Black Rice Pudding (vegan) ☆ ブラックライスプディングの作り方

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1 cup black rice
2 cups water
1 cup coconut milk
a pinch of salt
3 tbsp palm sugar
your choice of fruit
coconut flake
1. Rinse and drain black rice.
2. combine black rice, water, coconut milk and salt in a sauce pan, then bring to a boil, cover and simmer for 45 minutes.
3. let it cool and serve with your choice of fruit and additional coconut milk.
黒米 1カップ
水 2カップ
ココナッツミルク 1カップ
塩 少々
パームシュガー 大さじ3

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Mia Sentosa
Mia Sentosa 11 分 前
naruamon klaewkla
naruamon klaewkla 11 時間 前
Also you can try with fresh young coconut meat while half boiling rice.
or aire
or aire 15 時間 前
missed so much! thank you.
Kaner TUNCEL 15 時間 前
Nice to have you back
agustina elisabet
agustina elisabet 21 時間 前
It looks similiar like bubur ketan hitam from Indonesia.😊
Thùy Trang Lê
Ohh new style with white shirt, please show all over you :3 New bracelet from your newest trip to Malaysia right? So beautiful, my prince 😘
Teetwo Dev
Teetwo Dev 日 前
What's the brand of your cool timer and where did you get it?
Loving Plantbased
Yes, am myself from Indonesia 🇮🇩 and we don’t put fruits on top. But why not add fruits right? We usually just cook it with Pandan leaves to have that extra aroma from the pandan leaves. Thanks for sharing this video
coco T_T
coco T_T 日 前
That music 😍
steven bellusci
Welcome back you been missed 🍜🍧🍨🍮🍵
samx36 日 前
Great video and I love the new kitchen! The shots are great and it feels very open!
Alyssa Fontanilla
Yesssss! My mom is making the Filipino version of this right now (: she likes putting jackfruit on top
ohhhhh welcome back!!!!
7 sunset
7 sunset 日 前
きっとRyoya Takashimaのヌサペニダブログで紹介されていた黒米プティングから レシピ考案のヒントを得られたのですね。とても新鮮で素敵です。
Love your videos.. Hugs from Denmark
Takechan dayone
京都の美味しい水は汲みにいかないのですか? ダルトンのキッチンタイマーよりも精度が高そうな、かっこいいタイマー
황먼치 日 前
Get inspired while doing vacation at Bali, right? ^^
It's Me
It's Me 2 日 前
temennya bubur kacang ijo gengs 🙃
Khánh Duy
Khánh Duy 2 日 前
Combine with yogurt will be tasty too. It's a popular dessert in Vietnam.
Hải Yến Hoàng
have with some yogurt is the best!!
Alice Daoud
Alice Daoud 2 日 前
Glad to have your beautiful food back!
taehyung's taesook
jill christy
jill christy 2 日 前
In indonesia we called it puding ketan hitam
jill christy
jill christy 2 日 前
Memoria James
Memoria James 2 日 前
Why do you use cups as a measurement? They don't use grams in Japan? Most of the world use metric, not cups. Anyway, I'm glad to see a new recipe on here.
Erika 2 日 前
Erika 2 日 前
そうなんですね! 返信いただきありがとうございます!
Peaceful Cuisine
u.xjr1300.s14 2 日 前
Peaceful Cuisine
Tika Disma
Tika Disma 2 日 前
You should try "bubur ketan hitam kacang ijo" it's almost similar but green beans makes nore sweetness
mega abd
mega abd 2 日 前
Nice reminds me with indonesia traditional snack : black glutinous rice with coconut cream 😍
Efran Nisha
Efran Nisha 3 日 前
I need white rice pudding tooo Coz its easily available in my home...
