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Story behind the music video:
[Steven #, the cellist, here]
So as you might have guessed, we haven’t been touring lately. It’s safe to say that Covid has thrown us for a “loop.” In nothing short of a miracle, last year, before the pandemic showed up, we had determined as a group to take our first break from touring in 10 years and focus on family during 2020. It might have been the first time our plans actually matched up with our reality.
We love performing. Touring can be grueling. I dread the inevitable tour-induced insomnia. During a recent tour I was determined to make something of my sleeplessness. My friend Devin, who works in an international ancestry research company, inspired me to dig into my family history. With his help, I found a slew of stories -- profound stories of my great great grandfathers and grandmothers and how they overcame an impossible past to make our family’s future possible. In my insomnia, during many late nights on tour, I summarized and rewrote these incredible accounts in first person addressed to my children, so that I could read them as our bedtime stories. That way, my children’s heroes would be their ancestors -- their own kin. The lesson we could learn together was this:
If THEY could do hard things then WE can do hard things too.
Resilience is inheritable.
What does this have to do with this video? Everything.
In this music video, we sped through an eerily empty natural history museum and a public library -- something we could only do during Covid. Why? To prove the same point and send the same message asserted in these bedtime stories. We have grand places like these that you see in this video all throughout our world. They are monuments to human resilience. They house exhibits and shelve books upon books of biographical buoyancy. They showcase hard-earned scientific scenes that serve as the shoulders upon which we stand today -- evidence written into the very fabric of our earth’s crust of how hard things are what we do. We’re built for them. We’re made for them.
And all those that have gone before cry out to us -- wanting to mean something to someone. To be someone to us.
Someone to You.
It’s not as much about WHAT is in our past, but WHO is in our past. Our ancestors stand ennobled by their own grit and perseverance earned through things much harder than what we face, not only to inform our future, but also to endow us with much needed strength for whatever is ahead. They’ve earned our respect, gratitude and our commitment to overcome.
“When our hearts turn to our ancestors, something changes inside us. We feel part of something greater than ourselves.”
-Russell M. Nelson
If you’ve read this far into the description, you are truly resilient! :-) Post a comment about someone in your family history that you admire.
If you want to find out more about your own family history, try this link (it’s where I started).
(this video is not sponsored by this website or its company, we only provide it in an attempt to be helpful)
Someone to You written by Michael Joseph Nelson as performed by Banners
Arrangement written by Al van der Beek & Steven Sharp Nelson
Performed by
Jon Schmidt: Piano
Steven Sharp Nelson: Acoustic & electric cello, piano, cello percussion
Al van der Beek: Percussion, piano, vocal textures
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Al van der Beek at TPG Studios in Utah
Video Produced, filmed & edited by Paul Anderson & Shaye Scott
Production manager: Craig Knudsen
Production team and piano moving: Frank Nelson & Jeremy Crawford
Behind the Scenes: Sean Pullan
Special thanks to the noble curators of our history -- the people who made this video possible:
Jason Cryan, Abby Curran, and Beth Mitchell with the The Natural History Museum of Utah, located on the campus of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City
Website: nhmu.utah.edu/
Facebook: facebook.com/naturalhistorymuseumofutah
Instagram: instagram.com/nhmu/

The Salt Lake City Public Library. The Main Library, along with its seven neighborhood branches, proudly serves our community, where over 86% of residents have Library cards.
Website: yourcitylibrary.org
Instagram: instagram.com/slcpl/
Special thanks to Elizabeth King and Courtney Stahl










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ThePianoGuys 2 ヶ月 前
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Jennas World
Jennas World 23 日 前
I literally asked for this song im a figure skater and when it comes to music it's so hard to find anything and i love this song but nobody had made a instrumental one and i needed one just like this!!! This made my year!!
Ellee Noel
Ellee Noel ヶ月 前
This is great! It's so happy.
