Bobby Fischer's surprising move against Tigran Petrosian | 1971 Candidates Final

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This is a Round 7 game from the 1971 Candidates Final between Bobby Fischer and Tigran Petrosian. Fischer played white in the featured game, and elected the Bd3 line against Petrosian's Sicilian Kan variation. Move 22 of this game came as a surprise to many of the Grandmasters in the press room during the game, with one in particular, Miguel Najdorf, quickly pegging Fischer's move a mistake. A mistake however it was not, and after only a dozen moves later Petrosian admitted defeat. Aside from Fischer's surprising move, this game demonstrates very well how to play against weakened pawns in a fairly simplified position.
1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 a6 5. Bd3 Nc6 6. Nxc6
bxc6 7. O-O d5 8. c4 Nf6 9. cxd5 cxd5 10. exd5 exd5 11. Nc3
Be7 12. Qa4+ Qd7 13. Re1 Qxa4 14. Nxa4 Be6 15. Be3 O-O 16. Bc5
Rfe8 17. Bxe7 Rxe7 18. b4 Kf8 19. Nc5 Bc8 20. f3 Rea7 21. Re5
Bd7 22. Nxd7+ Rxd7 23. Rc1 Rd6 24. Rc7 Nd7 25. Re2 g6 26. Kf2
h5 27. f4 h4 28. Kf3 f5 29. Ke3 d4+ 30. Kd2 Nb6 31. Ree7 Nd5
32. Rf7+ Ke8 33. Rb7 Nxf4 34. Bc4
Internet Chess Club (ICC)
Software: Blitzin
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Kirk Mason
Kirk Mason 22 日 前
Presentation well done
Pierre Groussac
Pierre Groussac 29 日 前
Thanks, Jerry. Love the analysis and the conversational way you present it. Watched this video a year ago, watching it again. Maybe someday it will stick. All the best.
miguel panta
miguel panta ヶ月 前
Ray Menchaca
Ray Menchaca 3 ヶ月 前
I feel like as chess becomes more popular, we’re going to start seeing some super dank memes with the caption “feel free to pause the video”
J D 6 ヶ月 前
I don't even play chess but I still enjoy this channel. Good work mate.
Ong Hock
Ong Hock 6 ヶ月 前
maumanirash 9 ヶ月 前
superb video n thanks for posting an awesome game.
Matthias Zielinski
Matthias Zielinski 10 ヶ月 前
very high quality content, thanks!
ChessNetwork 10 ヶ月 前
Thank you
Baguette Boy
Baguette Boy 11 ヶ月 前
1:30 B B B B B W
Chris Goldthorpe
Well Planned and executed! Great video!
Bob Purnell
Bob Purnell 年 前
Thank You for another excellent analysis. Well Done! :)
Leo 年 前
B4 Fisher following his own advice pass pawns are to be pushed
vDodenstein 年 前
Evan Lutz
Evan Lutz 年 前
Wonderful, instructive analysis
2199SPUDMAN 年 前
This is why Fischer was arguably the greatest all-around player: he could destroy you in the opening with his deep preparation, he could out play you in the middle game with forceful positional play (that could and often did erupt into a tactical finish), and he could elegantly grind a microscopic endgame advantage into a full point. Couple this with a killer-instinct and tireless will to win, and you have the ultimate Chess Terminator. No wonder everyone talked about "Fischer Fear". My fav book was and still is "The Games of Robert J. Fischer" by Wade and O'Connell... a treasure trove of masterpieces. If you love the "universal player" style, you can't do better than this game collection IMHO.
s2k 年 前
Jerry please come back with more post match analysis videos
Ryan Bright
Ryan Bright 年 前
The ''game lessons'' at the end of the video was helpful. Thanks Jerry. You've been a great help to my chess game.
Reiner Weiss
Reiner Weiss 年 前
And now: The stoolwar is ready to begin!!!
Erick Wilson Wafula
Nice! More standard games please. Very nice
Wouldn't it also be a good idea to exchange of the opponent's bishop that is of the same colour as the square that the Isolated Queen Pawn is on? In order to blockade the pawn with a knight and then take it with superior fire power.
