classy and graceful!
Kr Bt
Kr Bt 日 前
Obama is such an eloquent speaker. Music to ones ears. It's incomparable to trump.
Wayne Grausam
Obama wasting time fucking around with jerry Seinfeld. That is the only thing this video is showing anyone!
BDZOKOTO1979 2 日 前
Most loved president ever
Ashley J
Ashley J 2 日 前
We will never have a President like him.,, I bawled my eyes out when he got elected. It felt like we took 100 steps forward just to ... take 200 steps back ... Thank you Trump
Tanya T
Tanya T 2 日 前
Oh man democrats made Obama’s years way to smooth and relaxing! Looks like he didn’t do jack squat!!!🤓
Benson Nyasae
Benson Nyasae 2 日 前
The secret service doesn't take orders from Obama😄😄😄
_GReeeN_CW 2 日 前
"Harry, dont shoot him, he is funny and we all like him"😂😂😂😂
KausaRockCom 6 時間 前
I miss the Coolest President Ever
Surinder Singh
Surinder Singh 2 日 前
Why is no one talking about the car!!!!??
Square In Square
Obama is utterly cool.
John W
John W 3 日 前
We went from this man with class to dumpy Donald.........what in the hell were we thinking.
Mary Wilson
Mary Wilson 3 日 前
You can't have that lol he so sexy. And cool. Miss him and his wife smh we lost out bug time the last 4 year have been a sick joke for us all if you say other wise your an orange damn lie. 🍊😡😠
Mary Wilson
Mary Wilson 3 日 前
He was the best and he was black that why he's so hated plan and simple.
מרדכי ישראל
trump 2020
Jesus Gutierrez
Jesus Gutierrez 3 日 前
Omg Jerry is Lowkey Hating On Barack Obama He Makes Obama Seem Lame Lol
Jesus Gutierrez
Jesus Gutierrez 3 日 前
Lol I’ve seen this before and Jerry sure knows how to make a fool out of Barack Obama.
Sabrina Davis
Sabrina Davis 3 日 前
No. I can't stand to watch that simpering asshole. I mean Obama, not Seinfeld.
Lisa Hopkins
Lisa Hopkins 3 日 前
That was really good! The President finally driving his favorite car from childhood!! Thanks Jerry Seinfeld!!
I watched it. Excellent.
ponduus 3 日 前
I dont even live in this country, but hey, how cool is this leader for one of the biggest country in the world, seems down to earth and funny. Im sry for you Amerika :(
Carolina Bros
Carolina Bros 3 日 前
And people say he was a good president yet he to busy playing around instead of doing his job
Tony Dalessio
Tony Dalessio 4 日 前
The guy holding the door of The Beast for Jerry Seinfeld looks like Johnny Sins
Michael Tuozzolo
Obama was a good talkers more like a classmate then a president and that’ was the problem one of the worst presidents in history he didn’t do a fixing Thing good for this country and hopefully his Vice President Biden doesn’t get in
sln78 4 日 前
Barrack is a stylish man
Future dictator of Detroit
Obama may have bought his car
ruru 4 日 前
The guy was corrupt as hell and loved being with Hollywood pedos.and I voted for him twice ,yes I am guilty as hell .
The Mr. Cowlick Show
yeah but whats his last name? i thought this video would answer that
devils clone
devils clone 4 日 前
Who else notice the ladies in the background that had food and coffee but didn't do anything except talk. Betcha 10 cents that they were undercover agents. Edit: *looking at the comments* seems im not the only 1
The Mechanic
The Mechanic 4 日 前
Trump 2020. So glad this tyrant is out of office
Lzoo Kimaal
Lzoo Kimaal 4 日 前
Jazz turns simple coffee making and underwear talk much much cooler and sexier
Josiah Ernst
Josiah Ernst 4 日 前
Probably one of the most chill presidents in the US.
Kiev Cassiopeia
Kiev Cassiopeia 4 日 前
Dianne Duprez
Dianne Duprez 5 日 前
Yin Qu
Yin Qu 5 日 前
Imagine having a charming, lovable president, rather than an orange clown occupying the WH.
Kowalski Analysis
@Daniel Guerrero😂😂😂😂
Daniel Guerrero
Daniel Guerrero 3 日 前
Orange fool make my stonks go up :)
Kowalski Analysis
I can't wait until this orange fool leaves.
Mark jones J
Mark jones J 5 日 前
So gay .
Breanna Zumhof-Harthan
Barack! Obviously they have to go to Beverly Hills in a Dune Buggie, Dana Carvey! Obviously! This is my fourth round. My comedic timing is impeccable to me right. I gather five tables, Commander in Chief! Obviously, Joe need an opal and a pouched egg on a flannel corned beef hash at St. Julien Hotel and Spa. Obviously!
Kevin Tornel
Kevin Tornel 5 日 前
I thought the thumbnail had 2 obamas lol
Joshua Franklin
Joshua Franklin 5 日 前
You're not a comedian Obama...not even close to being funny!
Izzabell Clark
Izzabell Clark 5 日 前
I don't agree with most of his politics, but he seems real down to earth.
Xavier Saenz
Xavier Saenz 5 日 前
Ya like jazz?
