Céline Dion - A New Day Has Come (Official Video)

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Click to follow Céline Dion on Spotify: smarturl.it/FollowCelineDion Click to Buy ‘A New Day Has Come’: smarturl.it/ANewDay Check out more great videos from the 00's here: smarturl.it/Ultimate00 Taken from the album ‘My Love - Essential Collection’: smarturl.it/CDEssential ------------------------------------------------ More from Celine Dion That’s The Way It Is: jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-T6wbugWrfLU.html My Heart Will Go On: jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-WNIPqafd4As.html ------------------------------------------------ Follow Celine Dion Website: www.celinedion.com/ Facebook: facebook.com/celinedion Twitter: twitter.com/celinedion JPvid: smarturl.it/FollowCeline ------------------------------------------------ Music video by Céline Dion performing A New Day Has Come. (C) 2002 Sony Music Entertainment (Canada) Inc.










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Darlene Barbosa de araujo
Aishaaaa aishaaaaa vix
JLRules 4 時間 前
She was so hot.
Lucas Gomes
Lucas Gomes 6 時間 前
Vc é dms
Ahm Issa
Ahm Issa 9 時間 前
Alexandr Troyan
Alexandr Troyan 10 時間 前
Великолепно, душевно.....
molly sletten
molly sletten 10 時間 前
this is my favroit song ever i lisen too it all the time. and good bye,s the saddest word and ten days thats all mine that i love.
MEEM HAPPY 12 時間 前
Ufffff this song 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
Luísa Rocha
Luísa Rocha 12 時間 前
essa musica lançou deste que eu nasçi eu já tinha chegado ouvir
نور نور سابا
اذا حدا عربي بيسمع سيلن يجي لهون
Aaron Knights
Listening in June, 2020
drica machado
Aqui em 2020, na solidão, chorando e escutando essa linda canção. Quem mais??
P Val
P Val 日 前
X was tired of John. X's brother defended J. X slew his b. The G father.
P Val
P Val 日 前
Emma's breasts. Lalala.
Antonio Campos
Moh’d Khamis
Never get older 🔥
S&L comedy
S&L comedy 日 前
Don't know why people dislike this song smh hunu no have anything to do what in this that u dislike
Gilbert Mutumbu
June 2020 my birthday month
Dalma Eördögh
This reminds me of Demi Lovato: Gift of a friend (the melody)
Daughter of the Horn
Danke Dir!
Marlene Sullivan
Jamie Bruce
Jamie Bruce 2 日 前
OTTO 2 日 前
My opinion, A NEW DAY HAS COME, is her best! "Music is psychology, if the music doesn't penetrate the heart, soul, mind and body, they ain't going to feel it, if you can't feel it, you can't know it. Spiritual music with spiritual ingredients, for spiritual purposes"., To quote a tremendous prophet. A Domani-
divya n
divya n 2 日 前
Kawarir Djazair
Kawarir Djazair 2 日 前
Do you understand me john You must learn now to be a good president for all your citizens
Kawarir Djazair
Kawarir Djazair 2 日 前
They want a real justice social and politic
Kawarir Djazair
Kawarir Djazair 2 日 前
Your citizens are amazing They refuse the supremacy and the ..billionirism
Kawarir Djazair
Kawarir Djazair 2 日 前
Now you are in the middle The world is not bipolaire You have a lot of choices Friends No friends. Indifferents Opposants Ect....
ewen beresford
ewen beresford 2 日 前
Outsanding tunes who.s with me
Moh’d Khamis
Moh’d Khamis 2 日 前
who still listen this at june 2020
Mely Makungu
Mely Makungu 2 日 前
Many time I have facing Savage love but now a new day has come.... My new darling....i This is more than a song. It has a great meaning. I feel like crying......
Mukusini Saidijanja
Bado inaishi2020
Veldin Mulič
Veldin Mulič 2 日 前
Nije picke bilo potrebe da ovo radite. Molite Se za sebe pa mene
Katleho Mphuthi
Katleho Mphuthi 3 日 前
Good morning to myself and the whole world and 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Kwality Fintech
Kwality Fintech 3 日 前
Enjoy new day !
Marina Syndulla
Marina Syndulla 3 日 前
Sounds like an anime ending theme
Leroy Thomas
Leroy Thomas 3 日 前
June 2020 and still listening...... The greatest of all love you celine dion💕💗💞❤️
Y 567
Y 567 3 日 前
Her voice;:phenomenal...the songs nostalgic
Allone Júnior Arquiado
2 JUNE 2020???
benjamin ollis
benjamin ollis 3 日 前
This woman is evil.. have a look at her clothing line for kids....
