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Basketball SUPERstar, Russell Westbrook, takes over hosting duty on Cold As Balls! He discusses with his first time guest, Kevin Hart, about his competitive spirit, his feelings toward Kevin Durant, and who would win in a one-on-on with LeBron James. Powered by Old Spice - bit.ly/ColeAsBalls
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コメント数 5 579
Alan Craig
Alan Craig 16 時間 前
No way kebin hart is 6 foot 2 that would be taller than me
AWok3n YT
AWok3n YT 3 日 前
He left tho😂
Roho Productions
anyone else watching this in an ice bath 💀💀
The life of Young Leopxrd
5:35 the ice made him cum
Andre Aoun
Andre Aoun 5 日 前
can’t wait for Colin Cowherd’s analysis and breakdown of Russ’ performance on this show
ACH 5 日 前
Who here in 2019 listening to Kevin Hart call Harden "Harding" at 08:25 and thinking, "he really don't know?"
Yomamu 5 日 前
9:00 “super teams are not my style” *continues to join the rockets with James fucking harden*
Da Villain
Da Villain 6 日 前
My favorite number is 4 too🤘🏼and it’s crazy cuz Westbrook has been my favorite player 😭🤘🏼
Eagle RM
Eagle RM 7 日 前
5:36 😂😂😂
Daran Idk
Daran Idk 7 日 前
Your no longer on Henry danger stop being scared
Brody Coyle
Brody Coyle 11 日 前
Little did he know......
KING FEEQ 11 日 前
Definitely one of the best ones!! 😆😆😆😆
fizz frantic
fizz frantic 12 日 前
He said he ain't leaving lol
King Santi
King Santi 14 日 前
Mohammed Saleh
Mohammed Saleh 14 日 前
The cheat code had me dying 😂😂
Hx. Williams
Hx. Williams 10 日 前
Mohammed Saleh frfr
Biggern Better
Biggern Better 15 日 前
Jeremiah Blevins
Jeremiah Blevins 15 日 前
Now he’s in Houston lol
#1 Stuntstunt
#1 Stuntstunt 15 日 前
RUSSELL Westbrook is a goat
jones feeds
jones feeds 15 日 前
0 iq😂😂
Camentime YT
Camentime YT 15 日 前
I finally get the title 😂😂😂
Hotboy Fuego
Hotboy Fuego 17 日 前
4:20 😂😂😂 sound like he miss a lot
Hotboy Fuego
Hotboy Fuego 17 日 前
Earl boykins!! 🤨 what happened? 😂😂😂
ItsModrn 17 日 前
7:54 “I ain’t looking, but it’s looking at me” 🤣🤣🤣
James La Sean
James La Sean 17 日 前
6:43 stay loyal to okc
KGHype 17 日 前
I'm hearing hints of Tyson when Russ talk
Andrew74 _
Andrew74 _ 19 日 前
Rockets jerseys
Joshua Lopez
Joshua Lopez 19 日 前
George Maringo
George Maringo 19 日 前
6:37 thats a lie
get lowry on there
MANUP Athletics
MANUP Athletics 21 日 前
8:25 Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, James Harden, & Serge Ibaka... 👑🙌🏾👑 Would Could Have Been! Wow, OKC Dropped The Ball
Shoe Person
Shoe Person 23 日 前
Kevin Hart’s statline 10 points 46 rebounds 86 assists 3 lies
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson 2 日 前
2 lies ten points is true
ΜΣC流 και
ΜΣC流 και 23 日 前
Man russel is so quiet and peaceful 😂
WeRgaminG Bros
WeRgaminG Bros 23 日 前
All we need is kd☝🏾
D Mony
D Mony 24 日 前
"That's why I'm always gonna be in okc". Lol
DJ Hall
DJ Hall 24 日 前
In captain underpants he was a kid
mrbjboss 54
mrbjboss 54 24 日 前
He just boonk ganged his show
Sean Ferguson
Sean Ferguson 25 日 前
he didn't stay for that long
Christian Valencia
I never knew Westbrook sounded like a 18 year old nerd
Tom Jackson
Tom Jackson 25 日 前
Much love Westbrook! My favorite Thunder player of all time.
What he said to Kevin in the beginning, "It used to be" is the same thing he's going to tell Harding Lol....
