Banned Horror Movies That Were Too Disturbing

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Horror movies are all about pushing boundaries, taking audiences and ratings boards to the very limit of what they can stomach. Some films have been so hardcore that entire countries have taken steps to ban them from their theaters, in some cases making screening or possessing them a criminal act. Sometimes you can see the rationale behind a movie being banned, but not always. For one reason or another, these horror films were all battlegrounds for censorship, deemed too disturbing for viewers… but they still managed to find their audiences anyway...
A Serbian Film | 0:29
Saw VI & Saw 3D | 1:43
Hostel & Hostel: Part II | 2:26
Possession | 3:20
Land of the Dead | 4:21
Grotesque | 5:29
Father's Day | 6:30
Slender Man | 7:12
The Bunny Game | 8:23
The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) | 9:12
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Looper 3 ヶ月 前
Which of these films is the most disturbing of all?
aravind thangam
A serbian film
Brooke Cantu
Brooke Cantu 日 前
A serbian film
Phiber Optik
Phiber Optik 3 日 前
Toy Story 3
Grace Su
Grace Su 6 日 前
human centipede boring and disturbing.. really a trash
Arin Koc
Arin Koc 11 日 前
Human Centipede
MrTruth76 42 分 前
The only reason the movie was the band is because of the human trafficking and a trafficking of children that takes place in all of those countries. They are not banning these films because they disagree but are banning them because they don’t want to be exposed.
Theseus 2 時間 前
Kaliforniavicious Blood
I don't want to watch a commercial every fucking 2 minutes, I can't get into the video
TennaciousF 8 時間 前
give me a break. Most of these movies dont even scare me
Majarha D
Majarha D 11 時間 前
a serbian film traumatized me.
The Remover
The Remover 12 時間 前
I hope we hung the sick bastard who made a Serbian film .
Michael Coppola
Michael Coppola 12 時間 前
Thankyou!!! Insert something meaningful, your first sentence is like GOSPEL!!!
Zsolt Szeremy
Zsolt Szeremy 13 時間 前
Slender Man - Serbian Film? :D please...
liljohnnotbigjohn 13 時間 前
worse. than. necrophilia. Gonna let that sink in.
Crimson Trench
Crimson Trench 13 時間 前
I felt that "Babadook" was an excellent modern horror flick.
almond cosas
almond cosas 14 時間 前
Seen most of them. Although intrigued by grotesque. Been looking for that movie a long time. Most disturbing? Salo: 120 days of sodom. Serbian film was dope. Lol
JamieLan2011 15 時間 前
I agree that Slenderman should've been banned. But only because the movie was absolutely horrible. It should be banned because people shouldn't have to spend 90 minute of their lives on that drivel.
Greg Tulipani
Greg Tulipani 16 時間 前
I'm not 100% sure, but wasn't The Poughkeepsie Tapes also banned? That would have been a great addition to this list.
FFJustice 17 時間 前
Afro-blooded aka black movie makers don't make this stuff huh? I've studied many more movies with shock horror as a focus and have not happened upon any.
Prak Vin
Prak Vin 17 時間 前
Donte H
Donte H 18 時間 前
“Molested & murdered his father”. Well I’m sold.
Laziness Socks
Laziness Socks 18 時間 前
Land of the dead was comedy
yogesh shakya
yogesh shakya 19 時間 前
Race 3
MrYodaman90 20 時間 前
Saw is the only good series on this list so there's really no reason to cry about awful, pointlessly disgusting movies being banned... At least Saw actually has a meaning behind it
Glywnnis Wells
Glywnnis Wells 20 時間 前
All these films are a danger to society
AlwaysLearning RebelRise
And the idiot I am, I decide to read the wiki for the plot of the Serbian film and now I’m not only angry but also sad and sick 🤬😡 that kind of “art” should not be allowed, people that are ok with showing that sort of thing truly deserve to be strung up and gutted 🤬
Patrick Dumas
Patrick Dumas 21 時間 前
All horror movies are banned I Singapore anyway. No matter how graphic or non-graphic they are, don't expect to find anything like "Halloween" or "the Texas chainsaw massacre" or "the shining" there.
