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Food from The Good Place (and, well, everything else from The Good Place) reads like a fever dream: giant shrimp terrorizing the neighborhood, fountains of clam chowder, frozen yogurt in every conceivable flavor. Today, we're seeing if we can make some of these bizarre concoctions palatable - and throwing in some jalapeño poppers for good measure.
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Binging with Babish
Sorry I didn't make my own peeps, I'll leave that to the professionals (aka Claire Saffitz)
Becki Hamblin
Becki Hamblin 5 日 前
Ben Weiner has
Becki Hamblin
Becki Hamblin 5 日 前
Ben Weiner has
Becki Hamblin
Becki Hamblin 5 日 前
ItMeRagnarok 11 日 前
Anna Williams
Anna Williams 19 日 前
Why the heck am I just discovering your channel now?!?!?!?!
Connor Derrig
Connor Derrig 17 時間 前
Burnt marshmallows are the best!
Patrick Moschiano
Patrick Moschiano 20 時間 前
Yo. What do you do about that rubber handle on that measuring cup falling off constantly?
Lucas Silva
Lucas Silva 22 時間 前
For the first one me and my family are from Uruguay so we call rice pudding arroz con leche. I wondered what other people call it. Plz tell me what you call it just curious
Josiah Lopez
Josiah Lopez 日 前
You should’ve wrapped the jalapeños in bacon
PurpleLuna Gacha
I love all of it :P :3
Sophia Olivo
Sophia Olivo 日 前
do chum on a stick plsss
Kezia Jiao
Kezia Jiao 2 日 前
Yes Filipino right here!!!!
Sam Harnish
Sam Harnish 2 日 前
Most episodes of your show make me hungry. This didn't.
Thegoddamn Darkknight
Peeps are so fucking gross
FelipeFelip Eluf
Once I forgot to wear gloves when cooking with jalapeños, and I did not enjoy it 🔥🔥🔥
Posted Broadcast
At 7:46 Can anyone tell me what Navy blue jacket that is? It's so cool
dtausch 3 日 前
Andrew.... how do you just bite a popper & spit it out!!? Tsk tsk but yo I get it Diet comes first!
cr angye
cr angye 4 日 前
6:28 Did babish cut himself and not notice? , you can also see little oddly red-ish colored dots when he fills the jalapeños
Pengu -
Pengu - 4 日 前
He said champurado correct
Daisies 4 日 前
Did he just say “to THE boil”???
Imogen Devey
Imogen Devey 4 日 前
Food from Steven universe!
Urban Pen Diva
Urban Pen Diva 5 日 前
One of my favorite shows
Katy Garcia
Katy Garcia 5 日 前
Chidis mental breakdown is an everyday thing sometimes
Joshua Dehkordi
Joshua Dehkordi 5 日 前
The way I know jalapeño poppers are wrapped in bacon and grilled. Fried looks amazing though. A quick way I do mine is just bacon ham and put into oven. I am interested to try it fried though.
carmelpop1011 5 日 前
you should make the jelly donuts from the umbrella academy :D
Gilian Fries
Gilian Fries 5 日 前
CHAMPORADOOOO 😍 I WASN'T EXPECTING THIS, though peeps aren't too easily found around here...
Tom Magennis
Tom Magennis 5 日 前
The Peeps Chilli was served cold in the show, you coward.
Soviet Doge
Soviet Doge 6 日 前
*_6:19_**_ Where your gloves kid , after handling the peppers I scratched my balls . Did not enjoy that feeling_*
mastrblastr8 6 日 前
Mmm, exactly how I like my Peeps... M I N C E D
SergioSVeron 6 日 前
Champurrado is a mexican beverage, similar to Atole. Babish get your facts straight
Len Len
Len Len 6 日 前
I appreciate the rrr sound in champorado✊👌
RockinIan121 7 日 前
Why was there a pie in the background during the shrimp part????
manas sridhar
manas sridhar 7 日 前
That day babish got his teeth removed from the dentist
L for Leorio
L for Leorio 8 日 前
hahah thumbs up on the champorado xD
Kyrie Clutch Irving Mvp
I am a filipino and champorado is so yummy
anna bingham
anna bingham 8 日 前
you put the peeps in the chilli pot and make it taste... bad.