Kev 3 日 前
I misread the title as Black Pudding, made me wonder which vegan on earth eats a black pudding. Silly me.
mcmxcvivxxi 3 日 前
Try adding pandan leaves in the black rice, it will smell sooo good
Anh Le
Anh Le 3 日 前
i clicked like before the vid even starts lol
Calvin Yip
Calvin Yip 3 日 前
So relaxing content, it's been a while since your last video 👍
Lan Le
Lan Le 3 日 前
Add to plain yogurt
rhijulbec1 3 日 前
So good to see you again! How about a tour of the kitchen? We watched you build it. It would be nice to see the finished project. Love, love, love your videos Jenn 💖 in Canada 🍁
Syifa Yasfani
Syifa Yasfani 3 日 前
in indonesia, we call it "ketan" and thats my fav dessert 💕😆
Thùy Cốm
Thùy Cốm 3 日 前
ベトナムにも似ている料理がありますが、ヨーグルと食べます。"sua chua nep cam" と呼ばれます。 btw, welcome back! ^-^
Rabeb H
Rabeb H 3 日 前
I've been waiting so long , thanks for coming back ♥
L Sabetian
L Sabetian 3 日 前
....thank you for making 😋
GrowingStrength 3 日 前
I missed your videos so much! Thanks for coming back! I know how hard must be finding a good idea (yours are the best), filming and editing in such artistically way (it's like a movie!). Just let you know how much peaceful I feel after watching your videos. I can't stop thinking ''I truly wanna be myself and enjoy small moments in life''. Once again, thanks a lot for your efforts and pieces of art! Hope see you soon :)
Syarifah Fatimah
Bubur ketan hitam kalo di Indo mah😂
Sagwa Vega
Sagwa Vega 3 日 前
Courageous making that in a white shirt! Looks really tasty. I will have to find black rice now!
Katelyn 3 日 前
Yasssssss. Been waiting for your return
tbkots 3 日 前
Honey Dubey
Honey Dubey 3 日 前
Finally 😆☺️👌🏽
Wei Chang
Wei Chang 3 日 前
Loooong time no see!!!
Gene Nucal
Gene Nucal 3 日 前
Tasty ain’t got nothin on this shit 👌🏽
Andi88kc 3 日 前
Could you please change your video format from 16:9 to the actual format of your videos? Because when I view them on my 19:9 phone I always have large black bars on all sides. And when I zoom in the notch covers a part of the video. It would be so great If you could change it. I love enjoying your videos so much! 💓
Allen Simans
Allen Simans 3 日 前
Not so peaceful anymore. He used to be so gentle and relaxing, now it's just rough and not relaxing anymore.
Daniela Dea Hapsari
did you just come bak from bali? why are you using tridatu bracelet?
vvs 0315
vvs 0315 3 日 前
bubur ketan hitam dong haha
David Jones
David Jones 3 日 前
I love your cooking videos. Thanks so much!
Mas Ni
Mas Ni 3 日 前
Simmer it with pandan leaves, tied into knot (one leaf is already more than enough) will give it a nice scent, a bit of South East Asian desert feel to it :)
Exarmy-L 4 日 前
you should open your own café or restaurant, it will be sooooo succesfull.
Nita Nati
Nita Nati 4 日 前
YEYYYYY FINALLY NEW VIDEO! I'm so happy to see you again! Also, Thanks for the recipe. It's vegetarian festival in Thailand now, so I'll give it a try :)
Ian Vedaña
Ian Vedaña 4 日 前
Meiland C N
Meiland C N 4 日 前
Beras ketan hitam, we call it..in Indonesia And i love it so much, thank you for sharing :))
Crystal Clear
Crystal Clear 4 日 前
*has 30209 machines for roasting, grinding, brewing coffee* uses a handheld can opener
Jia Hui Jee
Jia Hui Jee 4 日 前
Some ecstatic is gone. The editing method is not as usual. Something is off in this video. The speed or the sound? This is a bit hectic rather than the smooth like previous video.
tu sheen
tu sheen 4 日 前
We usually eat black rice with yogurt in Viet Nam,sometimes we do add fruits but yogurt is just the best choice :)))
Mmm Katam
Mmm Katam 4 日 前
welcome backkkkkk 💖🙏🏻 this recipe looks so yummy ! it's like a better version of mango sticky rice. thank you for sharinggggg!
brandy williams
brandy williams 4 日 前
Never clicked on a video so fast. It’s great to see you cooking in your new kitchen!!!!
