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Every adventure has a beginning. Watch the official teaser trailer for Bumblebee, starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena. Directed by Travis Knight. #BumblebeeMovie hits theatres this Christmas.
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Rachacha 3 時間 前
Thai (narrative) version is awkward
Achmad Farhan Fajar Sidik
i think its like a hearby hehe
chalie Hernandez
chalie Hernandez 17 時間 前
John cena. Finally in psycho series
chalie Hernandez
chalie Hernandez 17 時間 前
I saw first hand, thing we are
chalie Hernandez
chalie Hernandez 17 時間 前
John cena. Take down Bumblebee I agree
Astro 日 前
Bobby Bolivia
this channel is fucked up 123
Michael bay your fired
Tigerguy 101
Tigerguy 101 日 前
Best part is Uncle Bobby B echoing in the background
Vic O
Vic O 2 日 前
Wladislav oniichan
1:47 what the fuck a flying military uniform?
Chinamax Maxchina
SERIOUSLY? American audiences are just being dumb? watching this kind of movie - when is enough is enough ? only for retarded kids can watch . because is so predictable and nothing new to offer . - THIS SHOULD GOES DIRECTLY TO DVD or NETFLIX
Mephistin 2 日 前
Mystical bond between man and a fucking bank...
Captain Fury
Captain Fury 2 日 前
Please no Michael Bay this time
Alexandre Santos
bumblebee meu fusquinha turbinado
TitanPlay's 17
TitanPlay's 17 3 日 前
I Love Bumblebee
debkamal mullick
I know everyone will disagree but I being a transformers (2007) fan must say that the cgi was more realistic and less shiny and less cartoonish 11 years ago. What michael bay created was a visual masterpiece no matter how much it sucked as a movie. No amount of reboots and shiny new everything can change the fact that its a movie about giant alien robots that turn into vehicles and can fire explosives.
Adimus Prime
Adimus Prime 3 日 前
+debkamal mullick yup well said. I love the Bayverse no matter what, cause I grew up with them
debkamal mullick
+Adimus Prime exactly. The bay movies have such an emotional connect with us now. I dont care if they have shitty plots and shitty acting and dialogues. Michael Bay lost all the production studios trust when he made the disastrous Last Knight 😟
Adimus Prime
Adimus Prime 3 日 前
💪💪👍👍👌Great Statement BTW Im a true Transformers fan. I like all: Bayformers, Knightformers, G1 Bots and I dont want this to be a reboot because a reboot has never been good.
Scarlett_r8 4 日 前
When girl cuddles bumblebee me: aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww
Semi 20
Semi 20 4 日 前
It’s look like Zentrix only the 90s know what I mean
Hugo 67
Hugo 67 4 日 前
` McSkillet
` McSkillet 7 日 前
İ love the voice of the man in the beginning
Lyle's Sports Channel
since the barricade toy is out i think he will be in bumblebee that would be cool then they can fight again
Super 7 日 前
Wait...Wasn't Bumblebee a Camaro not a Volkswagon Beetle?
Adimus Prime
Adimus Prime 3 日 前
And is based in the 80s
Adimus Prime
Adimus Prime 3 日 前
In the 80s he was a Volkswagen, this is a prequel but refurbished
Sia 7 日 前
If Optimus Prime doesn't make a cameo, I ain't watching this.
Metal Man
Metal Man 7 日 前
Watch them
Metal Man
Metal Man 7 日 前
On Cybertron actually
Metal Man
Metal Man 7 日 前
Sia 7 日 前
+Metal Man wtff is he there
Metal Man
Metal Man 7 日 前
Did you not see the other trailers??
Steve Mano
Steve Mano 8 日 前
Never liked Michael Bay, hope this will hold up better.
Adimus Prime
Adimus Prime 3 日 前
And yes this will be better
Adimus Prime
Adimus Prime 3 日 前
Im a true Transformers fan. I like all: Bayformers, Knightformers, G1 Bots and I dont want this to be a reboot because a reboot has never been good.
