After watching this you will HATE Kylie Jenner!! (WORST MOMENTS EXPOSED)

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After watching this you will HATE Kylie Jenner!! (WORST MOMENTS EXPOSED) Kylie Jenner worst moments rude to fans. Kylie Jenner angry at fans and yells at fans on Ellen show. Kylie Jenner plastic surgery. Kylie Jenner lies about lips and Kylie Jenner lies about plastic surgery. Kylie Jenner stupid worst moments. Kylie Jenner realizing things. Kylie Jenner exposed fake and breaks up with Tyga. I met Kylie Jenner and it was a nightmare.









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ExoticFx_Prat 4 分 前
like listen if some guy ask kylie what do you do with your mouth i would also have said get the fuck out of my face
Ashiana Mehra
Ashiana Mehra 52 分 前
Money can’t buy happiness
Gacha Melivani
Gacha Melivani 2 時間 前
But apparently, everybody loves *rIsE aNd ShInE
Cool Hashi
Cool Hashi 2 時間 前
3:07 i see a tiktoker
jake watkins
jake watkins 2 時間 前
who’s the boy during the lip challenge part the one who does musicaly
Joyce Estapia
Joyce Estapia 3 時間 前
IL0VERAP 4 時間 前
I don't know why everyone is deciding what is wrong and what is right.
Stella F
Stella F 4 時間 前
i dont think she got the cheek and jaw surgery it looks almost the same and her face can change
something something
something something 5 時間 前
Also she and her sister just act like best friends this isnt weird
something something
something something 5 時間 前
Literally none of this is reasons to hate her also calling her stupid is rude
Emma Gd
Emma Gd 10 時間 前
Already hate her
steve torres
steve torres 12 時間 前
What the fuck she wanted a fucking chicken she was a billionaire so she can buy what ever she wants Such a dumd ass bich
Elyth Jiménez
Elyth Jiménez 13 時間 前
4:15 she is so smart, when she said I don’t need makeup, she saw, she couldn’t say it, because she has a huge makeup company! 👍✨🔥
Kylie Koh
Kylie Koh 14 時間 前
I've always hated her because people keep calling me Kylie Jenner.
nahja thomas
nahja thomas 15 時間 前
9:02 I’m just Confusion about this one🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨 more then a million people support his MUSIC she never said anything about supporting the abuse he did you people just have nothing else to do y’all just hate on people for no reason 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🖕🏼
Alisha Agnew
Alisha Agnew 15 時間 前
Omg shes aweful because she has boundaries and doesnt tolerate assholes
Gabriella Cervantes
Gabriella Cervantes 15 時間 前
But i had been hating her all ready tho
Ivy10 17 時間 前
Wait I think I am weird cause I still like her I think because she was born rich famous
LilyTheRobloxer Brown
LilyTheRobloxer Brown 18 時間 前
Omg! She was really mean but still I luv her
AYOTEKK 19 時間 前
were just **realising** things
Leen Rashid
Leen Rashid 20 時間 前
Instead of making these videos about hate and spreading hate how about you do a better video that isn't spreading hate or being hateful towards someone and if you can't do that then just don't do anything and leave these matters to themselves x ❤️
zahra shah
zahra shah 日 前
dont hate her cause shes dumb
Sophie Jetha
Sophie Jetha 日 前
You make this video and you complain about her Instagram but you have 312k subscribers have you done anything
Avery Smith
Avery Smith 日 前
*Is ThAt A cHiCkEn?!*
ava lucas
ava lucas 日 前
i hated her before this video
Maggi ZG.
Maggi ZG. 日 前
I still don't hate her like she's herself period
Georgia Κ
Georgia Κ 日 前
I love Kendall❤️❤️❤️ I hate Kylie 🔪
Taochi 日 前
regina george has left the chat😶
Frank Garvez
Frank Garvez 日 前
Rhema Nsumbo
Rhema Nsumbo 日 前
2019 ????
Bethany W.
Bethany W. 日 前
Yo uhh all do realise rich and famous people have emotions right ? 🤷‍♀️like just because your rich and famous doesn’t mean you can have depression or anxiety or feel sad. Seriously are you guys stupid cuz you seriously sound like it.
Clio Xin Yu Yu
I think you should reconsider Kylie Jenner's life, ever imagined being around paparazzi since you were 10. Kylie's life is full of pressure and it's not really her fault she's famous, even though she did decided to carry the legacy to be famous, she still has a right to tell people of when they are touching her. If she wants to go to a concert let her be. I know it's bad to lie but If she is getting body surgery or making her lips bigger or changing any part of her body it's her choice, and it's not for you to judge.
