Alec Baldwin fired prop gun that killed photography chief, injured director on film set | ABC7

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Actor Alec Baldwin has been identified as the person who fired a prop firearm that killed a crew member and left director Joel Souza hospitalized in an incident on the set of a Western being filmed in New Mexico. Full story: abc7.com/rust-alec-baldwin-mo...









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Charles Hathcock
Charles Hathcock 3 時間 前
1865 Colt knock off?
D Jones
D Jones 8 日 前
So it’s not a “prop” gun if it can fire bullets. It’s a gun. It should be treated as such with all the safety precautions that requires. Which means not pointing it at someone.
Ron Schutt
Ron Schutt 10 日 前
Prop guns don't shoot real bullets....... Real guns shoot real bullets. Your newsroom is all mockingbird assets. Your not news your propagandists.
vmaxfodder 10 日 前
1st !!!!!! IT WAS NOT A PROP GUN!!! 2nd!!! It had LIVE AMMUNITION !!!
Inflamed Anna
Inflamed Anna 10 日 前
Downing a bottle of bourbon to get into character the night before didn’t help.
Celeb Under
Celeb Under 12 日 前
We just posted a story on this yesterday! This was so tragic for everyone involved! Who else is more concerned about the woman who was actually killed!?
Random Reviews
Random Reviews 14 日 前
Trump 2024
David Harreld
David Harreld 16 日 前
We should stay focused on the facts. Too much conjecture and obfuscation occurs today, seemingly in an effort to coddle this hostile menace of an "entertainer." Baldwin had the gun in his possession. He aimed that gun at the cinematographer and pulled the trigger. He is a murderer. He may or may not have known that his gun was loaded. Perhaps he knew, or maybe he was simply oblivious and negligent. Either way, he is responsible and is a murderer. If he were a toddler, he might be excused while others around him share in the responsibility. He is not a toddler. Baldwin is a murderer.
Paul brungardt
Paul brungardt 16 日 前
CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE : Rule #1. Never touch a firearm without checking to see if it is loaded. A firearm is never to be loaded until immediately before firing it. Rule #2. Always treat a firearm as if it were loaded, even though it has been proven to be unloaded. Rule #3 never point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy. Alec Baldwin thinks he is better than anyone, except other Hollywood elites. He should be held responsible for his lack of basic gun safety. This would have been totally avoided if Baldwin handled the firearm in the same manner. 3 rules broken by Baldwin. Baldwin is responsible for pulling the trigger on a loaded gun, pointed at a person. Hollywood anti-gunners need to start taking responsibility
SuperUber1101 18 日 前
He was probably mad at her. He's always mad.
Aighty 19 日 前
Is it just me or does this whole, subscribe to our channel at the end of this video seem really out of place.
Frida Khalo
Frida Khalo 22 日 前
Why can't reporters explain that it was a real gun being used as a prop? A lot of people think prop means fake It was a real colt revolver
Max Martinez
Max Martinez 22 日 前
Mister Honey Bunny
15 years ago, the shooter who killed Halyna Hutchins thought the real Alec Baldwin actor is dead, so he did identity theft on him. The imposter is now doing money laundering using movie film sets. Halyna Hutchins was doing extortion on the shooter. The shooter who shot that girl is the one who put the live bullet in the gun.
Leo Oregel
Leo Oregel 22 日 前
It wasn’t a prop gun stop calling it a prop gun prop guns are made of rubber and DO NOT KILL! Everybody gather around and check that the gun safe. What happened is everybody smoking meth on the set or what?
cecil williams
cecil williams 23 日 前
Why not pass the gun and fake bullets and you load your own gun? Then there is only one person in complete charge. And if that person does not know Gun safety he should not be allowed to handle a gun. How long does it take to check and load a gun? I took my revolver and six bullets - checked each one - shook the bullet, and loaded all six at 1.06 time, and I was going slow. So one minute is to costly for safety?