GreatBigRanz 21 時間 前
Wait? Land of the Dead was bad? I thought it was one of the better Zombie movies out there.
Nelly viera
Nelly viera 日 前
salo should be on this list .
gig gitty
gig gitty 日 前
" forces of nature "?! there are so many that are a waste of time ..just like the millennial shite band music from my neighbors kids " band " that I am suffering from as we speak .. would rather watch " cannibal corpse "..
Voice Sucks
Voice Sucks 日 前
Slender man is banned?
Louie Watson
Louie Watson 日 前
The most terrifying movie I ever saw... Hannah Montana
What about Murder.Set.Pieces?
M0n1k 日 前
So that's why Slenderman Movie was so shitty?
Maiko 日 前
I don't find these a horror movies but gore movies
Güneş Aydoğdu
Possession's original cut is one of the best movies ever made. It contains very effective cinematography, acting performances, bright narrative about good and evil, human desires and love. It placed on cold war era Germany and it has a historical aspect to it too. Some moments and quotes blows your mind. It has a strong effect like the director's other movies because we couldn't expect these movies will goes by expectation, Zulawski's work makes you off guard all the time. I recommend you to search the director's personal history, it reflects most of his works and it's helpful to understand them.
Miguel Banana
I will watch A serbian film now i am excited!!!!🙋😁
Wanderingwalker 1990
I received “Serbian film” in the form of a usb stick file, Warned of it’s disturbing scenes I hit play anyway, even to this day the end scene remains in my top 10 ott moments in film.
Chris Holdren
I am surprised you did not mention the original last house on the left.
Agent47 日 前
I never watch movies like these Ever, once you watch it you can't unwatch it they sticks in the back of the mind for a long time I can't believe there are people out there that come up with these Sick demented Movies, they are part of the reason why there is so much Evil and violent murders happening around the world right at this time, in this world we have Copy cats out there, I think people who come up with these human hating sick minded Movies belong in a mental asylum before they influence too many more weak minded people out there who think Hey that looks like a great Idea. some murders happen on the account of these films. all movies betraying Evil acts to other human beings should be all Illegal and banned everywhere. for the sake of Humanities insanity. it goes for all horror.
Cro Minion
Cro Minion 日 前
Banning anything fictional is just stupid.
Brooke Cantu
Brooke Cantu 日 前
The Bunny Games yes was disturbing but I feel it's very real unlike most these movies who are just make belief
Pug Hugs
Pug Hugs 日 前
I know a horror movie they should band! SCHOOL!
Spark Creative
Spark Creative 2 日 前
I'm a huge horror fanatic, and I wouldn't be displeased by not getting to watch these utter garbage films. The people who make them are just plain sadistic and should be sent to prison.
arvin diamante
arvin diamante 2 日 前
How about Silence of the Lambs???
Santosh 2 日 前
Got really annoyed coz he kept pronouncing "hostel" as "hostile"
Magic 2 日 前
where is "Inside" french original... bad taste movie
coolwhip455 2 日 前
These movies are all distasteful and disgusting but the government deciding what people can and can't watch is far more ominous. Thank god for the First Amendment here in the USA. Plus it seems like the ones who are vocal in pushing to get things they find offensive banned are overcompensating for their own shortcomings.
HUMC4L 2 日 前
I mean...movies can still be banned in the US...
A Serbian film.
4344 3 日 前
Hostel should be banned
Brooke Lofton
Brooke Lofton 3 日 前
These selections are dumb
Lulza 3 日 前
No Poughkeepsie Tapes?
romel casillas
romel casillas 3 日 前
I want to watch all of these movies.
loverofSaki2 3 日 前
how to tell slender man was going to suck: pg 13 horror released in august which we all know is summer's january. but honestly seeing this list makes me want to really seek out these so called disturbing films for a watch, and then i can finally say i saw serbian film
Wendi Jackson
Wendi Jackson 3 日 前
Zombie fan here. GEORGE ROMERO IS NOT DEAD! He is A GOD and gods never die!
Garry Snett
Garry Snett 日 前
351cleavland 3 日 前
The SICKEST, GROSSEST movie I ever saw was The Last Jedi.
