An Afternoon with Prince Harry & James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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Now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are settled into Southern California, James Corden thought it was time to show his friend Prince Harry the sights. From tea on an open top bus to visiting the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" mansion, Prince Harry gets the tour he never dreamed of. Special thanks to Spartan for providing an incredible Spartan Race Obstacle Course to run. Learn more: spartan.com
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Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."










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Helena Hayes
Helena Hayes 15 分 前
By comparison, he makes his brother look pretty boring.
Mako 50 分 前
I NEED a series of these two this was too good 😂😂😂 Maybe call it English tea on the 405???
Jen Jem
Jen Jem 58 分 前
I wish James could rescue them and whisk them away atop this bus. Hilarious. How nice to see the joy and fun. So kind.
Yvette Mckinzie
Yvette Mckinzie 3 時間 前
I didn't even know i needed this interview! AWESOME!
Original Name
Original Name 5 時間 前
God these "royals" are trash lol
Destiny Ray
Destiny Ray 6 時間 前
I cannot get over this part 2:32 it’s hilarious!!!
Garcon Sabine
Garcon Sabine 6 時間 前
He’s so down to earth, like sooo cool
Wintermelin 6 時間 前
Meghan is so SO pretty oh my gosh.
Destiny Ray
Destiny Ray 6 時間 前
Harry is hilarious!
mafia_6233 6 時間 前
Meghan yeah bakhubhi jaanti thi prince harry ek chota bacha hai satranch ki chaal ke liye sahi mohra hai
A. Q.
A. Q. 9 時間 前
Norene Garza
Norene Garza 10 時間 前
Meghan: Haz how’s the tour going ? “ James:“Haz ? I didn’t know we were calling you haz now “
josh catterall
josh catterall 10 時間 前
Paul Chester
Paul Chester 10 時間 前
Typical; James Corden could not captivate UK audience so went to US to inflict his child like talent. Now he jumps on the bandwagon to showcase harry the traitor to get an audience. So i feel i must apologise to the American people for inflicting these two has beings on you. Piease do not return them as the UK is better without them.
العقيد معمر القذافي
are you skunked fam
unevilledeslivres 11 時間 前
So vulgar... sad!
Kevin Alexander Sievens Rodriguez
You know Harry's a Windsor when he doesn't sugarcoat anything🤣
jimin got jams
jimin got jams 11 時間 前
"very much member of the bts army" I LOVE PAPA MOCHI
Yoga with Carlos
Yoga with Carlos 11 時間 前
Royalty. How boring.
zilfy ahamadeen
zilfy ahamadeen 12 時間 前
It is shocking knowing that prince harry left the place and the royal family for his wife, now that's true love.
Alex Brown
Alex Brown 13 時間 前
Harry is an absolute legend. What an absolute guy. Served in the British Army as an apache helicopter pilot, Captain General of the Royal Marines Commandos. He's an awesome general guy. Much respect to Harry and after the death of HRH Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh I really hope that he's doing alright. 👍💪🇬🇧
ashu 14 時間 前
Whyyyy are they calling him Prince. He's not
Schlumbl Inchen
Schlumbl Inchen 16 時間 前
Harry is so neutral and personable. My English is not the best but I understand him really well. He has so much from his mom. I like him.
Soft *
Soft * 17 時間 前
I can see all cars at their back. 😂😂
GambitHD 17 時間 前
“Put Archie down” ~ Harry 2021
Meiling K.
Meiling K. 18 時間 前
Honestly, Prince Harry has a more 'royal' British accent than James does! lol for some reason... Or is it just me?
wanjiku njoroge
wanjiku njoroge 18 時間 前
Harry’s personality and energy is the definition of a gentleman. What a guy that’s so rare to find
ana franco
ana franco 20 時間 前
...and I thought he wanted this private life,away from cameras etc...great job
Nat Olu
Nat Olu 22 時間 前
Harry is free at last!
drmr miah
drmr miah 22 時間 前
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KSMaxiefan01 23 時間 前
How does Meghan look so beautiful on FaceTime? In fact dare I say she looked even prettier than she did in the Oprah video
Kindness Matters
I thought it was cute the way he was supporting you James. Very very positive man that Harry 🌸
Ralph Onzel
Ralph Onzel 日 前
Them: talking abt prince harry* Me: Realizing how prince harry had a iphone*
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia 日 前
Don’t talk to me like I’m a dog!... I feel like I’m Archie at the playground 😄
Charlotte martha
After reading about Dr Ehimare on JPvid .. i contacted him ,he sent me the HSV herbal medicine treatment i requested and i used it for 22 days and i was cure permanently. My herpes simplex virus test i did the 4 week confirmed me negative. I'm so happy xxx.....
chaon65 日 前
So sad that Prince Harry is under the Skirt of witch meghan
Corina Thorose
I laughed more than I should have at the cameraman nearly going overboard.
Moriss Alan
Moriss Alan 日 前
Hi there hope you are having a good day so far??
James Corden s better than Oprah.
Aradetorreon 日 前
This video should be introductory to ANY video of Prince Philip’s dead/funeral where people keep attacking Meghan and commenting on how “sad and manipulated” Harry seems to live now. This video should be renamed “The UNHAPPY life of Prince Harry in California” 😏
Grace Boichoko Ndlovu
So humble down to earth sweet His voice is so polished like Lady Di the Princess who stole our hearts.Harry is loved and the jealous ones go hang.
Katrina Ross
Katrina Ross 日 前
Made me laugh
sista love
sista love 日 前
Megan was the not the women to fulfil the role in the monarchy. Her interview with Oprah was all drama. Dianna was drama as well.
The Ava Stark
The queen and her husband served in ww2, that deserves respect
Demonic's Gaming Domain
Yeah Corden, people can do that when they aren't gluttonous.
