Brian Laundrie's 'bones' found in previously underwater area of Florida preserve: FBI

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The FBI Denver field office confirmed that dental records were used to match what North Port PD referred to as "bones" found at the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park in North Port Wednesday. Items belonging to Laundrie were found near the skeletal remains, according to North Port PD.

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RGV Smog
RGV Smog 7 時間 前
I’m just gonna say this but I feel like his still alive if he was actually trying to get away he could’ve easily just pulled some teeth of his own and tossed them in with the bones
robin eden
robin eden 13 時間 前
Something fishy going on?
Joanne Harris
Don't believe he is dead! Brian is still out there! Is the FBI trustworthy finding his remains...especially not after the January 6 Insurrection!
rolo6932 日 前
I bet he is still alive!
KAOS 日 前
Young love story with a sad ending,, rip
CoD_Casey_YT 日 前
How could he decay so fast?? Unless if he was chopped up like someone got ahold of him it's hard telling
Angela Baiers
Angela Baiers 2 日 前
Where is the gun he shot himself with? It should where the found his remains. They didn't find the gun. You cannot rule it a suicide without a gun. This case has been crazy. Something stinks.
G Fam
G Fam 4 日 前
I hope everyone of you who kept blaming Brian are happy and at peace right now that he has committed suicide. You guys are pathetic. You don't know who's the suspect yet you all act like police, investigators, and judges, judging someone harshly and saying all these mean things and accusations. If you think you are all not guilty for Brian's death then I'm sorry but you all are. You all contributed to this and now don't wash your hands and act like you're all innocent. Every negative and bad words you've commented here has contributed to that. Put that in your mind!! I myself don't even know who really is the victim or the killer, or if there's any. But one thing I know for sure, just because a woman (especially a white woman) is crying doesn't mean she's the victim. I have proven this so many times that the ones who cry first or who cries the most is not always the victim. Always, always hear both sides and investigate before you make conclusions. Psychopaths are real and there are people who are so good at decieving. Hope this becomes a lesson to you all.
Mesh Grow Bags
Mesh Grow Bags 4 日 前
11/22/21 authorities now need to locate the gun that killed Brian. We have so many holes and missing evidence in this case its hard to keep track of it.
James Cook
James Cook 5 日 前
Only guilty people run and commit suicide.
Katri W
Katri W 5 日 前
He may have been murdered. When parents went to campsite they discovered he was missing but found his belongings they called the police. With alligators, pythons, and other predators there is no way the remains would be intact which is why there wasn’t even time for decomposition. He was eaten
Melody Mayes
Melody Mayes 6 日 前
When is the time right to give out the information about how Brian’s autopsy …they can confirm it’s his dental records but he is the prime suspect and people should know if he was a murderer or not. How dare he say they are waiting for the right time smh
Laura and Elle
Laura and Elle 6 日 前
Definitely not his remains
Darlyn Castillo
Darlyn Castillo 6 日 前
😏😏😏 That’s all
Tyler Lelie Christian
It is ashamed brian is dead he is the only one who knows what happened to Gabby but if he's dead rip brian laundrie my condolences to his family but also if he was still alive he would really be captured by the fbi and taken into custody for the death of gabby
Mike Jamieson
Mike Jamieson 6 日 前
Keep your eyes open for this guy, bahamas, canada, mexico, cuba etc. he’s still at large … the parents just wanted some breathing space
xXx Punk Rock xXx
Gabby Petito = Small Talk Brian Laundrie = Brain Wash
xXx Punk Rock xXx
I don't know if you know this or not but over half of these cases are all psyops and false flags. The entire Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito case was nothing but deep fake videos and crisis actors. The media is nothing but propaganda and lies.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 6 日 前
MsBy Geee
MsBy Geee 6 日 前
Cleary he's still alive with wheelchair, without teeth 🤣
J S 6 日 前
I don't think brain killed gabbie. I think they were stalked and killed by another party. Probably by someone who followed their social media. They were deff killed at diffirent times.
skele ghost
skele ghost 6 日 前
Wait he could have pulled out his teeth though
Jesse Custer
Jesse Custer 7 日 前
Sorry, I don't buy this.
Ryanne Van der Burgh
Won't be crying any tears for that guy he was an abuser a narraccicts he probably went there to off himself taking the cowards way out instead of being a man an admitted his guilt I feel for gabby familly all they wanted was the truth to find out what happened to their daughter now they will never know
C Bart23
C Bart23 7 日 前
Rip gabby poor gal.
