A Message To Gabrielle Moses

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No Sweat
No Sweat 9 分 前
Ugh I want to cry 😶😓😫
Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith 時間 前
I hope things work out because yall made me happy and I want you guys to be happy
jade s
jade s 2 時間 前
Why did they break up please reply someone
Mr Luke
Mr Luke 3 時間 前
i.....i feel you man i lost the girl i have been dating for years and then she....... died man and i hope you turn out better then i did bro i hope your okay
Biyanka 6 時間 前
Nate and karissa broke up and now this :(💔😔
Luke Emmett
Luke Emmett 6 時間 前
For any of you who didn't get to see the Sydney Forsyth vid... here ya go jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA--yjZznR2-uE.html
Escape Reality
Escape Reality 6 時間 前
The first major breakup is the worst. But bro as a 29 year old dude that's been through an INSANE breakup.. Time will heal it all, you guys will talk again, Mark my words.. I know it hurts, stay strong brother, it will get better.. It'll all make sense.. Everything happens for a reason that is a fact
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 6 時間 前
know themselves as their own people outside of their relationship with each other
Scarlett Stenon
Scarlett Stenon 7 時間 前
What happened
25Ella P
25Ella P 7 時間 前
You guys were so cute together 🥺
Lilly Aceves
Lilly Aceves 8 時間 前
if you see this i miss you
Alexandra Mendez
Alexandra Mendez 8 時間 前
when he corrected “its awesome” to “it was awesome” oooo got me 😪
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 6 時間 前
please tell me I’m not the only one crying while watching this!! 😭
Brilliant Mashilo
Brilliant Mashilo 9 時間 前
Shame we have all been there. But the important thing is WE MOVE!
Heidi West
Heidi West 9 時間 前
y'all I started to cry alot please get back together with Gab y'all are a cute couple
Desmon Kuehn
Desmon Kuehn 9 時間 前
I lost my girl about a month ago and I really dont know what I did she was everything to me she just said its not working I tried tho I seriously gave her everything jackie is her name now as im sitting typing this long message im almost im tears and drinking a big bottle of modelo it hurts I feel your pain jack I really do
Mahnoor Faisal
Mahnoor Faisal 9 時間 前
Hey guys, please show some love and support to Gabrielle Moses!! Subscribe to her channel!
Vivian Pennington
Vivian Pennington 12 時間 前
Stop acting like a damn child and grow up.
Lol Hoi
Lol Hoi 12 時間 前
if I'd ever break up with my boyfriend, I hope he'd be speaking about me like you did. Ofc I don't want to break up, but it's just that Jack really talks so sweet abt her. He's lovely
Jennifer Amady
Jennifer Amady 13 時間 前
What happened to the funny,weird,humorous and sarcastic, jack?.......
Mobile Gamez
Mobile Gamez 13 時間 前
The worst part is that there anniversary is coming up soon
elissar bahrii
elissar bahrii 14 時間 前
Omgggg why y'all broke up my heart smashed 🥺
Christine Geldenhuys
Christine Geldenhuys 14 時間 前
Jack, im so emotional noww, im so sorry for you
Serena Lee
Serena Lee 14 時間 前
Me thinking 2019 was the worst year of my life Me rethinking 2020 being HELL
Little Debbie
Little Debbie 14 時間 前
Funny ass shit I ever watched 😂🤣 post more like this thanks for not telling us how y’all broke up btw I thought this was a tampon commercial for your heavy days 😂😂
curlybee 15 時間 前
jack you’re literally the sweetest omg i’m crying
Sydney Owens
Sydney Owens 15 時間 前
please tell me I’m not the only one crying while watching this!! 😭
Lizzie Williams
Lizzie Williams 15 時間 前
I feel like I’m going through this break up....
Savannah Shaw
Savannah Shaw 15 時間 前
Can y’all get back together please y’all are soulmates
Kate Williams
Kate Williams 15 時間 前
i’m crying
Karlien Fourie
Karlien Fourie 16 時間 前
As much as I wish this to be fake/clickbait. I honestly don’t think it is and it breaks my heart.
Cambri Casey
Cambri Casey 17 時間 前
Why did they even break up? Like if gab trusts him then she wouldn’t believed he cheated so this is dumb
Danielle Robinson
Danielle Robinson 18 時間 前
Wait what do we do for the book?
