Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (Audio)

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Listen to “No Time To Die”, the theme song for the 25th James Bond film, out now: smarturl.it/NoTimeToDie
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See NO TIME TO DIE - in theaters April 2020.
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Music video by Billie Eilish performing No Time To Die (Audio). © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records










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Miss S
Miss S 26 分 前
OMG you're the best !!!!
Aleyna 時間 前
Idk but this reminds me of my old best friends
Destiny Bushnell
Destiny Bushnell 時間 前
I love you Billie
Joelituh !
Joelituh ! 2 時間 前
Hii I made a cover of No Time to Die, I luv bil 💕 Im not a expert but I try ❤ see my new video of No Time To Die in my channel 💕🔥🎹
For a James Bond soundtrack this is sooo boring... A slow copy fron skyfall
Chaz Buchan
Chaz Buchan 3 時間 前
Pure boring pish...
Jogomez Gomez vivar
Jogomez Gomez vivar 3 時間 前
eL cOmEntAriO eN eSpAñOL qUe eSpErArOn >:)
Jean Marin de L'Isle
Weather is hot. Something refreshing... Like a water battle. The winner holds garden hose in hands ! Yes puppy, it's funny and refreshing ! Oh.... I wish you a cool day.
Lillo Sentinilla
Lillo Sentinilla 5 時間 前
Jean Marin de L'Isle
On my plane, In rose and blue, I can see palm trees, I come to you. Oh, In sun light, Lips like rose petals, In morning dew. This is Billie. Hmmm... After a sweet cuddle, And a coffee, Let's go on your flying carpet, For a week. We could trek in Yosemite Park. There are a lot of waterfalls, And plenty of places, For beautifull pic-nics. Oh, Yes ! Yosemite Park ! For a week, On your flying carpet. All beautifull things... Birds do loopings. Sun is smiling. Good morning dreamy Billie, Here, a coffee, And a tender kiss on your cheek. And an other one. Sunny today. Jean-Yves
ILove you😘😘😘😘
Elisa simsek
Elisa simsek 9 時間 前
Can you plss do a meet&great in Netherland? I am a huge huge fan but i live in Netherland and im so sad that i cant see you irl, so plsss atleast think abt it🥺 i hope i can meet you one day..
Gabriella Villirillo
voce unica ed inconfondibile
DIYwithme Morgan
DIYwithme Morgan 10 時間 前
If u don’t like Billie freak u she is queen
Kanishk Chathley
Kanishk Chathley 10 時間 前
I get goosebumps every time I listen to this!
shakew 11 時間 前
my god im falling love with this song
Emma Watson
Emma Watson 11 時間 前
Lot of saturation on the falsetto I guess
Carlos Moscoso
Carlos Moscoso 16 時間 前
Cruz Luna
Cruz Luna 19 時間 前
Daniela Perez
Daniela Perez 21 時間 前
No Time To Die 🖤
The Epic Institute
The Epic Institute 21 時間 前
I didn't like this at first but it's growing on me.
Ignacio Medina&Balboa
Es como si recordara una pelicula que todavia no la hicieron, esta cancion hubiera reemplazado a la de Adele en 007
Kate 日 前
If I had to pick who’s voice I wanted. It’d be billies
Well i'm no longer watching the new James Bond movie! I'm sticking to the classics.
Mia Aguilar
Mia Aguilar 日 前
Haters: BilLiE DoEsn'T KnoW HoW tO SinG ShE oNlY WisPeRs Billie: Hold My crown and my FIVE grammys, 3:20 Haters: leave crying Me: 😈
Amako 日 前
I think it's the song that made me cry the most in all my life.I don't know why, the voice, the rhythm, the background music, everything is totally hurtful.my heart is tearing, I have the impression that this music is tearing me apart. Billie Eilish's voice breaks me so much but it helps me cry because I need it.