Nate Boyland
Nate Boyland 8 日 前
6:25 been there done that
mary williamson
mary williamson 8 日 前
A vote for more Filipino food on one of your shows 🙏🙏
LlamaWasHere 9 日 前
Who’s Filipino Like this comment
Apple Song
Apple Song 9 日 前
Why ruin perfectly good shrimp
Matthew Antonello
uuuuummmm thats not a good job hand sign its a white power handsign, dont you read huffpo?
Brainhorn 8 日 前
I hope you're joking. In case you're not, that was a hoax started by 4chan to show how gullible liberal media is
Lemaitré A.
Lemaitré A. 10 日 前
I heard champorado❤️❤️❤️
Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wilson 10 日 前
Honestly until I watched I didn’t know standard jalapeño poppers weren’t wrapped in bacon
meggnoggs 10 日 前
If you can find tablea instead of cocoa powder that shit is goooood
Scrambles the Death Dealer
Cool, I'm not the only one to get hot pepper on my dick. I feel better.
Maria E.
Maria E. 10 日 前
I love that show
Zilnyxツ 10 日 前
chomperodo is grate alone, take it from a true filipino
Zach Fogel
Zach Fogel 11 日 前
Those poppers looked really good
Zach Fogel
Zach Fogel 11 日 前
Do the turkey ass and pimp platter from norbit.
Tanner Clemmons
Tanner Clemmons 11 日 前
6:21 I wish I could say that hasn’t happened before but is has with a why worse pepper
What about the frozen yogurt
Nathan A
Nathan A 11 日 前
I was wondering who did your music. I enjoy it.
Kiana Solis
Kiana Solis 12 日 前
babish is a coward for not putting chili powder in the champorado
Tamara Borten
Tamara Borten 12 日 前
Any youtuber: *mentions the Philippines* Us filipinos: **REEEEEE**
Judi W.
Judi W. 12 日 前
Babish, eating the first chili and the shrimp with pure white chocolate: *This is the Bad Place*
Judi W.
Judi W. 12 日 前
I can't believe you didn't do any Froyo
Niall Carr
Niall Carr 12 日 前
I demand mayo-nut spoonsies
Gatsurai 12 日 前
This is basically champorado
Denise Valencia
Denise Valencia 12 日 前
I’m glad you made Filipino food!! Too bad that’s not how champorado is made 😭
PBToast 13 日 前
What about nothing flavored fro yo
Regina Billotti
Regina Billotti 13 日 前
If you added marshmallows to Skyline chili, would anyone notice?
titanium wolf20
titanium wolf20 13 日 前
His names Andy
RaeSyngKane 13 日 前
As someone who has experienced jalapeño d*** always wear gloves.
DixNutz 14 日 前
: ^)
Indigo A
Indigo A 14 日 前
Good job on the champorado, although I haven't found peeps anywhere here in the Philippines 😂 especially since that one guy in the Good Place is Filipino
DFW_Motorrad 14 日 前
3:41 You missed an opportunity. "pretty shrimple process"
Sad_Old_Wise_One 15 日 前
If I ever see people within a 1 mile radius of Chill Again people will suffer
zKal 15 日 前
Remove the vanilla and espresso powder champorado is all good
Matthew F
Matthew F 15 日 前
He tried to rip the jalapeño popper in half 😂😂
zans_the_comic 16 日 前
Please make the chocolate suprise from agent codybanks
james lebron
james lebron 16 日 前
Filipino support
yvvone von
yvvone von 16 日 前
Could have added Korean red beans into the dessert version of the chilli
Meow Meow Kapow
Meow Meow Kapow 16 日 前
Good job hand signs?!?! MBMBaM?!??!?!!! Is this what that kid meant when he wanted Shrimp Heaven NOW?!?!
