Akame vs Tatsumi (and that bitch)

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Haven't seen Akame ga Kill???
Watch it.
by the way, i can't believe my hitler video got that many views. huehehehe thanks a lot guys ^^. I wanted to post videos but i've been busy these past month and i can't watch any anime. I even skipped the last season. But i just cant skip this one. huehehehe.
Thanks for watching !
I will post more Anime related stuff. Probably reviews or stuff. Subscribe if you want to see more !
Sorry for bad english btw.
Watch it here :

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Moekill 3 年 前
[that bitch] is not leone btw
Caesar Zeppeli
Caesar Zeppeli 3 日 前
I'm glad
Tanya Wildgoose-Thompson
@Matcha Musume yes “the bitch” is Aria
SomePerson 18 日 前
she's still a bitch tho ngl
Itachi.70 hi
Itachi.70 hi 18 日 前
「donster the anime god 」 she’s mine
Adriel Navarro
Adriel Navarro 19 日 前
Yup its leone
kenisha Diamond
kenisha Diamond 5 時間 前
Let's be honest.... *we never expected nearly all of night raid to die*
samxz thapa
samxz thapa 7 時間 前
That bitch got later reincarnated as rachel in tower of god.... Agreed?
_ J H A Y _
_ J H A Y _ 10 時間 前
I like how that bitch just got bitched jxhdjsjsnnd
DR3DGE BEATS 10 時間 前
imagine meeting someone again only remembering them by their body parts 😂😂😂😂 "Youre the boobs from earlier"
FortifyX 20 時間 前
Leone is my fav character, I cried so hard when she died with a smile on her face 😭
Xfinity Top
Xfinity Top 日 前
(and that bitch) that was Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣😂😂
hadioui abdou
hadioui abdou 2 日 前
Whos the Name oficial that fox or dog girl🐶?
Caesar Zeppeli
Caesar Zeppeli 3 日 前
Why did tatsumi have to die
Flippedturtle 3 日 前
I love the music in akame ga kill Expecialy "le chant in rome"
Rhino Dev
Rhino Dev 3 日 前
So idiot
1000 subscribers before November
Staff :Who do you want alive Writer: Keeping them alive
Wiltzer 6 日 前
If i were him i would chop the girl(bitch) in pieces for vengeance
Nor Yusmalia
Nor Yusmalia 7 日 前
6 years later JPvid recommend this and it is my favourite kill
Neil Ilas
Neil Ilas 7 日 前
I love the title with the Bitch
Asho Pie
Asho Pie 8 日 前
I think [that b] is suppose to be Miss Aria or whatever her name is-
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson 8 日 前
To bad this anime is hot ass
Redeye 8 日 前
He killed her too quick tbh....should've made her suffer more
Luis Escalera
Luis Escalera 8 日 前
Ayyy don’t call her a bitch
Seiya Ryuuguin
Seiya Ryuuguin 8 日 前
Antwan Henry
Antwan Henry 9 日 前
i cried while watching the seventh episode😭😭☹️
chillpill2600 9 日 前
No hesitation. Respect
Ashberdiny 9 日 前
God, even after all this time... I still get the same satisfaction from that kill.
S D 9 日 前
I like dark anime
lawrence chandler
Theres a anime wag woret
Eljoshua 1805xd
Eljoshua 1805xd 11 日 前
akame's face xd
The legendary J1X5
God damn.... and this was only episode 1
Cubicoid 12 日 前
well I really I can animate so I can rebirth the group
mad physicist
mad physicist 12 日 前
Everything is sad
Lonely Boi3789_chris
Damn you did it to her
Daniel Ifie Sekibo
Fans: How many characters will die? Akame Ga Kill: YES.
InvincibleGreninja _
If it wasn't for Tatsumi's thing on his chest the anime would've ended
Carsen Justus
Carsen Justus 13 日 前
i would hate to be a target but tbh a am a expert swordsman and have trained in 5 different martial arts!!!
