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Saturday Night Live
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Kathie Lee Gifford (Kristen Wiig), Tom Hanks, Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond) and Burt Reynolds (Norm Macdonald) take on Alex Trebek (Will Ferrell) in a new round of "Celebrity Jeopardy!" [Season 34, 2009]
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コメント数 100
John O'Brien
John O'Brien 9 時間 前
Zardoz. Sean Connery in red booty shorts.
Heed My Warning
Heed My Warning 11 時間 前
The majority of SNL skits I see tend to come from 2013. Why is that?
Dennis Imondi
Dennis Imondi 14 時間 前
Why is this on my recommended list this show sucks!
Tim Tv Please
South Hampshire!
FerretGuild 日 前
Weird al is so RIDICULOUSLY smart that I’d feel if he was in this he’d not only have +$ but also pull off being an idiot. “Oh I am right?” *CHILD LIKE YAY*
Pushpa YoutubeLibrary
how is negative 69 last place? -69 is greater than -46,700 and greater than -22,400.
Lucas Ferreira
Trebek vs Connery is one of the best rivalries in anime history
slayer 1990z
slayer 1990z 2 日 前
The mist have had to pay a ton of money to get Kathy on there
T-Squared 2 日 前
Is it me, or is the fact that they showed the broken screen of the podium absolutely hilarious? XD
Speez Leventis
Speez Leventis 2 日 前
Tom Hanks piercing his tongue with the pen and going down was hilarious!!!!
HugoStiglitz 2 日 前
Remember when SNL was funny? Pepperidge Farms remembers.
Nikita Lavrenov
Nikita Lavrenov 3 日 前
"Catch the semen" really got me crying from laughter
Scott Beville
Scott Beville 4 日 前
Ill take "catch the semen for $800"!!!
Steg Darkhorse
Steg Darkhorse 5 日 前
Burt Reynolds out of nowhere was great on its own. The fact his podium still says, "Turd Ferguson" after all this time is what really takes it up that extra notch.
allan knox
allan knox 5 日 前
Loved the reference to Kam Fong and Chin Ho, then Will replying "Good Lord"
Akira Yamaoka
Akira Yamaoka 5 日 前
I absolutely love that Tom Hanks IS Tom Hanks, that shit is funny on a fourth dimensional level. It's like alternate reality, broken Tom Hanks. Hom Tanks.
Renae Cassidy
Renae Cassidy 5 日 前
Don Cavallacci
Don Cavallacci 6 日 前
I’m crying so funny. Sean is awesome
carlettosway 6 日 前
take that
Tracy Haus
Tracy Haus 6 日 前
They stole this from SCTVs Half Wits skit...just like anything else decent...snl sux
Ian Selman
Ian Selman 6 日 前
Wilson!!!!!! lol. I have a feeling SNL is going to take off like a rocket. "Catch the-se men" lol. The host looks a tad bit old than I had last remembered.
Donal Ravioli
Donal Ravioli 6 日 前
I’d rather watch Oxpeckers rip ticks off a hairy infested boil on a rotting Hippo's arse.
KJ Setser
KJ Setser 7 日 前
RIP Burt Reynolds.
Dave Story
Dave Story 7 日 前
How ironic, bunch of pedo's doing a skit about children.
Dave Story
Dave Story 7 日 前
@Roger Wilco Don't worry my painted clown we have archived many words before the dictionary purge. Here's one, covfefe.
Roger Wilco
Roger Wilco 7 日 前
@Dave Story why bother if I already know you're an idiot that doesn't know what words mean?
Dave Story
Dave Story 7 日 前
@Roger Wilco Lol. You didn't stop reading at socialist, clown.
Roger Wilco
Roger Wilco 7 日 前
@Dave Story WTF?? I stopped at "socialist".. Can you explain what you think a "socialist" is?
Dave Story
Dave Story 7 日 前
@Roger Wilco I'm so sorry I hurt your socialist feelings. So let's get this straight, seeing as I don't like adults hurting innocent children that makes me a trumptard. Wow, only a left brain would go there.
Dan 7 日 前
From back when SNL was funny.
jason reed
jason reed 8 日 前
Can the "actor" who portrays Sean ever actually ACT well? That guy blows Wilson's volleyball ding ding.
Jessica Eaton
Jessica Eaton 9 日 前
Lame. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
ian mendoza
ian mendoza 9 日 前
nonsense round: elon musk: X Æ A-12
C p
C p 9 日 前
L. Tiller
L. Tiller 9 日 前
So freaking hilarious!
Jason Wealth
Jason Wealth 9 日 前
I love this show for two persons, Sean Connery and Burt Reynolds
Connor DoubleYou
Will Ferrell playing the straight man is the wildest part of all these Celebrity Jeopardy sketches.
Roger Wilco
Roger Wilco 7 日 前
what do you mean?
