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Pre-order "Paint The Sky With Blood": smarturl.it/PTSWB-NPR
out April 23rd
Bodom After Midnight is:
Alexi Laiho - vocals and guitars
Daniel Freyberg - guitars
Mitja Toivonen - bass
Waltteri Väyrynen - drums
Session keyboards by Vili Itäpelto
Produced by Joonas Parkkonen and Bodom After Midnight
Recorded by Joonas Parkkonen at Finnvox Studios and iStudio, Helsinki
Mixed by Mikko Karmila at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki
Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki
Director, Editor, Producer Ykä Järvinen
DOP Juge Heikkilä F.S.C.
1st AC Jarkko Liikanen
Gaffer Sami Mäntymaa
Lighting Technician Tatu Tuominen
Band hair & make-up Kaisa Pätilä
Colorist Timo Luomanen/Post Control
Master Of The Universe Susanna Laamanen
Band Management: Jouni Markkanen/Grey Beard Concerts & Management
Thanks to Ville Väänänen/Valofirma, Kamerafirma, Manu Haapala/Krotkin Mirrors, Tomi Riionheimo/Indie Films, Terhi Ylimäinen, Sanna Mäkynen, Elmu










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Chris Barkas
Chris Barkas 9 時間 前
the chorus Alecto ,Megeara, Tisiphone FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT Furies, Greek Erinyes, also called Eumenides, in Greco-Roman mythology, the chthonic goddesses of vengeance. They were probably personified curses, but possibly they were originally conceived of as ghosts of the murdered. According to the Greek poet Hesiod, they were the daughters of Gaea (Earth) and sprang from the blood of her mutilated spouse Uranus. In the plays of Aeschylus, they were the daughters of Nyx; in those of Sophocles, they were the daughters of Darkness and of Gaea. Euripides was the first to speak of them as three in number. Later writers named them Allecto (“Unceasing in Anger”), Tisiphone (“Avenger of Murder”), and Megaera (“Jealous”). They lived in the underworld and ascended to earth to pursue the wicked. Being deities of the underworld, they were often identified with spirits of the fertility of the earth. Because the Greeks feared to utter the dreaded name Erinyes, the goddesses were often addressed by euphemistic names, such as Eumenides (“Kindly”) in Sicyon or Semnai (“August”) in Athens
Pitchfork Studios
RIP Legend \m/
Phantom Cyborg
Phantom Cyborg 2 日 前
RIP Alexi !!!
streetdog75 3 日 前
The only time I saw Alexi live was when they opened for Fear Factory and Lamb of God. They totally destroyed the other two. FF is one of the most boring live bands ever (although I did really like a few of their albums) and LoG the singer was so pretentious that I walked out after a song or two. CoB were by far the best thing on that ticket and tore the house down.
Daniel Velasquez
Rip 🙏 🤘🤘alexi.
Jeremy David Suarez Muñoz
Excellent song and sound for the metal in the world forever metal in my heart , metal never die ohhh yeahh
Jeff Leavitt
Jeff Leavitt 4 日 前
Melodic Death Metal is the top rung of the musical ladder
Christian Landmann
So weird to know your idol for so many years is dead, unreal...
Jack The Troll
Jack The Troll 4 日 前
Greatly missed never forgotten
Dani Valentine
Dani Valentine 4 日 前
Great from Alexi. miss your style bro. RIP. The 2nd guitar i feels like sound in 'And Justice For All by Metallica'.. 🤟🎸
Roger Flores
Roger Flores 4 日 前
R.I.P. Alexi 🤘🍺
Jana Hausknechtová
Геральт из Ривии
Fanat Bodom from 2005 year album
Luis Perez
Luis Perez 5 日 前
what sadness to knowing that this project can´t no longer be): because alexi is irreplaceable but what a good homage to him ,sounds a lot to early COB i loved blast beats!!
alma neara
alma neara 5 日 前
so this is what a decade of drugs and e-girls does to a metal band. Talk about a trainwreck
Jeff Leavitt
Jeff Leavitt 6 日 前
Adamant NRaven
Adamant NRaven 6 日 前
the '' hatecrew death roll '' chorus made me a little more sad and happy at the same time. I love you , thank u for everything.