June Kirri
June Kirri 日 前
So surreal to actually see Prince Harry like this. Never thought I would. Glad I'm alive.
Totally Hemp
Totally Hemp 19 時間 前
Makes life worth living doesn't it.
Daan ten Doeschot
Harry seems like a fun dude when he leaves Meghan at home.
Adelyn Havens
Okay but do the black gloves look really good on Harry for some reason or is that just me being weird?
Totally Hemp
Totally Hemp 19 時間 前
You should see him when Markle puts him in handcuffs he looks amazing !
madeline a
madeline a 日 前
this is one of my most favorite videos on the internet oh my god
Rai Mae
Rai Mae 日 前
This is awesome!
Celina HM
Celina HM 日 前
TinSuperTin B
Imagine spilling tea in the Prince and him being cool bout it
Agopuntura 日 前
La padrona di casa UNA SORELLA
TheKelly5741 日 前
He is just one of a kind!
nils kanal
nils kanal 日 前
Urvi Mainkar
Urvi Mainkar 日 前
The fact that Harry wasn't rushing alone instead waiting for James and even motivating him. He's a real 🤴
Prince Philip is great man! As a Royal member he had done great royal services for England beside the Queen. Who is Meghan Markle? Was Prince Harry to marry Meghan Markle for her to become a British Royal Duchess? Was Prince Harry to marry Meghan Markle to stay in USA for free royal duty life?
Prapti Panchal
I expected him to call him Harold but then he's the only one.
Jay Trimmings
James your so Embarrassing.
Joe Hartley
Joe Hartley 日 前
Jay Trimmings
Lol. Cart full of breakfast
Lorelyn Delas Alas
A happy prince harry,🥰😘🕊️
Gaming Avenue
He looks like Ben Stokes for Some reason
Bliep Bloep
Bliep Bloep 日 前
Didnt expect him to be this charming & funny! I wanna see more prince harry content now - PLS JAMES BRING HIM BACK SOON
Samprikta Das
I like the way he put 'very much a member of the BTS ARMY' 😂😂😂😂
Richard Nogalez
They would be So Great in a Comedy movie!!♥️
clotilde besson
I played that part where the bus brakes and the crew member flies off so many times xD And hearing Prince Harry refer tot he Queen as his grandmother is very confusing
Buck His Ops
Buck His Ops 日 前
"Us royals" you ain't no royale you simp
gabes80 日 前
How dignified
Zan Copleston
“Us royals don’t carry cash,” not much of a royal anymore 😂 no offense meant btw
Hongki Jeremy
6:36 I can see some gestures and talking like a Gordon Ramsay princely and elegant version xD
Edith Bateganya
How he's fascinated about a waffle maker
elyrexo 日 前
Harry 'one of the boys' Sussex.
Raph Fulgencio
It shows the real personality of prince harry
Aj 日 前
I didn’t know Harry was so TALL!
Sandra McFaul
Sandra McFaul 2 日 前
Love this video. Seeing Harry smile and laugh is like a bright sunny day.
Lol123 Lol1
Lol123 Lol1 2 日 前
He’s having such a great time it makes me smileee aaaa
Bicki M
Bicki M 2 日 前
Prime Harry is a cool guy !
Daniela Jacob
Daniela Jacob 2 日 前
We need will smith to react to this asap
Shine Bright
Shine Bright 2 日 前
How does it test them spiritually?
Paper Moon
Paper Moon 2 日 前
Hilarious !!! 😂😂
Betty Abarca
Betty Abarca 2 日 前
gguillevi 2 日 前
clean it up harrrryy
Bawan Dhillon
Bawan Dhillon 2 日 前
Prince Harry is a cool dude
Lucía José Navarro
VGerring 2 日 前
This doesn't get old at all. Whenever I come across this video, I just have to watch it until the end.
But how ironic that when I’m watching this and he’s talking about “FaceTiming his grandfather” (Phillip) they are passing a cemetery 😢 rip Phillip
Annette Burns
Annette Burns 5 時間 前
Yes noticed that to the irony 😭
@X andru oh I’m glad your in the family and know what’s going on smh
X andru
X andru 日 前
Philip didn't talk to him, it's a lie
cherisenove 2 日 前
Harry, don’t you know that you are a real prince, and Prince of Bell Air is just a movie.???
BanquetNZ 2 日 前
H: Same time tomorrow? J: Never again
Nancy Hughes
Nancy Hughes 2 日 前
I absolutely loved watching this video best one yet
Lakenya Harley
Lakenya Harley 2 日 前
I love Harry 🤣❤️🤣❤️
Michelle Austin
Michelle Austin 2 日 前
As our prince Harry- go the fuck home
Super Jump Bros
Super Jump Bros 2 日 前
A Zoom Meeting with James Corden and the Queen
Super Jump Bros
Super Jump Bros 2 日 前
Rest In Peace Prince Philip
Super Jump Bros
Super Jump Bros 2 日 前
Well... That was intresting
Emily Stry
Emily Stry 2 日 前
did anyone start singing the song? 😂
Emily Stry
Emily Stry 2 日 前
‘’english tea on the 405’’ 😂😂😂
Jennifer Razon
Jennifer Razon 2 日 前
angie kreuter
angie kreuter 2 日 前
I’m sure Harry felt in his element again after a long long long time .
Anaelle AGATOR
Anaelle AGATOR 2 日 前
Harry is so adorable And James so funny !
Francho Benito
Francho Benito 2 日 前
10:04 Harry:my grandfather... look at the background damn
Aaryhana Singh
Aaryhana Singh 5 時間 前
the foreshadowing
Brahim Di Vincenzo
I will do the same.. He will never be king so fuck being second 😂
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