BLACKPINK - 'Shut Down'

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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BLACKPINK performs the song 'Shut Down' on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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コメント数 24 946
Cassie 4 日 前
Rosè really shine in this comeback! Her vocal, dancing and charisma.
Yuma 19 時間 前
If the vocals wouldnt fit on playback it would be weird
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 3 日 前
Rosé always gives 110% but she was on FIRE here wow vocals dancing and stage presence to the max!
Dina Dina
Dina Dina 22 時間 前
Totally performance
Mita Titiheru
Mita Titiheru 3 日 前
nnurtuğba 3 日 前
When everyone talks nicely about the Rosé success, I take pride in it as if it were my own success. She's a total queen. nice success 💗💕
Erick Garcia
Erick Garcia 11 時間 前
@nnurtuğba there's also no reason to "feel her success as your own", you did nothing. maybe go make your own success
nnurtuğba 12 時間 前
@Erick Garcia keep getting jealous. She is a queen 👑.
Erick Garcia
Erick Garcia 13 時間 前
Thats stupid. She is not you and you didn't achieve anything
Mita Titiheru
Mita Titiheru 3 日 前
So true
Park Chaeyoung
Park Chaeyoung 3 日 前
I'm so proud of Rosé❤️ look at her performing like she wasn't tired of all her flights. She always give her 100% when performing and that's why i love her sm❤️
Dina Dina
Dina Dina 22 時間 前
Totally & profesional
Mita Titiheru
Mita Titiheru 3 日 前
Me too
Yashika Pal
Yashika Pal 3 日 前
Rosé you deserve this whole world , BLACKPINK TILL ETERNITY , I get goosebumps every time I see them performing...
Cast 2 日 前
¡Dios mío! Rose es una artista tan completa, de verdad la rompe en el escenario, su presencia escénica, baile y voz son tan increíbles. 🥰
Vitória Alves
Vitória Alves 4 日 前
Rosé é uma artista completa e tá mostrando pra que veio, essa era com certeza é dela.
simplyy 2 日 前
Shut UP pls 💀 they disrespect blackpink and all you care about is the presence of rosé??
Raymund Dela Cruz Soriano
Rosè is on fire! The energy, facial expression, singing while dancing! Love these girls :)
Dina Dina
Dina Dina 6 日 前
Rose stage presenc totalitas energi . vocalis , dance , hairstylist best all
Ika Purwady
Ika Purwady 5 日 前
Mita Titiheru
Mita Titiheru 6 日 前
So true
elyssa ladino
elyssa ladino 3 日 前
Rosè outstanding performance 💕
Mita Titiheru
Mita Titiheru 3 日 前
So true
Rosé dance moves are to die for🔥🔥
piixievfx 4 日 前
rosé is the real artist. that girl can sing. tbh i feel like she was also the only one giving her all absolutely 200%
Dina Dina
Dina Dina 22 時間 前
Rose totally performance ♥️
Cassie 4 日 前
Rosè so nice so good dance wow، vocal ‍‍‍
▪︎Chæng Laurent▪︎
Rosé's energy is beautiful.
Mita Titiheru
Mita Titiheru 3 日 前
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I wanna cry when so many people talk about Rosé. She always gives her best to all her perfomances. She really deserves to be called "A Star"
Mita Titiheru
Mita Titiheru 4 日 前
Totally & profesional ... best all
Adri 2 日 前
Every since the JPvid concert, I've been thinking Rosé deserves way more props on her dancing and performances. Happy to see she's getting some shine too... BTW, she also killed this choreo in the dance practice video, even though she is literally wearing a simple oversized shirt in that one, presence was top tier.
sabrr ahmad
sabrr ahmad 3 日 前
Rosé is really amazing!!!!
Angela Gaming :)
Rose dance is always on point, you're killing me rose, omg! Love you blackpink ❤️
vgt 3 日 前
Cara e incrível como a rosé chama a atenção, para mim ela é a que mais tem presença de palco
Roselight 7 日 前
Rosè has my full attention in this performance. Girl you are awesome
Dina Dina
Dina Dina 7 日 前
Agree performance skiiillful
fer caml
fer caml 3 日 前
Rosé performance was super amazing 👏 😍 she is so talented and gorgeous and her voice is addictive golden voice
Dina Dina
Dina Dina 22 時間 前
Totally performance all
Mita Titiheru
Mita Titiheru 3 日 前
So true
Арми 2 日 前
Rosé просто захватила сцену, обожаю её!!!!Все девочки тоже отлично выступили, но мне показалось, что Дженни было плохо и из-за этого её движения были не очень по сравнению с другими? Если так, то желаем скорейшего выздоровления!!!Стримьте On the ground, Gone, Solo, Ddu4,.Shut Down!!!! Также будем ждать и надеяться на соло Джису!!!Любим всех!!!Давайте никого не выделять!!!
