Adressing the Rumours..

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Talking about stuff epicly
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장한솔 17 時間 前
형 자막에 한국어 추가점.... ㅎㅎ
Farwa Cheema
Farwa Cheema 23 時間 前
Such a wholesome video damn
Hope Ash
Hope Ash 日 前
Did anyone else get the "we need to talk" anxiety when he started this vid, and then felt relieved when it was all just good stuff?
Hope Ash
Hope Ash 日 前
The dude is just so genuine. People love that about felix ❤ 100M "it's the dumbest number i've ever heard" he says on the verge of happy tears
Hugo Sanchez
Hugo Sanchez 日 前
Add me on Tuber Simulator User: JuiceSimulator
lena12000 日 前
Just so you know, Felix, there’s a part two to Little Nightmares coming 2020.
Chris Nils
Chris Nils 2 日 前
Here we have, an absolute legend... and a celebrity with a heart and who gives a crape about his fans. We love you pewds. :) PS - Brad we love you you’ll be missed
Bianka 2 日 前
How can people dislike this video?
Airguardian 3 日 前
Hard work brings its own rewards, enjoy it! You deserve it! ;)
ira2581 3 日 前
It's a mad trip XD Aha, I, to be honest, never really followed Felix. Mainly because he was very popular and all that and at times he needed to follow trends that I wasn't particularly fond of. That aside, He's actually pretty fuckin' awesome XD Man's married Marzia, FINALLY. Making new content, aha, and liking it. It's actually like..Heartwarming to see that.
Reinzih dimaano
Reinzih dimaano 4 日 前
I've watched you since 2014 and it is so mind-blowing how you got this far. Also, around 6-8 months ago, I discovered that you had another channel which was your FIRST CHANNEL. I had known that you lost your password to that account, it's too bad that happened. That was completely unrelated but anyways, congrats on the success of your channel!!
Fizzy Potato
Fizzy Potato 4 日 前
We love you Felix ♥️
Gemma Watson
Gemma Watson 4 日 前
I always watched the amnesia stuff with piggy and Mr chair and stephano and barrels and everything. It probably was that kind of stuff that made me keep watching your Minecraft series. You're a great guy and i missed seeing you happy with a game like this honestly I gave up watching you when you just did like try not to laugh. But lately you've been super fun! 😊💞
Rosé Black
Rosé Black 4 日 前
Mattea Arroyo
Mattea Arroyo 5 日 前
*Me sitting at home cheering you on* My family: wtf
-BeyondAir- 5 日 前
when you running out of ideas
SolidSapphire 6 日 前
I’m so glad we’ve come almost full circle with this channel because I was really not enjoying the content for a while when things got crazy and there was really nothing but memes and...really weird shit tbh. Now that it’s back to regular episodes of gaming and just having a good time and creating things and sharing experiences, I’ve really, really enjoyed it and even started playing Minecraft for my first time ever because of the new series. I’m not good at it at all and probably won’t be but I thoroughly enjoy just building and going on adventures for stuff. It’s very therapeutic. So happy for you and marzia, Felix. So proud of you too.
Super_Subway_Surfer_Man 2237491
Why the fuck do I love this man so mich
paulo 89
paulo 89 6 日 前
Japanese Thanks!
Too Crispy.
Too Crispy. 7 日 前
*PEEE* DEE p e e e e e e e
Axel Mafara Montero
Shrimpy Gaming
Shrimpy Gaming 7 日 前
Did he spell Addressing wrong?
Emma Baddie
Emma Baddie 7 日 前
It's so weird to see him being serious, lol.
밍테 7 日 前
퓨디파이가 한국제목 왜 달음?
ᄋᄋ 7 日 前
제목이 한국어로 번역된거임
Ashley Champagne
We are here for you. Start to finish.
Ashley Champagne
Btw, legit crying because of your wedding video and this video. You're talks are always so wholesome. I appreciate you<3 you deserve the spot as number 1<3
Hümi Meyra
Hümi Meyra 8 日 前
I've been watching you since amnesia, it kinda feels like a decade. I'm 25 now, watching you and listening to you all these years, you've become like an older brother to me. And even if we are not bloodrelated, I'm glad to be one of your Bro Army, 9yearolds etc.
