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Bigfoot's cousin the Yeti makes an appearance as we dive into the snow map to try to tame the rampaging beast! It goes poorly!

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Lily Glover
Lily Glover ヶ月 前
“If you guys are big fans of Santa don’t come in here” is probably both one of the strangest and most ominous things I’ve ever heard Wade say, with or without context
StoppedEmu67 24 日 前
@darksabershark santa fans disagree
Malaki Cochran
Malaki Cochran ヶ月 前
@darksabershark don't spoil it!!!
Malicious Toes
Malicious Toes ヶ月 前
I'm a fan of KF2 Badass Santa.
just no one
just no one ヶ月 前
@darksabershark chill kid, sheesh, also its wrapping
darksabershark ヶ月 前
@just no one make me
Anonymous _4
Anonymous _4 ヶ月 前
Bob and wade: *die in like two hits from bigfoot* Mark: *survives 10 or so attacks, a bear mauling, trying to jump off a cliff and blowing himself up*
EndGame 14 日 前
It's like silence haha
The Klown
The Klown 14 日 前
Oh and a trap
Sunny_Wolf 16 日 前
hes got that overpowered youtuber armor, he cant be killed beacuse he needs the gameplay and content.
angryGorilla 17 日 前
Mark is my 50 cent
Walking Skirmisher
Mark having plot armor
Nate DS
Nate DS ヶ月 前
Mark trying desperately to die but getting hit and run over and over by Bigfoot was like Greek myth level of irony.
Devin Foran
Devin Foran ヶ月 前
Real big ending of "The Mist" vibes
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb ヶ月 前
for the next big foot/yeti episode. You're welcome.
Amna TheGrande
Amna TheGrande ヶ月 前
Mark: **hunting for totems** Meanwhile: "Oh you're so fast!" "Bob he knocked you down" "Yeah he did tho!" "..." "Oh shoot, hey Mark?" "Yeah?" Game: *"Muyskerm was sent to heaven"*
[AZRI3L] 8 時間 前
This whole thread is cursed-
Kathryn Howard
Kathryn Howard 13 日 前
シAeipathy 15 日 前
what timing, when i went to the comments, i see this and started reading it during the video and the exact lines were playing as i was reading it
Stephanie Canady
Stephanie Canady 26 日 前
"muyskerm was sent to heaven" sent me lmao
monkey4life 27 日 前
@KingSolidTails I’m creaming and beaming
Kedo ヶ月 前
I love how Mark keeps saying they'll be safe hiding in the cabins- where all the doors and windows have already been broken down.
Kevin O'campo
Kevin O'campo ヶ月 前
Mark is clearly the protagonist of a horror movie with that statement 😂😂😂😂
ManiacsWorld ヶ月 前
I mean... I would think that what would make the cabins a decent place to hole up in is that they're defensible. There's only one way in and out of the building, since I doubt that Bigfoot can actually destroy the building itself, so you can set traps at the one entrance and exit and just sit and wait for Bigfoot to come at you. He may still get you, but you can get more shots off on him before he escapes. And he's FAR more likely to step in one of the traps if it's the only way to get at you, especially compared to you just standing in an open area, putting the trap down and hoping he'll step in it like this group often does.
Nightmare fredbear
@Zero Lynnfield I assure you I am very real
Zero Lynnfield
Zero Lynnfield ヶ月 前
@Nightmare fredbear yeah I mean a bear is tough but if they shoot well place bullets in the bear then it would probably work
Nightmare fredbear
@Zero Lynnfield that's not enough
Sarah Januszko
Sarah Januszko ヶ月 前
I love all these collaborative games where the gang is hunting stuff
Sarawud Salee
Sarawud Salee ヶ月 前
oh yeah...sure ok well so
Jordonater1992 ヶ月 前
How come these arent on Twitch anymore? Am i missing something or was this only uploaded to JPvid.