Tatínek Mstitel
Billie's silky voice strikes me as a voice from the other world. The song name says the very opposite, paradoxically. Do you feel the same?
Lily Fidler
Lily Fidler 21 時間 前
but what happens when you have the same voice as her, does that mean you are also from a different world?
Makich Simonyan
Idk man. I don't feel happy
møon lxght
møon lxght 日 前
Did anyone else think the 007 said oof ?😂😂😂😂
Alex X
Alex X 日 前
this is awful
Lily Fidler
Lily Fidler 21 時間 前
wtf dude keep that to yourself. don't listen to it if you hate it 0_0
Ray 日 前
Not particulary a fan of Billie Eilish, but a big fan of the James Bond series and this theme will be perfect for it.
Alliance Duo
Alliance Duo 日 前
Hey Ray❤ i made a violin cover of this song! I hope that you can check it out❤❤
Pauli Sasso
Pauli Sasso 日 前
Billie: no time to die coronavirus: no time to live
Alliance Duo
Alliance Duo 日 前
Hey Pauli❤ i made a violin cover of this song! I hope that you can check it out❤❤
Jean Marin de L'Isle
Hmmm... A walk, In great spaces, Puppy sniffing everywhere. Yes Puppy, it's happyness ! Oh... I wish you a very good day.
Joel Burke
Joel Burke 日 前
Sounds like a bond movie into remake
Alliance Duo
Alliance Duo 日 前
Hey Joel❤ i made a violin cover of this song! I hope that you can check it out❤❤
Üčhïhä Särädä
Bealtiful Billie I Love iu❤❤❤
Alliance Duo
Alliance Duo 日 前
Hey❤ i made a violin cover of this song! I hope that you can check it out❤❤
Marcel Versteeg
Makes me remind of Adele's Sky Fall...
Nathan Erbaugh
As a bond theme? Meh
Alliance Duo
Alliance Duo 日 前
Hey Nathan! i made a violin cover of this song! I hope that you can check it out❤❤
Andrei Claro
Andrei Claro 日 前
Billie eilish: The end of the world Billie eilish: No time to die Corona virus: Yes
__EN_ZO__ 日 前
why cant they have the themes like back in 1975! why this shit!!!!!!
VeronPomidor 日 前
Alliance Duo
Alliance Duo 日 前
Hey VeronPomidor❤ i made a violin cover of this song! I hope that you can check it out❤❤
Aaradhya Bansal
melody at its best
Alliance Duo
Alliance Duo 日 前
Hey Aaradhya❤ i made a violin cover of this song! I hope that you can check it out❤❤
Plant Seed
Plant Seed 日 前
This is actually not bad.
Alliance Duo
Alliance Duo 日 前
Hey Plant❤ i made a violin cover of this song! I hope that you can check it out❤❤
Jean Marin de L'Isle
My plane, A Latecoère one, Goes at full speed, Jump over clouds, I come to you. In cool morning, You're stretching, Lascivious, you ondulate, Under this cotton veil, This boarder, So light, That I can guess, Charms and treasures, And flavours, What I covet, Dreams of rejoicings, Wet lips roaming, At level skin. And your perfume... Oh... Birds are singing : "Oh, Billie in cool morning !" Sun is smiling. Good morning Billie honey, Smell of coffee, And something smoothy on your belly.. Sunny this afternoon. Jean-Yves
Nim Ama
Nim Ama 日 前
This isn’t my favourite bond song, but I’m ngl it is definitely top 10. Billie’s voice is so magical. Love it love it love it 😍
Alliance Duo
Alliance Duo 日 前
Hey Nim❤ i made a violin cover of this song! I hope that you can check it out❤❤
Hunhow The Dad
This gave me legends never die vibe
Alliance Duo
Alliance Duo 日 前
Hey Hunhow❤ i made a violin cover of this song! I hope that you can check it out❤❤
My Pham
My Pham 日 前
All Bond songs sound pretty much alike.