Tarfa The Wise
Tarfa The Wise 7 日 前
Just an absolute tragedy. RIP Brian Laundrie.
W CIII 8 日 前
Yeah guess if it was that creepy cop that split them up killed them both it must be why all the hush hush cause it'd be a federal investigation huh but if that's the case I hope they cage that creep I don't care who he works for
H J 8 日 前
brian and his parents could have planned this tactfully by saying he hurt her in self defense like kyle rittenhouse and he would have gotten away with it !!
Adventures With Chayse !
Maybe he was going to turn himself in and his parents thought it was dumb so they killed him
Tommy Yuckguts
Tommy Yuckguts 9 日 前
Arrest the parents. “Durka durka can’t dna cause water. Durka Durka--but the teef are close- oh and backpack” The parents magically led investigators to the site after not knowing anything. Now magically this rich kid escaped. Now I don’t mean to put this negativity into existence. But don’t forget. When anyone sees him. It’s open season. Knife. Gun. Car. Whatever you want. Cut his head off. He’s “already” dead🤷🏿‍♂️
Quality Service Experts
Damn, the media is really airing out some...Dirty Laundrie!
Roni 11 日 前
Prediction! When Brian came back home he told his parents that he killed his girl, either intentionally/by accident, or whichever it is, the parents freak out, or someone else present in the house, then they kill Brian, take his car and his dismembered body to the furthest point they are able to, and scatter his body part in different locations where they find animals... Second prediction, him and gabby go to his family home, something happens and someone strangles gabby, Brian gets into a fight with this third party in the house, brian is berated, the family, or the third party decides to dump gabbys body somewhere, then dismembers Brian's body and feed it to animals in different areas... either with the family or on their own accord...
i still smell fishy about this
Freighter 109
Freighter 109 8 日 前
Why? it isn't a crime show on tv. He killed his girlfriend. Came back home and spent a weekend with his parents. Went off and killed himself. Are you this vested in every case where someone dies?
Chong Lee
Chong Lee 11 日 前
Is it possible if he had his teeth removed and had them placed with bones since dental is the best way to id remains?
Justice 4 Juicy
Justice 4 Juicy 11 日 前
Steve Will Do It will get to the bottom of this.
Luigie Rodriguez
Luigie Rodriguez 11 日 前
Ignorant old woman, she doesnt care for brian only for Gabby. This comment is The reflection of the gynocentric society where we living. "(A life is a life regardless of gender Mrs!!!! My condolence for both families.
Jonathan Williams
Re runs suck
K Jarek
K Jarek 12 日 前
Gabi kill Brian
DifferentVids 12 日 前
The most sad part is that human never judge or see something well. so what if someone killed them? I saw a lady is saying i care about Gabby not Brian, which is sad so they both are dead and now we need to wait for result before we judge someone
Missy White
Missy White 12 日 前
i, actuallly have a gut feeling that Brian, is decessed & close by. because he has been gone so long, its heart breaking for both families for sure. prayers for both families. very sad to much loss on both familes, love to share,
Noah Scheid
Noah Scheid 12 日 前
It would be cool if someone claimed to be Gabby and be actually her.
Patrick Soto
Patrick Soto 14 日 前
There's no freaking way!!! It takes time for the body to deteriorate!!! Jeez how dumb can these people be 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Laundrie successfully faked his death 🤣🤣🤣
Patrick Soto
Patrick Soto 12 日 前
@thuggaa .xx2 very true very true 😱 hmmmm I should have done some research before my comment 😅😅😅
thuggaa .xx2
thuggaa .xx2 12 日 前
In hot/warm weather it takes the human body to decompose about 2-3 weeks in colder weather its much longer. Im not saying that he couldn't have faked his death but its also a strong possibility that it could be him.
Jason Ding
Jason Ding 14 日 前
His parents should be charged with consortium parents to go to jail
Freighter 109
Freighter 109 8 日 前
Patty Richardson
Patty Richardson 14 日 前
The laundries parents are not cooperation with their mouths through white lies so far
David Yon
David Yon 15 日 前
Parents dad killed his son.
