Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson Insult Each Other | CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!

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"You're ugly!": Avengers: Endgame stars Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson take it in turns to INSULT EACH OTHER on BBC Radio 1's Playground Insults.
Who will win when two Hollywood superstars rip each other apart?
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BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 1 ヶ月 前
🔔Hit that reminder bell to see Avengers: Endgame stars Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson go head-to-head in Playground Insults - 3pm GMT, Wednesday 24th April. 👊
Serkos Kanellopoulos
After seeing the Ryan Reynolds vid nothing can one up him
Non Chalant
Non Chalant 14 日 前
+Daniel Villalobos DAMN RIGHT DUDE!!!!
Blackman Riggs
Blackman Riggs 17 日 前
bryan callen and chris delia would be right silly on this
Tyler M
Tyler M 18 日 前
+Tom H we would have seen a bloodlusted thor if brie were they.
Julian House
Julian House 2 時間 前
“Oh gosh.. it’s really hard... mm mmmm!” fuck.. I love you Scarlett #thatswhatshesaid
Denise Barstad
Denise Barstad 2 時間 前
This is not denise but boo...
Zachary Meehan
Zachary Meehan 2 時間 前
Such weak insults 😂
luna_Heart_gacha 2 時間 前
0:26 - 0:30 watch with your eyes closed omg..
Tachibana 3 時間 前
Why do the announcers pronounce her name as “Yohansson”?
jade 2004
jade 2004 4 時間 前
Love this
dlein93 4 時間 前
Scarlet: Your cardigan sucks Chris: Ghost in the Shell Scarlet: EXCUSE ME?!!
jana 11
jana 11 5 時間 前
hosts:insult each other chris:you're beautiful 😂😂
Despot Airsoft
Despot Airsoft 5 時間 前
Surprisingly funny watching them try to insult each other. It's like they wanted to soooo bad but just couldn't.
Sebastian Aleksandriytzin
A friend likes to tell me beautiful people are bland. I always argue back but that video...I mean :-/
GoldenLike's 5 時間 前
bu kadın cok iyi ya :D hastasıyız dedeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
shivangi shah
shivangi shah 6 時間 前
Chris evans vs rdj We NEED it!!!!!!!!!
amskilletrockz 6 時間 前
Brie Larson, take notes.
Tejas Mahajan
Tejas Mahajan 7 時間 前
Jaisai Deugi
Jaisai Deugi 7 時間 前
Thor (the god of thunder) cant even survive an electric device/dribe in his head
ShiFT TriiCky
ShiFT TriiCky 7 時間 前
We need tom holland and antony macky to do this They could do this all day
Shoeb Shaikh
Shoeb Shaikh 8 時間 前
3:50 can't understand what he said
•-• Ur mom gay
•-• Ur mom gay 9 時間 前
I thought he was John Krasinkie (sorry idk how to spell his name lol)
Fred Pearson
Fred Pearson 9 時間 前
Terrible video. Best line: "Scarlett, it's good you're so beautiful, because up here (points to head), nothing." He could have finished her off with: "And by the way, your ass does look fat in those pants."
Niklas Ohlsson
Niklas Ohlsson 10 時間 前
2:04 CS - "... have a go about Thor!" SJ - "Oh my god!" LOL
Emanuel Jenkins
Emanuel Jenkins 11 時間 前
i so dun i dead
The Brywarrior
The Brywarrior 11 時間 前
I think these two but this is definitely the worst of these videos.
Lexi Mendoza
Lexi Mendoza 12 時間 前
Close your eyes at 0:26 and let your mind picture it :)
amber immel
amber immel 13 時間 前
they don't get the Ann Taylor comment😂
El Astro Media
El Astro Media 14 時間 前
When she says mhhhmmmm yeah at the beginning 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐
Blessed Era
Blessed Era 14 時間 前
Scarlett Johansson i will drink ur bath water Hope this will insult you
The Henryverse
The Henryverse 14 時間 前
Rudd and Renner would be great for this
t t
t t 14 時間 前
Criss is funny .i like him
Karishma Keshari
Karishma Keshari 15 時間 前
"Your biceps look like Thanksgiving turkeys"😂
godhatesus245 15 時間 前
Worst playground insult by far.
Stephen Strange
Stephen Strange 16 時間 前
Is that a personal attack?
sameera fernando
sameera fernando 17 時間 前
A "Dumb" show
StavroginNikolai 17 時間 前
Am I the only one who finds Scarlett ten times more annoying than Brie Larson?
zx xz
zx xz 6 時間 前
StavroginNikolai yes
Hennie Goede
Hennie Goede 19 時間 前
Please do Tom Holland and Anthony Mackey
Wintermute 19 時間 前
There goes my dream of Scarlett Johansson dominating me. She is far too nice and sweet.
Jacob Schiller
Jacob Schiller 20 時間 前
0:28 with or without context is pretty titillating.