TonyBuddz Kartel
TonyBuddz Kartel 26 日 前
My brother legit told me to rewatch this just to say this is a physical representation of Houston next season 😂
FreeThinker040 26 日 前
That's a long chest Westbrook got
Lorenz Specht
Lorenz Specht 27 日 前
This made me like Russell
daniel akanro
daniel akanro 27 日 前
Kevin Hart is not 6'2
XxDocileXx Buro
XxDocileXx Buro 28 日 前
“You want the dog to come out” 😂😂
Ryan Flynn
Ryan Flynn 28 日 前
Cal Gardinet
Cal Gardinet 28 日 前
6:41 uh oh
Roperbad Tv
Roperbad Tv 28 日 前
Kevin hart: you are so loyal to OKC why is that? Russel Westbrook: has left the chat
Aidan McParland
Aidan McParland 29 日 前
"never leaving OKC" 😂😂
DaSavage 2111
DaSavage 2111 29 日 前
6:40 made my mad Okc fan btw
King Crucial
King Crucial 29 日 前
This how Westbrook gonna show up to his first Rockets practice lol
Nate Harbeson
Nate Harbeson ヶ月 前
Y’all don’t even get the reference that he’s saying .. he keeps saying “don’t talk to my guys” that’s what he said to KD when KD tried to start stuff with OKC when he played for the Warriors
劉哲綸 ヶ月 前
Russ seems a nice guy, wish the best man
Savage Bradley
Savage Bradley ヶ月 前
I like shark fin soup
Rickn Moorte
Rickn Moorte ヶ月 前
yall notice how Russ went all the way into the tub and kevin kept himself waist deep
jack4420 jack4420
He lied about not leaving
dylanrexrode ヶ月 前
Anybody know what bathing suit Russ is wearing?
Ryan Hastie
Ryan Hastie ヶ月 前
russ' fashion icon is eddie murphy
Ryan Hastie
Ryan Hastie ヶ月 前
russ is a stat chaser
bommai ヶ月 前
9:00 This video didn't age too well
emmanuel dukes
emmanuel dukes ヶ月 前
Westbrook should be in space jam 2
Bostons_#1king james fan
Westbrook says he dnt like super teams and likes having the challeng to go against thm but as soon as Paul George goes to clippers, Westbrook demands a trade and joins James Harding on Rockets. If he liked a challenge and hates super teams, why team up w/ one of the top teams in NBA
dhmhtrhs Fotopoylos
@Demon Jake He was just unlucky He lost the Conference Finals while winning 3-1 Durant betrayed him PG left So to help his team, which is still his team, he decided to left
Demon Jake
Demon Jake 29 日 前
da.gr8.508. Because OKC wasn’t helping him, he done everything he could
dhmhtrhs Fotopoylos
OKC wanted to rebuild They wanted to trade Russ And they chose a good team for him and not a trashy one. So do not blame russ
Lazar lazar Fan
Lazar lazar Fan ヶ月 前
It’s no longer f#%* kd its f#%* OKC for trading russ
Neel Moudgil
Neel Moudgil ヶ月 前
Westbrook got the body of a ninja turtle
X_2waveyy ヶ月 前
Coming frm a basketball coach after seeing this Westbrook aint no damn 6'3😂
Yoboiquan GPV
Yoboiquan GPV ヶ月 前
V Series
V Series ヶ月 前
Spoiler he leaves
j jac
j jac ヶ月 前
How are they not shivering rn
Zeno Sama
Zeno Sama ヶ月 前
My favorite episode
Z ヶ月 前
This is what gonna happen on houston
Emmanuel Mukendi
Emmanuel Mukendi ヶ月 前
Reaz Salam
Reaz Salam ヶ月 前
first he hogs the ball now the show
The Mediocre Gamer
Lied right to Kevin's face!
Christian Nikchevich
Russ: I never leaving okc 2019:sings with Houston 😂😂
Your momma House
Your momma House ヶ月 前
He got traded dumbass
Michael J.F.
Michael J.F. ヶ月 前
*Kevin Hart* : Right now, you staying true to OKC. *Russ* : Yup. *Kevin Hart* : You saying, 'I'm not leaving'; what has that done for the city? NOW THAT'S TUFF
Jalb ヶ月 前
9:02 had me in tears😥
supreme_FUGATE ヶ月 前
Go watch my new vid
Karan Phull
Karan Phull ヶ月 前
People saying oh I didnt know Russell was so nice. Firstly don't listen to people. Aka media. Pathetic and weak move. Don't judge the book by it's cover. Russell has been the same from the getco though idk him personally you can get a vibe he's been down to earth and don't respect BS aka media people hence why he's a rude mfker. Also shoutout to the fools that dislike this entertaining video. Fools 🤦🏽‍♂️
obro ヶ月 前
6:37 debatable
Bryan Smeriglio
Bryan Smeriglio ヶ月 前
Westbricks iq is 0 on the basketball court cuz if it was anything higher he would know hes cancer n cant shoot great n should play 2nd or 3rd roll to whoever is on his team
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