Dina Dina
Dina Dina 22 時間 前
aesthetaecally 3 日 前
Rose is honestly underrated from all members in bp but her voice and visuals are just 🔥
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 3 日 前
It's always a pleasure to see Rosé perform
Dina Dina
Dina Dina 22 時間 前
Voice & dance dinamis
Mita Titiheru
Mita Titiheru 3 日 前
Rose perfomance best all
Often Unsaid
Often Unsaid 4 日 前
Rose’ stage presence is no joke! She brings such flavor to Blackpink! She’s truly a phenomenal performer & her voice is stunning!
Bts 💜💜army
Bts 💜💜army 13 時間 前
I love rose
Ohlalalisa Superstar
Ohlalalisa Superstar 16 時間 前
I agree.
Joshua Galola
Joshua Galola 2 日 前
Blackpink songs would not sound good without Rose's vocals 👍
Mita Titiheru
Mita Titiheru 3 日 前
So true
Titan Legend
Titan Legend 2 日 前
Rosé really stood out!!! I love her so much!! She’s the main reason i watch black pink videos a lot! So much charisma and really slays!
B B 2 日 前
As a dancer, I want to say they were all looked dedicated, to this dance, and performance. So, I congratulate them. But I like how most people noticed Rose's energy was immaculate. She stood out.
Enmy 3 日 前
Sus expresiones y la presencia escénica que tiene LALISA en increíble 💥👏
Nazmul Hossain Niloy
Rosé, you go girl!
Salma 7 日 前
I'm glad my Rosé is finally getting the attention and appreciation she deserves 💜, everyone slayed though.
Duck Bufflehead
Duck Bufflehead 7 日 前
Rosé so deserves every bit of praise!!
nanci kuba
nanci kuba 7 日 前
I know ! She so desreves it !!
Laliana NatilELA
Saidamin Alamada
I mean i personally Stan lisa but Rosé has killed it here! Her expressions fits well with the music video and her moved are so smooth as well!!
Ava RoSe Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 21
Rosè is on fire! The energy, facial expression, singing while dancing! Love these girls :)
JXDEXE 3 日 前
Moisa J Wroy
Moisa J Wroy 2 日 前
I'm so happy to see Jisoo standing out a lot more this era! Give her her moment!
wellowelloh 7 日 前
Rosé is something different here!! You go girl! 💖
Medulla Oblongata
Finally some ROSÉ appreciation
🚨W​A​T​C​H​​ M​​Y​ L​A​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨
I'm so glad my bias rosé is finally getting recognition, she absolutely killed this performance I couldn't be more proud of her stable voice and stage presence!!!
1986 Official
Lisa, in addition to the perfect appearance Both singing and dancing add even more perfection. She really is the queen of this world. ♥️💗🌏
Bias Rosé and it's great that she's getting this much attention, she's finally getting the attention she deserves
Ares williams
As a whole this performance eats up the VMAs. Their confidence was perfect the energy was there. And the sync between them was breathe galing. This might be one of my favorite performances of them if not it might be their best.
Navila Firda
Navila Firda 5 日 前
I wanna cry when so many people talk about Rosé. She always gives her best to all her perfomances. She really deserves to be called "A Star" 😭😭😭
simplyy 2 日 前
Shut UP pls 💀 they disrespect blackpink and all you care about is the presence of rosé??
Albert Tan
Albert Tan 2 日 前
Aku 2D
Aku 2D 3 日 前
Nerdy_Loser 3 日 前
@Aaron P Of course it doesn't it is a video vs live and I'm not gonna say who I think danced the laziest but it definitely was not Jennie and you obviously need to get your eyes checked also you literally insulted her so yes it is that big of a deal
Aaron P
Aaron P 3 日 前
@Nerdy_Loser No I’m saying I think only Jennie is showing laziness. Her performance looks nothing like the dance performance video. Honestly it’s not that big of a deal…
S. C.
S. C. 3 日 前
Rosé did an excellent job!!!