Uncle Harmoot
Uncle Harmoot 24 日 前
Look up Hillary Schwartz, Assistant Director on the movie Midnight Rider the Greg Allman biopic. She was found guilty of killing a young female camera assistant in 2014. Horrible, criminal circumstances. It will give you an idea of how the dominoes will fall here.
Sharuez PJL
Sharuez PJL 26 日 前
if it fired a bullet its not a prop gun abc stop down playing it.
Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon 26 日 前
It's what ya get when ya hire a dumb irresponsible SJW Eh!.....LOL and this is on Alec Baldwin as well as "executive Producer"
James Bonde
James Bonde 27 日 前
Why was ole al pointing the weapon at someone that wasn't even in the movie?
ThreePhaseHigh 28 日 前
There is something missing in the story. We had a prop gun for stage plays put on in high school back in the 60s. It looked and sounded like the real thing but there is no way it would fire any kind of bullet. Now 60 years later they have a real gun with real bullets something is missing in the story ! Yes something stinks. I could tell you that. The only person that could possibly be hurt by putting a Live round in a prop gun would be the guy pulling the trigger as it blew up in his face. And even that’s not possible as live rounds don’t fit in prop guns. Something tells me will never know the truth .
Venom Viper
Venom Viper 28 日 前
Prop gun!! 🥱🥱🥱
YellowDrops 29 日 前
Baldwin blaming everyone else but himself. Typical.
John Gilmour
John Gilmour 29 日 前
identifying the weapon as a ""PROP GUN"" is an extreme exageration, of the weapon involved, people place live amunition in a weapon ""FOR A PURPOSE""!!!
John Gilmour
John Gilmour 29 日 前
the person that provided live ammunition onto a movie site, should be charged with manslaughter, at the very least!
King Kongo
King Kongo 29 日 前
So headline is *Alec Baldwin Fires Director and Unfortunate Crew Member*
Gregory Bathurst
Gregory Bathurst 29 日 前
Alec playing the tough guy
rosy Lee
rosy Lee 29 日 前
A rabid Anti 2nd amendment Advocate doesn't train in handling weapons...Reporte wrong in framing as "deadly accident." It's Criminal Negligence at least. You don't believe in guns you don't believe in 2nd amendment don't even pretend in your acting to use 1 use 1 and then on set you don't know how to correctly handle one so I am a licensed pistol holder who is not killed anyone YET...Here is a 2017 snarky tweet from Alecccc 🤮 referring to a policeman. Sept 22, 2017 "I wonder how it feels to wrongfully KILL someone." BLOW THIS UP AND SEND IT EVERYWHERE. These 2 faced idiots spawned and facilitate this generation destroying America. "LET'S GO BRANDON!" FJB.👴
Liz Jhones
Liz Jhones 29 日 前
The gun don’t go pop by itself Balding killed the girl oh hold on a minute he then go on and shot the film director
zzgeorgez Dane
zzgeorgez Dane ヶ月 前
Sorry liars, it wasn't a prop gun. Nice try.
Anthony ヶ月 前
An UBER liberal like him having a loaded gun??? Well it just proves my point about liberals “when it suits them” . I never like any of those Baldwin brothers , I hope he’s found guilty that smug , arrogant libtard! Throw the book at him!
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa ヶ月 前
It wasn’t accidental! Someone intentionally put a live round in that gun.
ourcorrect opinions
If someone hands you a prop gun, a real gun or a toy gun, you never aim at someone you don’t want to kill or have kill you. It’s so simple. People are holding everyone accountable EXCEPT the shooter because he’s also the victim? No. Simple safety check on his part would’ve stopped the real victim from being killed and another injured.
Kizzy Harding
Kizzy Harding ヶ月 前
What is a real gun doing at a shoot???
Htown 0
Htown 0 ヶ月 前
Alec should’ve treated that gun like it was loaded. Literally 12yr olds have better training.
steve s
steve s ヶ月 前
Rule Number ONE: Have gun training/experience TWO: ALWAYS check the guns ammo/loaded whenever you handle a gun - dont take someones word on it!!! He likely didnt mean to do it but he still didnt follow rules of gun safety!!! PERIOD! He IS partly responsible!
steve s
steve s ヶ月 前
@hoiy vinosa Right....so it was a real firearm and ANYONE handling it should be trained to handle it and or check what is handed to you...NEVER assume with ANY firearm - prop or not...