Sayo was a beauty
What anime /Что за аниме
Damon Burr
Damon Burr 13 日 前
This anime was depressing
Aro Gragon
Aro Gragon 13 日 前
Well it was the most saddest anime I've ever watched
Sxlent 14 日 前
I just came here you see that kill again
Shinelundaa Tugs Erdene
Anime name
Shinelundaa Tugs Erdene
Anime anime?
Datu Ameer Lauban
Guyz im warinn ya if you want to watch this anime you should not be attached to any character and you must be not emotional CUZ THIS MADE ME CRY FOR 3 DAYSS
TyronicBladeYT 14 日 前
The Kaguya of 2014:
King Quan Gaming
King Quan Gaming 14 日 前
This anime started off so good. Ended trash though.
Kj Lyttle
Kj Lyttle 14 日 前
B wanna leap put her to sleep
Ronny Chandra
Ronny Chandra 14 日 前
that bitch didn't deserve death.... she deserve slow torture-to-death experience
Jason Baguio
Jason Baguio 14 日 前
I miss this anime so much this anime is one of the anime that has a very sad ending
Felix Tyson
Felix Tyson 14 日 前
The anime was a perfect ending . It’s very realistic i love the sadness and sorrow i felt . We can almost felt the realistic pain of losing somone in this anime .
OfficalsMos3s 14 日 前
This episode was dark as hell
rvdspcladin 15 日 前
so is this Danganronpa but with no insane bear and mastermind or
RACON gaming
RACON gaming 15 日 前
That bitch 🤙😂😂😂
XxGamerBoyxX 15 日 前
akame ga kill is 1 of the saddest anime's ive watched so far, in a (this anime way) you know what way I mean
Agiel Surya
Agiel Surya 15 日 前
Aaaah Anata,Ano toki no Oppai😂
GamerBoy Pro
GamerBoy Pro 15 日 前
Young man Boy: arghhhh
DSMeliodos 15 日 前
Image barley getting screen time and you live longer than the MC
SerDadu Gaming
SerDadu Gaming 15 日 前
Me when my mom type "P" in my google search : 4:20
Gabriela Severová
I love Akame ga kill..
IamBored 16 日 前
Me at first: *reads* Akame vs Tatsumi (and that bitch) hmmm WHAT THE FUCKING HELL DID THIS GUY JUST CALL LEONE A BITCH!? also me: *reads comments* ohhhhhhhhhhhh that makes wayy more sense
김명원 16 日 前
what is this anime name?
Yxri Anime
Yxri Anime 16 日 前
Does anyone think I should watch this anime?
Daily Life Segment
Yes . But dont bingewatch, its kinda depressing and irritating at the same time. This anime has many likable characters including villains. Go for it. Again dont bingewatch. You have been warned.
Yxri Anime
Yxri Anime 16 日 前
(And that bitch) *I felt that*
Adrian Maulana
Adrian Maulana 16 日 前
What’s this show called??
David Martin
David Martin 16 日 前
I wonder what happened to his friend? He was still alive but we never get to see what happened to him or his other friends corpse for that matter, did we?
David Martin
David Martin 6 日 前
@GENERAL YOUSIF oh I'm dunb you're right. After all he did make two graves. My bad.
We did He died 20 seconds after this scene Hells even tasumi complained about his dead all throughout the show
Szymon Pogruszewski
With Episode Is This Again?