Trikisha Sarden
Trikisha Sarden 15 日 前
I think I think he was trying to get back to wherever Gabby was to keep her safe and whoever had her wanted some money or some Ransom or something and he was like okay I'll go get it I'll be back that it is done and they killed her and killed him
I feel like Brian’s family was helping him because how did they know where to find him plus why did he kill himself
Freighter 109
Freighter 109 8 日 前
A lot of times when people kill someone, they'll kill themselves too out of guilt/avoiding jail. His parents knew where he liked to go. They even looked there in the beginning since that's where he liked to go, but it was all under water. It isn't a crime show on tv. He killed her, them himself after spending a weekend with his parents. No further explanation needed.
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz 16 日 前
Helen Cheadle
Helen Cheadle 18 日 前
Wasn’t Brian’s Uncle the dentist who verified them? If so surely he had conflicting opinions so shouldn’t have been involved? I apologise if I have that wrong…so much information is being dished out it can get confusing.
Amelia Pacquiao
Amelia Pacquiao 18 日 前
Liar liar
Amelia Pacquiao
Amelia Pacquiao 18 日 前
This is the big lie i have ever heard
Amelia Pacquiao
Amelia Pacquiao 18 日 前
Thats not brian's bone. He is not dead at all. The police help him escape.
Lovelyorchid294 18 日 前
Y’all he killed he and fled. If he didn’t he would have stood his ground and talked with police and the family of Gabby. His parents helped him escape and I’m pretty sure planted some “remains”.
Tommy Yuckguts
Tommy Yuckguts 9 日 前
Why on earth is the world. (More importantly FBI) letting his family get away with this.
Vladimir of Xavier
A murdered girl and a suicide by the prime suspect. I really hope the case is as simple as it sounds, because God knows things aren't always what they seem. Remember the Massacre in Pike County?
belle nice
belle nice 18 日 前
There's a big cover up here between his parents and the authorities...but only them knows why
Freighter 109
Freighter 109 8 日 前
Got any proof with that? Didn't think so.
Pasta 16 日 前
Brian is still alive
Melissa Todd
Melissa Todd 19 日 前
They should checked the cabin out Luke monsters under My bed channel shows a cabin with water pump not far from brian remains supposally were found
Sandie Brecken
Sandie Brecken 19 日 前
People, do you all who comment on this realize that this story has been clogging up the news for far too long and now I can say for a fact that you'll never know the real truth because you already know what they are saying is not the truth
S. Ros 89
S. Ros 89 19 日 前
Who's buying this?
Freighter 109
Freighter 109 8 日 前
That is isn't like a crime show on tv? I am. He killed her, then himself. Tada
Bob Gnarly
Bob Gnarly 20 日 前
M V 20 日 前
Yea right.
Mike Sawtelle
Mike Sawtelle 20 日 前
It was covid
John Wayne
John Wayne 20 日 前
Bills Gates has Gabby
asifa zai
asifa zai 20 日 前
What is the matter
SurferNigel 20 日 前
''Previously underwater area'' that must mean the tide had come in, or our oceans are drying up.
Jenn Perez
Jenn Perez 20 日 前
I think they’re just hiding him honestly
sisophous 20 日 前
The parents need to be arrested and jailed. Incompetent law enforcement yet again.
Glenn Evans
Glenn Evans 20 日 前
I was there yesterday I found a finger bone I'm whittling it down to make a toothpick
Peter LaRosa
Peter LaRosa 21 日 前
And look! wouldn't you know it!!!! NO NEWS in days now! THEY want us all to just forget this story!
cameron lorenzo
cameron lorenzo 21 日 前
Smh why are ppl goin right to him killing her they found his truck n other stuff why didn’t ppl assume they both got murdered
No Mercy
No Mercy 21 日 前
Typical coward's exit.
2:26 Hard for me to trust the intelligence, perceptiveness, and attention to detail of a guy who says "jeopRATIZE" instead of jeopardize.
RA28 21 日 前
Alexander Garcia
Alexander Garcia 21 日 前
Why is this such a great media hype? People go missing or die (40,00 every day world wide)
Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart 21 日 前
I think Brian committed suicide
Barb Muc
Barb Muc 21 日 前
They are more back story to this then we will ever find
Teflon Pan
Teflon Pan 22 日 前
The blonde older woman only cares about Abby and not the other person. You are such a kind soul with your opinions regarding an ON GOING INVESTIGATION.
joe heeheehoohoo
joe heeheehoohoo 22 日 前
So his parents found in 45mins what the FBI didn't in a month.. Yea totally believable They probably cut his foot or smth and made it seem like he was eaten by an alligator, when he's probably still alive somewhere
Chill Buddy
Chill Buddy 22 日 前
Just maybe Gabby came back as an alligator
Jacklyn Salleh
Jacklyn Salleh 22 日 前
How did he die... ?????