Seraphine Almandine
Hotdog churro...Arizona delicacy
Kelly Graves
Kelly Graves 16 日 前
You should make puttanesca sauce with homemade pasta from A Series of Unfortunate Events
this is so sad can we hit 12 subs
...he die, learn to check the videos.
Mei 16 日 前
my filipino ass YELLED when i heard champorado 😳🇵🇭
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 日 前
쀵쀵귀염이 16 日 前
You can't seriously have spit out the white chocolate with fried shrimp, right? Lmaoo that doesn't even seem THAT bad, more like an overreaction 😕😅
Jennifer G
Jennifer G 15 日 前
쀵쀵귀염이 why eat something that’s not even good when you can just spit it out?
MidnightStratos 16 日 前
6:21 It happened to me at a New Year's Party. Couldn't sit down for a while
ATesia E
ATesia E 16 日 前
Always wear gloves when cutting up jalapenos. Once I cut up a gallon bucket full of jalapenos for poppers without gloves (bc others are weak who wear gloves). My hands burned for 3 days, very painful.
Pengoon 16 日 前
That peep-m&m-chili must be a diabetic's worst nightmare
john francis cruzado
Eyyyy!! shamporado
Aaliyah Williams
Aaliyah Williams 17 日 前
This dude putting piping hot food in his mouth without panicking where did you learn these skills I need them
punpkin-314-pi 17 日 前
i love the good place and i love food, so thank you.
akidin06 17 日 前
omo omo champorado
oce 18 日 前
“Ok let’s get this out of me”
The Trio Champions21
I love the chocolate pudding since im filipino. Its cool to see foods from my country being made!!!
Ghost 18 日 前
Here's a suggestion "maid made parfey " from the anime Amnesia
Tyler Rivay
Tyler Rivay 18 日 前
He got the jingle wrong. "You put the peeps in the chili pot and add the M&Ms. You put the peeps in the chili pot and make it taste....bad."
Hey Cutieee!!!
Hey Cutieee!!! 18 日 前
Your champorado is so fancy cause of its ingredients.
Jose Lara
Jose Lara 19 日 前
Wrap some of that homemade bacon around those jalapeno poppers
Chris Crow
Chris Crow 19 日 前
Why do people dislike I mean it's binging with babish there is nothing wrong here
Aneka Fernandez
Aneka Fernandez 19 日 前
wwuld 19 日 前
Champorado is like a thicker hot chocolate with a different flavor. It’s so cool how same words have different meanings in cultures
Cameron ÙwÚ
Cameron ÙwÚ 19 日 前
Put the w**d in the coconut and light that shit up
Jude Sloboda
Jude Sloboda 19 日 前
literally no body: Babish:*gags*
Gab Soco
Gab Soco 19 日 前
im filipino and i find it still disgusting with the champorado and peeps
Rondre 19 日 前
1:48 all the Filipinos pooped their pants that their desert is in a binging with babish video
Soggy Cookie
Soggy Cookie 20 日 前
Make ponyo ramen
lena 20 日 前
calzones from we bare bears!
Emotional Chromosome
I wonder what he has in his fridge/cupboards...
Emotional Chromosome
Chase Legoman ok then lol
Chase Legoman
Chase Legoman 18 日 前
The corpses of his enemies.
Ryoji Martinez
Ryoji Martinez 20 日 前
you totally said wouder (if we're talking BA)
Crannisha willis
Crannisha willis 20 日 前
Can you please make the nacho burrito from Kim possible
CfypticNando 19 日 前
Crannisha willis he did
Jordan Vasquez
Jordan Vasquez 20 日 前
You should make the every type of cereal bar from fresh off the boat