Kk 4 日 前
ブラックライスプディング!! 初めて海外で食べた時はお米が甘い?って変に思ったけど美味しい。 癖になる味だし無性に食べたくなる!
mia gophrey
mia gophrey 4 日 前
Love watching your videos. Thank you for the hard work you put into them!
Jack Winters
Jack Winters 4 日 前
I have waited... So long...
Moses 4 日 前
Do you simmer with low heat ?
黒米のおかゆなんですね。 食べたらすごく癒されそう🍀 優しい感じがします。
Marco Aguilar
Marco Aguilar 4 日 前
Welcome back. I like your style. Keep up the good work.
Phương Dung
Phương Dung 4 日 前
So peacefulllll
ALEJA Infante
ALEJA Infante 4 日 前
cynthiahms 4 日 前
Thank you for not giving the amounts on grams! Cups and spoons are easier to follow
Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet 4 日 前
OMG THANK YOU! I have a test tomorrow and watching your videos helps destress me 😭😭😭
Ram Laska
Ram Laska 4 日 前
I have to wonder what Ryoya would think of Auntie Fee
LifeIsW0nderful 4 日 前
this is basically therapy
JD D 4 日 前
Probably nice, but looks aesthetically ugly.
Han 4 日 前
Amazing video as always 😋. Will you be filming an apartment tour soon? 🙈
Rakel Cakes
Rakel Cakes 4 日 前
I love your recipes and your videos. They are really peaceful ♥ . Thank you!
Ozlem Arslan
Ozlem Arslan 4 日 前
looks yummy, will try this for this weekend but last time I try to cook black rice it took for over to cook 😂😅😅
Sophia Shawn
Sophia Shawn 4 日 前
I’m from Vietnam and in our country we eat this pudding together with plain yogurt. It’s really delicious. For a vegan version, I think that the combination of black rice pudding and soy yogurt (your recipe) maybe a good idea
Henry Ettoit
Henry Ettoit 4 日 前
vegan is bad.
Rishita Kaku
Rishita Kaku 4 日 前
aww i remember you wondering if you could use your actual stove for the vids in this kitchen since the natural light was good but nope, back at it again with the smol cute old stove 😂💕 loved the vid.
Messal Veronica
Messal Veronica 4 日 前
I want to thank you for uploading a cooking video. It's worth the wait. Gochisousama deshita XD. Could it be that you got this from your last trip to Bali? In Indonesia, we call this black sticky rice. Sometimes I replace the coconut milk with condensed milk.
Kojima Tae
Kojima Tae 4 日 前
I missed you
Lisa Groene
Lisa Groene 4 日 前
If you get a water filter for your sink you don't have to use plastic bottles! Great video, I'd love to try this recipe :)
久々の料理動画嬉しいです! りょうやさんの白シャツがなんか新鮮
Nty Fahh
Nty Fahh 4 日 前
Oh! that Thai coconut milk.
Đan Thanh Phạm
waiting for room tour video!!!'
Roxx 4 日 前
This reminds me of champorado, but without the chocolate :) looks yummy!
VGNSK8RQU33N 4 日 前
I feel like i just meditated 😮
na ka
na ka 4 日 前
お料理動画待ってました! 新しいお家で初めてのお料理動画かな? いつもと同じようですが、音が響いたり水道が出てきたりちょっといつもと違う感じがワクワクしますね、、、! 今回も楽しませて頂きました😆
M Koy
M Koy 4 日 前
i miss this!! now new kitchen!! soo excited to see more!
るな 4 日 前
どんな味なんだろう?食べてみたい🙂 関係ないけど白シャツいいですね🙌お姿が見たかった・・・💦
neelz dahlia
neelz dahlia 4 日 前
We have similar dish like this in Malaysia called 'bubur pulut hitam' or 'black glutinous-rice porridge'. I don't really know how to make it but I think the ingredients are basically similar.
Efira Mukhti
Efira Mukhti 4 日 前
I always eat this for breakfast, in Indonesian it is called "Bubur ketan hitam". I also like to mix it with ice :D