Sarawud Salee
Sarawud Salee ヶ月 前
ok sure
Sarawud Salee
Sarawud Salee ヶ月 前
Oh sure ok well
Cicle the fox
Cicle the fox ヶ月 前
@Sarawud Salee we got a grumpy guss over here😄
USMarshmallow ヶ月 前
The delivery from Wade concernedly saying "GUYS..?" to screaming "HE'S IN THE CAMPER!!!" at 21:00 absolutely SENT me! I couldn't stop laughing and ended up falling off the couch.
Constantly changing my username
@trym halvorsen "CAPTAIN!!! LOOK!" **Pirates of the Caribbean theme plays as a huge ship charges into them**
USMarshmallow 22 日 前
@blank I wanted to give everyone a few extra seconds to really get to hear it. :)
USMarshmallow 22 日 前
@Jordan Mills I was fine! I just barely missed the end table lol.
trym halvorsen
trym halvorsen ヶ月 前
I thought of the «CAPTAIN» clip from sea of thieves
Billy Masterson
Billy Masterson ヶ月 前
Between that and 24:26 - I don’t know which one cracked me up more.
Billie Ambrose
Billie Ambrose ヶ月 前
23:10 markiplier: trying to save his friends Also mark: looting every place he comes across
nijuo joing
nijuo joing ヶ月 前
Mark: Let’s set a trap. Me: remembers what happened to Wade last time yes
nijuo joing
nijuo joing ヶ月 前
happening last time 🤣🤣
Remington Comp
Remington Comp ヶ月 前
Mark: support this game and its developers Also Mark: *points out copyright infringement*
It’s a heads up so the developers don’t get caught up in legal trouble
WrenGoYeet ヶ月 前
Everyone: "There aren't enough totems!" *_Visible space for more than one body on the pedestal_*
TsubakiiHime 10 日 前
You still need more totems if you die more than once
SebSk ヶ月 前
@Mertes oh.
SebSk ヶ月 前
@GodzillaKaiju Same lol, I was wondering why he didn't bring Wade there as well .... well, I mean... not with the _reasoning he didn't,_ anyways :p
EDM Bot ヶ月 前
WrenGoYeet ヶ月 前
@Mertes ah, rip
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
22:21 Even a bear almost killed Mark right there, it's like the entire forest is trying to get rid of them
Logan James Wainwright
Reminds me of another game these guys played where they were in a forest and everything was trying to kill you 🤔
lol hi
lol hi ヶ月 前
@fruity granulizer you seem like you are 40 😭
fruity granulizer
@lol hi well then it was a poor attempt imo, but to each their own
lol hi
lol hi ヶ月 前
@fruity granulizer being funny
CJ Vand
CJ Vand ヶ月 前
@Tobee _gamer yeah so?
Cookies and Creme
Due to his unkillable nature, Flark somehow managed to kill Bigfoot, who had killed (and only killed) his friends. Despite the victory and his friends being avenged, Flark screamed at the sky, "God damn it, let me die!" To his late friends' amusement, Flark lived for a hundred and one years. The End.
Abbz World
Abbz World 9 日 前
JAPStudios ヶ月 前
So, the tale of Flark is that he rescued his friend, abandoned his "forgotten friend" Glade, list his friend he saved, and steuggled to die. And still to this day, does no one know the name of the friend he lost TWICE.
Potato Tomato
Potato Tomato 26 日 前
Cob. Short for "Corn Cob".
Fabulous Furry Freak
And the kicker: it's *Bob* who's telling the story. So essentially, Bob forgot *himself*.
Rijad Biogradlija
Alex Kappen
Alex Kappen ヶ月 前
toss boy
toss boy ヶ月 前
Morster 1015
Morster 1015 ヶ月 前
“Videoblogger Daniel, his model girlfriend, Alexa, and their photographer friend- *ETHAN* ?! Oh no!~” The combination of the way Mark said his name and the Lixian editing Ethan’s face in killed me 🤣
Eri Fox
Eri Fox ヶ月 前
There was a character named Ethan who was killed
@Eri Fox what happened to Ethan?