Patrick Kronberg
I find the difference in taste very interesting. For example, I found the Human Centipede harder to watch than a Serbian Film, apart from many other people. I find the slashy gore way less hard to watch than the Saw-type of slow, sawing gore.
Adam Webb
Adam Webb 3 日 前
The Ukrainian Famine was horrendous, don't skip over it like it was nothing, 3 million children starved to death by Stalin to prevent any independent uprising without an ounce of sympathy for what he was doing.
The Dark Countess
Also the ''Antichrist'' (2009) and ''I spit on your grave'' (1978, 2010, 2013, 2015) and ''Raw'' OR ''Grave'' (2016).
Yorick Westendorp
That is what makes a Good horror movies i want more!!!!
Lily Monique
Lily Monique 3 日 前
Slender Man sucked ass, why would it be on this list 😂😂
luis m
luis m 2 日 前
jimmysgirl1029 3 日 前
I walked around in a daze after watching Serbian Film. It’s one thing in my life I wish I could unsee.
Mark Garth
Mark Garth 3 日 前
From a viewers point of view, banning is all but pointless these days. You can easily access the film online.
Anatoly Flyers
Anatoly Flyers 3 日 前
"Land of the Dead" wasn't banned in Ukraine, I watched it in teathre when it came out.
Oliver Deckenhoff
The fact that there is any censorship at all, is proof of our „freedom“.
Olivia Rose
Olivia Rose 4 日 前
they didn’t even mention what actually makes “A Serbian Film” controversial and disturbing and I’m glad 😐
Steve Giles
Steve Giles 4 日 前
Human centipide was dumb boring no storylines just terrible
Steve Giles
Steve Giles 4 日 前
Slender man was so so nothing special.
Mode7 4 日 前
A serbian film was a movie that i could only watch once , i was shocked by the content and its ruthless nature to really traumatize those who dare sit and watch it
Michelle Delamatter
the slender man movie was banned from the movie theatre i work at. it's in waukesha where the attempted murder happened
Рэнди Рубан
I'm a Horror fan. But most of these are just Thriller or movies that basically shows the audience gory and violent contents. It doesn't necessarily scares you or gives you nightmare, even long after you watch em. These are just plainly.....disgusting.
Donald Monald
Donald Monald 5 日 前
They just dont understand the difference between horror and gore. Gore is not horror people.
spooder doodle
spooder doodle 6 日 前
saw a movie at a store I never remember the name of it- it had a man with no skin like just the muscle part of the body and he ate people's organs something like that. Any help please??? I tride Google so many times
Curt Christensen
You missed "prisoners"
ItsNotTrue 6 日 前
Had Sony embraced the controversy, instead of cucking to it. The movie might have been huge. I never saw it, but anti-feelings sentiment goes a long way in this day and age.
Robin Bates
Robin Bates 6 日 前
I believe that all movies, especially horror movies should be uncut and unrated. I don't think others have the right to say what we, the paying people can and can't see in films. A true horror fan, wants to see the Gore. The goryer the better for me. If you knew me personally. You would never believe that I am into horror that much. I find it remarkable how much they can make it look real, but know that it is make up and other things they use. The only thing that scares me about them is, it could actually happen in life. And, people take them to heart and play them out. If you can't tell the difference between real life and Hollywood. Then, you need serious help. BRING ON THE HORROR!!!! Stop banning them and let the people who pay to see them decide.
Jami Christine
Jami Christine 6 日 前
Actually, I was pretty against slenderman myself until I found out that the movie was based on the urban legend, not the internet craze. Which it doesn't matter why those stupid kids tried to murder their friend, it was still horrible regardless. So blaming their attempted murder on an internet craze such as slenderman, is just beyond stupid.