VENØM 18 時間 前
i hate how someone would create fake text messages to break relationship like what kind of fucked up you have to be.
vera nuijten
vera nuijten 21 時間 前
because off this i was thinking about loosing my everything and started crying. its fucking hard but with time and love it will get better hold on
Bethan Harding
Why are people liking this video? 🤯
L F 40 分 前
Maryann Angel she deleted it Bc it was that bad 😂
Maryann Angel
Maryann Angel 17 時間 前
Can someone leave a link
L F 17 時間 前
No go dislike that video lmao
Philip Jean Malherbe
Philip Jean Malherbe 20 時間 前
Its a bulshit video
2020 is literally the worst year ever. i’ve cried i think literally everyday of it. and watching all these videos about their break up i’ve cried. 🥺
Kassidee Cimmiyotti
Amy Rose Junio
Love you Jack! Stay strong, you'll get through this it'll just take time, but I know you will.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 日 前
But the best of luck for you both.
Jesus aguirre
Are u crazy go get your girl back!!!
Angel Tolentin
Why did they break up I took a break from the videos
AvSat20 日 前
Wait a minute. Got that wrong. And you're probably ignoring this but I have run through about 30 odd Jack and Gab JPvid videos and I've discovered something. Jack, it's sad but you're a selfish jerk! All of the videos you've made since your breakup have been about self promotion. The "A message to...." and "I'm sorry" videos are coming from a terrified little boy who is afraid that his little JPvid empire is going to crash down around him. Of course you're suffering, but I don't think it's for the reasons you try to make out. By the way, you might have the decency to rename the channel to "Jack"!
Bada Boom
Bada Boom 19 時間 前
Bro Gabrielle has put out 3 videos now where she just rambles on and on bawling her eyes out about this shit. She has her friends and family saying all the things that she apparently wants to say about jack but is too cowardly to just come out and say what happened. Visit her insta and its just Sponsor after sponsor after sponsor . All y’all were butthurt for the 3 months where jack was gone from social media and said nothing, and now that he’s talking again, you’re mad that he’s talking? Because you think he’s milking it for views and money? As if Gabrielle isn’t? Fickle ass bitches.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 日 前
Are you guys going to be friendds
Laci Guilbeau
Hello is anyone watching Sydney’s vlogs jack treated her like trash and he is fake crying in this she made a vid about it and you be thinking I am a hater just making this up but you can go check out Sydney’s not real friend I am not joking Gabrielle was a good person and it is not ok that he is saying he feels Bad he doesn’t give anything and he muniplatid people I know I spelled it wrong and I am sorry for this comment and I am sorry
L F 17 時間 前
Tbh it just seems like Gabrielle and Sydney are jealous
Chloe Pearman
I'm crying and laughing ...omg
kescco 日 前
Well said Jack. That took a lot of courage - especially from a man. I know.
Delphie 日 前
rebecca grosse fesse
Delphie shut up
Noemi Alvarez
⚠️ Go Watch Sydney Forsythe's New Video She's A Close Friend Of Gabrielle And Explained What Happened Between Jack And Gabrielle's Relationship And Breakup!!!! ⚠️
rebecca grosse fesse
Noemi Alvarez who cares jack is a beast
Jessica Marie
you will find your way back 😢 it’s not the end guys...right person wrong time
Olivia Wolfe
Olivia Wolfe 日 前
you a bad terrible person who treated a wonderful girl terribly and if i knew this about you i would never have even given you a view.
rebecca grosse fesse
Olivia Wolfe he’s a beast
aiden harvey
aiden harvey 日 前
Can somone tell me what happened
MrCorgiTalks 日 前
Julie Smith you don’t know that. It’s just one person’s opinion.
Julie Smith
Julie Smith 日 前
Behind the scenes it was a very abusive relationship and Gab finally couldn't take it anymore. see jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA--yjZznR2-uE.html
Zef Mottram
Zef Mottram 日 前
We love you jack
Бог - король
Alright guys I'm getting a van and getting it painted like the Mystery Machine. Who wants to join my gang and solve who released the fake texts and clear Jack's name!?
ScrewBall animations
The truth jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA--yjZznR2-uE.html
T ball Pickins
Gab don’t go back to him he treated you so bad
rebecca grosse fesse
T ball Pickins who cares?
John Cunningham
Jack i like u and Gab but i heard how u treated Gabrielle and that isn't how a man should treat a Lady i saw some videos and that just disappointments me how u would treat a woman like that a man should treat a woman with respect and kindness I'm not trying to get up in your face but I'm trying to help u understand that when a woman is treated badly she's gonna dump u I've been through so many break up so I've understand what it's like
T ball Pickins
Why don’t you text or call her instead of just making a JPvid video jack just admit you never cared about her
sunnytingz 日 前
Who will miss them😭😭 Like!! 👇
Are you guys going to be friendds
sunnytingz 日 前
They were highschool sweethearts 🥺😭😔
Quinlin Vandiver
Thanks to Sydney, you’re screwed and you’re trash. I’m glad she left you.