Eri Fox
Eri Fox ヶ月 前
That part immediately made me sad, because I like Ethan
MissyKarma ヶ月 前
16:32 "If we just hide in the camper he can't hurt us right?" "Probably yeah, that sounds about right..." 21:03 *Chaos* 21:50 *Even more chaos*
Oliver LaRosa
Oliver LaRosa ヶ月 前
I’m glad Mark went out of his way to mention the situation the game’s developers have found themselves in. That they stuck with the project while simultaneously running from an active war really is something else. I respect that resilience and dedication immensely.
gibsonman4 ヶ月 前
@Sir Suppa it's as if current events happen in succession. Your lame facebook comment is just that.
Robatic ヶ月 前
@Ayaka Miyuki what is? you?
Ayaka Miyuki
Ayaka Miyuki ヶ月 前
@Robatic well it’s disgusting
Sir Suppa
Sir Suppa ヶ月 前
I support the current thing
Jordan Mills
Jordan Mills ヶ月 前
After Wade said "dick our wounds" and they kept saying "don't come" and "yes, come", I could not stop laughing. 😂
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb ヶ月 前
This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for, Mark, Bob and Wade make such an amazing trio.
The Great Mardleedum
"One day the trio would defeat bigfoot/yeti. Flark, Gade and boob set out once again to challenge the hairy monster once more...would they succeed? Or perish once more?" Intro for the next big foot/yeti episode. You're welcome.
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv ヶ月 前
Markiplier: “We are sightseeing.” Wade: “Let’s capture some rocks.”
kernowparadise ヶ月 前
Mark: "You guys are very far from me!" Wade: "Yeah I used my legs." 12:53
Cassandra Carlton
Love that Bob become “Flark’s” narrator in a sometimes-mocking vibe like that of the Narrator in Stanley Parable
CyberLightGS ヶ月 前
Thank you, Mark! We are developing a new Yellowstone map, so soon we will delight you with interesting content! ❤🇺🇦 We spend part of our income on charity (we opened a fund to help Ukraine), so your words and support are very valuable. We also continue to develop the game. And even if we have to move to the moon, we will fully release the game nevertheless!
Dreadnaught Games
I see no checkmark...
🖤Goblin on a stick 🖤
Best of luck to your team! This game was a joy to watch!
Keaton's Aquatics
Ya'll will win!
EndGame 15 日 前
Thank you so much for opening a fund to help
glick 19 日 前
Deep Fried Exotic Butters
The end of this play through was just Mark seeing how much he could handle… turns out… a lot
OneAwayFromNone ヶ月 前
It’s amazing that it never occurred to them to put both bodies in Stonehenge circle at the same time before putting the 4th skull down lmao.
Bryce Austin
Bryce Austin ヶ月 前
"He's in the camper!" Has to be one of the most iconic lines said by anyone doing a playthrough of this, I've heard it from nearly everyone I've seen play this and it never fails to crack me up.😂
Julia Cornejo
Julia Cornejo 21 日 前
Bob: "Hey Mark" Mark: "Oh no..." Game: "Muyskerm was sent to heaven" Me: *Dies laughing*
Jason Smith
Jason Smith ヶ月 前
This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for, Mark, Bob and Wade make such an amazing trio.
sirwilliamgamer ヶ月 前
@Jason Smith Nice, as a true gamer should.
Carlos Fernandez
Carlos Fernandez ヶ月 前
I miss yamimash
Jim Tsiamis
Jim Tsiamis ヶ月 前
@J sorry man they just don't quite make the cut
Jason Smith
Jason Smith ヶ月 前
@sirwilliamgamer I actually listen to Distractible all the time
Jonathan Christian
I’ve been rewatching his Bigfoot videos. I couldn’t believe he released another one.
Joseph Schultz
Joseph Schultz ヶ月 前
_"Flark shot his stupid gun fruitlessly, repeatedly loading more shells and firing them, knowing in his heart of hearts the absolute and utter futility of his actions."_ Narrator Bob was a wonderful addition to this adventure xD
Cory Johnston
Cory Johnston ヶ月 前
*Mark sees innocent animals minding their own business* Mark: IT'S COMIN RIGHT FOR US!!!
bababadbabadbaadada adba e
South Park reference
Driago4 ヶ月 前
Bob: “I hope he comes back and smacks the shit out of you” “OH look hes coming back to smack the shit out of you !😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lorelei Marivaine
I have watched this episode no less than 5 times since its release, and I think it's officially become my favorite Markiplier episode.