Tina Van Duzer
Tina Van Duzer 6 日 前
🎤🇸🇪💀 Skwisgaar Skwigelf Watch Alexi outside of him Looking alike to capt.Erzezt Marcus Fretshredder 💯
Nick 6 日 前
Wow, nice vibes still coming out of his guitar, Alexi even beyond death can actually bless my ears 🎸 thx to him I'll keep creating good music stuff too, he inspired me so much
baron USHER
baron USHER 7 日 前
Fantastic Death -Thrash Metal!!! Vibrant, Cool and Addictive.....This song freezes you, leaves you without oxygen, crash and break your neck!!! ALEXI always a genius....🤘🤘
JZ1917 7 日 前
The fucker is not on this planet anymore and still making gorgeous pieces. A God indeed.
Ezekiel Goldberg II
As someone who didn't like the newer albums, it's pretty ironic to see Alexi bring out such a kicker just before he kicked it. The Wildchild knows how to go out in style for sure. Here's to you!
Maxim Popov
Maxim Popov 7 日 前
Rest in Heaven 💟
Investigator Sozhran
A rockier version of CoB without keys, what a great direction... could have been :( And that Impaled Nazarene shirt was also nice! Farewell, Alexi.
ensomniiac 7 日 前
One of my favorite solos ever!! Love you and miss you bro👊
Eugen Dar
Eugen Dar 8 日 前
vaik et
vaik et 9 日 前
Killer track rip
tedats 10 日 前
Best sound since hcdr and loving the song!
Rebel__1 10 日 前
NeoZone 10 日 前
heimgerd grootaert
This makes me so sad and happy at the same time..... RIP Wild Child
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 10 日 前
This was 10 days before he passed away 😢 he really died at the top of his game. 🤘
Nuky93 11 日 前
This guy introduced me to metal and it's weird to live in a world where he isn't around anymore. All I can say is that I owe him a lot in shaping the person that I am today and that I wish him well in the place where he is right now, wherever that may be. Godspeed to you, Alexi.
Marco Pesenti
Marco Pesenti 11 日 前
Guitar sound during solo is WOW 😮😮😮
Common Sense Hill
Music... top notch... Vocals however... not my cup of tea.
Rodrigo Requelme Borja
Only gods die young...
PeTTERI 11 日 前
G.Phillips 12 日 前
I hear a little "Blackened" influence within the verses, not that it's a bad thing!
FourFoot Viking
FourFoot Viking 12 日 前
I was banging my head to this till the end and then I saw the In Memory of and I teared up a little bit. Alexi was by far one of the greatest musicians on the planet. There will never be another like him. R.I.P 🤘🏻
Simo Vlog
Simo Vlog 12 日 前
Kiitos Alexi!
Gar Ben
Gar Ben 12 日 前
Man I'll start to watch interviews and it'll hti me so freak hard he's gone..so hard.. :(((
J A 12 日 前
Willd-child was a sick opiat slave. Sad but true, I idolised him. R.I.P. Laiho, bye bye.
The Flamehead97
The Flamehead97 12 日 前
It's so sad that Alexi passed cause this band was gonna be just as good as COB. RIP Alexi your legacy will live forever
SatanSpawn 13
SatanSpawn 13 12 日 前
It doesn't feel like real I life. I remember the moment when I first heard a Children of Bodom song, it was If You Want Peace... Prepare For War. I also remember the moment when I heard that Alexi died. I was devastated because he was one of my favorite guitarists. The man was brilliant in his guitar playing and the fact that he was knocking on death's door and was still able to write something so good is amazing. I can just imagine being at a live show and screaming Fight! Fight! Fight! But I guess we'll never hear it. We will miss you forever Alexi.
TheMadMattster 12 日 前
realized how his music influenced so much modern stuff. Wintersun would have not existed for this man.
Humberto Almenar
Humberto Almenar 12 日 前
What an amazing song! Thank you Alexi for everything, rest in peace.
rcdenholm 12 日 前
This is totally radical
Headsic 12 日 前
Kick ass track! 👊 R.I.P Alexi Laiho. The whole metal community will remember you forever.