Should play Blair witch, Sven is in that
TheLeftover 8 日 前
I'm not crying. You are
LordV 9 日 前
Pewds , where you shine is with games you can showcase your creativity . Which honestly makes Minecraft one of the perfect choices . Just go with some of those from time to time and it would be epic . I've been watching on and off since you we're at around 2 mil and 3k . And i enjoy you mixing things up , but the creative factor has been the biggest thing keeping me coming back . Stay awesome Bros .
Jajang Supriyatna
Wow speak indonesia
Juniver Salas
Juniver Salas 9 日 前
"Marzia, I can't wait to be your husband... I'm very excited..." Damn I felt that...
Gochicken0610 9 日 前
Smosh has been around scenes JPvid started and they still get millions of views, u can do the same my lord!
Alexandria Efseaff
Compassion brain❤️
bish wahtt
bish wahtt 10 日 前
kungenmadsy 10 日 前
Marissa F
Marissa F 11 日 前
These videos are what I live for!!
BTS Love
BTS Love 11 日 前
Happy to see you enjoying mine craft
Jem Inceman
Jem Inceman 11 日 前
Mate, take as much time off as you want. We’ll be waiting just here for you. You deserve nothing but the best. You’ve given us, me atleast, so much joy in all these videos throughout the years. I think you also helped me in some way to become a better person. All the best to you and Marzia. I hope to meet you one day! ❤️
Nyx_Ares 11 日 前
Hey you still do it xD "peeeewwdiepie" I just got back to watching your vids from a long ass time.
Samuel Wakefield
Samuel Wakefield 12 日 前
You know, I used to hate Pewdiepie when I was younger I think it was mainly because he was so popular when I was a kid, but I wish I would've watched him then because he's become one of my favorite youtubers.
Lil Cashregister
Lil Cashregister 12 日 前
Y’all remember when Pewds jumped out of the cabinet almosy every meme review
Lil Cashregister
Lil Cashregister 20 時間 前
Dana Bihn indeed, even tho pewds has changed so much (and for the better) i do miss the old pewds of 2016-2018
Dana Bihn
Dana Bihn 20 時間 前
good ol’ times
Leon Schick
Leon Schick 6 日 前
Dude watching these kind of videos and then the wedding video makes me questioning if this is even the same person! I love this dude so much, he brings up so much joy!
Benjamin Schmidt
Benjamin Schmidt 12 日 前
I love u pewds
Mr Thong Thief
Mr Thong Thief 12 日 前
Im deaf
blue insanity
blue insanity 12 日 前
why am i crying
Kasey Rathmann
Kasey Rathmann 12 日 前
*Heart react*
Emory Kemp
Emory Kemp 12 日 前
I am so sick with a cold right now and I'm still so happy that you made this video Felix! I don't know who I'd be today without this channel. God bless you bro!👊❤
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia 12 日 前
Before the video started I saw a gfuel ad with pewds talking the whole time
Аиша Атаева
Круто но я ни слова ни понела
Antonio Panozzo
Antonio Panozzo 12 日 前
If there is one thing i would love right now is just to be friends with this dude
lukas days
lukas days 12 日 前
You maybe had no friends :c But now you have 100 million friend all for you :p Happy 100 mill aniversary Pewds
Ne vazhno Lol
Ne vazhno Lol 12 日 前
Some Guy
Some Guy 12 日 前
Love ya Pewds
Adeeb Jagirdar
Adeeb Jagirdar 13 日 前
Felix: I had no friends in school Me: What about the friend because of whom you broke your ass
Chubby Cheecks
Chubby Cheecks 13 日 前
Oye amigo te entiendo todo lo que dices, hablas con un acento muy claro y presiso, Saludos desde México Me gustan mucho tus videos
nicole vivian
nicole vivian 13 日 前
I like that you said you're happy but cmon were arent happy are you kidding lol
ErikaBritannia 13 日 前
Judith Jaatinen
Judith Jaatinen 13 日 前
Evil Donut
Evil Donut 13 日 前
You definitely are able to play minecraft forever
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