Building a $58 Million NYC Apartment

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TriangleBob 4 時間 前
So I made the playlist of your videos and vlogs but then I found a playlist of all your vlogs and then I clicked it I FOUND A HOLE NEW PLAYLIST
Robert Modig
Robert Modig 11 時間 前
Fun with the swedish song mate
Duborah Oya Bakr
Yo what's the Maintenance Fee? LOL
Christopher Johnson
& Then at Haftime You along with the musical Entertainment,Giant Drone Ride with Amazing Camera footage!!!! The ideas are endless. Casey is Now In Los Angeles!!!! LOL/LOL! Good Luck, Sir! Tremendous Opportunity in Front of You! CJ
Christopher Johnson
Hey Look Everybody, There HE IS!!! Maybe they could have you’re Boosted Board Waiting for You!!!! LOL!!! CJ
Christopher Johnson
Now that your in LA, How about Tandem Jump with An Army Ranger into Rams Game? Coupled with U-Tube I think that would be pretty Badddass!! CJ
Michael Johnston
If I had 58 mill I would be using to take kids fishing. 58 mill would be so much better spent investing in the kids in the big brothers and sisters programs. The reward for helping kids would be so much greater.
Kevin Sahlström
a swedish song at 4:48. respect bro
Jedikeri 5 日 前
If I had that kind of cash...I'd go to the mountains. Decent sized house, some acreage. I'd be set. Living in a city the size of NYC. It's for the birds...
Captain Nemo
Captain Nemo 6 日 前
Have your grandmaster buy it for you...
FBI Agent
FBI Agent 6 日 前
This guy looks like he wants to tear down an orphanage for a condo
Renato S
Renato S 7 日 前
6:40 better boobs kkkkkk
isubforkush 613
isubforkush 613 8 日 前
I'm with Casey, I wouldn't want to live way up there. All those people under you. If one person starts a fire and it spreads you are DEAD
Emma Moschetti
Emma Moschetti 9 日 前
Are you letting poor people move in? If so I would be a great candidate.
YOYO YOOO 10 日 前
People dying because they dont have fresh water, the polution of the ocean and in generel is steadily increasing, we are loosing our planet but hey lets buy a 60mil appartment.
Matt 11 日 前
that Ryan guy reminds me of Harvey Specter somehow.
Fordawinman 14 日 前
Imagine if you forgot your phone in your car...
heehehe hohohohaaahah
Im Rich look at me
Andrej Colja
Andrej Colja 15 日 前
Love the smooth edits keep it up!!
borderlord 15 日 前
Brownstone for a 10th of that anyday....or a 1930' s Art Deco built co OP style.
Thellbro 16 日 前
There’s a two unit apartment at 834 5th, and it’s also $58 mil. Just next to Central Park Zoo, it’s amazing!!!
DROZZY 17 日 前
4:44 eyyyy swedish
Raul Tanasuca
Raul Tanasuca 17 日 前
Christian Gray's home 😂😂😂
Johnny test
Johnny test 17 日 前
It’s okay if they fall, they have a helmet
Berat Altın
Berat Altın 19 日 前
senın ben yamuk ağzını sikeyım 11 m abonesı var bide şaka gibi :D
Gourish Rane
Gourish Rane 19 日 前
nasha latvija
nasha latvija 19 日 前
Usually guys in suit buy such an expensive apartment this time a guy with a skateboard (👍Casey)
Alexander Borisenko
Money from the air. I do not think that it is healthy to live like that. More than that - it is silly. You know why is it soooo high? Cause they bought a tiiiiny piece of land close to the Central Park and to make more money per square feet they are climbing that high. It is not because: oh I am going to live at the top of NYC, among the clouds like a god. Come on guys.... it is shitty marketing and someones sick mind
TickleMyBallsack 20 日 前
For that money i can build 9 of the same building back home.
Nick d
Nick d 21 日 前
get david ramsey opinion lol
Bill Smith
Bill Smith 21 日 前
Kinda surprising the top floor is made of 2 x 4s. I bet the floor below is like $250,000 because you'd hear the guy up-stair's TV. Hell, you'd need a $10,000 broom to pound on the floor above and swing at the birds and bats that got in because some idiot left his windows open. I'm not gonna tell my date that " I almost live on the top, but I couldn't afford it." . Even a beginner, beginner, beginner pilot could find it. Nope, I'm stayin right here.
Lollo Marito
Lollo Marito 22 日 前
Erkan torres
Erkan torres 24 日 前
Very expensive for new york I prefer from bosphorus istanbul city more clean 😉🤨
Glennster 24 日 前
them workers have got some balls to work at that height"!
SV Werder Bremen
SV Werder Bremen 24 日 前
I thought Casey will buy it 😂
Ironman Tony Stark
Follow your heart brother!
jjledzep 25 日 前
I got vertigo just by watching this video
Dany Shehadeh
Dany Shehadeh 25 日 前
but ur leaving nyc
Nima Tahmasebi
Nima Tahmasebi 26 日 前
Shocking state of working environment on this type of project.
Frank James Bonarrigo
one dirty bomb would make all this worthless
Sliced Asiago
Sliced Asiago 26 日 前
58 million for an apartment anywhere is ridiculous. But what can you expect when New York is selling air rights.
funkjoker 27 日 前
He just needs 30 Billion Views to afford it.