TrexAintaChicken ヶ月 前
Word of advice: when bigfoot is attacking, don't bother running from him. He starts swiping until he can land one of his special attacks. If you just dont move- as Mark did when he was trying to die- bigfoot will go straight for the special move, which will deal a lot less damage to you than if he were to swipe you twenty times.
Salar Khan
Salar Khan ヶ月 前
So Bigfoot no swiping
aWebtoon reader
aWebtoon reader ヶ月 前
Interesting hope they see this :]
Alli Rallie
Alli Rallie ヶ月 前
@Human Hater flark from wades story
Alli Rallie
Alli Rallie ヶ月 前
@Ryan Frazer watch to the end of the video
Tarot Guy
Tarot Guy ヶ月 前
Yeah also I think you can glitch a double resurrect on Stonehenge if you find a way to place them both down.
shotwench2210 ヶ月 前
Mark has the dad listening but not listening "hmm" down really well during story time.
Lisa Kolb
Lisa Kolb ヶ月 前
I like how mark actually smiles for every picture he takes in the game
R&F ヶ月 前
"hey shoot him again when u get up if u can" mark: "oh i dont need to i got axe big" had me dying 33:38
Shadow Thief
Shadow Thief ヶ月 前
Bob and Wade: *Looking for Bigfoot* Mark: *enjoying a pleasant hunting trip*
Awang Khairunnas
Awang Khairunnas ヶ月 前
Bob and wade: *screaming and dying* Mark: *laughs and ignores them* Bob and wade: "Hey mark... We're dying" Mark: "Oh no ..."
blank ヶ月 前
*Oh no! Anyways.*
Joe Benz
Joe Benz ヶ月 前
Oh no. Let me uuhh... stand all the way over there 😂
Just Baker
Just Baker ヶ月 前
Lmao "Get a pic of me and this moose" I love that mark actually smiles when getting his pic taken.
Cameron Perrin
Cameron Perrin ヶ月 前
whenever these three idiots get together I know I'm gonna be laughing the whole time. Love you guys!!!
Hellfire23 ヶ月 前
I glad the developers were able to get out unscathed by the conflict in Ukraine. Not as many were as lucky as them. I hope everything will work out for them from this point on
Bohdan Morkochan
Bohdan Morkochan ヶ月 前
Until people die, liberty will never perish! We will defend ourselves to the end. Слава Україні! Смерть ворогам
Gaming With Tika
Gaming With Tika ヶ月 前
Thank you, Flark, for bringing us happiness through laughter during these dire times. Your story is inspiring, even when faced with the undoubtedly frustrating and dangerous task of resurrecting your friend, you pushed through. It is incredibly motivating to see such bravery in someone so stupid, it makes me realise...maybe there is hope for me. To anyone reading this, remember: even though you are not Flark, you must stay strong, even if faced with something as terrifying as the Fig Boot. And also, don't stay in a camper at night when there is only four totems. That is all. Farewell for now, Flark. You will be remembered. ❤💖💗
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich ヶ月 前
16:44 "I dont dick my wounds" surprising answer, considering Mark is a masochist, guess he's 50% masochist 50% not masochist
Toffita the Commander of Elbows
@Zach Morrs if theres a hole theres a goal
-luvmichelle<3 ヶ月 前
Meh more like 70% masochist and 30% regular human mark
Zach Morrs
Zach Morrs ヶ月 前
any hole's a goal right? disclaimer please don't fornicate open wounds call a paramedic to do it for you
some random depressed person
@Lilly Hughes a guy that gets off from pain
Shadow Thief
Shadow Thief ヶ月 前
Love how Mark’s Computer nerd character ends up being the single most badass member of the group
Alyssa Lewis
Alyssa Lewis ヶ月 前
Wade’s cry he’s in the camper had me dying of laughter then both wade and bob’s cry right after. The disappointment in mark voice when bob said hey mark then the notification right after 😂😂
shadowthe fox/evil
"HES IN THE CAMPER!!!!!!" Im literally laughing so hard rn at that one little thing- my god- It even gets funnier and funnier the more you watch it- mark,bob and wade are most probably the best comedic trio ever- Scene - 21:02
Christian Lecroy
Christian Lecroy 16 日 前
I like how Mark was the guy who went on his own and was safer than Bob and wade
C Feauto
C Feauto ヶ月 前
I love how at 20:10 you can see them all look in the direction of the call and you can triangulate exactly where it came from just by where each are looking.