Al Gordo
Al Gordo 8 日 前
🎶🎵Kiss Bay goodbye and his explosive spotlight. Goodbye sweet Michael, hello Travis Knight.🎵🎶
SanAnMan 1
SanAnMan 1 8 日 前
Dear Paramonunt Pictures movies should have everybody covered with 4K 3D and Anaglyph 3D support. These way everybody covered from rich to poor.
Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran 9 日 前
What will happened about Rotten Tomatoes in the movie theaters and if everyone watch BumbleBee Movie on December like or not like.
Kingof Minecraft
Make friday the 13th and i want it in 2019 or i will realease my own budget movie and you will probably jealous bye.comment if you're making a schedule
Aprillia Priscillia
Can't wait to watch it 😍
mnichv10 9 日 前
This is a fucking joke... Only this time with Cena. This is the EXACT ripoff of the first Transformers movie (which, by the way, was terrible). jpvid.net/video/ビデオ-dxQxgAfNzyE.html
Martynas Kraujalis
awwwww. I cried :D
Roby Mof
Roby Mof 10 日 前
Never Gonna Give You Up Song ...Exactly what needs to be done
Alibey Bal
Alibey Bal 11 日 前
I'm only watching for robots...
Astrologist 11 日 前
This actually looks good. Huh...
Aurora Wilson
Aurora Wilson 11 日 前
iTs jOhN cEnaAaA *theme song*
It looks weird without everything blowing up. Things Will Never Be The Same
Panda Dreams
Panda Dreams 12 日 前
He's back😎
Bee has always been one of the least interesting cybertronians to me, so I'm getting a bit sick of him being the main character in all the "new" Transformers content since the first Bay movie. Say what you want about Optimus, but at least he was never as boring as Bee and he usually looks pretty nice too. I will probably give this a shot though, since even just the trailer looks better than anything in Bayformers.
Joseph Christian Tuzon
when a tiny human says I WONT HURT you to an alien giant robot in a garage.... tssskkk
Zomba 14 日 前
looks shit
Nishtha Sood
Nishtha Sood 14 日 前
Travis knight one transformer movie vs all Micheal bay movies. Travis knight's one transformer movie wins.
stefanie meraz
stefanie meraz 14 日 前
i get it why dropped his thing because the touch from the girl felt smooooooooth am i right😏
1:47 ahi sali yo JOHN CENA ME faCENA por que saldre con bumbleble :v
Yazan Darwish
Yazan Darwish 16 日 前
Wtf did just happy to transformers franchise ?!!!!!
thicha jiyajantana
-*- หนังสงครามแบบสุดตีนกูกลายเป็นหนังครอบครัวไปซะแล้ว หงุมหงิมน่ารักหยั๊งแมวเชื่องๆเลย บับบี้ของหนู ++
Orange Joe
Orange Joe 16 日 前
The hype
Coyote Man
Coyote Man 17 日 前
Please let this series BEE a reboot
jack lovera
jack lovera 12 日 前
Coyote Man yos it is
Dead 17 日 前
Opossum lady
Opossum lady 17 日 前
This is real right?
Nathan Wilkinson
Nathan Wilkinson 17 日 前
Has anyone noticed that what is being said at the start is actually what "uncle Bobby B" says in the scene where Sam buys his first car(bumblebee)
Michael Lyra
Michael Lyra 18 日 前
Bumblebees yes my favorite character and optimus is in the movie but just a hologram I'm going to see the movie it comes out on December 21 they a deceptions are in the movie their are 3 blistering shatter and dropouts my cousin loves bumblebee
Thaer Gamer
Thaer Gamer 18 日 前
can bumblebee change his skin ?
T Meows
T Meows 20 日 前
ok so i need help from transformers fans... i saw this trailer and im wanting to get into this fandom so i can see this movie when it comes out. where do i start? what do i need to know before i see this movie?
stephanie encino
stephanie encino 21 日 前
Bumble Bee has always had my heart and when I saw him go into that corner scared from her it literally made me want to reach into that screen and tell him the same thing she said!😭😭 I can’t wait to watch this honestly! I hope this one turns out fucking amazing cuz BB deserves a good story telling movie man.