Erin McGillicuddy
The truth of their relationship jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA--yjZznR2-uE.html
Xela Thomas
Xela Thomas 日 前
There NOOOOO way Im staying subscribed if Gabrielle is gone lmao, I was on the fence as it was
Bada Boom
Bada Boom 19 時間 前
Bye felicia
rebecca grosse fesse
the kitch ain’t here
rebecca grosse fesse
Xela Thomas ok woman
Music Lover
Music Lover 日 前
The truth of their relationship: jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA--yjZznR2-uE.html
Morgan and Storm
Yes she was good to you and you drove her away
Erin Ashleigh
You’ll find yourself back with her soon you’re soulmates but why did you break up ?💓
MrCaw77 日 前
jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA--yjZznR2-uE.html a video from gab and Jack's friend talking about the relationship
Haywood 日 前
He cheated on her. He ain’t getting her back. No chance.
MintPolo Homer
And I thought you were a man jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA--yjZznR2-uE.html
-김태형 日 前
Gabrielle deserves so much better! jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA--yjZznR2-uE.html
Matic iOS
Matic iOS 日 前
Break ups are so hard , my Long distance relationship gf left me in like one month ago after an small argument we had , im so in chocked right now because i never imagined that she can do that and simply leave and deleting her instagram and discord account..... i rly miss her so much i can’t eat or sleep at night i just can’t do anything i wish she comes back someday i rly love her :(
naomi 日 前
You will get through this! Yes, life might not be exactly how u planned but don’t worry it will all work out in the end. Just don’t give up. God’s got u!
MintPolo Homer
Everyone is being played
MintPolo Homer
Bye Jack
MintPolo Homer
Gabrielle friend Sydney made a video. You need to watch it jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA--yjZznR2-uE.html
David Mierzejewski
Jack, and Gabrielle if you’re reading this. I have watched both of you since about 3-4 years ago. I have taken a break and not watched for a while but came back and coming back and watching all of your vids was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I respect both of you so much and am sad to see you guys part, but when you both figure yourself out you can always come back together. You both though you’d marry each other, and people say it’s never too late.
Life of Sam
Life of Sam 日 前
Feel sorry for Jack if he see’s the Sydney Forysth video literally slagging him off the entire time calling him out on everything I dont believe the video. I know from watching these I felt exactly like this when I was going through a terrible break up. Jack is genuine and an amazing guy who will succeed in the end. For Gab to give her friend permission to slander him disgusts me cuz if Gab feels that way to remove all photos on her instagram and actually move on like she keeps talking about... She said not to send hate to him yet she flipped a coin and oh look they all sending hate now to call him out on everything telling us he’s a fake and a manipulator!!! #teamjack!!!! Love u jack from 🇬🇧 stay strong
yesi araujo
yesi araujo 日 前
go check out Sydney Forsyth’s video!!!! he’s not who he thinks you are and their relationship was toxic. He was toxic.
Erin Wainger
Erin Wainger 日 前
EVERYONE GO WATCH SYDNEY FORSYTHS NEW VIDEO. JACK YOU ARE A DEVIL AND CRUEL. HOW DARE YOU ACT LIKE THIS. U MANIPULATED ME. u do deserve to suffer. i cant believe what you have done it’s absolutely disgusting 💀
Erin Wainger
Erin Wainger 日 前
MeCraft he made her suffer tho
MeCraft 日 前
Yooo wtf chill jack doesn’t need to suffer bruh. He just needs to get help if all of this is true.
ArbiterXII 日 前
Can someone tell me why they broke up?
Julie Smith
Julie Smith 日 前
Behind the scenes it was a very abusive relationship and Gab finally couldn't take it anymore. see jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA--yjZznR2-uE.html
Jolina Jaap
Jolina Jaap 日 前
I cried like it‘s my own realationship that broke....
Blk mnn
Blk mnn 日 前
Jack you are waay better without g...
Ivan Lendl
Ivan Lendl 日 前
It’s not healthy to date someone from early high school days on through to marriage in the 20’s. People change as a person multiple times from 15 through 30. The odds of both people staying on the same page through that maze is almost impossible. And for sure it’s better for a person to date multiple people in life before settling down and getting married. People think they want one thing but they often find out what they thought they wanted is not at all what they want. Trial and error. And then being a couple in the public eye (JPvid or reality shows etc) is not healthy for a relationship. They’re tough enough as it is.
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