Mert Sevgi
Mert Sevgi 年 前
Hi Jerry! @chessnetwork I love the analysis videos you do, please do more of them. Especially like the ones from the analysis of grandmaster playlist! Would love to see more as I’ve watched them all at least twice
Dennis Marcus
Jerry you analysis of games is really serious, quite a contrast to your humourous blitz commentary when you yourself play. They both are great.
Rajat Sharma
Rajat Sharma 年 前
Grenke matches? I am waiting
P McFadden
P McFadden 年 前
great breakdown.
Andrej Mazurek
You should try voiceover acting. Great channel.
Kyle Reese
Kyle Reese 年 前
I said it before I'll say it again. Jerry is the best at commentating chess videos. After hearing him everyday for a while you start to ask the same questions he does. Love it! Thank you so much man
Capital_ Ash_
Who else gets these crappy "elevate" advertisements before the video starts? Nobody? Just me? Ok
MunchyHam 年 前
B4 wow!
mark hughes
mark hughes 年 前
Best chess channel to my mind - imparts real knowledge of techniques at the strategic level. Always very rewarding to follow the analysis. Much appreciated.
I wonder Fischer didn´t see 13. Bd3-b5 .... winning the rook ...
Pierre Olivier Kassis
why not rook f6 and then f8 to defend?
One Uniform
One Uniform 年 前
Grumpy Face
Grumpy Face 年 前
What if you analyzed the game that shows the knight is more superior than the bishop, so we can get a fairplay game??
Jo mic
Jo mic 年 前
b4 was gargantuan
Andrew Flockhart
Great game- thanks for the analysis. Really like the final overview of the main lessons in the sideboard!
Russell Froggatt
I wonder how many other grandmasters would have found Fischer's plan? Genius.
Helvegen 年 前
Jerry sensei! thank you for another of your amazing game analysis! Any thoughts about continuing your beginner to master video series? :D
RubTuber 年 前
Thank you!
RDMcCarthy 年 前
"And say: What are you staring at now?" - Jerry - We've missed you!
dodekaedius 年 前
Best chess channel on JPvid
Rita Wanjiku
Rita Wanjiku 年 前
will you upload magnus titled arena?
Nima Shahsavari
thank you so much for this fantastic video.
Yale 年 前
LOVE the game lessons at the end. Awesome addition Jerry, great video!
Nathaniel Anderson
The black knight should have moved twords the white king, after a few moves by the pawns. Black was not in a bad position, except for the fact that he was playing fisher. The key to stave off the attack, is to launch an attack. It would have to be planned out, and the black king could have moved up with his pawns and his knight. At the same time, he should have made a series of moves with the pawn and the rook at the other end of the board. All the pieces must work together.
Nathaniel Anderson
Black should have moved his pawns up.
eLem3nT 年 前
Hi Jerry, have you had a chance to play 4 way chess yet??? If so what do you think about it???
Andrew Wood
Andrew Wood 年 前
Phenomenal commentary. Thank you
Pyong's Haptic-Magic
Deep analysis. Awesome and thanks.
Excellent as usual :)
I279ASD2O7 年 前
I have missed these videos. Would love to see one with Korchnoi
Hugo Wolff
Hugo Wolff 年 前
Back to the good stuff!
Peter Zuchowski
Wow! I love the movements as opposed to marking the board during analyses. It really helps me keep up, thank you!
Mehdi S
Mehdi S 年 前
Mark Polea
Mark Polea 年 前
Thank you jerry!! Been waiting for your standard chess games like a decade 😭😭 please update more videos.. regardless of the players as long as it is your analysis
Asdayasman アスデイ
Lovin' the "game lessons" section, Jerry.
Jules HB
Jules HB 年 前
Unintended ASMR-content and Tricky knight narration? Thank you for posting content Jerry, your work is appreciated by everyone!
xyqueum 年 前
Zugzwang Indeed Jerry!!!
kapil hanwat
kapil hanwat 年 前
Was waiting for these lessons In your voice
Lord of the Pies
no mean feat Petrosian was the ultimate immovable object
larto 年 前
Really nice idea with lessons recap at the end :) As some of others have pointed out - please consider maybe sacrificing some streams for this kind of videos. I personally like them a lot more than streams for the depth and really cool insights into every step of the game. I understand that streams are faster to produce, but maybe there is the chance for more content like this anyway :) Cheers!
Jared Lee
Jared Lee 年 前
i like the game lesson after the match ends. its a really good improvement. Keep it up!