Dina Dina
Dina Dina 22 時間 前
Rose is fav forever 🔥
carol calo
carol calo 3 日 前
I found my people, my Rosé deserve this recognition
Jordan Day
Jordan Day 2 日 前
No Name
No Name 2 日 前
Rosé killed it! Normally I would say Lisa but Rosé took the spotlight here.
Dina Dina
Dina Dina 22 時間 前
It's time
It's time 7 日 前
The "kid" 32-year-old has arrived for the best girl group to rock and be legendary as ever! Rosé true and complete artist!
It's time
It's time 3 日 前
@Mbak Roel Mom amazing! Sometimes I like be called kids but no everytime lol Yes, Blackpink slay !
Mbak Roel
Mbak Roel 3 日 前
Im 40 Yo and mother of 3 kids...but i'll always proud to be called kids whom glad to know blackpink in this era...good jod for them
It's time
It's time 4 日 前
@a.w.a.m A father ? Nice omg . I really like that.
a.w.a.m 4 日 前
Im 42, a father of 2 highschool, I love all BP works...
It's time
It's time 4 日 前
@Edovelvet Sometimes your head is already full of small problems and then one more detail makes you upset, that's okay. We don't know what the other's life is like so let's just try to cheer him up.
Taru 7241
Taru 7241 22 時間 前
Rosé is always so passionate towards her music, dance, her duties everything. She always try her level best to make the performance "go vroom vroom vroom" She always have that aura that make me attract towards her and m soooo happy that rosé is finally getting what she deserves. Blinks finally appreciating our precious gem ❤️💎 and obv. Her stage presence is literally nooo joke at all! And also other pinks did great too 🌈✨❤️so happy for all of them STREAM SHUT DOWN AND BORN PINK
달기 2 日 前
하...ㅠ 블핑이들 타국에서 멋진 모습 보여주느라 바쁘구나ㅠㅠㅠ 잘 봤습니다~ 역시 무대마다 역사를 써가는 멋진 그룹^^ 이번에도 흥하자 젠츄리챙~~~ ♡ㅅ♡乃
Mikaira Park
Mikaira Park 2 日 前
Seeing everyone praising Rosé makes me cry. My Girl really deserves this. Thank you guys.....
Meeya Izara
Meeya Izara 3 日 前
The recording,their dance ,outfits is just..PERFECT i love it ❤
ila 6 日 前
Rosé only sings with fewer parts than the others, but she stands out the most. she ate every live performance
I can't find my shoes??!
@Aksa Merin Regi Gosh can u stop it she is just trying to praise rosè, can she get her moment she deserves it too🙄
Dina Dina
Dina Dina 4 日 前
So true
Karen nicoles Saldarriaga parraga
Si es verdad Ella lo dio Todo en El escenario siempre lo hace
Aksa Merin Regi
Aksa Merin Regi 5 日 前
Others hve got the same too
Ika Purwady
Ika Purwady 5 日 前
Yeah rose
Duck Bufflehead
Duck Bufflehead 2 日 前
Crowds cheering so loud for Rosé - love it!
Duck Bufflehead
Duck Bufflehead 3 日 前
No matter what the position in the choreography, Rosé steals the show!
Duck Bufflehead
Duck Bufflehead 3 日 前
Rosé so incredibly talented
Ericameandbooks 3 日 前
Addicting performance Lisa, Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo! Can’t stop watching 😩❤️❤️
kzdwt 7 日 前
Rose looks like shes so excited to finally perform again its so cute
It's time
It's time 7 日 前
She sings, dances, composes, draws, cooks, is beautiful and elegant. Complete artist!
Mita Titiheru
Mita Titiheru 7 日 前
Laliana NatilELA
My 21-year-old girl is happy and if I were on that stage watching them, I would break their eardrums from screaming so much.
Luh Jacques
Luh Jacques 14 時間 前
Todas perfeitas 🌷 mas Jennie sempre me chama a atenção 🌹
Nikki Y
Nikki Y 9 時間 前
Rosé had me the entire time- she's magnetic and her energy was captivating! And I loved how the audience went crazy every time Jisoo came forward. Vocal line here to slay.