Brandon Bogle
Brandon Bogle ヶ月 前
Andrew Brochtrup
Andrew Brochtrup ヶ月 前
Same here
Timothy Uno
Timothy Uno ヶ月 前
I love this song especially u guys😘 my mom: y is da computer broken me: cuz dey told me to smash da like button and subscribe cuz dey r amazing and inspiring💟💟💟💖💟💗💝💖💖💟💗💝💟💗💝💝💝💝
LightningwingDragon 6 時間 前
Love the song. Too bad the video made me dizzy
Tina Davis
Tina Davis 日 前
I love to listen to Piano Guys...my son took me to Red Rocks, Morrison, CO for your concert in 2019...it is a memory I will always treasure...best wishes for many more years of blessing others with your music....❤🎼🎵🎶
Áda Ananas
Áda Ananas 日 前
Best song
Paulina Jabłońska
Mój angielski jest słaby więc napiszę po swojemu 😁 dziękuję za waszą muzykę, jak patrzę na to jak gracie to sama mam ochotę wrócić do nauki gry😂 czekam z niecierpliwością na więcej pozdrawiam 😁
MAN MOON 2 日 前
It touched 🎶me
JUNSCARLMusic 4 日 前
You inspired me guys to do videos and share our talent Godbless pianoGuys!
FliBri 6 日 前
Yup, i think so
FliBri 6 日 前
was that drone in acro mode in some shots?
That_One_person 9 日 前
omllll that cello is so beautiful I wish I could afford itttttt
LaRayne Kaestner
Why is this song so beautiful
Ann Parker
Ann Parker 10 日 前
Saw these guys at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Beautiful night, bright stars and brilliant musicians. Love these guys so much that I almost didn't notice the lightening storm! ❤
Princess Leia
Princess Leia 11 日 前
I would love to hear your version about "Suicide mission" from Mass effect game.
Kristina Zakordonec
amazonia amazonia
Good energy here.
Gail Wagner
Gail Wagner 13 日 前
Your music looks like you play with such joy! It's certainly a joy to listen to!
Jonathon Van Kirk
Can you please do a song with pentatonix + this is 1 of the songs that are more energetic. I like it
Morgan Miller
Morgan Miller 15 日 前
This is probably one of the coolest videos TPG has made so far!! I've been a fan for almost all of the 10 years!
Rivkah Rudich
Rivkah Rudich 15 日 前
Myzuraaa 15 日 前
Can i request for Life goes on bts
Shivane Dadi
Shivane Dadi 16 日 前
They always play with such a smile
GrapeFruit TV
GrapeFruit TV 20 日 前
i love the song is Greit good
another fabulous video music happy holiday stay safe and healthy
Maria Catania
Maria Catania 22 日 前
Paradise 😌🎶❄❄❄❄❄🎧
Jeremy Weitzel
Jeremy Weitzel 24 日 前
Watching your masterful fingers, arms, minds... WHOLE BODIES create this music NEVER gets old!! Another super-engaging and mesmerizing work with yet another immersive video. TPG has made my life so much richer since I discovered you in 2011. I was going through a whole lot of "family mess", and your music provided much-needed, beautiful distraction. I truly feel I've listened to something of yours every day since. I constantly share links to your music & videos with friends old and new - and they always thank me.🥰
Lynne margaret Phillips
BogdaKJ 29 日 前
Just LOVE IT!!! There is nothing more needed to be said ♥️
Anita Hendricks
Anita Hendricks 29 日 前
RDZ ヶ月 前
I wish I can confidently fly my drone indoor like this.
ALxdCr4ftPlays ヶ月 前
Beautiful and Bliss. Love the way how you take your piano and music skills and play in the middle of nature away from the stresses of city life.
Rhilla Beier
Rhilla Beier ヶ月 前
LOVE this one!!! Your music is awesome. Keep up the good work guys!
sher ヶ月 前
Me grinning on my way to work, never stop playing Piano Guys
Ayşe Yıldız
Ayşe Yıldız ヶ月 前
The joy emanating from your music carries far away.. from the States to Turkey.. Thanks for sharing..
Steven Sharp Nelson
Marcene Karren
Marcene Karren ヶ月 前
You just keep giving!
Sarah A A
Sarah A A ヶ月 前
Beautiful! ❤️
Thank you for the great song. It's really cool. Have a nice week.
Augered_In ヶ月 前
why isn't it called the Cello guys... just playing... love your stuff
Michele Asa
Michele Asa ヶ月 前
My son introduced me to your music when he chose Arwen's Vigil to walk down the aisle to when he got married. Love your music and appreciate your incredible talent. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.
irene rodger
irene rodger ヶ月 前
I adore the cello💜 shame I Dont have the brains to play it but the enjoyment of listening to it being played is awesome 💯🦋😇
Melinda Linn
Melinda Linn ヶ月 前
this one is so joyful!