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa ヶ月 前
Real prop guns cannot load or fire live rounds . If they can it's not a prop gun ,it's a real firearm .
Al Erog
Al Erog ヶ月 前
MaTilda D'Hum xoxo
I wonder if SNL plans On having their Trump character play Alex Baldwin killing two people with one shot?
Colan ヶ月 前
Why is he pointing the gun at her?
Nature New
Nature New ヶ月 前
Why in tf they will use real guns anyway
Amalgam ヶ月 前
What a bunch of idiots. Top to bottom Alec being the biggest. None of these ppl should be handling real firearms ever. Anyone who has learned to use and repect guns would never do this. You never trust a gun to be unloaded unless you check yourself. You always double check regardless how sure you are that its unloaded. You can blame all the ppl you want for not doing their part but in the end you failed and you ended someone life cause it took too long to check the weapon. Completely disgusting and he should serve time for this along with any other person who failed to keep the other innocent ppl safe during filming.
Mark Volk
Mark Volk ヶ月 前
Baldwin's a loser what's he doing with a gun I thought he was against guns what a hypocrite
Seamus. Pronounced Shae-MUS not Sea-mus
He is. His character was shooting a gun
Evgeny Fen
Evgeny Fen ヶ月 前
Lol. Plot twist: alec baldwin and the left are in on a propoganda against guns because guns kill people.
Hugh Jan Harry
Hugh Jan Harry ヶ月 前
Well he did say he wanted to kill someone so.....
Matthew Chastain
Matthew Chastain ヶ月 前
Prop guns aren't capable of firing live rounds. Someone brought a real firearm and live rounds on to the set. And to make it even worse he not only shot one person. He then shot a second round and hit a second person. That is ridiculous.
Ben ヶ月 前
Evil people
KrashOverRide2U ヶ月 前
Guns don't kill people. Stupid people with guns kill people.
God’s Grace
God’s Grace ヶ月 前
deathvalleyalex ヶ月 前
Real prop guns cannot load or fire live rounds . If they can it's not a prop gun ,it's a real firearm .
John Sheppard
John Sheppard ヶ月 前
If he had taken a single gun safety class this could've been avoided. It's also pretty hypocritical that the person who hates guns and gun owners so much uses guns in movies to make a lot of money while drowning average gun owners as evil or violent.
Ken Konard
Ken Konard ヶ月 前
Helena: “Alec, I want you to admit that you assaulted me and are the father of my baby.” Mr Baldwin: “I’ll take care of it. I’ll give it a shot.”
Amber Martin
Amber Martin ヶ月 前
Why was he "acting" like he was shooting non actors?
Cardinals fan
Cardinals fan ヶ月 前
This has a trump set-up written all over it!!!!
Gregory Wolph
Gregory Wolph ヶ月 前
Hey Baldwin, how many films you been in? You never point a loaded or unloaded gun at anyone. Basic firearm safety 101. Stop blaming everyone else.
Trip Cru
Trip Cru ヶ月 前
this movie is getting cancelled for sure. this is going to be a nightmare for old Alec... the props guy is going to have it even worse...
Agape Love
Agape Love ヶ月 前
If Alec had the obsession to pull the trigger why not fire it in the AIR??? HIS goofy ways caught up with him. THE GIFT OF FREE WILL CAN HURT OR BLESS US. TO THINK THAT WOULD BE HER LAST DAY ON EARTH 🌎 🙏JESUS SAVES
karl gentry
karl gentry ヶ月 前
Marcus Greesewood
Skin walkers and Cat in the hat set up Alec baldwin
dolita windo
dolita windo ヶ月 前
supporter has a gun in his hands!
