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Anne-Marie - Perfect To Me [Official Music Video]

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Perfect To Me is out now! Listen here lnk.to/PerfectToMe
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Chaos Emperor03
Chaos Emperor03 6 時間 前
Says that she isn't a super model. No, but ungodly smashable... if ya know what I mean m8
Sumaya Islam
Sumaya Islam 7 時間 前
Anne Marie is perfect to me 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Amanda Goh
Amanda Goh 12 時間 前
I am going to your concert on 9april
Amanda Goh
Amanda Goh 12 時間 前
I luv u
Swekshya Subedi
Swekshya Subedi 15 時間 前
Being perfect is being you 🙂
Nurhasanah Hasanah
Nurhasanah Hasanah 17 時間 前
Perfect to me is...have a fantastis family
Rajeev Chauhan
Rajeev Chauhan 22 時間 前
Love you so much
njoki thuku
njoki thuku 日 前
everybody say am mean ....that wat I am or rather they think I am that's perfect for me anyway
Jamie Jodoin
Jamie Jodoin 日 前
you don't need makeup to be beautiful you need to believe your beautiful.
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Suzidil Gönül
Hi Anne Marie❤️❤️ I'll tell you a few things firstly I love you very very much and even you are in my wallpaper. I have a request from you please put subtitles in the last videos of the conversation. For example, I am Turkish and my English is not enough to understand you. Obviously I'm even looking at this. This is my request. I love you so much and I will always love ...
Musaharoon Naseer
You r perfect A😘M
Kinitoli kinimi
My queen 💞😘😘😘😘
idk 日 前
Yeah ok
sennu chongloi
Ann ILove you.
wtf fff
wtf fff 日 前
Please compare this to 7 rings!
idk 日 前
just love xk94 Can't even
ness nim
ness nim 日 前
perfect to me is just me. it's because nobody can be perfect. we're perfect because I'm me.😆
Angelica Dela Cruz
found a new artist to stan
Eli Winston
Eli Winston 日 前
I had a vision of you. God bless you and ilysm Praying for the people. Check out the new Micheal and diana buzz. Good things happening
Garcia Caberto Vangie
Ilove perfect
Yılmaz Kılınç
Aşıgım bu kadına 😍😍😘❤❤
Elif Copuroglu
Elif Copuroglu 2 日 前
your hair is BEAUTIFUL !!!!!
kusum gaud
kusum gaud 2 日 前
*I love you Anne*
Different Is The Same Children's Book
Being Different is beautiful as we all are different in our own ways we are also beautifully the same! Let's spread this message to our children with our childrens book different is the same www.differentisthesame.com
Kaitlin Rahn
Kaitlin Rahn 2 日 前
I used to think perfect was fitting in, but when I listened to this song my whole perspective on it changed. Perfect is standing out and being you and not feeling insecure about it. This is my new favorite song❤️
lara xo
lara xo 2 日 前
love it;)
Whatever you
Whatever you 2 日 前
We don't need change ourselves, the only thing we need to change is our society
HPgeekgirl 2 日 前
Keep watching this and ever since the day the 'perfect' version came out, i cry listening to this. This woman is amazing and i am ssooooo grateful to be able to have someone who i can listen music to so i can feel better about myself. I have problems with loving myself because of how everyone says perfect is. I know theyve changed now and i take inspiration from people who stand out, but im too scared to myself. Just thought id say this coz i was listening to a playlist and it came on and i was in tears 😂 This is my goal song to listen to when i feel horrible, and whenever im in the car to school feeling rubbish, this comes on and makes my day great again!
KMR TECH 2 日 前
Why anne is more beautiful
mayaxx R
mayaxx R 2 日 前
Great vedio about time they showed vedios like this there is no such thing as perfect we are all unique in our own way the world needs to change its to superficial
Erin S.
Erin S. 3 日 前
She’s a Barrymore somewhere down her lineage. Has to be.
Sgad Ali
Sgad Ali 3 日 前
She say I am not a super model What the fucking is a super model would be like 😥
Sofia Rohman Söderling
Hello i kom from swiden i sprek swidish no du är bäst jag är inte så bra på engelska jag blir mig själv när jag ser på denna jag älskar dig du är min idol
Monique Ikke Ikke
Very good
Oats Quake
Oats Quake 3 日 前
everyone have their own perfect definition just respect others okay have a good day people
Annisa Fitrianda Putri
Perfect to me is so many things. If you wanna put makeup on, put makeup on. If you prefer not put makeup on, then don't. It is okay not to be good looking, or to be beautiful with full of makeups. Be comfortable with yourself. Accept yourself. Accept others.
Rohit Kedem
Rohit Kedem 3 日 前
000 000
000 000 3 日 前
Another marketing ploy dreamed up by music executives very well executed... And like good little sheep you all embrace it...
heyy wassup
heyy wassup 3 日 前
Ugghhh she looks perfect without any makeup 😍😍
Lucifer EPLS
Lucifer EPLS 3 日 前
Perfect to me is when someone i don't know appreciates what i cook.
xp xxp
xp xxp 3 日 前
Hahaha! 😂 Same. 😱
soy pekka47 FREFIRE Langenheim
Sos una mierda por disirle a marllmello mierda mucha mierda anne marie
jhoe sas
jhoe sas 3 日 前
luthfi bintang
luthfi bintang 3 日 前
Big love♥️
king opop4
king opop4 4 日 前
I love this song Cause it's perferct to me ❤❤❤❤❤
Luciëlla's Kanaal
her skin is flawless!
magzan taas
magzan taas 4 日 前
OsM lub, u
Kin Devonne
Kin Devonne 4 日 前
0:55 oh hey there!