Of course every review is subjective, but I think you're heaping a bit too much praise on A Serbian Film. Is it messed up? Yeah. Is it a good movie? Is the commentary that strong? ..... Not really, in my opinion. It's shocking and graphic and obscene, but its infamy is due to little more than those. Disturbing, sure, but it is far from profound.
olmaBLN 7 日 前
Hostel was really so disturbing to me, I did not dare to watch the second part... so disturbingly cheesy, lame and the dialogues makes every Lemon Popsicle movie looks a French Nouvelle Vague flic
Michael Riley
Michael Riley 8 日 前
On all of your lists of banned, shocking, controversial, and censored films I have never seen mention of Ken Russell's The Devils. I do not understand its omission. Today it is nearly impossible to find a completely uncut version. Based on an actual historical event, it is at hard to watch at times, but worth the effort. Even its star Vanessa Redgrave considers it to be one of her favorites.
Charles Waples
Charles Waples 9 日 前
slinderman wtf is wrong with people, after a tragedy like that why would somebody even attempt to make a movie. DAMN SMH
Turnip Juice
Turnip Juice 9 日 前
I loved that Mel Brooks movie "Young Frankenstein", scared the hell outta me!
William Silva
William Silva 9 日 前
Pretty woman is the most disturbing film ever... The Thought of saving a hoe is just too much
logan 9 日 前
Slender man was by far the shittiest acting since my 10th grade home videos
Tiffany Sherii
Tiffany Sherii 10 日 前
I tried so hard to forget every scene from a Serbian film... then i clicked here and it came back like a war flashback. Ugh 💀 hate it it should never ever be spoken of blecgh
Mitchell Ries
Mitchell Ries 11 日 前
Why wasn't Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem one of them? Don't answer it's retorical
nicole penkava
nicole penkava 11 日 前
What about terrifier???
NoahGotStyle 11 日 前
r the slender man movie bad or good despite the fact that it's disturbing?
abhinandan singh
abhinandan singh 11 日 前
Race 3 was much horror than all these combined...
Irish Lass
Irish Lass 11 日 前
I could not watch the Saw movies, or, the Hostel movies. I lived in Germany in 87 and lived in a Hostel and really enjoyed my time there, the movie discredited reputable Hostels across Europe..
Boy in the corner
I'm surprised hereditary ain't here tf
Steve of Unknown Kadath
Land of the Dead was banned for being _boring._
Markus Aurelious
Markus Aurelious 12 日 前
These are just gore films not horror. And the Bunny I can understand after a lorry driver in the UK was actually going around raping prostitutes. It was a while ago now and I can't remember if he murdered them too.
Hyper Hybrid
Hyper Hybrid 12 日 前
What is interesting non of the above movies come from Bollywood or the Muslim world, it makes you wonder who is living in the medieval or stone age. Morality.
Hyper Hybrid
Hyper Hybrid 12 日 前
Hostel 2, point of no return, where a woman's juggler is cut while swinging in the air and another female is bathing below in the flowing blood. Like SAW3 black-man, Is this really entertainment or the devil inside. Good vs Evil hardwired.
Jadebutler 12 日 前
well yep serbian film had me shook for a few weeks.
Mgrzx3 13 日 前
Any country that bans anything is a dictatorship. You should be free to make up your own mind. If i don't like a movie I'm watching, I stop watching it. Governments think we are all morons, and need to be on a leash. Enjoy your Democracy!
Bill D
Bill D 13 日 前
"Mark of the Devil" from the early 70s was banned in multiple countries for years. I still can't watch the whole thing. Nothing but a gore fest with a few big name stars. Historically, maybe accurate, but not entertainment for me.
Mikaela Townsend
Mikaela Townsend 13 日 前
I have actually meet the main zombie from land of the dead he was really cool
KikRox268 13 日 前
People complain about movies like this yet the movie Sausage Party is ok??? And it's animated, meaning it automatically appeals to children. Think about that. Just like not every car or tv show is for everyone, not every movie is for everyone. Can we all stop being panzies please. Thank you!
Tommy Reusse
Tommy Reusse 13 日 前
remake slender man the way it should have been. its just a movie Jesus you dont hear me cry when Tarantino makes a movie about Germans.
Ryan Elgie
Ryan Elgie 13 日 前
Can we get an uncut version of the slenderman movie? Maybe it will be of actual human quality.
Nautilus1972 13 日 前
ASF is the most disgusting POS I've ever half-watched. It should be banned, and I don't say that lightly as a writer. If you like ASF or defend it in any way then you are a sick individual who has been so warped as to be dangerous.