Scott Regnerus
Scott Regnerus ヶ月 前
Why did he shoot twice it seems strange
ISJST ヶ月 前
He's the producer of the movie and should be held liable. 20 years in prison sounds about right. ...Maybe Trump can pardon him in 2024. 😂
Arthur Humphreys
Arthur Humphreys ヶ月 前
This guy has the proverbial storm cloud always hovering over him. He's bad news. He's also a sociopath that has no conscience.
Robert Guinn
Robert Guinn ヶ月 前
Something not right with this. Just don't add up
Seamus. Pronounced Shae-MUS not Sea-mus
@Robert Guinn yeah, me too. I was rude asf, and I’m sorry for that
Robert Guinn
Robert Guinn 11 日 前
@Seamus. Pronounced Shae-MUS not Sea-mus Sorry about what I said. Just being careless with my words I apologize.
Seamus. Pronounced Shae-MUS not Sea-mus
What doesn’t add up? It was a misfire. Take off your tinfoil hat and just think logically. It was just a misfire, nothing more
dolita windo
dolita windo ヶ月 前
kills someone.
Solomon K
Solomon K ヶ月 前
1st off it was not a prop gun. Prop guns don't fire ..say the truth. Was a real gun and the idiot didn't know the difference. NEGLIGENCE NEGLIGENCE IS WAT IT IS. BYE BYE ALEC.
KnightNight ヶ月 前
"Target down, well done 47 make your way towards an exit"
Zen Dragon
Zen Dragon ヶ月 前
A person was driving a parked car that killed an neighbor.... C'mon people this is at least negligently manslaughter. My condolences to the family of this lady and her friends.
Kona Golden
Kona Golden ヶ月 前
ABC news sucks. It wasn't a prop gun, it was a real gun. The person holding the gun and pulling the trigger has ultimate responsibility. Did the armorer and AD contribute? Yes, but Baldwin has the responsibility understand and follow the well known, well publicized, decades old gun safety rules; know how to operate the weapon and to KNOW it isn't loaded by personally checking. As a producer, Baldwin is responsible for the set personnel and procedures. As an individual, he is responsible to follow common sense, commonly known, well publicized safety rules. He did neither.
Elaine ヶ月 前
The person pulling the trigger on a gun is responsible to make sure it's safe. No excuses.
American Republican
Dont understand why is there a real gun on movie sets? You would think that they learned not to after Brandon Lee's unfortunate shooting. All movie props are to be double checked an rechecked again. I blame nobody but director and those who handle movie props to ensure there's nothing like this would've never happened. Sadly a family has lost a daughter, wife, mother,sister Osha. Needs to start being on every movie set to ensure safety but sadly there weren't on this set.
No love 26
No love 26 ヶ月 前
He going to get rewarded for his action
Thomas Thompson
Thomas Thompson ヶ月 前
Prop guns can't fire anything.
Antarctic Vortex
Antarctic Vortex ヶ月 前
Yes they can. "Prop" just means property of the film. Example: The original Star Wars movie some of the Storm Trooper blaster props were fully functional Sterling sub machine guns that they used blanks to get the muzzle flashes but they could still fire live rounds.
Brownies Go Ham
Brownies Go Ham ヶ月 前
If the 2 people he shot weren’t In the movie how do they get wind up at the end of the barrel unintentionally?
Alan Ashby
Alan Ashby ヶ月 前
I love how all these actors that are so against guns don’t mind glorifying them as long as they make money off of it. I’m sure Alec Baldwin will blame guns instead of himself for his negligence of basic firearm safety
Mark Zimmermann
Mark Zimmermann ヶ月 前
I don't know why they call it a prop gun it was a real gun and shot a real bullet.
Kurt A
Kurt A ヶ月 前
No such thing as an accidentally fired gun ! Who pulled the trigger? The only question is, is it first or 2nd degree murder ?
z planetx
z planetx ヶ月 前
I hope the slam this Freemason NWO scumbag..... looks like he had an order from his Secret society and he had no choice but to carry it out. This was no accident but as always, these Freemanson scumbags have people in power and watch the media and Judges protect him as if it was an accident. It's time to bring these scumbags to the light and remove them from our Government.