ADR 年 前
Ballsy move
John Doe
John Doe 年 前
just in case you care jerry the "z" in german is pronounced as "ts" and not "s"
Dazel andpointcom
Hi Jerry, I just watched your glorious stream on Solomon's Key. Do you know about Spherical on Amiga? It's a variation with a rolling ball to lead to the exit, and a giant dragon in the end! There is a longplay on JPvid you might be interested in.
The Naughty 5
Jerry we literally wait for your analysis upload...please upload a bit sooner
Artner 年 前
How close he is to become a GM now.
Ro0b0 年 前
Amazing analysis
Robin van oorschot
I also found move 13 very instructive. To not go in for the bishop for rook exchange and to avoid a messy dynamic position. I could easily see how I would immediately go in for that in my own games.
TheDonClock 年 前
Shuvendu Kumar
Thanks a lot for this great analysis. You have helped me a lot regarding how to "think" chess. Also, I love the pacing of your videos as well. Keep it up! Hope you upload similar videos more often. Cheers!
Tesla Death Ray
I strongly prefer these videos over the stream uploads.
Md. Kamrul Hasan
Great video Jerry, You explained very well like always.
Kingfisher 年 前
Nice. Insightful tidbits. Good show.
goth chess
goth chess 年 前
yay a new video
C R 年 前
Great commentary, also hoping for some more zen mode games
Jon Armani
Jon Armani 年 前
Thanks, Jerry!
Amit Pandey
Amit Pandey 年 前
Thanks for the lessons at the end of video
Muneer Mwahed
thanx very match, but we need more videos im sorry but u r very lazy
deshcoolman Awesomeness
Play more standard games
kasurusak 年 前
hi jerry, can u review alphazero vs stockfish game again please. I already have alot of alphazero vs stockfish games (maybe more than 100) but i still need your master thought on the game. Thanks. i can send u the game if u need it.
Zemkezis 年 前
Really like the recap at the end
Swissboy362 Gaming Channel
i get a shot of dopamine when i hear that little bleep
Capital_ Ash_
@Swissboy362 Gaming Channel ah cool then. Surprising how many languages Switzerland has in proportion to the size and the population. Look at Russia for example 😂 not saying that Russia is any better or worse than Switzerland though
Swissboy362 Gaming Channel
@Capital_ Ash_ no im "from" fribourg, so i speak french. and since i live in america, i didnt really need to learn the others
Capital_ Ash_
Hey, I know this is random but do u speak Swiss German?
Danny Dolan
Danny Dolan 年 前
Mine kicks in when I hear "hi everyone it's jerry"
Allan Song
Allan Song 年 前
I see an upload from Jerry, I click watch and like. Hasn't let me down in a game yet.
Ankush Majumdar
Sir thanks for video
Amir Forooghi
we want more uploads. Please update the beginner to chessmaster playlist
Cale Gibbard
Cale Gibbard 年 前
Since you mentioned it, it might have been nice to see afterward how the exchange was an inspiration in your own game. Otherwise, very nice analysis -- as someone who plays more Go than Chess, it's always fun to watch your explanations, and be granted more insight into what's taking place in games like this.
Crux 年 前
I love your content and look forward to your uploads
Simon Ubachs
Simon Ubachs 年 前
Im a simple man. I see the thumnail of one of Jerrys new videos ablut chess. I click.
Merlin 年 前
Love these thanks Jerry :)
Alex Chiang
Alex Chiang 年 前
thanks for the video jerry, love your content
Who downvotes these videos...seriously? Jerry is awesome.
mowglu1 年 前
I really like the game lessons at the end, haven't been keeping up with recent videos. Please do it every video!
loeth vallophy
Thanks Jerry
Salman Nizamani
Rajeev R
Rajeev R 年 前
*Hi Jerry.. wish you a great day From India.. when you will consider my request.. still I'M waiting for that.. a lovable brother from India..* 🇮🇳🇮🇳
K L 年 前
We need more videos and more Bobby
ginoginoh 年 前
I am a simple man, I see a ChessNetwork video, I press like.
Cole Dansie
Cole Dansie 年 前
its almost impossible for me to imagine a really disappointing chess network video so that seems like a safe bet...
uprite88 年 前
Maybe I'll buy a bong. "Woe, Dude".
Xanthopathy 年 前
play the bong
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