Mark Pogi
Mark Pogi 21 日 前
This is what I've been waiting for
Danny Mtz
Danny Mtz 22 日 前
1940 Bee is a bad ass taking down nazi scum 1980 Gets scared of a 18 YO white chick 2007 Fights barricade in first encounter Nigga tf
jack lovera
jack lovera 21 日 前
It’s now reboot ni🅱️🅱️a
Myles Griffin
Myles Griffin 22 日 前
Yes and do thundercats or captain planet
XXgamerlegoXX 22 日 前
Did I just get rickrolled in 2018?
Arthur Hastings
Arthur Hastings 23 日 前
This is the iron giant
Jhong Zhun
Jhong Zhun 23 日 前
Why Is bumblebee so small in size
Bob Diersing
Bob Diersing 23 日 前
Smokin LoudB
Smokin LoudB 24 日 前
Rip Bernie Mac💪
Xin Fa
Xin Fa 25 日 前
Why does he need to be a jeep
zayn 26
zayn 26 26 日 前
Everytime bee get hurt, like i'm gonna cry alot😢and can't stop😏
Masoud Mansori
Masoud Mansori 27 日 前
Without Shia what is the point really? This is like watching Fast and furious without Paul Walker.
Hadenfanboy 27 日 前
And the second trailer with more G1!
Kristy :3
Kristy :3 28 日 前
Farhan Chowdhury
Farhan Chowdhury 28 日 前
I can't see John cena😂😂😂
Nate Collins
Nate Collins 29 日 前
*Not a Michael Bay Film* , YES !!!
Golden W.T.Y
Golden W.T.Y 29 日 前
John Cenaaaaaaaaaaaa
Hrvoje Rajić
Hrvoje Rajić 29 日 前
Lemme tell you something son, driver don’t pick a car, car picks a driver. It’s a mystical bond between man and machine. - Bobby Boliva rip man
Adam Ross
Adam Ross 29 日 前
I hope Ironhide or Ratchet make an appearance in this movie...
Whats wrong anyway? Not having powers at all?
Tyler Ford
Tyler Ford ヶ月 前
In this new movie the guy who's talking about Driver to Bumblebee which is a girl is from Transformers 1 with Sam is the African america guy, shout out too him my name is Tyler Ford your a Awsome guy, you guys tell me who his name is in real life or I'll look on Xfinity , I growed up liking Bumblebee infact I had a small easy Bubblebee toy transformation, love you guys pease✌😊!, also thanks to the people who made this movie because I like Bumblebee!!!😊
Tania Solorzano
Tania Solorzano ヶ月 前
Wtf jone cena
Sander Nielsen
Sander Nielsen ヶ月 前
Why on earth wasn't Travis Knight hired to direct Transformers 1-5 instead of Bay ????
Jesus Sagaon
Jesus Sagaon ヶ月 前
wtf is this ? this movie sucks wtf happen to the transformers transformers 1,2,3 where the best movies ever we miss Shia LaBeouf
Harry the cat
Harry the cat ヶ月 前
A Transformers movie that is actually respecting the source material. You can like the first 3 Transformers movies, but they are not good Transformers movies. Also, please stop asking for Shia Labeouf. He quit himself and he doesn't want anything to do anymore with this franchise
Awiemetal36 cAwie.
Bumblebee Woww!great!greetings from KK Sabah,Malaysia🇲🇾🇲🇾✌🇲🇾🇲🇾✌
*Lets* *go* *LisbiAn*
The Wandering Chemist
It's about time they made Bumblebee a VW bug....... and had him kick John Cena's ass....... (ok, maybe not the latter... Cena seems like a cool guy).
Marry Chase
Marry Chase ヶ月 前
I love Hailee❤😊
SaborWolfy's LPS
SaborWolfy's LPS ヶ月 前
The B music tho! 😂
X-plus Kaiju Collectors Crew
I hate Bayformers...another movie of walking and running trashheaps.
X-plus Kaiju Collectors Crew
Movies going to suck...like most modern day movies..