xKASIBx 4 日 前
New song
Asdf Dghb
Asdf Dghb 4 日 前
I love you
Achi Khesoh
Achi Khesoh 4 日 前
You're perfect just the way you are! embrace your flaws and outshine everyone😘💖💗
veer goswami
veer goswami 4 日 前
In First time I m fall in your love
veer goswami
veer goswami 4 日 前
I m from India ,,(banjao meri dulahaniya) be my life
veer goswami
veer goswami 4 日 前
I m not listening​,I m watching you
veer goswami
veer goswami 4 日 前
I like your beauty I love you
mendiswa msani
mendiswa msani 4 日 前
Meaning of perfect is being different ♥️This song has a special message behind it♥️🔐
Soo Tiomai
Soo Tiomai 4 日 前
Perfect mean to me is been you don't worry about other thinks because every one from the same blood from heaven
Samiey Joannah
Samiey Joannah 4 日 前
I love you❤️😫❤️❤️
little mohdabu
little mohdabu 4 日 前
Why man like to exploit her body she so sweet like honey look at her shape just nice not to skinny less than fat. Luv what you do.
Marco Grumal
Marco Grumal 4 日 前
It doesn't matter if your not perfect. Beacause nobody is what perfect anyway
Mohidul Islam
Mohidul Islam 4 日 前
I love this song
olip tiaris
olip tiaris 4 日 前
She’s damn amazing
Júlia Ribeiro
Júlia Ribeiro 5 日 前
Love myself and Love who I am, accept me like I am! That's perfect
Anthony Crook-Rumsey
Mr Sharingan
Mr Sharingan 5 日 前
Grace Goddard
Grace Goddard 5 日 前
I love this song and the meaning of it it's just what I needed to hear right now thank you for being different Anne-Marie😘❤
Layla Appleby
Layla Appleby 5 日 前
Wow this song is sosososo beautiful! I love Anne Marie so much, she is such a nice person in real life, and you can’t be sure of that in lots of other celebrities🥴 She is awesome and beautiful and inspirational...
Enric Fernando
Enric Fernando 5 日 前
4:07 I thought he was Shawn Mendes...
Erin’s Random Corner
Thank you Anne Marie, I used to feel so uncomfortable in who I was and thought I was the problem and needed to fit in with the crowd to be happy. Turns out I was the problem, but it was my attitude rather than my body. This song helps me deal with the fact I am flawed and helps me to remember no one is perfect. My self esteem have improved a lot and I listen to this song regularly to keep to me motivated. 💖
sagarika ray
sagarika ray 5 日 前
The video is kinda similar with scars to your beautiful by alessia cara.... I like both of it ❤
LOL she is COVERED in make with ALL the best filters on- HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!!
sagar sunda
sagar sunda 5 日 前
Cause perfect to me
Emma Hamilton
Emma Hamilton 5 日 前
The girl has a tiny hand! That's the cutest thing I ever seen omggg😍
aurelia aurelia
aurelia aurelia 6 日 前
you are very beautiful !!!
Zool Sudani
Zool Sudani 6 日 前
I love you so much anne Marie
A.k.A Hairy
A.k.A Hairy 6 日 前
My family is perfect to me. And you Anne Marie
amy crowell
amy crowell 6 日 前
Ahguibou Barry
Ahguibou Barry 6 日 前
Waw Great voice and well done played I can say that I nam feeling in love with your songs I am really Glad u lucky for hearing you !
Vy Huỳnh
Vy Huỳnh 6 日 前
‘Cause that perfect to me ❤️
Nikita Singam
Nikita Singam 6 日 前
The most beautiful song that defines me at all😍😍😍😍
Om Jenggot
Om Jenggot 6 日 前
Perfect to me is to enjoy every single day of my life with no regret.
unstoppable 101
unstoppable 101 6 日 前
I simply loved this..
Evancilyn Siba
Evancilyn Siba 6 日 前
I love this song♥
Mia Carys
Mia Carys 6 日 前
omg i love this song its got such a big meaning
male putignano
male putignano 6 日 前
Thepizzapug 7 日 前
I don’t know why but I feel like Anne Marie would make a great mom Anyone else?🤷‍♀️
Tone Bakken Øjeskog
Only you is you, and that makes you perfect❤️
GameKiller007 7 日 前
Love it!
Didika Etmist
Didika Etmist 7 日 前
Can't wait for your new music video
Didika Etmist
Didika Etmist 7 日 前
I always feel like imperfect because my friends always look down on me as I cannot do things that they can do
Svetlik Muscat
Svetlik Muscat 7 日 前
Perfection is in what you want to believe to be perfect.
future maybe
future maybe 7 日 前
my perfect is my ex
future maybe
future maybe 7 日 前
scars to your beautiful perfect to me
Gloria Tigau
Gloria Tigau 7 日 前
Well, no matter how hard i try for always be my trully are, it's still a bullshit, i always cares about what people says about me, and in that case, i live in a drama, if i didn't do that, they will hate me, and i will alone, so i trying to become a person who is not me, and they accepted me, so what am i supossed to do? Just be my self and let them go one by one and i'm will be alone again? No, i wouldn't do that, thanks i love your music, i listen to this music every night when i want to dream about how i become my trully self in a dream and i love that, after that... I live in a drama again. Sorry for bad english,a but i just want to tell about how i feel.
AlaGaz.Z.E Adany
Perfect to me 😘I love myself 😋😁
Dewi Fatmawati
Dewi Fatmawati 7 日 前
Be your own type of perfect 💞
Grace Rester
Grace Rester 7 日 前
She inspired my so much
Dipti Rana
Dipti Rana 7 日 前
Stunning song
mukiibi Morgan
mukiibi Morgan 7 日 前
I love Annie Marie 😍👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨
sweet potato163
sweet potato163 7 日 前
Such an underrated song :"((