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This week, the challenge lies in both the volume of food and the method by which it's prepared - 30 sliders whipped up at once, onion-steamed the way White Castle does it. Can I wolf down the entire hyper-stoned order placed by our titular heroes? Of course not, I'm no Matt Stonie, but I've got some hungry friends.
Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
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Binging with Babish
This movie is like a time capsule - remember what it was like back in 2004, when it was this hard to get your hands on... ...white castle?
ArubaJacobs 115
ArubaJacobs 115 20 時間 前
Dutch korkets? Anyone
Bilal Salih
Bilal Salih 日 前
hey Babish can please do some Turkish cuisine
Eduardo Rodriguez
@dedpxl you ARE TOTALLY missing the point of the video. There is a comedy movie based on White Castle and he is recreating the burgers.
dedpxl 日 前
I don't even know what White Castle is. It's not a worldwide franchise. This video is just a vid of someone making mediocre burgers. No idea what the name White Castle has to do with this. Must be a sponsored video? The food looks pretty generic, not like a brand has to be associated to it. Please don't forget, there are other countries in the world than America, and the internet is world wide.
merc _yt
merc _yt 日 前
Binging with Babish make the spicy churros from victor and Valentino
ShinyRayquaza9 11 時間 前
considering the fact that they use the same beef as dollar tree fast burgers, I think the holes are to save money
Domino 11 時間 前
Can you make the meal Sanji made for the marine chefs in one piece?
Luke Berry
Luke Berry 11 時間 前
I’m Canadian, 4 days after this video was uploaded I went to White Castle for the first time. Harold and kumar inspired me to make it a goal, it has been accomplished 💯🙏
Alevam-Inc. 11 時間 前
Melonade from Homestar Runner
Erin K
Erin K 11 時間 前
Babish can you do all of Sam's potatoes form Lord of the Rings? Show us exactly the right way to boil em, mash em, and stick em in a stew
Jeremy 11 時間 前
Gotta love beating your meat.
Israel Maul
Israel Maul 11 時間 前
Make the marine curry from one piece
SonicHeroXD 12 時間 前
Great video but boy what a missed opportunity to do this on 4/20
Liam Shaer
Liam Shaer 12 時間 前
Please do Beef Jerky on Basics With Babish
Please make the sandwich that Silky/Silver Lady made for Chise in "The Ancient Magus Bride" Fried egg Bread (thick sliced) Don't forget to butter the bread Chicken (breast meat) Lettuce (shredded) Tomato (sliced) Onion (sliced) Pickles (chopped) Salt & Pepper
Carl Gustafson
Carl Gustafson 12 時間 前
I feel like this should have been a 420 episode lol still amazing as always
Albatross 12 時間 前
The F O B I D D E N Cheez-Its 3:28
sanni Bill
sanni Bill 12 時間 前
If making 60 damm burgers wasn't hard enough, try to make the mega burrito from we bare bears
disasterlaster 12 時間 前
for another throwback, try "chili con cheese puffs" (with fresh mint) from Daria season 3 episode 7 (at 2:41)!
sanni Bill
sanni Bill 12 時間 前
Should have partnered with Matt Stonie and made this the best crossover since the Timmy-Jimmy power hour
Hi-TyCh 12 時間 前
I know every line from this amazing movie. Great video man.
jillmac2000 13 時間 前
A homemade Crave Case...very good sir
Kase Of Kincade
Kase Of Kincade 13 時間 前
Try Kelpo from Spongebob!
Shannon Bell
Shannon Bell 13 時間 前
3:47 ...nope nasty 🤢 raw meat side to bread 🍞 .... I can’t . I’m very anal about uncooked meats near cooked . Naaa not for me
Legend says he was crying the whole time he was cutting onions
Mind Matters
Mind Matters 14 時間 前
Wish I was there. I would have helped eat them up.
Allyse Myers
Allyse Myers 14 時間 前
you should do a whole season on the food wars anime
Delfin 14 時間 前
Jeremy McGuinness
Jeremy McGuinness 14 時間 前
When are you making merch?
Crime Man
Crime Man 14 時間 前
As a guy who's worked at white castle, this is completely accurate.
Jason Barcenas
Jason Barcenas 14 時間 前
Congrats on reaching 5 million subs
Sarah Salah
Sarah Salah 15 時間 前
You should make Joeys meatball sub! From friends. You know - the sandwich that he thought he took a bullet for
kkk Rebelion
kkk Rebelion 15 時間 前
I wish i could eat your cooking
Kelvin Christopher
Kelvin Christopher 15 時間 前
I think this one is a failed one
Frosted Flakes
Frosted Flakes 15 時間 前
Damn Kutner, as a doctor you gotta know that ain't healthy chief
Ryan Cranston
Ryan Cranston 15 時間 前
So babish when are you making the 5 million subs special
James Magnolia
James Magnolia 15 時間 前
Should have partnered with Matt Stonie and made this the best crossover since the Timmy-Jimmy power hour
Draco longsword
Draco longsword 16 時間 前
If making 60 damm burgers wasn't hard enough, try to make the mega burrito from we bare bears
Directionally Challenged
Alright, I'll do it. I'll do the Harold and Kumar challenge Babish. I'll do it for you.
Alex Duke
Alex Duke 16 時間 前
Why wouldn't you just buy a meat grinder instead of a processor
Majors 16 時間 前
The amount of effort put into this video definitely deserves a LIKE 👍
Subliminally Multicultural
Brought a tear to my eye
Michael Kamilos
Michael Kamilos 16 時間 前
Congrats on 5 million subs!
jason lu
jason lu 16 時間 前
i wish they would just make some restaurants out here on the west coast.