ابو بدر الشمري
Love her calm voice
Mwananchi Kimu
Mwananchi Kimu 3 日 前
Bonge la ngoma alichoshi siku zote
Thecla Taonga Hamanjanji
This song reminds me of my late mother , today i listen to it in tears thanking God for every moment i spent with her❤
Frank Gitts
Frank Gitts 日 前
My condolences
Manish Vats
Manish Vats 3 日 前
Yes u r right Anna . This song should be for covid-19 anthem..
kitoemma kitkwaan
I love u Celine Dion
Why does every time I listen to this song I think of tinker bell ... but it was never in the movies
Claudio Cesar
Claudio Cesar 4 日 前
Eu adoro está música dela são lindas de mais ela parece uma linda princesa uma deusa linda eu a adoro eu sou fã de Celine Dinis linda de mais mesmo um anjo
Walid Mareghni
Walid Mareghni 4 日 前
Je t aime cilin
Emamu Msumari
Emamu Msumari 4 日 前
In june 2020, i listen my fvrt song
russell wylie
russell wylie 4 日 前
one of celines most beautiful songs the video is just stunning love how the interaction between people who are together and want to be together is carefully played out , seems like yesterday
Mahdi Ozair
Mahdi Ozair 4 日 前
The like coming from Sudan arabiiiii house 😁😁😁😁😁😁
stoking shade
stoking shade 4 日 前
Perfecta para darte un rayo de esperanza en estos tiempos caóticos que solo se llevó vidas de personas inocentes, robando las risas de los niños, y dejando al mundo sometido en un aislamiento total
Holy fuck this is good lol
Dj Neonix Matsono
To Był Rok 2002
Khej Jkk
Khej Jkk 4 日 前
Velim znam da si ti jedna dobra duša zato te molim da nam se pridružio u molitvi za cijeli svijet umoliti i za Marina Čapaliju sina mog brata Tončija iz Ičića HRVATSKA MALA ZEMLJ ZA VELIKI molitveni put...Hvala Krešo Baričević Rock, erosramazzoti@gmeil.com Robert DOROTEA FLORIJAN klaudijapupis
Jojo boss Videos 123
This is great and cool song
dave hev
dave hev 5 日 前
It's always has been my brill song when I had my son but we will get through all all of this 😊❤❤❤❤
Jean-marc brisson
Moi ! 🎼🎤
Marilyn Rathwell
I still love this song and it's one of my faves. This song seems to flow more naturally through Celine and it always gets me through those hard times.
Pure May
Pure May 5 日 前
This song speaks to me in so many ways 😢
Sahara Yusuf
Sahara Yusuf 6 日 前
Wow Beautiful and sweet heart song
Antonio pavao alves
Gauranga charan Bhoi
The new day has come and everything will be alright.love from Odisha, India,
Long Duongvanlong30057007
14:12 - 05/30/2020 in VietNam , i'm listening this song !
dooty prodhan
dooty prodhan 6 日 前
You guys tried this song's slow version? It's beautiful, just beautiful I tell you.
Rossy 6 日 前
Fiarocha Ferreira
Roy Keikanitswe
Roy Keikanitswe 7 日 前
I can't believe I still get goosebumps
Loreana Giannone
Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Allan Chiumya
Allan Chiumya 7 日 前
Alessandro 22
Alessandro 22 7 日 前
Affan Owais
Affan Owais 7 日 前
Post corona ANTHEM !
Jorge Haguino
Jorge Haguino 7 日 前
🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵💔❤️❤️❤️🙏😭MARO Maria.san
Prathyush Lal
Prathyush Lal 8 日 前
HI Celine hope you are doing good!. Can I have a deduction to take home :). Plz visit my channel's discussion section
Kimberley Figueiredo
Praise each day ⚡️for the new day
Ilona Firadza
Ilona Firadza 8 日 前
Katherine Kass
Katherine Kass 8 日 前
May 2020: I am crying as I am writing this blog.....The whole time especially through the covid-19 pandemic my cousin Maggie has been by side, my cousin died of breast cancer and left two beautiful daughters behind, I remember racing down to the dock of my aunt's cabin and the contests Maggie and I had as to who could tie their shoes the fastest until jellie shoes came out and velcro tennis shoes.... The holey/lacy red top Maggie loved of mine that I wore at my baby shower.... Maggie's spirit is with me.....I Love her so much!
Davidson Seejoor
may may
may may 3 日 前
may she rip
Faith Muli
Faith Muli 6 日 前
May she rest in peace 💓
Eddie Kaviti
Eddie Kaviti 9 日 前
I can't wait to sing this song when covid-19 ends
فوزي محمد
My love
Linda Bishop
Linda Bishop 9 日 前
You make it all worthwhile my amore
Life Stile
Life Stile 9 日 前
L'imortale 👑Celine Dion👑! 🌻🌻🌻🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
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my thoughts.
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