Collin McGee
Collin McGee 12 日 前
at 2:20, you can clearly see Mitja pulling a Duff McKagan
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 12 日 前
huge way xx
Nekrist 666
Nekrist 666 13 日 前
Respect, that EP was an amazing farewell.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 12 日 前
Yeah \../ great!!!
jaketin 13 日 前
Karma09 official
Karma09 official 13 日 前
RiP Alexi!!!
Joshua Schmidinger
🤯 Final blaze of glory...r.i.p alexi...thank you 😎🤘❤🔥👏
Federico Mangalavite
This only song is better than latest Bodom's album, this remember me a lot of "Hatebreeder" and "Are you dead yet?" Brilliant
Dusan Kostka
Dusan Kostka 13 日 前
Fajn muzic ok 💥 senza výborný gut ✌️.
Asheelie Mooj
Asheelie Mooj 14 日 前
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 13 日 前
one master gives his profession to another
Shaun Enos
Shaun Enos 14 日 前
Pure brutality....F. yeah!!!!
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 13 日 前
I love his shirt! Awesome soul! Glad I grew up listening to him!
Agr3gam3 14 日 前
Just arrived today the Colector edition! We miss you ALEXI
Vikramjeet Sangha
Top quality stuff...Hell yeah....Rock in peace Alexi
Shankar Nigam
Shankar Nigam 15 日 前
I was glad to see you perform at least once. It was a great show and one I will never forget! Rest In Peace Alexi! Rock on forever! You were one of my all time favorite guitarists! 🤘
Jay Sinclair
Jay Sinclair 15 日 前
Even on death's door, he could write and play a solo like that. Once in a generation 🤟
Елена Попелюшенко
Why do I sometimes have a green screen instead of a normal video (only a square with a normal picture on the left)... And this happens only in this video. Who knows how to fix this problem?
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 14 日 前
@ 0:06 - 0:15, its same like Kreator Satan is Real
Chelsea Jennings
Chelsea Jennings 15 日 前
Absolutely awesome! :) I am preordering!
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 14 日 前
Edo Tensei Alexi :)
Drackma Oficial
Drackma Oficial 15 日 前
Yeah \../ great!!!
Linda Rella
Linda Rella 15 日 前
I can't stop listening to this song. It's epic. Very strange how the camera focus's on Alexi in pain looking so weak and sick right at the last second. RIP you are being missed in a huge way xx
omnia vincitamor
I find he looks angry...but why...
Worst Case Scenario
That scream at the beginning - holy f***.... Goosebumbs. Most epic scream in the history of heavy metal or whatever genre you wanna call it. Freddie Mercury had "Show Must Go On - Alexi Laiho had this, that's the way I see it. Just a masterpiece. Nothing can top this.
Still cant beleive hes gone. My guitar hero. I get chills from this video. And I may wrong but I feel like Daniel's solo is like a farewell to Alexi and Alexi is passing the torch like he knows the clocks ran out. The part when they put their heads together hit me hard. Follow the Reaper Alexi to your Kingdom Come.
Yellow Walkman
Yellow Walkman 15 日 前
sergei666 galder
sergei666 galder 15 日 前
Трек класс !!!!!! Вечная память !!!!
rosalindhubris 16 日 前
I love his shirt! Awesome soul! Glad I grew up listening to him!
GlacialCaress 16 日 前
one master gives his profession to another
GlacialCaress 16 日 前
777Eliyahu 16 日 前
RIP Alexi, you left us so much amazing music
KEN5423 16 日 前
They need a real singer.
Dima Jeddawi
Dima Jeddawi 14 日 前
The had one. The best. #RIP
Felix Wowereit
Felix Wowereit 16 日 前
unfortunately its impossible to replace alexi... RIP ... so sad and a bi loose for this world
iLLnutz 16 日 前
bass player has some kinda problem..with those movements I guess he needs take a piss or something
Linda Rella
Linda Rella 15 日 前
Isabel Bp
Isabel Bp 16 日 前
Edo Tensei Alexi :)
Koutei Zero
Koutei Zero 16 日 前
@ 0:06 - 0:15, its same like Kreator Satan is Real
R E C K L E S S 16 日 前
Wat a solo
maks 790
maks 790 16 日 前
Rest in peace Alexi💔 My heart is broken
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 16 日 前
Man, what I would give to be in a crowd screaming Fight! Fight! Fight! with these guys... It still doesn't feel real, Alexi being gone. We miss you, Wildchild!