Rx Oopsie
Rx Oopsie ヶ月 前
Never knew about the devs, I hope they all can regain confidence in these hard times!
TheDarksaphira 28 日 前
The fact that Bigfoot just didn't kill Mark, and nothing else seemed able to while Bob and Wade just died, Bob did so twice and Mark just couldn't.... This was soooo funny.
Jace !
Jace ! ヶ月 前
I always struggled to find enough peace of mind to fall asleep. And your videos always help me wind down enough to knock out. Tho it is strange considering a band of merry men going to F up a big foot for stepping in the wrong side of the woods is what it took to fall asleep. XD love your content.
bobo ヶ月 前
*last time they played* Wade: *shoots* Mark: WARN PEOPLE WHEN YOU SHOOT *Now* Mark:*Shoots*
Hey hey it's Jae
Hey hey it's Jae ヶ月 前
Man I missed this game, such a classic. Shame that the devs are in rough spot!
Your Fellow Life Form
just some tips : - place cameras in front of any cave you find, campsites, and your RV (you can kinda do whatever, but the caves are the best spot) - taking pictures of the evidence can end the game (i pretty sure) - those skulls can be used to revive a player (just as i typed that you guys found it, ~19:45) i think you need five or four of the skulls, not sure
the big man
the big man ヶ月 前
Lixian showing up makes me happy, it feels like it’s been so long since he’s been in videos regularly
Cole Kiesler
Cole Kiesler ヶ月 前
Markiplier: “We are sightseeing.” Wade: “Let’s capture some rocks.”
James went
James went ヶ月 前
Thanks captain obvious
lola ヶ月 前
true British experience
Don't Read Profile Photo
Dont read my Name Tho
SilverFlight01 ヶ月 前
Hey, rocks are part of the sightseeing.
Jessie K.
Jessie K. 22 日 前
I was having a really bad day and needed some cheering up, thank you guys, I really needed this today.❤️❤️❤️😊😊 Whenever I'm feeling kind of down, your's Bob's and Wade's laughter and humor, and just general happy good vibes, always make me feel just that little bit better that I needed.❤️ Thank you, all three of you. (Plus Lixian of course!😊)
Jessica Kakern
Jessica Kakern ヶ月 前
This has always beenone of my favorite markiplier games
rach 20 日 前
i love how when wade goes to take a pic of mark, mark smiles as if he’s actually getting his pic taken
Olivia Trevino
Olivia Trevino ヶ月 前
Wether they’re hunting ghosts, demons, aliens or Bigfoot I love when they get together to cause mayhem😌
Templarfreak ヶ月 前
i love watching them play this game, its so OG for this trio, and even though they spend most of the time walking around doing mostly nothing its somehow always entertaining lol
VenomQuill 2 日 前
The sheer inability for Mark to die when he wanted to but the inability to stay alive when he really needs to is shocking.
Bea Huff
Bea Huff ヶ月 前
I love seeing the boys play games together. More please!
JohnAirplane8 14 日 前
I'm so glad Mark is here to stay. He makes me feel happy
Eee E
Eee E ヶ月 前
Holy shit Mark is coming back after his break playing every game I've wanted him to play for the first time or again. And I'm sure I'm not the only person absolutely loving the trio and everything they do.