Uriel Javier
Uriel Javier 27 日 前
Los pisos tienen un precio alto, pero los sueldos de los inmigrantes son bajos.
Josh Lara
Josh Lara 27 日 前
Y’all are crazy. I would not go up that high
MX304 28 日 前
BASE jump that shit
Ming Photography
Ming Photography 28 日 前
Very Inspiring!
Immortal Fool
Immortal Fool 28 日 前
If you have 58 million dollars to spend on an apartment you have 58 million reasons to reevaluate what’s truly important in life.
Lucy Stephanie
Lucy Stephanie 28 日 前
Cool, he's finally gotten to collaborating with you. 😄 Oh hey, with that money you can almost buy the entire preselling Westin branded residential condo in Ortigas, PH! The most expensive 3 bedroom unit is just over $1M. That's really really cheap compared to that unit's price. 😆 I have all the details of each available ones too so if $58M is converted to almost 3 billion pesos, add abt half of it and it gets sold out. And that crazy amt is just one unit way way up in New York? Whoa I'm just here to see what you think of that skyscraper. Saw Ryan's vid and thought I'd drop by here too. It is indeed pretty high up. I guess Ryan invited you over cause you also did that zero gravity video I thought was cool... 😄
SPARK Music - Random Stuff
2:05 wait who is he? Is he german? Greetings
SIR CinemaStudios
I will buy two. And sorry, but I'll have to tear down the middle wall and mix the near rooms together so that the whole apartment can be a little more larger. Just a matter of taste.
Matt Kiely
Matt Kiely 29 日 前
Too high, can't see anything but clouds. $58M too much, rather have a 3 floor 4000 ft apartment overlooking Central Park AND a house in the Hamptons AND Malibu AND AND
David Long
David Long 29 日 前
I like them hideing all the Mexicans faces with the American flag
David Long
David Long 29 日 前
Inked Bee
Inked Bee 29 日 前
Can you pay off my credit card debt, plz? It’s way less
Laurence Allen
Laurence Allen ヶ月 前
Imagine a zip line from that apartment into central park.
Laurence Allen
Laurence Allen 6 日 前
@Bamboner , the one and only you're absolutely right. Going to need to wear a flashing beacon and an illuminated zip line.
Bamboner , the one and only
Laurence Allen that would be dangerous considering all the low flying air traffic in downtown NYC
Moz 15 日 前
Raul Tanasuca
Raul Tanasuca 17 日 前
conan smith
conan smith 27 日 前
floyd schott
floyd schott ヶ月 前
Do you always suck this bad ?
smileymama 04
smileymama 04 ヶ月 前
Realtor: U want to go to 57 W 111th or we ...... ME : FUCK NOOOO way , I AM scared of heights !
Kristen Crane
Kristen Crane ヶ月 前
EVEN if i HAD 60 million left over for an apartment... i would totally not buy that. I want my own space... lots of space.
Marc Vogel
Marc Vogel ヶ月 前
How did u get all that money. No fuckin way it’s from JPvid.
Mark A
Mark A ヶ月 前
It's not being built for him,either of them,it was an invited tour.
Mayank Sharma
Mayank Sharma ヶ月 前
$58 million...it better come with life time food supply.
abadi alsharif
abadi alsharif ヶ月 前
Only if i were base jumper
xFrostie ヶ月 前
abadi alsharif only if i was a fucking god
Michael Bergman
Michael Bergman ヶ月 前
Me I would live on the top floor and be like shit I forgot my phone in the car.
word ヶ月 前
and to the left you’ll see the tower being constructed that’s going to be even taller! fun fact, this building is the most slender skyscraper in the world.
TheCreativeArk ヶ月 前
problems for the rich
Howard Treesong
Howard Treesong ヶ月 前
How much would an AirBnB go for in that place?
Clishay Ambition
Clishay Ambition ヶ月 前
Casey: If you need a 20 million dollar apartment, call Ryan! Ryan: I sell all price points. I cracked up at that. Ryan seems like such a cool guy to buy a home from. 😂🤣
Steve Lisson
Steve Lisson ヶ月 前
The Swedish at 4:44?
Michal Kolář
Michal Kolář ヶ月 前
Lucky those who can afford it!
Andrew Fischer
Andrew Fischer ヶ月 前
pay your workers a fair wage
Andrew Fischer
Andrew Fischer ヶ月 前
i hope you fll off the building
Andrew Fischer
Andrew Fischer ヶ月 前
Andrew Fischer
Andrew Fischer ヶ月 前
Andrew Fischer
Andrew Fischer ヶ月 前
l l
l l ヶ月 前
That would be a no even if I could 👀
1020Shane ヶ月 前
58 million? How many boosted boards can I buy with that
Sentinel Infinitude
Fuck no, If I had 60 million i'd buy as much land as i could in the middle of nowhere probably highlands of Scotland and build myself my dream house surrounded by mountains, Lakes wildlife. living in some stinky city surrounded by shitty people not a bad way to waste 60 mill+
fabianmogli ヶ月 前
kleeklai ヶ月 前
Gross. Developers are ruining our Cities & making them unaffordable for regular people to live in.
Zafryl Aiman
Zafryl Aiman ヶ月 前
Well i mean not every street is filled with 58million dollar apartments. You still can get "cheap" apartments
Carlo Ace Sagad
Carlo Ace Sagad ヶ月 前
kleeklai exactly!
T.G. - Low Quality Production
I fucking hate rich people and your videos
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