Don't mind me 😚
If BL really is dead, it's quite hard to sympathize with his fam honestly. I mean, let us not all forget how his parents did not even bother to alert Gabby's relatives when he went home ALONE with HER van. Weeks into the case and if they're proper & honest people, they'll somehow communicate with the other family (even in private) to help each other out since BL's reported missing too. Goodness, the amount of grief and questions.. It's beyond me..
first of all
first of all 22 日 前
He tried to escape but end up dead instead, still prefer him to be caught but oh well
Khai 23 日 前
Don't let this distract you from all the bone headed idiots in the comments section saying Brian was "hiding". Ignorance and stupidity isn't dismissed
Brian Hennen
Brian Hennen 23 日 前
Now that my friend is American justice at its finest rip Gabby
Wally Jaik
Wally Jaik 23 日 前
They found his bones stacked up like a Tibetan funeral
Jared Lunstad
Jared Lunstad 23 日 前
It is very possible that there are only bones remaining… Florida is biodiverse, the park was flooded swamp, fish, birds, predatory/scavenging animals. People should understand that without having to explain the grotesque reason the remains were in the condition they were.
Fuzzy Little Spider
I'm so glad that he had a miserable fate 💀 and that only his bones are all that's leftover his pitiful existence. He was responsible for snuffing out the life of a beautiful young woman and got what he deserved.
Katrina Beck
Katrina Beck 23 日 前
I still find it odd that the Laundries went camping after Brian returned home in her van without her and they NEVER asked anything about where she was as his FIANCÉ?? Wtf did he talk about without mentioning her?? Did he make up that he dropped her off somewhere? 100% Brian strangled her…100% tried to cover it up…100% killed himself on that trail or jumped into the water to be eaten alive. He must have felt very remorseful as he should and probably also somewhat grieving but he def committed suicide since he murdered Gabby. I hope their spirits are free but I hope Gabby’s safe in heaven and he is rotting in hell.
AllOver Eve
AllOver Eve 24 日 前
Sound like a lie
American Citizen
American Citizen 24 日 前
They loved each other. Or what they thought was love. Look back into why this happened. Where were the parents and family and friends here. This is how these relationships end. She fought too. She chose this. The statistics are there. These end up as someone dead and someone charged for it. She could have easily got carried away and done it to him. They both behaved this way.
Anne Stovgaard
Anne Stovgaard 22 日 前
NOBODY wants to live like that! And there is no evidence, that she was violent. You should read about the psykology behind abusive relationships, its a slow process, getting the victim used to more and more beatings, threats and putting them down. And then making them believe, its their own fault. Its about a predator and a victim of abuse.
American Citizen
American Citizen 24 日 前
All’s well that ends well Parents…..stop blaming the guy in this. If your daughter chooses this life she will end up dead or charged with murder. It goes both ways. If you ignore your daughters choices and it ends this way…..per statistics and knowledge……..THIS is too late.
American Citizen
American Citizen 24 日 前
Did alligators get him? That’s karma 😁 God took care of it. Or he did. Maybe he felt bad for what he did. He reacted irrationally. Remember, these two were in love and they fought physically. A lot. She did too. They were both messed up! Not just him.
jewels baja panty
skeleton found underwater in a few week is impossible the family just got his kids out of a worldwide murder charge
Sabrina Marie Wagner
With all that water, how in the hell did the notebook and backpack stay so close to his body I wonder
Emily W.
Emily W. 24 日 前
My theory 😁😁😁 when the parents took off with Brian before reporting Gabby missing, they dug up a corpse, had the dental x-rays done, and had someone plant it there recently. Brian is wearing a bad wig and sipping ouzo in kastaloritso in Greece 🧐
Randumb 23 日 前
Emily W.
Emily W. 24 日 前
I smell a rat. Get Dr Michael Baden onto this skeleton..
hytr aaddxw3rs
hytr aaddxw3rs 24 日 前
plant some bones then have it cremated boy what a fake death hes running under an alias
C N 24 日 前
I said something a few weeks ago and it is starting to look like I was right....very rotten fish smell around the parents.
Pixelated Melanin
Saw a comment that this a while rouse to cover actual human trafficking from the government … what in the hell 😓 the world we live in
Pixelated Melanin
Whole .**
Ya Yeet
Ya Yeet 24 日 前
That’s BS
Brian Laundrie confirmed dead
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