Zachary Gontner
Zachary Gontner ヶ月 前
@GemGirl2009 I was actually about to reply to the other guy saying that. Just because you questioned the emoji being a watermelon doesn't mean it's a racist thing. The fact that he stereotyped by saying that it represents black people would make him more racist than you would be.
Indya T.
Indya T. ヶ月 前
Yes omg this and phasmophobia
engideer gaming
engideer gaming ヶ月 前
where is SCP Containment Breach, Mark Iplier?
Bennett Ribary
Bennett Ribary ヶ月 前
My watch later playlist is so big now
Lynnx ヶ月 前
Yea I’ve been here since the beginning and I’ve always loved it when mark played or hanged out with bob wade tyler Ethan and Séan
Leechy 12 日 前
Side note I would love to see these guys play a hunting game together and just end up running from the scary animals and spend twenty minutes trying to hunt a rabbit
Dee 7 日 前
"don't come" "I'm close" Quality content as always ❤️
Flamefart ヶ月 前
Props to the developers for working on the game despite the chaos ensuing in their home. Glad they made it out okay :D
Fish Fingers and Custard
I honestly think this is my favourite series mark does, they make such a great trio and it's just great fun
Ms. Anonymous
Ms. Anonymous ヶ月 前
This is how I imagine them to be if they were all lost in the woods together: Any noise they're just like AUGHHH WHAA FUCK
IndicaJazz ヶ月 前
Yes I love when the trio plays Bigfoot games. 🤣
Shadowcat107 ヶ月 前
Watching Mark playing game plays is most entertaining. I love all his screams. I wouldn't play this game. No one is safe from Big Foot. 😍
Az ヶ月 前
"What are you doing Step-Bigfoot?" is generally the FUNNIEST thing I have ever heard Wade say.
Chance tyler
Chance tyler ヶ月 前
I loved how Mark was just on his own then out of nowhere Wade goes, "Guys...HE'S IN THE CAMPER!" I was waiting for that to happen b/c I remembered something similar happening last time 🤣🤣
Tarot Guy
Tarot Guy ヶ月 前
Yeah I've gotten my arse kicked in the camper lol 🤣
liyaqua ヶ月 前
As a Ukrainian, I appreciate it so much that you encouraged to support Ukrainian game developers!
Damon Void Heart
Damon Void Heart ヶ月 前
damn even through a war they put their game first. really got to respect those kind of people.
Nodak81 ヶ月 前
Hope there's more to come, I could watch these guys play this game for hours.
Nathan Simeon
Nathan Simeon ヶ月 前
i love how mark just calls out any animal name and shoots it, its so funny
Box ヶ月 前
Man these three guys are pretty cool, I bet they’d have a high quality podcast available on any platform in which podcasts are accessible. It’d do real good at distracting me from my responsibilities with its quality. Alas, I doubt they’d be up to such a thing.
bluelfsuma ヶ月 前
A shame. 😔
alleytitaness ヶ月 前
@Kaelin Cherise and there’s NO WAY the point system is COMPLETELY ARBITRARY,,,, there’s no way they TALKED ABOUT A GIGGITY GHOUL,,,, or something like SONIC,,,,,
Kaelin Cherise
Kaelin Cherise ヶ月 前
And on top of being FREE and EASILY ACCESSIBLE, having NO ADS, and AMAZING HUMOR, there's absolutely no way their crazy topics could be decided by a host who utilizes a point-based system where POINTS are earned based on the stories told by the other two to determine who next week's host could be? Absolutely crazy idea. No way that exists.
alleytitaness ヶ月 前
@Optikaught even if it was EASILY ACCESSIBLE and ABSOLUTELY FREE, there’s no way it would be AT ALL RIB-SHATTERINGLY FUNNY,,,,,, in other news, know where I can get some bone broth
ITMeCE ヶ月 前
@Yonis118 optikaught is technically paying mark 🥴
Ravenwashere 1776
9:45 Mark says he has no idea what Bob's talking about, but his Timore playthrough would disagree. Remember those itchy legs, Mark? How they wouldn't stop, no matter how much you scratched them? Face it, you're not as far above us mortals as you think.