Teya Hanna
Teya Hanna 日 前
Ur just pointing out the bad things about her kylie is amazing and no i dont hate her after this she did many amazing things and if u hate her doesn't mean everyone hates her. STOP HATING ON PEOPLE she never did anything wrong to you
Karen McIntosh
LMFAO this bitch is useless she can't cook she can't iron what a pretty mess and she is not smart but she think she is stupid bitch..... And she clearly saw the pig when she was coming down the stairs and she say it's a chicken I would thought with the way she act she would have some common sense but she don't just a empty brain.🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Joshua MAC
Joshua MAC 日 前
Didnt make me hate her. Didnt seem that bad. Lmfao!!!🤣🤣🤣
Mango Fruit
Mango Fruit 日 前
i don’t like her either but you can’t just hate her for standing up for herself and she didn’t want to let her sister use her clothes because from experience me and my sibling hate sharing and i also may not be the smartest person but you can hate me for not being smart a lot of people aren’t
Caitlin Willee
Everyone snaps at fans every now and then stoping hating on her she is a great human
Rosalind Earp
Thanks. A few of my brain cells just vanished just from watching this forever. Oh God why?
saylem C
saylem C 日 前
Why do people care so much about her? Like let the bitch live
Baylee Avery
Baylee Avery 日 前
“iS tHaT a ChIcKeN?!” *Girl, Bye!*
Radina Stoyanova
Its called puberty u stupid people
ItsMe TaliaE
ItsMe TaliaE 日 前
I don’t really like people making these hating videos! They worked hard for their money so what if they spend it on ridiculous things it’s none of your business what they spend it on and just abuse of some of these scenes does not mean that she is horrible person! Just leave them alone.
• Sara rose • Ixyana
It’s called; a see you next Tuesday! Thumbs up if you know what I mean 😗
Tropical Babe
Her body obviously made by surgery you can tell it early if a girl turns to be a curvy woman. In her case she have a slender and straight body before then suddenly she became curvy.
K Lashay
K Lashay 日 前
Can she live in PEACE like everyone has there moments some are good some are bad but really just leave her ALOME #love Kylie
Bonnómeye 日 前
Nor like her neither hate her just here for the tea 😜
Mackda Ghebru Samuel
1:58 ”i just love my body” then why where your body flat?? And look at your nose!!
Leah Nicole
Leah Nicole 日 前
Yikes! 10 min & 17 seconds of this? Shit I’m barely 2 minutes in and already can no longer listen another second of her dull, self-absorbed monotone voice! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙉😖
Janice Dickens
“I would seriously stab myself.” I love the Kardashians/Jenners and I wouldn’t want to live with Kim and Kanye either with them damn kids. Idc if we’re family. I want my space. We can love each other from a distance. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Maddy Miller
Maddy Miller 日 前
She’s just defending herself about some of them
Elena Campos R
Elena Campos R 2 日 前
Bebe Wang.
Bebe Wang. 2 日 前
Tkdwls OqO
Tkdwls OqO 2 日 前
충분히 저렇게 대처할 수 있었을거 같은데;; 그리고 수술을 하던말던 먼상관 안밝히고 싶을수도 있는거지 지가 이뻐지고 싶다는데 ㅋ 카일리가 좀 싸가지 없긴해도 저것만 보고 막 ㅈㄴ 싫어지진 않을듯
sylvvi uwu
sylvvi uwu 2 日 前
Just leave her alone, if that is her personality then just leave her be!
Culpepper Creatives
Good Lord she's just human like everyone else.
Jessie’s vlogs 101
This needs to stop these are still human beings no one is perfect you can’t just make a video about why someone should hate someone
Silvia S
Silvia S 2 日 前
Stfu about Chris brown already
Sunny 2 日 前
I don't hate her but I don't understand though why people are so obsessed with her... Her appearance is a mixture of plastic surgery and make up and she has no real talent
Sam 2 日 前
Okay but how tf is she supposed to know how to do laundry and iron clothes and know about credit when they have maids to do their chores, and no one has taught her about credit? Shit I'm 17 and still, no one has taught me about credit. I've literally had to go out and do research about it to prepare myself. Honestly it probably didn't even cross her mind bc she's so used to having everything being done for her. I'm just saying, put yourself into her shoes. It's not entirely her fault.
Hola 2 日 前
It seems like someones jealous
Yeezy Beezy
Yeezy Beezy 6 時間 前
Hola they hate on everyone🤣
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