X-plus Kaiju Collectors Crew
+Harry the cat You still don't grasp this...if there was "never a Bee" there'd be no bayformers Bee.....at all.....you also can't say that he would never come back simply cause he was in the movie fans loved Bee before and after the movie almost as much as Optimus Prime. Classics Bee came out in 2006 and is close to G1 and G2 Bee was 1995 so it wasn't 20 years, TF as a whole died. 4 game appearances for a new generation of kid fans and a transforming CG yellow robot that resembles Bee in color and name only other then those two vague descriptors, it's a completely different character. The only thing I can thank about the movie is that it renewed an interest in Transformers as a whole..but not a specific character because the two groups of characters are very dissimilar.
Harry the cat
Harry the cat 29 日 前
+X-plus Kaiju Collectors Crew and if there was no Bayformers bee, he would not have had anymore appearences in future cartoons. "Hmmm, strange. This character disappeared for 20 years, but all of a sudden he got 4 videogame appearences and 4 cartoon appearences right after he appeared in this hit movie that earned a lot of money. Nah, there's no connection in any way there." Also, I sometimes mix a few words up with their german variant.
X-plus Kaiju Collectors Crew
+Harry the cat LOL you're wrong guy..First off it's Chara"c"ter it doesn't have a K in it....second of all Bumblebee has always been popular just because he disappeared for years doesn't mean jack as to who he is or was...any TF fan worth his/her salt or any fan who lived through the original era who is an autobot fan names Bumblebee as one of the top 10 on the list of autobots regardless of being before or after the crap movies. The movie sold well but it wasn't a mass hit...finance doesn't equate to being good it equates to mindless droves of people convinced it is...it doesn't sit well with G1 and purist fans anyways, the mass majority flocked to the movie cause it was new and something to bring their kids too. The character is popular because it's supposed to be bumblebee from our childhoods but it is not. If there was no orignal Bee there'd be no bayfromer bee plain and simple.
Harry the cat
Harry the cat 29 日 前
+X-plus Kaiju Collectors Crew no, that's the thing. Hasbro lost the name of the charakter and that's why he disappeared for 20 years. The charakter itself only became popular again after the 2007 movie. The charakter did not gain his popularity from the G1 cartoon, but after the movie was a massive hit. Don't believe me? They were originally gonna use Hotshot for Transformers animated, but decided for Bumblebee after the success of the movie instead. The movie Bumblebee might not be the most popular incarnation, but it did give the charakter his popularity.
Keegan Chalupnik
Keegan Chalupnik ヶ月 前
Keegan Chalupnik
Keegan Chalupnik ヶ月 前
Lee ヶ月 前
Is this another feminism movie? Shame on you Paramount if you remade this movie just to have a female protagonist...Shame on you.
Harry the cat
Harry the cat ヶ月 前
What? What's wrong with having a female human lead? I could understand the hate with the Ghostbusters, since those are iconic charakters. It's not like the autobots were replaced with females. So why not a female human lead?
Máté Erdei
Máté Erdei ヶ月 前
The love stroy... its big, strong, emotional, doesn't want sex (hopefully) and yellow so every other girl notices..... way to go transformers. This is not that cheap of a trick. I am seeing. Also if you like this comment the target audience will palm face we can ruin transformers!
MGLondon ヶ月 前
Well! my first question would have been, wtf are you or what are you, and certainly not who are you? 😂 😂 😂 😂
Lazaro Estopinan
Lazaro Estopinan ヶ月 前
What happen to him
Blake Hardy
Blake Hardy ヶ月 前
Was...was that Starscream that ACTUALLY looked like Starscream from the TV show?
Harry the cat
Harry the cat ヶ月 前
Sorry to disappoint you, but that's actually Blitzwing. Yeah, I don't know why he isn't purple.
EvilBlackBunny ヶ月 前
I'm actually looking forward to this? Huh.
Haiden G
Haiden G ヶ月 前
Also, I have been watching Transformers since they first arrived, way back. Not until now, do I realize, how much alike we are. We have faith in Bee, yet, no faith in ourselves. We ALL love the underdog. Well, who is more of an underdog than we , ourselves? Answer: None.
YNG Prod
YNG Prod ヶ月 前
This literally looks like a childs movie.
Autobots! Roll Out
Please make transformers rise of the unicron
boby j
boby j ヶ月 前