신신동원 17 日 前
나 같으면 바로 안죽임 어디 감금 시킨다음에 할수있는 모든 고문을 하고 치유사가 있으면 치유시키고 고문하고 수백 수천 수만번을 한다음에 유린하고 살 희망을 준다음에 다시 빼앗고를 반복한 다음에 마지막으로 사람으로서 제일 고통스럽게 죽인다 그게 먼저 간 친구들을 위해 조금이라도 위로할수있으니까
Борис Николов
And that bıch :D
Sasha Braus
Sasha Braus 17 日 前
Hellsing Ultimate 🔥 jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-TV-YXMneZoM.html
Kenrick Clark Rulete
that bitch ;-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Страхиња Ђокић
Kuruni Kun
Kuruni Kun 17 日 前
Well, someone just changed their class from *Arc Priest* into an *Assassin*
Ig: ecxtasie
Ig: ecxtasie 17 日 前
It's not funny it's so sad it almost made me cry😔
Wyll East
Wyll East 17 日 前
Hmm....the name of this anime is fucking ironic.
ElectroGamer 17 日 前
Obviously I got suspicious when the guard told him to block night raid of... I mean why don't you take him in the shed oh I get it is because they don't want to reveal the dark side...
Tenzin Norzom
Tenzin Norzom 17 日 前
What the hell do you mean by and that bitch
Wolf_ xYT
Wolf_ xYT 18 日 前
What's this anime name plzz tell
Irgi 16 日 前
Akame ga kill
Mr.Tomino Channel
Manga จบแบบ​ Happy end
Darling 18 日 前
I bought the mangas just to feel less sad😔
overkiller !!!
overkiller !!! 18 日 前
Okey you need to get demonetized by JPvid
Awakened Kaiji
Awakened Kaiji 18 日 前
3:44 Being Impostor be like :
Mista Dj
Mista Dj 18 日 前
m.jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-kjgZ6zA4kYI.html Watch it all you won't regret
Kindii 18 日 前
this anime made me sad multiple times
CNR_Yami 18 日 前
Dr Skk
Dr Skk 18 日 前
Ow too much edge. Akame killing her enemies with her sheer edginess.
Title plss
Mr. Maou-sama
Mr. Maou-sama 18 日 前
Manga: The Good Ending. Anime: The Bad Ending.
Sanctuary Guardian
when i first saw this episode and he killed her i was like “yes a anime i’ll like” noticing it had 12 episodes and was gonna end on a good note like most 12 episode animes do, still depressed on how they killed 2/3 of every best character 😔
Black Spider
Black Spider 17 日 前
12 ? It has 24 and uhhh..its more than 2/3 fam 😔
Qwatt Yeet
Qwatt Yeet 18 日 前
I won’t hit a girl but today I will make an exception
shadowbwoy bmo
shadowbwoy bmo 18 日 前
Leone is awesome I love her voice and she's hot. BUT this anime was soooo bad I felt really depressed when I was done with the last episode. Literally everyone just dies and there is no plot, it's very boring and random as shit. There's like no world building or character development at all, except for MAYBE tatsumi and mine
Extra 18 日 前
That bitch should’ve tortured her day n night 🤦‍♀️
endme 18 日 前
Damn this bitch is another rachel
ガイショウ 18 日 前
Ian Lucas
Ian Lucas 18 日 前
What episode is this?
edgelord supreme
edgelord supreme 18 日 前
that is my level of a lack of hesitation and he lives in the world of agame ga kill
Haren Surroch
Haren Surroch 18 日 前
what anime is it?
Nader c.g 4fun
Nader c.g 4fun 18 日 前
ANd ThAt bItCh
Kalenz 19 日 前
Those were some dedicated guards though. No matter the money I would have yeeted the fuck out of there once the boob squad attacked. No way I'm dying for some sadistic nobles xp
The Thots
The Thots 19 日 前
Yellow was not the impostor
Jackson Ried
Jackson Ried 19 日 前
Not gonna lie but if this based on true story then it will be one of the most worst place to live and one of the most dark story in the history
Read the entire manga after watching the anime..it followed pretty well until it caught up. The manga is a lot more twisted and you really need to read it to feel you in on details
IM LYYTE 19 日 前
There was a secret message akame ga kill (only akame got killed) but your supposed to read that as an opposite everyone but akame got killed 😨🤯
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