Rap Reaper
Rap Reaper 5 日 前
Jerry seinfeld and shane mcmahon are the only people ive seen wear jordans with suits
مسلم عربي حر
Where are you from the Egyptian revolutionary movements September 20, you claim to democracy?🤔🤔🤔
Hernando Villamil
Biden, Make America Great Again lol
James Zero
James Zero 5 日 前
please try obamacare today
Andy's evil twin
One of the worst president ever
Reyza Vieri Try Juniver
Andreas Friedrich
And now you got Trump. AHAHAHAHA xD
Mykola Bashlakov
Obama definitely had nothing to do all day - if he had time to entertain comedians during work. That's why nothing got done well!
Joel Sb
Joel Sb 6 日 前
Anyone here after watching the Trump's HBO interview?
pedro flores
pedro flores 6 日 前
A lebantar morritas
L 6 日 前
So funny enjoyed video miss Obama
minustaco42 zero
Fuck I miss this man.
trav mac10
trav mac10 6 日 前
Trump is a wwe hall of famer lol
Barış Demir
Barış Demir 6 日 前
I can swear that women in cafeteria are secret service agents but I can't prove it
Susan Wallace
Susan Wallace 6 日 前
This whole interview just made me grin( from Ear to Ear). Make my day!! Taraleigh Wallace...thinking of you.
Aleksa 6ić
Aleksa 6ić 6 日 前
I lowekey thought it was with Idubbbz when I red the title because he always also used to make these videos with comedians
Fardin Khan
Fardin Khan 7 日 前
Obama's got a cool watch
Inell Schilling
Inell Schilling 7 日 前
My Prez. The "Coolest"
Richard D'Angelo
The fact that there were more than 1 questions involving underwear is a little sus 😂😂
Neo SoulZ
Neo SoulZ 7 日 前
All these years and I never saw this I came here because of Darius from bloveslife channel
tobedetermined 7 日 前
TRUMP 2020
adoboFosho 7 日 前
Seinfeld with the nikes
President Obama
President Obama 7 日 前
Yes I do in fact know I am the coolest president who has ever stepped in office
Kip Fleming
Kip Fleming 7 日 前
This was not my cup of coffee, but I enjoyed this very much
Savageviper 7 日 前
Imagine the secret service when this was happening they would have been sweaty as hell LOL
Anis Rahman
Anis Rahman 7 日 前
loved it
karun kumar
karun kumar 7 日 前
The present Indian politics isn't a sport. It's a monopoly 'board game'.
young Pablo
young Pablo 8 日 前
Sittin here smokin dat Obama kush
lord netsplits
lord netsplits 8 日 前
Bunch of scam artist charlatans.
brother uncle
brother uncle 8 日 前
Brush my teeth then shave - Obama. 😎😁
brother uncle
brother uncle 8 日 前
Is Obama and Seinfeld friends in reality or is this show made just for money 💰
Christopher Torres
Fire the guy at the gate so there's nobody to tell you no
Dragon Hawk
Dragon Hawk 8 日 前
What a shit heap
Twiddy Crissi
Twiddy Crissi 8 日 前
Not on this video but everything else
Twiddy Crissi
Twiddy Crissi 8 日 前
From what I've seen I think Jerry Seinfeld is a real life a******
The coffe keeps running 😀 pouring
Dominick Owens
Dominick Owens 8 日 前
don’t like many of obama’s policies, but in terms of the image he presented and his charisma, he outclasses every single other president. absolutely the type of person to be the face of a country. sorry donny is trying to literally wipe every trace of his 8 years from the white house and country.
lol stop
lol stop 6 日 前
You make a very good, fair point but watch this comment get bombarded by "well...... Ackchyually" replies by sycophantic sheep
Narasimham ABR
Narasimham ABR 8 日 前
I miss Obama. I'm not American. But still. And the thought of Trump makes me miss him ten times even
IT'SME 8 日 前
Gee, I can't believe how much I miss him.😭 Wait! NO I DON'T! 🤣😂
omegapointil 8 日 前
I guess tyrants like TRump or McConnell aren't welcome for this. Its understandable. They hate us.
Ducky the milk boy
Ironic that all the ads I watched on the video were "vote trump 2020"
Wanda Smith
Wanda Smith 8 日 前
Obama has such class. Well spoken and intelligent. Man! you are missed. I so enjoyed this. I never missed a episode of Seinfeld. Seeing two of my favorites together makes for a good Saturday morning coffee break. Life is good. ☕👍😎
The Gameplay
The Gameplay 8 日 前
Putin, never have free time. That why we sinks, because they wasting there time, and our money
Coffin Dancers
Coffin Dancers 8 日 前
"So what was your most embarrasing presidential moment?" "This may be it" OOF hes gonna need me after that
Savageviper 7 日 前
Good one bro
Faith Isaac
Faith Isaac 8 日 前
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blue 8 日 前
Lol stfu pseudoscience scam bot 🖕
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 8 日 前
Those two ladies are ninja assassin bodyguards.
T3H11 3LL1S
T3H11 3LL1S 9 日 前
Wow, what a great car culture. No seat belt law huh?
Annie Dzakova
Annie Dzakova 9 日 前
"Because that's how I do it and I don't really need a reason." I can respect that 👏
Diffuse Wings49
Diffuse Wings49 9 日 前
Obama isn't a comedian lmao
Soupツ 9 日 前
I can only hear Barry b benson in Jerry’s voice
Elijah Littau
Elijah Littau 9 日 前
I’m republican and id choose Obama over either of our current options any day. He was a great fuckin president.
Mr. Teal
Mr. Teal 4 日 前
Yet you’re still voting for trump fuck you
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