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Basketball SUPERstar, Russell Westbrook, takes over hosting duty on Cold As Balls! He discusses with his first time guest, Kevin Hart, about his competitive spirit, his feelings toward Kevin Durant, and who would win in a one-on-on with LeBron James. Powered by Old Spice - bit.ly/ColeAsBalls
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コメント数 5 215
Grant Olson
Grant Olson 12 時間 前
Them balls are going to be all shriveled up after this vid
White Guy
White Guy 17 時間 前
Kevin:Earl bonkins Russ:what happened
Michael Bauer
Michael Bauer 20 時間 前
They should be in a movie together it will be so funny😂😂😂😂
Russell is lying
Boiii 日 前
Nyuol Deng
Nyuol Deng 日 前
When can Russel Westbrook host his own show?
gio serra'den
Darrian Woods
Dude i loved that OKC team with harden, KD, & russ. that 30 for 30 is going to be crazy. All 3 of them have been league MVP
Darrian Woods
8:55 "that bottom button is screaming for help" LOLOL
Ricky Santiago
“Ik why u wear #0 cuz that’s ur IQ” 😂 Kevin funny asl
Pure Shooter
Pure Shooter 日 前
I scrolled the comments for awhile. WB has lots of 10 yr old fans.
Soar Kunta
Soar Kunta 2 日 前
This has to be the funniest episode lmao.
Dane Choy
Dane Choy 2 日 前
I swear at 7:40 is the most funniest part 😭😂😂 Kevin Hart a fool.
DILNED Smith 2 日 前
They look mad cold , but tryna play it off🤦‍♀️😂
Neo2Wavyy 2 日 前
Russ and kd be like
Shrek Shmurda
Shrek Shmurda 2 日 前
5:28 lmao he be dunking on all the nuns
Tseku Tseku
Tseku Tseku 3 日 前
He was too smart to take the SAT Genius
Abel Ostrem
Abel Ostrem 3 日 前
I love russel
Lg 3 日 前
I just vs russel in 2k and we lost
Joel Ranglin
Joel Ranglin 3 日 前
Julian Wilkins
Julian Wilkins 3 日 前
What u get on your S.A.T😂- Heart
Weez Lee
Weez Lee 3 日 前
this is why RW will never win a ring lolll
Leafhous 2 日 前
Winter God
Winter God 3 日 前
recommended is getting better and better
Shayne Te Riini
Shayne Te Riini 4 日 前
Straight up, Kev and Rus were mocking that white dude. He should have called them "black asses" or "black boys" for a joke! (He would have been fired probably but the humour which is a bit crude/lame)
Mr.NiceGuy 4 日 前
Westbrook: We dominate every team no problem, we whoop them asses. *gets eliminated first round*
SoccerLife8 4 日 前
Does anyone know where Westbrook got them swim trunks??? They’re nice as hell I want a pair
Dee Gamer
Dee Gamer 4 日 前
10 points, 46 rebounds and 86 assists nice lmfao
Sammyboi32 4 日 前
1:17 how russel wish he could talk to kid in okc 😂
Alexander Chrystall
Gotta love Russ
Kevin hart be asking way better questions then these reporters
DaGodBoy DaRifsv
Westbrook has a 2.14 GPA BTW
Ace the Beast
Ace the Beast 5 日 前
10:07 bro what are you talking about
Blynk 5 日 前
Love how no one has said “Bro what? What are you taking about? Y’all trippin.”
sholove Sholove
sholove Sholove 5 日 前
My guy Russ
Soubhi Anchad
Soubhi Anchad 6 日 前
7:04 this reminds me of something lol
CAC 6 日 前
Hope he does it with kawhi Leonard
wolf 6 日 前
*White hand? These roles could never be reversed. That is, there could never be a show on air this day and age with a white host who called someone "Black Hand." There would be outrage and the show would be cancelled. But, I guess that's the backlash of having a white supremacist in office and having had your ancestors enslaved for 245 years (first Africans brought to Jamestown in 1619 and slavery officially utlawed in 1865). I wouldn't mind it if there wasn't the hypocrisy involved. In other words, if every color could make fun of every color, then it's fair game. Comedy is comedy, and anything goes, but in this hyper politically correct era, we could never see "white hand" make a joke about "black body."*
Gabriel Marinescu
Child actor under Kevin heart hah
Night Avenger
Night Avenger 7 日 前
Kevin Hart ex host lol
Ynw Melly
Ynw Melly 7 日 前
Lol this video
Palm Tree
Palm Tree 7 日 前
Get D' lo on the show please
Palm Tree
Palm Tree 7 日 前
So you miss alot? Damn line got me wheezing
albany jefferson
im weaakkkkk😂 , "bambam if you dont put a button on that got damn shirt" "well I'm not looking but its looking at me" WEAAKKKKK😂😂
Damian Poehnelt
Damian Poehnelt 8 日 前
Yo let’s get Giannis on here
Ryan RTZ4LIFE 9 日 前
Captain Underpants
John Harvin
John Harvin 10 日 前
Bam Bam! If you dont put a button on that GOTDAMN shirt!
Booker The Wolf
Booker The Wolf 10 日 前
John Gillesania
John Gillesania 11 日 前
I just smiled the whole video
default god
default god 12 日 前
This funny asf😂😂🤣
Fernando Flores
Fernando Flores 12 日 前
1:55 Russell has a attitude because KD left him (sorry)
Yo Daddy
Yo Daddy 12 日 前
“The sailor hat” 💀💀💀
Gage Haworth
Gage Haworth 15 日 前
Westbrook is my dream to be like him. I live in Oklahoma
Brady Bolen
Brady Bolen 15 日 前
Kev please get some baseball players on the show.