Sue Cunningham
Sue Cunningham ヶ月 前
love your music you are amazing thank you for the music you guys
Lauren Oei
Lauren Oei ヶ月 前
Love the video! 😍 The drone flying through the piano was cool :)
Daisy ,cello flavor
Great as always❤ thank you for the beautiful music
Deborah Dissette
Deborah Dissette ヶ月 前
Yes, been to these two places numerous times and such a ideal place to film this wonderful video! Gorgeous. #WWG1WGA
Gina Sully
Gina Sully ヶ月 前
Love you guys !!
Christine ヶ月 前
Can't wait til Covid is over, so I can go to one of your concerts . 🎹🎻🎵
Amber Richards
Amber Richards ヶ月 前
We loved this video! We are trying to figure out the location! Big fans!
Timothy Uno
Timothy Uno ヶ月 前
u guys deserve more subscribers
Miriam Fox
Miriam Fox ヶ月 前
Spinny video wooshing around and smashing new music makes you feel like nyyyyyoooooooooooom! This really lifted my whole day, thank you Piano Guys! God Bless!
K R ヶ月 前
As a nurse in Germany I live in lock down as many others, working as hard as I can like countless other people do. Sitting on my sofa at a dark grey December afternoon, I encountered your song and video - and got totally energized!! Thank you for your music!! And thank you for sharing it as an open source for those, who couldn´t encounter or be able to afford it otherwhise! I will buy one of your albums immediately!! Thanks and blessings to you all!!
Nadine K
Nadine K ヶ月 前
Thank you for the encouraging description! My grandmother and grandfather are role models to me. They got married although they were of different religion confessions and could not count on the support of their families. Well, they lived happily ever after :-)
Glenn Lockwood
Glenn Lockwood ヶ月 前
Never get tired of listening to these two amongst all the other stuff i listen to
Olivia Mathias
Olivia Mathias ヶ月 前
I love this song so I got super excited when I saw you made a cover of it
Alienter 75
Alienter 75 ヶ月 前
Guys you’re filming skills and your skills of playing music are 100% pro
弓侍 ヶ月 前
毎朝聞いています! MVのクオリティーが凄すぎるし、とっても楽しそうだし、大好きです😍 美しい音楽をありがとうございます!!
Nurycyta Jung
Nurycyta Jung ヶ月 前
Por favor Podrías hacer el cover de Life goes on de BTS Sería maravilloso 😍💜😍😍
Nobe San
Nobe San ヶ月 前
Terry Haines
Terry Haines ヶ月 前
I saw you when you came to Redmond, Washington a couple of years ago. My wife bought the tickets. I still fondly remember it.
Tanem Georgiana
Tanem Georgiana ヶ月 前
Super-duper nice👏 ... I need to start watching your videos more often!😏 if you have time take a look #EvyMusicAndLifestyle please, ty!
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Terry Haines ヶ月 前
Nice drone work!
Patricia Schmitz
Patricia Schmitz ヶ月 前
WOW! Just found you and I want more. Mary Christmas from Germany.
Wika Wiarti
Wika Wiarti ヶ月 前
Nice! 👍👍🤩🤩
Flipping Floor Musics
I miss the mixes of two songs.... but this song is SOOOOOO GOOD I love it! !
Rachel Leuck
Rachel Leuck ヶ月 前
I love this song, but your version made me fall in love with it all over again. Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts and talents with us!
Alin ヶ月 前
I'm your fan!😍 :))... I love watching these in the morning just to have a nice start of the day! if you have time take a look #EvyMusicAndLifestyle also, thank you!
YungAznBoi ヶ月 前
Now I wanna hear the acoustic version with this!
Jeane Carvalho
Jeane Carvalho ヶ月 前
Fred Lazea
Fred Lazea ヶ月 前
Nice, congratulations! ... I need to start watching your videos more often!😏 when you have time check #EvyMusicAndLifestyle also, thank you!
Angie Young
Angie Young ヶ月 前
Love love love
My God's Gift Media
I like this music it is so loveable
My God's Gift Media
Luiggi Ferrari
Luiggi Ferrari ヶ月 前
Don´t me understood, but I always think in Pablo Casals and his viola and plays
Romamy ヶ月 前
Como siempre excelente
Jaze is Toxic
Jaze is Toxic ヶ月 前
guys i think they got superman to do work as a camera man for them as a side job
Abby Joseph
Abby Joseph ヶ月 前
I saw you guys in Orlando 2 years ago for my birthday! Love you guys God bless!
