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Boycotters are out in full force in response to Nike featuring Colin Kaepernick in an ad campaign, The New Yorker scheduling Steve Bannon as one of its festival headliners, and a new Ryan Gosling movie they say neglects the American flag.
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Olivia Moore
Olivia Moore 14 時間 前
Lolol I love how conservative sjw’s throw a hissy fit when things doesn’t go their way and they blame the leftist or sjw agenda when they are the same as sjw’s just conservative. Smh. 🙄
The Curse
The Curse 日 前
Greta M.
Greta M. 4 日 前
Wait, so all of those racist people were previously okay with buying shoes advertised by (and some named after) black athletes, and now they suddenly realized that it shouldn’t be done?
Karen Nobles
Karen Nobles 4 日 前
While stop shopping at Wal mart because the owner killed someone driving while intoxicated! Check it out on youtube 10 richest women in america!
Bellebrla 7 日 前
Here's the thing, if conservatives are so outraged calling the movie anti-American, but doesn't occur to them to point out that Ryan Gosling, a Canadian, is playing Neil Armstrong, an American.
MentalBreak Gaming
hmm... I wonder how many bought shoes just to make a video burning them
Ricky 8 日 前
What conservatives hate about blacks is 90% of them are liberals? WTF?
James Dean
James Dean 8 日 前
Nike makes a boot that the military is ok with it being part of their uniform. Most military wear nike boots!!! Thank you kap and thank you nike finally a big name company standing up for what’s right. Not letting rich whitey push them around!!!!
Melanin Leo
Melanin Leo 9 日 前
I love Trevor. Nike way to go
James Quinn
James Quinn 9 日 前
No countries should extend to space. They already DIVIDE the Earth. Humans are too obsessed with pro sports and possessions, mixing politics in there too is just more SHIT
Gemüsefreund26 10 日 前
Sharp 🔥🔥
The life of a girl
Why am I not surprised that Fox didn’t like the Nike ad
Nancy A.
Nancy A. 12 日 前
Your great 👍
Elizabeth Vega
Elizabeth Vega 13 日 前
Hey Trevor. You Rock and I love you! So there!
carol berry
carol berry 13 日 前
soo funny
abrantino 13 日 前
I think nike puled ronaldo sponsorship
lolster 292
lolster 292 14 日 前
If you're going to burn your Nike shoes, at least don't burn them. Give them to Good Will, or any sort of charity that provides clothing to the people who need it most.
literaturegeek 14 日 前
Well it would do consumerism good, if people asked more questions before buying products. Like "who made this under which conditions?", "What are the company's values?", or "what is the environmental impact of this product?".
John P Jones
John P Jones 15 日 前
Steve Bannon looks _exactly_ like Kenneth McMillan as Baron Harkkonen in "Dune".
Ayesha Rizwan
Ayesha Rizwan 15 日 前
i agree with noah, its totally an american act, peace to the moon people
Natalee  Steele
Natalee Steele 17 日 前
If any country would commit mass genocide on moon people it would be the Americans...
Debi B
Debi B 17 日 前
Uriah Heep
Uriah Heep 17 日 前
Take a knee and suck my dick. Thank you for servicing me.
Uriah Heep
Uriah Heep 17 日 前
I’m sick of these blacks buying gym shoes with my tax dollars. Why don’t these blacks get off welfare and get a job. My toilet could use a good scrub. I’d gladly pay some black what nike pays its Chinese slaves. Nike, Bufu
Uriah Heep
Uriah Heep 17 日 前
I want to puke when I see kapperdicks face. I’ve been buying new balance for decades. Come to think of it the swoosh symbol makes me want to puke. If u still buy Nike and you sometimes think of suicide. Just do it.
Cheri ?
Cheri ? 18 日 前
1:13 laughing my ass off i literally has to watch this again (like 5x)
Mari ZenSoul
Mari ZenSoul 18 日 前
I was hoping the price of NIKE would plummet but it seems as this is actually making it soar, can you imagine all those idiots that destroyed their shoes to prove a point like they are hurting us in some way, like if they came in my house and destroyed all my NIKE stuff that would might be revenge. Next day they will be pulling them back out of the trash and bonking themselves over the head with their chard sneakers . lol
Franz 18 日 前
As a European: Of corse it was an achievemnt that resonated across boarders. "..., one giant leap for mankind." Its was not"..., one giant leap for USA USA USA!!!"