I haven’t come up with a good name
Rosé took my attention. Her vocals were spot on and HER STAGE PRESENCE!!! AMAZING ROSÉ!!!! KEEP IT UPP
marilù briton
marilù briton 7 日 前
Rosie your always slaying it my queen. And also Jennie, Lisa and Jisoo just wow. No words to describe. ❤️❤️❤️😩😩😩
Татьяна Шубина
@JKPark You saw that she didn't do it! How so. It's world class
JKPark 7 日 前
@Татьяна Шубина 🤢🤢🤢
Татьяна Шубина
Then why didn't she bend down to the floor during the chorus when everyone else was doing it except her!
Camila Estefani
Camila Estefani 3 日 前
nova kinda
nova kinda 3 日 前
Meus amores estão tão perfeitas, esse refrão cantado é tudo
Naea Sy
Naea Sy 2 日 前
Blackpink is our role model and we are proud of them and support them
Rashida Mae Jamiri
Well, LISA 's everything, facial expressions the DANCE MOVES! WOW! JUST WOW LISAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
aswer huio
aswer huio 4 日 前
ROSÈ is the QUEEN of live performances. The dance, facial expressions, VOCALS , BODY ROLLS. She killing it.
Dina Dina
Dina Dina 3 日 前
Totally & profesional
MuscleboundKage 3 日 前
This performance was amazing, even the Camara work was top notch, well done.
They are singing with their real voice🔥
Lyn hyun
Lyn hyun 2 日 前
Jennie has a Multiple aura when performing on stage. Undeniably her stage presence is always oozing! Their auras are always oozing!
i love how theres a lot of people cheering for jisoo! 💗💗 they all deserve recognition
sanaslay 5 日 前
I'm not a big fan of this song, but I keep coming back to the live stages because of Rosé. I've always been more drawn to Jisoo, but Rosé really stands out this comeback. Her vocals, her dance, and most notably her stage presence is incredible. She truly is an artist and I can see her having an insanely successful solo career, especially if she gets to write her own songs.
Mahbuba Akter
Rose is best.She can be a great solo artist.Even non blinks are supporting her these days more.
Yangyang’s bestie
I can't find my shoes??!
@Amazing And Interesting Facts of World -kalika Yes I did read it, but u haven't tho because people write "I couldn't agree more" as if to say they agree so much that they couldn't agree more If u still don't get it then that's fine when u grow up you will
Amazing And Interesting Facts of World -kalika
@I can't find my shoes??! have you not read her comment carefully she said I couldn't agree more.
I can't find my shoes??!
@Amazing And Interesting Facts of World -kalika what do u mean she is agreeing on the fact that rosè killed it
yokona 2 日 前
i went back to this performance after the girls had their Inkigayo perf. I would say all of them danced gracefully and enthusiastically on their latter performance.
K C 12 時間 前
Everyone perfect! I love Jisoo's voice so much!
sierajungzu 日 前
love all these love for Rosé, she always gives her all and it's so admirable
bp_girls_kp 4 日 前
wow the performance was amazing and not the mention their outfit such a killer proud to be a blink hehe and my girl rose just slayed the stage my bias in bp is rose and im lucky to pick her as my fave
hallyuvids 4 日 前
My girl is finally getting the appreciation she deserves. Rosé whippin’ us all with her ethereal stage presence ✨
Inayat Ali
Inayat Ali 3 日 前
Yes you're right
Dina Dina
Dina Dina 3 日 前
Totally & profesional
Out West
Out West 2 日 前
For everyone praising Rose', you need give a shoutout to her father. He's the one who her told to go to Sydney to audition for YG. He's also raised H*ll with YG to promote Rose' more. So she is a global ambassador for YSL and Tiffany. Saw a recent photo of her modeling a 3 million dollar necklace!!