The moment you touch a gun, it is your responsibility. It doesn't matter who tells you what. If you have a gun in your hand and you start playing around with it, it is your responsibility to make sure the bullets in the gun are not real or the gun should be empty. We are going to see if American justice system works with this case. The anti gun rich actor,,,is he going to get away with it...or is he going to be given preferential treatment.....this guy should go to jail for negligence and manslaughter....just like a drunk driver that kills someone.
Ruben Hernandez
Ruben Hernandez ヶ月 前
Was not an accident!
TheGkimble ヶ月 前
Unless it was part of the movie itself, why in the world would anyone aim a gun at another person? Much less pull the trigger? So careless on so many levels on this movie set.
gypsysis lowara
gypsysis lowara ヶ月 前
Clintons...baldwin was just a marionette...or the bullet
Active Dreamz
Active Dreamz ヶ月 前
Fire off how does a bullet even shoot out a prop
Goomer Doctor
Goomer Doctor ヶ月 前
Follow the insurance money
Superbigblue19 ヶ月 前
He had no business holding a weapon in the presence of others unless he new how to safely do so . Doesn't matter what anyone else said or did, he's a grown man & should be held responsible.
k. ヶ月 前
they said that they checked the gun, but did you guys really check the gun? It seems like you guys didn't check the gun good because no guns will actually fire themselves. We are sure if this is "accidental" so why was it pointing?
theetrue ヶ月 前
Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see; some of the best advice you will ever receive. The best advice you will ever receive: Trust and serve God the Father, His Word and Son King Christ Jesus, to enter His Righteous Kingdom of Truth and Love Eternal.
James Gibbs
James Gibbs ヶ月 前
He's one of the Leaders/Mouths Against our 2nd Amendment too, He Murdered them. Right Alex. ??
Adrian X Maat Enlightenment
Something isn't right about this story. I don't believe this was no accident!
Detox Lady
Detox Lady ヶ月 前
Hang in there Alec Baldwin. It was clearly an accident. It could have been anyone who pulled the trigger. Don't let this get you down. It was an accident. Things happen.
4mbu5h ヶ月 前
For people asking about "Prop Guns" Most guns on mid to high budgets use real guns with blank rounds. That's why most movies have such realistic recoil/muzzle flash/shell ejecting. The guns on set are real firearms 90% of the time. And when loaded with real rounds, are 100% real threats..
Knighttus ヶ月 前
A prop gun? A prop isn’t supposed to kill
Knighttus ヶ月 前
@Antarctic Vortex you are missing my point, it shouldn’t be loaded with real pullet
Antarctic Vortex
Antarctic Vortex ヶ月 前
Prop just means property. Prop guns can be fully functional or rubber stunt guns.
VR-Ellawynn ヶ月 前
It makes me wonder just how many people commenting "He needs to be charged!!" (which I do agree with) are the same people saying "We need better gun laws!!" when actual criminals kill people....
Waken 2020
Waken 2020 ヶ月 前
Ironic this is the same idiot who accused Trump of having blood on his hands. Way to go Alec.
george centeno
george centeno ヶ月 前
His SNL Trump would say fake news didn't happen-want a redo!
MetaSpirit ヶ月 前
It looks like a case for Lieutenant Colombo.
KD kD ヶ月 前
Is this happned during the break of durring the shooting of the filming
martin valencia
martin valencia ヶ月 前
He should be in jail this was murder. Negligence is not enough you are liable when you hold a firearm. Very disappointed with the new mexico law enforcement that they would think otherwise.
E. joe joseph Griego
E. joe joseph Griego
Stars in disbelief over Alec Baldwin fatal prop gun shooting: 'Mismanaged set'
randy pedigo
randy pedigo ヶ月 前
sidonias Knight
sidonias Knight ヶ月 前
Change the title from prop gun to real gun because prop guns cant be fired with real bullets.
Antarctic Vortex
Antarctic Vortex ヶ月 前
Yes. Prop guns can be working guns. Prop just means it's the movies property.
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