Cass Lass
Cass Lass ヶ月 前
Mark: Glade, give us your powers Glade: Shwuuuuuw Mark: I feel powerful 😂
Sidekick ヶ月 前
I love the bigfoot series that Mark does. I hope he plays more of this in the future
SirGuinea351 6 日 前
Mark literally got protagonist plot armour for that whole game
Linkolin Alamar
Linkolin Alamar ヶ月 前
Mark: Shoots wildly into the woods at a moose Me: He didn't pass firearm safety did he?
Markis Denniston
Markis Denniston ヶ月 前
I have missed Bob and Wade playing along with you it's great and reminiscent of old times I love it
BigMacZach Attack
14:50 mark asking who needs a med kit just for big foot to show up behind the other two 😂🤣😂🤣
Shadow Edwards
Shadow Edwards ヶ月 前
would love to play with you guys on this XD had this for years and love it. also you guys need to do bigfoot vs players with each other XD
A vibing potato
A vibing potato ヶ月 前
Mark struggling to carry Bob to resurrect him while Bob tells a story and Wade eats Cheez-Its in the background is my new aesthetic.
Christina Jones
Christina Jones ヶ月 前
Amen 😂
clement ヶ月 前
@James moriarty ghetto saying? james this is just aave, dont be racist. also aesthetic just happens to be a word, its not a saying or anything
NuttBag ヶ月 前
No one says that
oe l
oe l ヶ月 前
@Spingtail I don't think James ever heard the term "aesthetically pleasing". "Aesthetic" is a word that's been around for a long time. For James not to know that(It seems) suggests he never graduated High school.
PISS ヶ月 前
This went exactly how every other playthrough of this game I've seen went, except they didn't notice that bigfoot autoheals. Still hilarious to watch everytime.
Tart ヶ月 前
"Wade to Mark, we're dying. Over." made me cackle.
TNT Magic
TNT Magic ヶ月 前
Bob : what do you want a pic with the sign Mark: don't question The Watcher Wade :*takes out camera * Mark: *smiles * ayyyyyy 🤣
Happy Alkina
Happy Alkina ヶ月 前
Thank you for consistently revisiting this game, especially when the devs are from Ukraine. I love seeing you guys play this game!!
Nikohl Blocker
Nikohl Blocker ヶ月 前
I love watching Flark, Glade, and Blob play games together. Flark, Glade, and Blob are such good friends.
Judgmental Lemon
Judgmental Lemon ヶ月 前
@Luka Oldfield oh god
Nick ヶ月 前
Luka Oldfield
Luka Oldfield ヶ月 前
Made me shed a eye
AxStorm ヶ月 前
DRock2048 ヶ月 前
I don't know if anyone's said this, but kudos to these developers. Instead of dropping everything, they brought what they needed to keep development going on for this game, despite their situation. It really shows just how much they love their work.
ZX 25 日 前
Watching all 3 of them getting body slammed by Bigfoot had me dying. 🤣
Sergant penetrate
Shoutout to the game producers for updating during a war stay safe!!!
Wiliarte ヶ月 前
The day these guys finally defeat bigfoot will be a historical landmark
OtakuAudi ヶ月 前
Mark, Bob and Wade together is my favorite content
Mwarsy ヶ月 前
mark thanks for bringing these games back, i love them lol
Haden Davis
Haden Davis ヶ月 前
Hahaha watching Mark, Bob and Wade makes me realize I’ll never have friends who would want to play video games with 😅
Rachel Q
Rachel Q ヶ月 前
Thank you for continuing this series, it’s one of my favorites!! 😁😄
Ryan MacArthur
Ryan MacArthur ヶ月 前
Props to the developers. Hope they and their families stay safe
Majestic Flounder
The war in Ukraine has sort of opened my eyes to how many game dev studios seem to be (or were) located in Ukraine.
aWebtoon reader
aWebtoon reader ヶ月 前
Firefighting Simulator
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