Anantha 2 日 前
Gente, vamos parar de brigas! Todas são perfeitas, tem pessoas aqui falando que uma é a melhor, não tem isso! Elas são um grupo! Por causas dessas coisas que tem uma com mais seguidores que outro no Instagram, se elas são um grupo, todas deveriam ter números iguais de seguidores, mas ficam com essas brigas... Todas brilham, todas são perfeitas, todas se esforçam para darem o melhor, eu sei que tem sempre uma que se destaca, mas não significa que ela seja a melhor. Eu amo todas💖🖤 Guys, let's stop fighting! All are perfect, there are people here saying that one is the best, there's not that! They are a group! Because of those things that have one with more followers than the other on Instagram, if they are a group, they should all have equal numbers of followers, but they keep these fights... They all shine, they are all perfect, they all strive to give the better, I know there's always one that stands out, but that doesn't mean it's the best. I love all My girls🥺💖🖤
Claud12 3 日 前
Rosé!!!!!! Queen!!!🙌🏻✨❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥
Rainherself 12 時間 前
Rosé continues to improve and her energy is always at PROFESSIONAL level. A freakin diva ❤❤❤❤❤
Dina Dina
Dina Dina 6 日 前
Rose rockerd everytime 🔥
Ika Purwady
Ika Purwady 5 日 前
두뷰두부 2 日 前
역시나 블핑은 쨩!!!!! 들어도 들어도 진짜 질리지가 않아서 그런지 너무 좋아요!!!♡♡♡♡
Karsyn Eat my Mangos💦
Ever since their debut, Rosé had always performed with enthusiasm!
Dina Dina
Dina Dina 22 時間 前
Rose is so amazing her voice, dance.gril you are slaying it
Khani 2 日 前
I come watch again and again just because of Rosé i don't what this girl eat her energy is another level 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mislina 7 日 前
ROSÉ slaysss toooo much girl calm down woww her body roll her moves her voice her stage presence is everthinh😍🌸
Candi007 2 日 前
i freakin love this song and it doesn't matter if i don't understand all of the lyrics... they are killing it!!
Juliette v
Juliette v 2 日 前
Jisoo’s voice is so so pretty. Her voice i quite deep, super nice to listen to. I need her to sing more 😭
Brucemus Lee
Brucemus Lee 4 日 前
This track is lit!! Taking a popular classical piece and making it even more 🔥🔥! Let’s go!!
Carla Patricia Santos Silva Dantas
Cara porque vcs não tão falando o quanto o vocal e a dança da jisoo está tão fantástico com a música 😍♡
rose 7 日 前
Rosé is amazing she beats them she has a strong presence 😭💖💖
Medulla Oblongata
Finally some ROSÉ appreciation
Victoria Eastman
They did so good! Lisa my girl brings it everytime! 🖤💖.
Aditi Srivastava
True ✨💜😘 Lalisa queen of kpop industry✨✨😎😎💖❤🌠 Best rapper and dancer of kpop😘😍 Super natural visuals and wonderful vocals 🌼✨ Shining star of the show⭐🌠🔥🔥🔥hottest and perfect looks and beautiful smile✨😘 Lalisa queen We love Lisa👑✨
ANYAAA 2 日 前
The girls were all amazing 🔥
Aleeza Abid
Aleeza Abid 2 日 前
OMG there voice I really don't think it a human voice but I think it an angel voice !🖤❤️
Deepali 2 日 前
Finally people appreciating Rosé and yeaaa she slayed. Queen👑
zainab A
zainab A 7 日 前
Rosé is definitely standing out in this comeback, her moves and her voice are of somewhere else WOW what a presence, honestly it’s better then her presence in her own solo, she’s becoming more confident in her dance moves and it shows, she’s shining
Bethany 7 日 前
Nishimura Jaeyun
Yeah she's stunning and outstanding ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ
It's time
It's time 7 日 前
Real ARTIST! Rosé main vocal and leader dancer! I love your moves .
You realize her "voice" is software enhanced and doubled, if it's even anything other than _lip synching!!_
Chris 7 日 前
febrianti diah hapsari
when blackpink got news to come back i cried i will support all blackpink 4 queens because waiting for them to comeback is a long time so i enjoy being happy with blink and blackpink fans my bias is lalisa queen i love you guys are healthy ok
Baby Blink
Baby Blink 3 日 前
Queens are dominating everywhere. Keep slaying QUEENPINK BLACKPINK
♡•Ari•♡ 3 日 前
THAT blonde girl is killing it!
Hazel Mae Gaerlan
Rosé's live voice and her voice in the song was literally the same!!! likeeee auto tune what???? That's mahhh girlllllllllll 💅💗
Aren Reyes
Aren Reyes 6 日 前
Ika Purwady
Ika Purwady 5 日 前
Dina Dina
Dina Dina 6 日 前
So true
Joeshiiiee 11
Joeshiiiee 11 4 日 前
All the girls are doing great but Rose shines the best, I agree with the comments she's always giving her best in every performance. ❤
Dina Dina
Dina Dina 22 時間 前
Totally performance aura energi
Mita Titiheru
Mita Titiheru 3 日 前
Shut Down-Edit
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