Erick Gonzales
Erick Gonzales 16 日 前
Phoenixgaming 765
Conner magrager and Kevin heart 😂😂
Aiden Horn
Aiden Horn 17 日 前
Haha this was great
Marcus Mayes
Marcus Mayes 17 日 前
You need marshawn lynch on the show
Pablo Severino
Pablo Severino 18 日 前
Teenage Mutant Ninja Westbrook Teenage Mutant Ninja Westbrook Teenage Mutant Ninja Westbrook Heroe in a half shell Westbrook Power
John Shepherd
John Shepherd 18 日 前
Bro do Kenba or Cam Newton please my favs
esteban vela
esteban vela 18 日 前
Smile stomach absence since broken alter coverage exhibit phase college ownership PM.
TheRealGOAT 3871
TheRealGOAT 3871 20 日 前
“The faces you make Russ” Reporter: “Did y’all lose tonight or did the Jazz win” Russell: “What? Y’all tripping”
TheRealGOAT 3871
TheRealGOAT 3871 20 日 前
I wrote a letter to Russell Westbrook for a class project and I got some wristbands and stuff back 😂
John Nob
John Nob 2 日 前
I wrote a letter to 2k and got stickers, a letter back and some inside information
Vakho GMD
Vakho GMD 4 日 前
Really? Lol
Secret rappers Sg
My favorite number is 4 just like Russell Westbrook
Mrbuffalo1212 Gaming
They forgot it
Gene G.
Gene G. 21 日 前
*Dat bottom button is screamin for help.*
jayden Hunt
jayden Hunt 24 日 前
When bam bam flipped down his glasses I lost it
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
One talks loud and one plays loud.
Paul Sittner
Paul Sittner 25 日 前
Deadass described Kevin hart as a Child Actor in his profile hahaha
Melvin Junior
Melvin Junior 25 日 前
Russell Westbrook kind of reminds me of Mike Tyson when he's speaking lol
Matteo Bernini
Matteo Bernini 25 日 前
I have pectus excavatum
edwin Hunnet
edwin Hunnet 26 日 前
Kevin Hart isn’t funny. Mofo is lame af.
Kyza Yorke
Kyza Yorke 27 日 前
Next question 😂😂
Santino Aragon
Santino Aragon 27 日 前
kevin hart can smell cheese
toobasaurus23 28 日 前
Shame the Russ doesn't have that humility when it matters for his team.
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 11 日 前
What do you even mean?
Story 28 日 前
This was great west is a great actor lool
Quan Henry
Quan Henry 28 日 前
Nobody in the comment section uses the letter s at the end of a word.
Landon Ellis
Landon Ellis 28 日 前
2:32 his stomach looks like a face
Nahshon McDowell
Nahshon McDowell 28 日 前
Do kawhi Leonard next plz
Benzh IV
Benzh IV 29 日 前
I love russ’s laugh
mored arev haritourian
Taylor R
Taylor R 26 日 前
He did ben simmons...blake griffin...swaggy p...
Klint Llovia
Klint Llovia 29 日 前
How can you not like russel westbrook? Smart man, Great basketball player
Why 3 日 前
The stuff he does on the court makes ppl dislike him ( he blocked his own teammate)
Edwin L
Edwin L 29 日 前
Where are the tatts on west?
manuel montoya
manuel montoya ヶ月 前
Westbrook was like whos earl boykins
i always thought russell was a cocky hothead who complained about everything... after watching this i was wrong. He seems like a very funny and down to earth guy.
Jagged Jay Jr
Jagged Jay Jr 3 時間 前
CST dude stfu
CST 日 前
AKPRODUCTIONZ lol... so if u are Nice to a super famous guy on a tv show then thats ur personality? They say ted bundy was Nice and charming too.. guess he was misunderstood.................
Dejan F
Dejan F 4 日 前
Imagine this: You lost a game, and right after the end in locker room, an idiot asks you "Did you lose this or did the Jazz win it?" Like wtf is he supposed to do.
GaminN00b 26 日 前
Same here. But people are always just competitive in sports. Alot of people are chill in their normal life
cameron king
cameron king ヶ月 前
God Lecks
God Lecks ヶ月 前
Bruh westbrook is built like a freaking tank lmao
Skyler Pennie
Skyler Pennie ヶ月 前
Good to have you here on the show Kevin Durant.
Alex Suarez
Alex Suarez ヶ月 前
I have never seen westbrook this calm
Nacoa _
Nacoa _ ヶ月 前
I thought this was new cash nasty upload💀
SOUPY41 ヶ月 前
I want to watch the pk subban episode but it’s not available in my country but I live in Canada wtf
Letz Talk
Letz Talk ヶ月 前
Should've called him out playing My Career in real life
Solomon Said
Solomon Said ヶ月 前
Next question
Chrome Child
Chrome Child ヶ月 前
I do think Westbrook would beat Bron 1v1. That isn't to say he's a better player in the NBA, but 1 on 1 I think he'd get Lebron.
Teron Arrington
Teron Arrington ヶ月 前
Bring Paul George be next
Akhil S Morusupalli
westbrook doesn't have tattoos?
Essence D
Essence D ヶ月 前
Russ has a nice body
Lebron-832 ヶ月 前
Russels voice reminds me of chicklet.hf
Russell Westbrick
next question
Joely xo
Joely xo ヶ月 前
Kevin hart and Chris rock?
Xavier Jiles
Xavier Jiles ヶ月 前
Bring derrick rose👌👌
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