William Perez
William Perez 10 日 前
Adrenochrome suckers
Roger Wilco
Roger Wilco 7 日 前
😆 Qtards are the most pathetic creatures on the planet.
Scott Udell
Scott Udell 10 日 前
Okay, why does Darrell Hammond look more like Richard Karn with blonde hair than he does Sean Connery? 😂😂😂
MŸ STŸLE 10 日 前
Literally just came in to hear him say "i had such high hopes for you"
Gad Fortune
Gad Fortune 10 日 前
OMG!! That was funny
TheDefBurns 10 日 前
jeso317 11 日 前
That was a terrible Tom Hanks impression
Joe Bauer
Joe Bauer 11 日 前
SNL vicepres debate
Logan Ward
Logan Ward 11 日 前
Trump 2024 yeah baby and more !!
Roger Wilco
Roger Wilco 7 日 前
😆 cultist
Gilbert York
Gilbert York 11 日 前
civilization according tear basement among institutional ought fire remarkable.
Logan Ward
Logan Ward 11 日 前
Trump 2024
Roger Wilco
Roger Wilco 7 日 前
@Logan Ward 😆 cultist
Logan Ward
Logan Ward 11 日 前
@Anti Trumper I bet your daddy left you and mom because mom was putting to the devil and you would wash his balls after? Or did he catch you and mommy playing dirty time together ? Go back to the basement and get out your playgirl or playboy ! And put on your kiddy porn ! And stay there till mommy lets you out ! Of time out
Logan Ward
Logan Ward 11 日 前
@Anti Trumper did mommy mess up your pop tarts again ! Poor baby ! Hope she don't fuck up your hot-pockets at lunch ! Ooo she mite make you a crybaby samwhich you libtard ! How does it fell to be so stupid ??? How back to mommy's basement and cry me lib tears ! Trump 2024-28-32
Logan Ward
Logan Ward 11 日 前
@Anti Trumper what's the matter your mom not make your pop- tart right for breakfast snowflake ??? Lol poor baby ! Hope she don't mess up your hot- pockets at lunch . I'll pray for you since the devil and you are butt hole buddy's ! Hey does it burn when he puts it to you in mom's basement ? Asking for a friend!
Anti Trumper
Anti Trumper 11 日 前
robyn labrador
robyn labrador 11 日 前
Still hilarious😂
Jeffrey Dickens
Jeffrey Dickens 11 日 前
Sean Connery is halerious
effinghamhick 11 日 前
Turd Ferguson
PureLife 11 日 前
Just pure trash.
MrShiffles 11 日 前
Norm McDonald playing Burt Reynolds aka Turd Ferguson on Jeopardy: I'd like to buy a vowel, Pat
Ken Hinrichs
Ken Hinrichs 11 日 前
The guy playing Tom hanks is tom hanks dumass
Jeff O
Jeff O 10 日 前
Noooooooo, really????
Jeff Yeck
Jeff Yeck 11 日 前
I've watched a lot of these now. I'm not a comedy writer, but give those writers credit! The actors didn't come up with this stuff, although they deliver it very well. Great teamwork.
xr28y ge3fl1
xr28y ge3fl1 11 日 前
This is one of the most popular SNL skits. For 20 plus years we watched Trebek act all superior with a cob up his ass. its just to funny to watch him be tormented by contestants.
markman manmark
markman manmark 11 日 前
H B porn tapes coming out just like G F pornhub tapes TRUMP 2020
ChuCho The Ace
ChuCho The Ace 11 日 前
Omg Tom Hanks did himself proud and every character he’s ever played with that one
Scott Udell
Scott Udell 10 日 前
@ChuCho The Ace and who would have thought that the best character he ever played was himself? 😂
ChuCho The Ace
ChuCho The Ace 11 日 前
Ok Sean Connerys pronunciations is one of the funniest things on snl to me
The best category ever, which was on an actual REAL Jeopardy show, as well as an SNL parody skit; An Album Cover. Classic 90s schtik. Okay, 'Catch These Men', is fairly close to a tie with the album cover one.
freggo 12 日 前
SNL, one of the most overrated shows on TV. Rarely funny.
Jeff O
Jeff O 10 日 前
You have to admit it was funny in the '90s.
Zeus 1455
Zeus 1455 12 日 前
Connerys wager just dropped me to the floor
Zeus 1455
Zeus 1455 12 日 前
I miss when this show was good so much. Even a parties this sh!t would be playing in the background
Kehsma Ahse
Kehsma Ahse 12 日 前
Tom Hanks guy looks exactly like Tom Hanks
Danny Dorko
Danny Dorko 13 日 前
catch the semen and is that what the mustache is for is one of the best snl lines I've heard.
Tyler Alm
Tyler Alm 13 日 前
Is it me? Or did they get the 1st and 3rd place wrong? Im definitely high, but -69 is more than -howevermanythefuck points.....
prxducer hxktxk
prxducer hxktxk 13 日 前
What the hell is will ferrells secret for not laughing??