Nim Ama
Nim Ama 日 前
Just sam’s is in like a higher pitch and it’s a little bit more technical
Nim Ama
Nim Ama 日 前
Ye especially this one and Sam smith’s
mister muafar
Cant wait for the song to be in the movie eeeeeee or maybe we cant see it:
Bella Quijada
Fnaf: time to die Billie: no time to die
dian rubianti
a beautiful song.. a piece of melody created by her a years ago alone at her home... now sing by billie ellish (who created the lyrics?) thank you to make this simple piece of melody become a masterpiece..
Jean Marin de L'Isle
Under stars, Hmmm... Something smelling good. This is me. I showered, And I put perfume. You can kiss me, If you want. There... It's so good. May I crunch there ? And there ? So pretty... Air is warm, You should take off your pyjamas. Oh, A shooting star ! Hmmm... Under stars... Good night Billlie so delicious, Good night dear Puppy. Sweet dreams... It will be stormy in my mountains, today. Maybe no web connection. Jean-Yves
husH iS thE neW casH VvV
Jean Marin de L'Isle :(
baynskhn 日 前
soooo james bondish vibe
This is weak as hell. I I don't understand why so many people are into Billie's sound I guess depressing vocals is the new trend everyone is into.
Nim Ama
Nim Ama 日 前
This isn’t to bad but I’ve got to admit, even tho I’m a huge fan of billie’s this definitely isn’t the best bond song, it’s not very bond like in my opinion
Piano Notion
Piano Notion 日 前
Great music! And sound good at the piano solo too!
Üčhïhä Särädä
dear billie i love you so much You and my life your voice sounds like an angel❤💖 a question (you like god) I'm sorry if that question is bad .... I love iu Billie❤❤❤
Lily Fidler
Lily Fidler 日 前
do any of you sound just like her when you sing but cant do anything about it because your afraid to sing in front of people and she is way more famous than you? no? just me? ok.
Lily Fidler
Lily Fidler 21 時間 前
@i'm worldwide handsome bitch thats awful, did you like to sing too?
i'm worldwide handsome bitch
Billie tend to have softer voice i have deeper voice while singing but i stopped singing since a long time so i think i lost my voice
Tristian Abell
Jordan D
Jordan D 日 前
Billie deserves to sing this song to the new 007 movie
Maria flor fp
Maria flor fp 2 日 前
Essa música parece trilha sonora de guerra, não sei pq
·.YourAverageTeen.· 707
Why are the captions japanese tho...
frost612 2 日 前
what a boring low energy song for a bond intro.
Hardrunz Top 100's
This is one of the best, if not, the best james bond soundtrack ever
Nim Ama
Nim Ama 日 前
Lokendra Singh Jodha i agree, this one isn’t very bond-like enough and this just isn’t billie or bond. I also like Adele’s and Sam’s
Lokendra Singh Jodha
no, casino royale's theme song will remain the best
Sicily Alexander
I don't understand how my sister hates Billie she's a angel
Sicily Alexander
Sicily Alexander 17 時間 前
Sorry auto correct
Aka_B 17 時間 前
45°? 90°??? I must know!
Sania Morrow
Sania Morrow 日 前
Juan Amaya
Juan Amaya 2 日 前
Hey Billie , Did you hear JUSTIN DEGRYSE sing your song??
idont everknowbetter
*Bruh if i was singing this song i would literally cry in the studio*
ptrw234 2 日 前
will 2 日 前
Getting your fans into 007 I see
Jean Marin de L'Isle
Hmmm... A "caviar d'aubergine", With candied pepper... But before, A battle with Puppy. I hold him while you kittle him. Yes Puppy, sure you are kittlish ! Oh.... I wish you a cosy day.
Avatar Raava&Vaatu
The legends never die "XXXTENTACION" 😣😓
Danny 2 日 前
Well deserved Bond Song!