Dallas RedHail
Dallas RedHail 19 日 前
Just do it!! I stand with Colin. Sorry tiki torch whites... 😉🖕🐷🔫
Sheree Stracke
Sheree Stracke 19 日 前
Those shoes are literally Fire.. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Emrullah Güzey
Emrullah Güzey 20 日 前
Come to Turkey to see even crazier stuff. People smash their iPhones in retaliation to US sanctions
Nate 1998
Nate 1998 21 日 前
Lol I’m gonna buy Nike. Just because people are burning stuff they already payed for. Oh my goodness people never stop amazing me 😂 😂
Vivek Naren
Vivek Naren 21 日 前
Well.. No one stepped on moon.. Should be nice to atleast see atleast on a movie
Artkidtek 22 日 前
black people are huge consumers. Big business does not need white money, the BLACK DOLLAR is just as POWERFUL if not more and sometimes unfortunately more careless. Big business can sense that. White people can boycott the world. The world can run off the black dollar and be just fine. With our money we can have a more tight say on the type of images used to portray blacks in the media. Yall feel me???
Dontai's broke headphones
Nobody cared when child slaves made the shoes, but they cared when a guy excersises his AMERICAN rights
Ron C
Ron C 23 日 前
Trevor Noah’s isn’t even American. Fuck off bitch.
jldude84 23 日 前
Ya it was pretty fucked up to put a disrespectful SOB like that in your ad, but burning shoes that you paid good money for is a pretty dumb response.
ugandan knuckles
ugandan knuckles 23 日 前
re5or noah
Paul Camerota
Paul Camerota 23 日 前
Ass wipe channel
Cap285 23 日 前
You are as funny as a kick in the nuts. Why do you have a job?
It Happens That Quickly
These dick heads must never heard of the space race. It was very much about America. And the liberals boycott and protest everything so how is that like something new that they're boycotting something. We don't play the victim.
Zamanoid 24 日 前
Oh Mr. Bannon, you're invitation to The New Yorker has been, by thine own hand...r e v o k e d.
Greg L.
Greg L. 24 日 前
I compare Kaepernick's kneeling to that as a Knight kneeling before the Alter or a King while humbly asking of God or his King a special request , while a choir sang hymns of worship in the background. I am sad that there are white people who will forever stand against any "Black" social justice cause or issue. The fact that they would take away the spotlight from the high number of questionable police shootings of "UNARMED" people especially minorities and make it about the military is divisive and wrong. Our Flag and Anthem does not just represent our Military, our civilian population also has a stake in Americas's well being and fruits of success. The people who would condemn a sport or manufacturer for a few people "KNEELING!!!!!!!!!!!", while protesting police shootings of "UNARMED" people especially minorities, will be the reasons this country falls. Most Police Departments wear the US Flag on their uniforms and or vehicles; are they representing what America stands for when "UNARMED" people especially minorities are shot down and the "Police" investigations that follow more often than not are deemed justified, even if they conflict with video or witness testimony? Are all of you who turned Kaepernick''s protest into an anti military rant, claiming in unspoken words, that you and our military men and women condone police shootings of "UNARMED" people especially minorities? Kneeling has never been a sign or gesture of disrespect and just because you don't support Kaepernick''s stand, doesn't mean you can change the definition of what kneeling means. And remember no one has claimed anti military sentiments except for the anti Kaepernick haters.
d's information
d's information 24 日 前
Trevor is very intelligent www.yoursalso.com/politics2/
Hayden Collins
Hayden Collins 25 日 前
The add don’t make sense honestly what did he sacrifice?
Joey Calabrese
Joey Calabrese 25 日 前
Nike should be sanctioned! use little kids from China to make shoes and other items, the sells, to you football fans Wow! they can make I for real cheap, and sell it the stores they over charge, you football fans are just as bad self centered acting like five year old piece of shit Nike, thinks we are stupid and we are, look a their numbers, if there was a war, I don' think we will win, I don' care attitude, not the America I remember
lexy Ninja
lexy Ninja 25 日 前
Breaking News !!!. *Nike stock soars, merchandise sells out after Kaepernick ad* So so sorry for those folks burning their shoes.
CHESS 25 日 前
Minorities together are the majority. White people are the real global minority where is our special status? whites are a mere 8% of the global population.
CHESS 25 日 前
comedy central is propaganda, trevor noah is not funny, he has bad breath and looks weird.
Daniel Sadjadi
Daniel Sadjadi 25 日 前
racists could care less about NIKE and pretty much all apparel companies exploiting children for virtually free labor in impoverished countries but all it takes for them to burn their own merchandise they've already purchased is Nike using a political statement to their own advantage. white trash logic...