Jeff O
Jeff O 10 日 前
It isn't difficult if everything is scripted and practiced beforehand.
Lukas Grey
Lukas Grey 14 日 前
8:08 "sibilance" classic
shannon w
shannon w 14 日 前
This was the ultimate cast!!!!
Eve Westmoreland
Eve Westmoreland 14 日 前
Is Tom Hanks known as being wholesome and dumb? I never got that impression. Wholesome, yes.
Krischen Allen AKA FHAM
This episode is one of my favorites!!!
tyleryesfaxx 15 日 前
not good.
Billy Rock
Billy Rock 15 日 前
Copied from SCTV
Billy Rock
Billy Rock 15 日 前
Sean Connery looking so young. Tom Hanks memory slipping with age.
Anthony Hobson
Anthony Hobson 15 日 前
TheStobe84 16 日 前
What is this thing with Connery and Trebek? Is it a real thing?
Luis Millan
Luis Millan 16 日 前
Awesome!!! Sean is killing!!
Scott Andrew
Scott Andrew 16 日 前
Imagine being in the 8.2 thousand people who didn’t like this? That’s when you know you’re a very boring, humorless person.
Carama Gambino
Carama Gambino 15 日 前
Those are all the people that know Obama is married to a man
MrNikkistyles 16 日 前
Tom Hanx RIP
Brian Young
Brian Young 17 日 前
Member when TRUMP beat Killery Cuntin? Ya me too. Bidens turn Nov 3rd 2020!!!!!!!!!! Libtards TEARS soon!!!!! (today is 10/12/2020)
Jason Witkowski
Jason Witkowski 17 日 前
kristen wiig is just horrible in this....
Mark Alles
Mark Alles 17 日 前
Sean Connery - too, too much!! I turned out your mother?
Barbara Conway
Barbara Conway 17 日 前
Sean Connery 😂😂 and Burt, hilarious 😂
Ontario Andrews
Ontario Andrews 17 日 前
Darrell Hammond is always hilarious in this sketch as Sean Connery. He never disappoints.
Feets Tank
Feets Tank 17 日 前
Covid Lies. (BFT) BLACKS FOR TRUMP 2020. All the democrats do is lie to us blacks to get our vote. Democrats do nothing but lie and enrich themselves.
TheBschmitty 18 日 前
Why does Burt Reynolds look like Pablo pascal?
Jim Puddy
Jim Puddy 18 日 前
But I want a pickle
Open palm slap that bitch Connery!!
Sunshine24 18 日 前
Sean Connery and Burt Reynolds are the funniest played character on SNL ever
Sunshine24 6 日 前
@Silvers24 nah tom hanks was just kids slapstick comedy that got boring
Jodie Jones
Jodie Jones 7 日 前
In my circle we still call each other Turd Furgeson
Scott Udell
Scott Udell 10 日 前
@Sunshine24 Uh... *cough*MATT FOLEY*cough*
Silvers24 15 日 前
Nah, the person who played tom Hanks really nailed it to be honest. Though he was a bit of a idiot. But hey, who is judging?
noah nugud
noah nugud 18 日 前
A movie with this cast would be hilarious
Johnny Chang
Johnny Chang 19 日 前
Wilson needs to help me on jeopardy .
veilan dreveal
veilan dreveal 19 日 前
Sounds exactly like a nursery class to me! 😂😂😂
Andrés Aguilera Castro
Catch the Semen... Darrell Hammond break !!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Andrés Aguilera Castro
You don't know how laughing with this sketch... Simply awesome ! Pure dinamite !!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
macforme 20 日 前
I think the guy playing Tom Hanks is a FEDEX driver named Chuck Noland.
Road Passion
Road Passion 20 日 前
Anyone notice Burt Reynold's podium had "Turd Ferguson" on it?
Plasteel1 20 日 前
This skit never gets old!
MOLDEE 20 日 前
Did anyone else notice the random video flash at 4:01?
Red's World
Red's World 20 日 前
Who's playing tom hanks
Brian Griffin
Brian Griffin 20 日 前
It's Daniel Day Lewis
The Gothic Metalhead
Chris Wallace during the presidential debate: 0:09
Plissken 21
Plissken 21 21 日 前
8:05 - Tom Hanks says "Sibilance" to test the mic - a throwback to the Wayne's World skit where he does the same thing for Aerosmith.
Sledge Hammer
Sledge Hammer 21 日 前
Howes the "Chrome" jones going Hanx? How many times have you watched "Cuties?" Scum bag...
Golden Grey
Golden Grey 22 日 前
Hanks always gives 100% on SNL. love him
Sean McKee
Sean McKee 22 日 前
Hanks is spectacular in this. Always awesome at comedy.
DemonicPictures 22 日 前
That guy playing Tom Hanks was spot on
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