Procione Robot
Procione Robot 2 日 前
Procione Robot
Procione Robot 2 日 前
Jean Marin de L'Isle
On my plane, I do a turn, I can see your window, Before to land. I come to you. In cool morning, The frou-frou of wings, And little jumps in grass. In sun light, Smiling and stretching, Une jolie fleur, Under cotton. Hmmm... I have for you, Caresses and touches, Warm and light, Aromatic, Like a zephyr. Sweet attentions, In new morning. Oh... Birds do pirouettes, Sun is smiling. Good morning jolie Billie, Here, a coffee, And a tender kiss. Sunny today. Jean-Yves
RG Sketches
RG Sketches 2 日 前
James Bond has entered the chat
Steven Van Cauteren
themightyac 4444
I think she did it, especially when she and Finneas write a song together with Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr.
Yenser Montero
Yenser Montero 2 日 前
Best song from all times is "You know my name" from Casino Royale. RIP Chris Cornell.
Vepexios 2 日 前
i love it
aldhair25 2 日 前
How I could to share my own music?
Mark Jones
Mark Jones 2 日 前
Yawn. Boring. No heart and soul. Try Shirley Bassey if you want a song that will give you the chills of actual talent in singing
Jean Marin de L'Isle
Under stars, Close to you, Among pillows, Warm like a summer night, Sweet like perfume in air, Loving to smell your pyjamas, Ans kisses on neck, Who smiles, Putting little kisses, On your hips. So tender. This is me. Oh, this sky... A dreamy one. And there, This is a kiss on your cheek. Under stars... Good night Billie sweet heart, Good night dear Puppy. Sweet dreams... Jean-Yves
Scarlett 2 日 前
Sylas viper
Sylas viper 2 日 前
I mean... WOW
Nethmin Mendis
Nethmin Mendis 2 日 前
This hits differently at 3 am
James Shaw
James Shaw 2 日 前
Nicolas Perazzi
Nicolas Perazzi 2 日 前
FU PayMe
FU PayMe 2 日 前
This last James Bond opening credits gonna be crazy with this song.
Carol Phillipps
Carol Phillipps 2 日 前
I don't get it she sucks! I can sing better than that.
Annya Heinzerling
who,out out of the 2 of you has the career tho? and honestly cArol i would appreciate if you didn't hate on people that are doing what they love and succeeding. i pray that you find some kindness in ur soul at some point in your life
Amadah ??
Amadah ?? 2 日 前
Billie at 18: Famous, rich. Me at 18: ... I don't know ...
Maşallah 2 日 前
Pavel Svítil
Pavel Svítil 3 日 前
Totally 007 level :3
Rima Papalla
Rima Papalla 3 日 前
Alliance Duo
Alliance Duo 日 前
Hey Rima❤ i made a violin cover of this song! I hope that you can check it out❤❤
Rima Papalla
Rima Papalla 3 日 前
Dominik7T 3 日 前
i liek de piano her e
Sugerxxx Billie
Sugerxxx Billie 3 日 前
Omg yes’s
Pauli Sasso
Pauli Sasso 3 日 前
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa loveeeeeeee
Andranik Andreasyan
This is too weak for James Bond film
ItsJustA_Avacodo dude
Billie eilish doesn't need auto tune Auto tune needs her.
Moontje 2 分 前
Overrated comment
Emily Garza
Emily Garza 2 時間 前
Seen/heard this comment so many times 😂
joaquina rondan
joaquina rondan 2 日 前
Wesley Lubian
Wesley Lubian 3 日 前
Billie : No Time To Die 2020 : Lol u thought
Imke 3 日 前
this is defintely my fav song!! i love everything about it, i still have it as background on my phone :)
Fexriyye Bagirova
I hope 71K dislikes are the result of the tears that just dropped from whose eyes can't win the battle with this masterpiece🌌
Shaked Agayev
Shaked Agayev 2 日 前
This song is amazing I don’t understand how 71k people dislike it
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