Richard Grace
Richard Grace 26 日 前
Look at all the ignorant Americans taking Hollywood comedians trying to play politics seriously... 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
Robertson Thirdly
$NKE traders would like to thank you racists for dumping your stock.. you made them money going down and coming up.
michael ndegwa
michael ndegwa 26 日 前
i want to buy this toaster but what are its views on abortion
MrSchmolko 26 日 前
let's hope for nike that liberals find out how the shoes are manufactured using slave/child labor. like all brands producing in africa or asia, where people are desperate enough to work 18 hour shifts for a bowl of rice.
wagsbass 26 日 前
If Trevor likes what Colin K is doing, he is a moron
Skipper Nelson
Skipper Nelson 26 日 前
Ok! Serena is representing Ford!. Gimmie that damn sledgehammer!. Yeah right!. Like white people are going to destroy their $60.000.00 truck!. They may be pissed off!. But they ain't that damn pissed off!.
Devan McClaine
Devan McClaine 26 日 前
"Conservatives were triggered when a movie didn't jerk America off like it should...."
Avinash Ray
Avinash Ray 26 日 前
Liberal and support ban.wow and he does not even condemn that.and dude that flying American flag on moon is what we see as the moon landing.
amanda tatenda Mutangadua
we didn't do that, the Americans did that 😂😂😂😂😂😂
OTAGO NZ 27 日 前
Trev what a fucking retard.
Susan Ingle
Susan Ingle 27 日 前
White nationalist are described as whites who do not lay down and let EVERYONE ELSE walk on their backs
Danny Carmichael
Danny Carmichael 26 日 前
Susan Ingle Open your eyes to the lies 👀➡➡➡😢😢😢. So called "white people" are PINK, and have never been, are, or will be white. Everyone else is BROWN. Don't give ANYONE credit for being something they are not, in this case I'm referring to people being labeled as white, no matter how much this society or media try to brainwash you to think otherwise. ALBINO descendants of AFRICA, get over your lying and deceitful selves. 😂😂😂😂😂
Susan Ingle
Susan Ingle 27 日 前
He is such a dumbass hypocrite!!!! Start talking about what's happening in South Africa!!! If you are so disgusted by America go back to your country
Jason Ratchford
Jason Ratchford 27 日 前
jpvid.net/video/ビデオ-M5uYCWVfuPQ.html maybe yall should take a look at this from 2011
True Black Knight
Yeah you got a point looking at those Nike shoes in frames made me want to buy some Nikes because them boys looked it like they was 🔥😂😂😂😂😂😂
Steffen Baker
Steffen Baker 27 日 前
Trump trump trump trump
Just Mike
Just Mike 27 日 前
The Truth
The Truth 27 日 前
Goes to show you how stupid, racist angry white people, truly are. Burn "everything" you own.
Danny Carmichael
Danny Carmichael 26 日 前
The Truth Open your eyes to the lies 👀➡➡➡😢😢😢. White people are PINK. Everyone else is BROWN.
James Laverick
James Laverick 28 日 前
What An Idiot!
lannah biggs
lannah biggs 28 日 前
yooo yall umm you know who you are need to take some classes on how to properly protest cause ummmm that is some current president sh*t well we know who voted for the big Cheeto... just gonna leave that there
Kate 28 日 前
What kind of fucking dumbass would burn their own possession just to protest?
Dj Castrejon
Dj Castrejon 28 日 前
I only hear of politics when I go on JPvid though
ben dover
ben dover 28 日 前
Hey Noah I hope you choke on a big fruity 8=======D
J D 28 日 前
The only reason I wouldn’t buy Nike is because of their unethical production practices and how to take advantage of an overseas labor force. Other than that, Nike is just iight!
TooBeast_052 28 日 前
JT A GEMINI 28 日 前
Like I said idk what color you are bruh because my mom didnt waste her short life telling me to stay away from somebody because of their pigmentation. Majority of the people who are mad about a brand they have in their closets including you never have even served in the military like myself and have so many opinions on the matter. Nike doesn't care about whites protesting their money makers are by the young brown and black people. If your an adult burning you shoes you've already bought about something out of your control. YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!! 😂 Your money has been spent. This country was never great especially when you live in a country that allowed jim crow, ok in the police forces to this day and school segregation. Once again yall have HYPROCRISY written all over your character for agreeing but that's the mindset you have with Bruce Loops.
JT A GEMINI 28 日 前
Like I served for a brief stint. And KKK in the police force to this day😂. America will always be egregious.