Nouf Mohammad
Nouf Mohammad ヶ月 前
Jessica Suter
Jessica Suter ヶ月 前
I listened to this for my music class and thought it was wonderful. Although it is kind of hard to write a paper on certain specific things I will always try my best on this. I had to write a 2-page report on this and I hope I do it well. My favorite part about this whole performance is how these guys get into the music. I feel like they are playing from the soul, and they enjoy what they are playing as they should. I am so happy I took this music class through Crowder College. My teacher was excellent at working with me especially since I had some personal things come up. I could not be more grateful to have such a wonderful teacher to help teach me about how in-depth our musical culture goes. I love this music and I hope it's just as relaxing for everyone else as it is for me.
darclick ヶ月 前
I've been following you guys for years and am always delighted with everything you do. I retired this year and just thought you should know that Steve's Jedi Mind trick worked -- I started cello lessons a couple months ago!!
Skyfirewolf ヶ月 前
SALT LAAAKE MY MOM WORKS AT THAT MUSEUM! Also, how in Utahraptor did you manage to get that piano inside the exhibit? HOW DID THEY LET YOU GET IN THE EXIBIT?? Bruh, you guys are great
Else-J Hakkebo
Else-J Hakkebo ヶ月 前
Oh my word!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!
Mauro Dallaglio
Mauro Dallaglio ヶ月 前
Un bel possibile regalino di Natale 🙂
Julie Widner
Julie Widner ヶ月 前
Absolutely love the energy you guys bring to this! I can't help but smile when I listen to it.
Timothy Uno
Timothy Uno ヶ月 前
I wish I could meet u guys in person 😭😭😭
Timothy Uno
Timothy Uno ヶ月 前
I love u guys so much im new but I was just so amazed by u guys pls make more and never stop!!!💖💖💖💗💝💗💗💝💝😘
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2020 REvamp!
2020 REvamp! ヶ月 前
more like it A+
Bethany Hostetler
Wow! So much talent. I loved the song!
KiaraStudios ヶ月 前
My great grandfather was from Holland. His father was basically going to indenture him to another dairy farmer, so he ran away to America at 17, not speaking a lick of English. He worked on the railways until he started his own dairy farm in California. He left behind a sweetheart in Holland. He married a Dutch girl in CA but she died shortly after giving birth. So then he decided to go back to Holland to ask his first love if she would finally agree to come to America with him. She did. They were married and lived and worked in CA till 1958 when they took a trip to visit family in Holland. On the way back, their plane crashed off the coast of Galway, Ireland and everyone on board died. Their remains were shipped back to CA but there is a memorial to the crash in a cemetery in Galway. Apparently they were much loved and he helped a lot of people. The funeral was packed out the door of the church.
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Berkah Jaya
Berkah Jaya ヶ月 前
Great very nice love it. Next alone pt 2 alan walker
木田要 ヶ月 前
わお!また凄い所で撮影してる。 スティーブンさんのチェロ大好きなので嬉しいな(∩´∀`∩) piano guysの皆がお元気そうで何よりです。いつかまた気軽に行き来できる世界になったら日本へ来て欲しいな。
Desiré París
Desiré París ヶ月 前
Siempre saben como animar mi corazón... 🍃🍂🐇🐾
McKay Dorius
McKay Dorius ヶ月 前
Could you guys please do the Star Wars Mandalorian theme song?
Rocco Lanfranchi
Rocco Lanfranchi ヶ月 前
Still my favorite artists. 😀
ladasaguy ヶ月 前
I love that this features two of the best pieces of architecture in Salt Lake.
김모라 TV
김모라 TV ヶ月 前
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Eliana Twn
Eliana Twn ヶ月 前
Everything is smooth and perfect ❤️
Kavya Thyagarajan
Scott Woodland
Scott Woodland ヶ月 前
Another great piece. I've followed your music since "This is your fight song" showed up one day in my youtube feed. It gave me hope and restored so much of my faith. I've listened to it and many of your songs many times over and continue to find inspiration in so many of them. Please keep doing what you are doing. The music and the videos are wonderful to hear and watch.
Nicole Layden
Nicole Layden ヶ月 前
Nicole L .... I've been listening and watching the cd's and DVD and couldn't be more impressed!! With my ear buds I seem to hear special notes not otherwise heard. It's magical! I pre-ordered the music book from Amazon and am curious when it will be available to be shipped??
Elizabeth Johnsen
Love it guys. I love your music
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