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 16 日 前
Fucking hell. This makes his passing even worse, this shit is fire! And double bonus points for rocking that Impaled Nazarene shirt!
JayJay 16 日 前
unpopular opinion. it's another boring song like the latest cob songs which lead to the cob breakup... the other one on the BAM release ain't better :( this video feels absolutely emotionless...don't get me wrong i'm a huge cob fan and i even got alexi tattooed to my arm as a portrait but man it hurts my heart to say this but i get why the rest of cob buried their baby and it feels like alexi couldn't handle it. i wish the bam stuff wouldn't have been released. my stakes were set too high :( rip the legend
Alberto Sandoval Vásquez
Excelente Pero es un Disco Póstumo 🤭
Shane Stowers
Shane Stowers 17 日 前
Miss alexi so much
Rob Stewart
Rob Stewart 17 日 前
666k views. Excellent 🤘
Joey Thomas
Joey Thomas 17 日 前
Alexi almost has 666 views on this video!!! C'mon people help the WildChild out!!!!🤘🔥🔥🎶🎶😇🤘🤘✌
Edson Neto
Edson Neto 17 日 前
Wake up quick at about midnight Bloodshot eyes and down for a fight Calm down, tune out while you read my rights Can't take it no more, please hit the lights Put your fucking clothes on, second that notion What do you say? What did you expect? The B-A-M's in full effect A couple of things you left unchecked We'll kick you in the face and take your self respect Put your fucking clothes on, second that notion My three Furies I need you tonight Please forgive me For what I've done Alecto, end their page Megaera, with your sweet rage Thilphoseia, hits you like a flash flood Fight! Fight! Fight! So count your stars Alecto, end their page Megaera, with your sweet rage Thilphoseia, paint the sky with blood Fight! Fight! Fight! Paint the sky with blood Wake up quick at about midnight Bloodshot eyes and down for a fight Calm down, tune out while you read my rights Can't take it no more, please hit the lights Put your fucking clothes on, second that notion My three Furies I need you tonight Please forgive me For what I've done Alecto, end their page Megaera, with your sweet rage Thilphoseia, hits you like a flash flood Fight! Fight! Fight! So count your stars Alecto, end their page Megaera, with your sweet rage Thilphoseia, paint the sky with blood Fight! Fight! Fight!
Mikko Lehtinen
Mikko Lehtinen 17 日 前
RIP alexi sinun musiikiasi tulen aina soittamaan täysillä
-- 17 日 前
Rock on from Metal Heaven Brother
Davor Mishkovski
Davor Mishkovski 17 日 前
vipunen79 17 日 前
It's making me sad to see one of my heroes from early 20's still making good shit like this, just a lil while before he had to pass away. I've been listening Bodom since their first single which hit me like a hammer, and ofc my friends didn't like it.. (which just makes it worth of much more). Yes, they made couple of shitty albums in between before hexed, but yeah.. R.I.P. Allu, I hope the pillow is good down there.. I will always cherish your memory and all the good times you've been giving to me and myself...
Natalie Wisdom
Natalie Wisdom 17 日 前
Alexi you broke my ❤ follow the reaper my love.....
wildecoyote2222 17 日 前
Dam they had so much potential!
TheSycotik 17 日 前
Miss you
deathdrummer 17 日 前
Oh ... Alexi R. I. P. The print of his wearing shirts is "Impaled Nazarene!" The guitarist of Impaled Nazarene, "Wildchild," is one episode of his history!
Rubber Duck
Rubber Duck 17 日 前
Bassist looks like he's having the time of his life.
Veleslav Temnov
Veleslav Temnov 17 日 前
Это кавер группа или что это? ))
Malte`s Metal Corner
All hail the mighty Wild Child. Rest in Peace Alexi Laiho
Roaming Ram
Roaming Ram 17 日 前
That solo and the vibe is amazing and quite unlike the Bodom I’m used to. But Alexi looked frail. Rest in Peace, sir! You’ll never be forgotten and your legacy will live on!
Dima Jeddawi
Dima Jeddawi 17 日 前
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