Treasure gonzales
Were still with this shit... Racism n Sex will ALWAYS Sale so Stop Bitchn cuz Stupid People Are the Problem
Erick de viking
Erick de viking 28 日 前
Rips on Politics being everywhere. Always uses politics in his dumb show.
Simans Sousa
Simans Sousa 29 日 前
United States .... I do not understand. There are a lot of stupid people out there, right? Racial tension and then tennis burn. wait, what? So. Before the start of a game, during the anthem (yes, because the United States is that country that can not start a game without flagging the flag, because if they do not do it, the communists win ...). Colin Kaepernick knelt as a form of protest against the disporportional violence on blacks in the USA. And that's it. End of story, any normal country would say. AAAAAAAAAAH but not the United States! You kneeled during the anthem ????! Traitor!! anti patriot !! I spit in your face !! Donald Trump himself surfed this wave and made one of his speeches in his calm and peaceful way ... Then Nike pick up Colin and his message and stick it on a publicity poster and the campaign viralizes. In a normal country, people would roar a little on the internet and then go to lunch. but not in the United States. No, no, no. Burn all nike products !!! And we have a particularly idiotic case, of a man who burned his nikes while he had them on his feet. He went to the hospital with his feet burned. Which even makes sense, because the brain was already burned. While this type of videos spreads, Nike does not stop selling, being talked about and making money. Because SURPRISE - it's exactly what any brand wants !! Stupid ... America, Just stupid.
mnjsbdjkshdw tomlinson
GoBackToAfrica AsscheesePicker64
That stupid media punk's face all over the world's media. A gold-detector for his failing cause democoons. Midterms look so bad against them.
Emily Andrews
Emily Andrews 29 日 前
fuck i can't stand u
Jameiz Mogli
Jameiz Mogli 29 日 前
Maybe they want to boycott the movie first off, moon landing never happened
blingkid823 29 日 前
honestly the smartest thing people should of done instead of just ripping up and burning the nike brand is just paint and put Marker with Big X on the front of the logo's then drawl arrows at the logo that say: "Shame on you!" "How dare you!" " I respect my country & flag and I hate this Logo" or simply cover the logo all together because it's like the guy said they already got your money just boycott it from this point forward.
Asaliuru 29 日 前
Burning shoes is advanced stupid.
Rob Martinez
Rob Martinez 29 日 前
What about the white farmers getting killed by racist African's in Africa? Where da news at?
Janith Haputhanthri
Fucking Trumptard SJWs
LaughTooHard 29 日 前
Obama politicized everything American. Millions of American's made Nike what it was, millions will walk away without wearing Nikes. Just follow the stock on its decline.
sonrisa Verdean
sonrisa Verdean 29 日 前
People's urge to defend their internal racism is so much that they don't admit that Colin isn't protesting the troops. He is protesting the mistreatment and injustices against people of color. That has nothing to do with the troops. So don't come around and try to justify burning these fucking shoes. The shoes ain't doing nothing to your dear troops. It's just your racism and desire to stay in the group that oppresses instead of being in the group that is oppressed.
Joe mohma
Joe mohma 24 日 前
Well put.
Southern Rebel
Southern Rebel 29 日 前
So if someone is caught stealing,all they have to say is NIKE said JUST DO IT. Yeah way to go nike LOSERS
How do you do it?
This guy is awfully not funny, I think he is trying to be not funny but a sjw leader
Antonio Ramirez
Antonio Ramirez 29 日 前
Liberals are dumb, sarcastic, egotistical, holier than thou idiots made up of people who dont really know what they're talking about.
ptre21 29 日 前
Literally the only guy to have a funny joke going for him and then BAM!, he turns it around to some dumb crap trevor says.
Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar 29 日 前
The american flag on the moon is white due to the sun's radiation and a lack of atmosphere
Steven ヶ月 前
Just imagine if Obama got the same treatment from the major networks, entertainment and news! What would his jokes be about then?
hmayer2486 ヶ月 前
I thought I was done after graduation with rewriting history .Why support ignorance with my money .
drivebysnapshots ヶ月 前
Nike should stick to selling overpriced shoes made with human rights violating sweat shops and stay out of politics.
PolinGuira ヶ月 前
They never when to the moon is big lie
Bronx 1
Bronx 1 ヶ月 前
Now they are called boycotters, so what do we call paid organizers to protest for the left?
Jacob Mcneely
Jacob Mcneely ヶ月 前
Build a wall