D Mittleman
D Mittleman 16 時間 前
I wonder if it’s possible to re-create any of the foods from Chowder, the Cartoon Network cartoon. BESIDES Pickle in a cup, everything uses made up ingredients...
Hale Prophecy
Hale Prophecy 16 時間 前
I love when you do these kinds of insane food vids, after this vid I made a burger.
doublevision 16 時間 前
Michael Pagan
Michael Pagan 17 時間 前
Great episode! But it brings up my one sole problem with the first Harold & Kumar movie: at the time the film was made, there were about 20 White Castle restaurants in NJ (I know because I organized a motorcycle charity ride to visit and eat at all of them in 24 hours... it was to support the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America :-). They started in Hoboken, so the two White Castles in Newark were maybe 15 minutes away so every true NJ native knew they didn’t have to go all the way to South Jersey to satisfy their need.
philip Lopez
philip Lopez 18 時間 前
Can you do big smokes order from gta san andreas
Louis Reacts
Louis Reacts 18 時間 前
Hi :) First time on one of your videos and I have to ask, why do you think this is the same thing? You cook properly versus the quick non proper treatment of cooking, with better quality meat and buns versus the whole "cheaper stuff gets the sale for mass production" and you take your time with cutting onions and such...this is not an exact replica of White Castles...
j l
j l 19 時間 前
I never liked crinkle cut fries that much.
Nero Yagi
Nero Yagi 19 時間 前
How long would it take to make a meal from MHW?
Nick LikesFitness
Nick LikesFitness 19 時間 前
Tom Merker
Tom Merker 19 時間 前
dammit now i want some burgers
RuLe Tjamal
RuLe Tjamal 19 時間 前
Eww White Castle
Thatsmy Dad
Thatsmy Dad 19 時間 前
Hey andrew, I love that you did one of your favorite comedies from high school. Any chance you'd do one of mine by making Glennwads from the movie Accepted??
The Vent
The Vent 20 時間 前
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I love you, sir. Have a great day.
Jude Clownworld
Jude Clownworld 20 時間 前
Most fast food is beyond disgusting...except a few things from a couple places. I think Culver's burgers are decent, even though i don't eat bread or condiments at all anymore. Chic-fil-a is decent as well, but once again, no bread or carbs or grains or condiments and of course, nothing fried. Dried meat (jerky), eggs and plain greek yogurt with a small amount of fruit of honey are the best "go to" quick snacks that you can have to get around needing to cave in and eat fast food.
tom samson
tom samson 20 時間 前
He's got a Rolex on
Butter Bar
Butter Bar 20 時間 前
Hi hungry I’m not dad
Skank Hunt42
Skank Hunt42 21 時間 前
Make eggs woodhouse it has to be dank if everyone requests it on archer
Computer Guy
Computer Guy 21 時間 前
Hulk says "hulk smash" thing says "it's clobbering time"
Bobby A
Bobby A 21 時間 前
Japanese curry and coffee from Persona 5
yaigo susan
yaigo susan 21 時間 前
Does anyone else think you should make the taco from taco town
omgwtfaulks 22 時間 前
My name is patti... this is almost too personal for me.
yaigo susan
yaigo susan 21 時間 前
together and make a yearly food festival thats about quality food as opposed to 'fried whatever festivals'.
Pete & Pete
Pete & Pete 22 時間 前
I thought they used dehydrated onions?
James Kerr
James Kerr 22 時間 前
Nice Sub.
Spaceman Cat
Spaceman Cat 22 時間 前
Really you’ve come such a long way. Congratulations on the new book Babish you’re doing great things
Avacado Animations
Avacado Animations 22 時間 前
Has anyone wanted him to make the Ultimate Sandwich from NSP’s song Ultimate sandwich??
artemisgirl91 22 時間 前
Can you do Francine’s zucchini casserole from American Dad?
DeadFlag70 22 時間 前
You got the cheese crisps idea from Alvin huh? 😂😂😂
the minion
the minion 23 時間 前
Do yougui ribs from fallout
CanOwisdom 23 時間 前
I just realized, Babish needs to make the Mississippi Queen
Lucas Maurer
Lucas Maurer 23 時間 前
Can you do the quiche from A View To A Kill (007)
inas404 日 前
Should I buy a meat grinder or get a food processor for grinding meat?
dbz Anton
dbz Anton 日 前
God creates humanity. Binging with babish I think we can do better
Lena 日 前
If you're thinking of doing another video game episode, why not try the dragon pie and other crock pot meals from don't starve? I'm curious on how you'd make a pie from dragon fruit!
Erma H.
Erma H. 日 前
Doesn't he correct himself when he says Diet Coke? He says make mine exactly the same except Diet Coke--Choke. So it should be Diet Cherry Coke I think? But if so you're a bit late, they came out with a new version of Diet Cherry Coke called "Diet Coke Feisty Cherry" in 2018.
telemetryz 日 前
I'll bet a good goat that all your holes have been punched.
Douglas Rogers
*DJ Khalid's voice: Anotha One
Brenden Joey
Brenden Joey 日 前
Congrats on your book! 🍻 Definitely going to grab one! Keep it up. You’re an inspiration to home cook’s, and future chefs alike! 🔥
I dont understand how theres several american food channels on youtube (like yourself) making great food (obviously more referring to the 'babish' versions you always make near the end of the videos) but american food in general is still so terrible.. (extremely processesd, fat, overseasoned, unhealthy etc) i feel like a bunch of you should come together and make a yearly food festival thats about quality food as opposed to 'fried whatever festivals'.
Zach Man
Zach Man 日 前
Does anyone else think you should make the taco from taco town
Luke Harrison
How can anybody not like you..?
Roons-Miguel 日 前
Am I the only one that watches it but doesn’t cook it
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