Nohbdy 20 時間 前
I feel like she channeled black widow and chris drunk thor
Ondraya Dominique
Ondraya Dominique 21 時間 前
“do you even know how to spell your name? cause no one else does”
Christopher Talbot
Christopher Talbot 22 時間 前
Thor: Civil War Team Thor vs Team Black Widow
JerseyLoveee 23 時間 前
Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan PLEASE
cclevel45 日 前
Wow that was bad
Irena 日 前
Simon Cowell vs Gordon Ramsay
Kody Barroso
Kody Barroso 日 前
Anthony Mackie and Sebastion Stan should do this
VicioMental 日 前
Do you really want strong language? Put Chris Hemsworth with Brie Larson there.
Little Hammster 56
No it should be epic and pubg
misfit1978 日 前
Man crush on Chris. Scarlett ain't bad either!
Bigger than bigger Momp
Close your eyes at 00:26
Why do people in the comments repeat what we already heard?
Aidan Chiranjiv Singh
Lance Mccarty
Paul rudd and Michael pena would be epic
Lance Mccarty
Chris: hey scarlet go to your mancave and fix me a sandwich
Saji Plackel
Saji Plackel 日 前
2:14 *chris.exe has stopped working*
Al Whatley
Al Whatley 日 前
Chris is right she is very dumb thier was something going on and she didn't know what to do. She really sucks 😆
Sarthak Jain
Sarthak Jain 日 前
The sexiest people on earth trying to insult each other
JJ 日 前
Playground compliments.
andrew sanchez
scarlett ughhhhh luv
IkeDeezl 日 前
holy shit theyre... fuckin . forrr sure
See that's how it's supposed to work They're both such nice people and their chemistry together is just so good Now watch an interview with Chris and Brie "Captain SJW" Larson and then come back to this
Dearon Bursey
1:14 he's like wtf😂💀
Daily Otaku Life
Chani lioo
Chani lioo 日 前
Thor & Black Widow is insulting each other. we all know that fighting with their teammates is a common thing with Avengers
Shreeya Kajaria
Pretty boy knows that ugly isn't just applicable to him so why bother!
Federico Gómez
1:15 😂 😂
Andrew Lindsay
Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought on the radio especially radio 1 u weren’t allowed to swear until the water shed or was it during that time
Krithik Row
Krithik Row 日 前
This shows how close the Avangers cast is. I❤ them . I will miss them. I cried while seeing endgame 😢😢😢
Paper Boy
Paper Boy 日 前
Mama noooooooo
Erica Ferguson
Did I mention how LAME AF this is? Because everyone is talking about it.
You see what i did there
They are too good looking they cant insult each others looks!!
Sparky Talong
2:11 "how did your hammer grow chris?" Titan gel?
Sparky Talong
0:53 "inside you is just awful" 👉👌🤐
Rak NRoll
Rak NRoll 日 前
When she sees your dick 0:28 - 0:31
Hunter Knucklehead
0:25 To 0:35 And Loop It.... My Hands And Arms Are So Sore... It’s Been Almost A Month?!
Daniel Ayy
Daniel Ayy 日 前
Should have done Chris Hemsworth vs Tom Hiddleston
Dr. Raka Rathor
Abhishek Patel
Add title bcoz some accent are not underztand
Elektra McMillan
I don’t like your sweater, but i love your biceps
Super Soldier
Oooh Do Brie Larson 😂
Nemesis101 ROX
CHRIS should have said ''SCARE''LETT a..... mewling quim.... XD
roedhunt 日 前
Proof that women can dish it out but can't take it. She got butthurt at almost all his insults.
Ecaps Desu
Ecaps Desu 日 前
I'm so in love with their voices ! 😍
Zild Benitez
Zild Benitez 日 前
Imagine Brie Larson being on this show
Music guy
Music guy 日 前
carinha que mora logo ali
legenda em portugues por favor
꧁꧂Ꮆ Ꮛ Ꮼ Ꮧ Ꮆ Ꮛ꧁꧂
Part 2 in porn hub!
fights4fight 日 前
See, Brie Larson? This is how you're supposed to do instead of hurling your ridiculous words like "Is this a personal attack?" and throwing a sex card.
Darker 日 前
Scarlett Johannson IRL: I hate confrontation Scarlett Johannson on film: We don't want to kill you, but we will.
Ethan benfield
You cant expect the most beautiful woman in the world and the most beautiful man in the world to have very many insults for eachother
1mwyz 日 前
Lmao it just turns into a nice-off.
Pacfanweb 日 前
This is one of the worst ones I've seen. They need to get Downey and Evans or Cumberbatch doing this.
0:29 I nutted
carolo364 日 前
Why is Scarlett so good?
Michael Gardere
When did this video originally come out
AJ the Marauder
Scarlett should've said "Why didn't you go for the head?"
Snowie Foxie
Snowie Foxie 日 前
“Chris you’re ugly” WE ALL KNOW THAT’S A LIEEEE
squigi luigi
squigi luigi 日 前
when thors hammer grew so did his ego **micdrop** jk that was bad
Paul Polpiboon
This is what Hemsworth meant miss Brie
Str1ken0w 日 前
Toby McGuire vs Tom Holland
Chelsea Benoit
This is gold but I have a question... WHY ARE HER LEGS IN BETWEEN HIS LEGS!?!
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