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Revlon Oval One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizing Styler
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Lady VIP
Lady VIP 3 ヶ月 前
Elizabeth Siliezar
Elizabeth Siliezar 4 ヶ月 前
yesss team rafael!!!!
Joyce Dominguez
Joyce Dominguez 4 ヶ月 前
Al 5 ヶ月 前
Yosaira Espinoza
Yosaira Espinoza 5 ヶ月 前
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this product!!!! Worth every penny! It saves me 40 minutes every morning!
Akittycat48 6 ヶ月 前
It takes way too long for me to do my hair and loud, almost like vacuum loud. I returned mine after 2 days of trying it out. Also, I only use the 2 curling wands, and does not need the volume brush or straighten brush. I needs curls, and this does not hold the curls well, unless I use styling product which I don’t like to use on my hair. Overall, too much work. It’s great if you have money to waste and time.
Martin Wyatt
Martin Wyatt 7 ヶ月 前
Crap like all his rubbish
I really wanted this to work for me but I found that it would frizz out my roots as the curler got closer and dyson blowed all the air back into my roots.
JennBeauty 10 ヶ月 前
Would like to see more of it❤️
vampyr zireael
vampyr zireael 10 ヶ月 前
the sound stresses me out lol
Ashley Harris
Ashley Harris 10 ヶ月 前
Holy Nails
Holy Nails 10 ヶ月 前
team Raffael forever!!!!!!
Anne Rivers
Anne Rivers 11 ヶ月 前
do you wear extensions?
Bianca Torres
Bianca Torres 年 前
I saved up and bought the regular dyson blow dryer and loved it! However, last year I was traveling because we had just heard my grandpa passed away and someone stole my luggage that was in my car. I’m one of those people that think things could have been worse like what if I was walking back to my car and someone came up and robbed me. But it’s a material thing that wasn’t important at the time it was the memories I had with him. I had to rebuy makeup, skincare & hair care however it’s def expensive lol. So I bought the revlon 2 in 1, found a discount code and used some points & got it for $20! But it is pretty amazing! I have a lot of hair & it’s long and straight but a little frizzy so the revlon gets the job done! It gets my hair smooth and straight and if I want to it can have a little curl at the end. It also never tangles the hair or gets stuck! Hope this helps anyone!
Norma Gonzalez
Norma Gonzalez 年 前
Of course it worth the money!! The most important thing is that don't put extreme heat on your hair everebody invest a fortune to repair their hair so... if the airwrap do the job without frying your hair it totally worth it!
Maria Ramos
Maria Ramos 年 前
Desi that’s like half my life savings
AngelinaLuna 年 前
Desi have you tried the Revlon One Step? To me it does a better job and it cost $47.49 in Amazon.
J M 年 前
for the price, and how long it takes to dry, so I pass on this product
I prefer Panasonic hair dryers and stylers to Dyson's.
Andy V
Andy V 年 前
I want this soooo bad but ohhhh the price😬😬😬😬😬😬😬
raerae1984 年 前
Please read the directions.
Laporsche La Belle
Laporsche La Belle 年 前
There’s no way that will work on my 4c hair 🤣🤣🤣
Nora Earley
Nora Earley 年 前
It’s cool and I would love it, but it costs more then my student loan payments so....
errgilbert 年 前
Could you do a hair care routine/products video? You hair looks so good 🙈
ghia wafa
ghia wafa 年 前
Its a good styler but I think the price is not worth it for now.. I would wait on black Friday or wait when costco sells it.. they always sell Dyson products in costco and it is wayyyy cheaper..
Kaylin Domonkos
Kaylin Domonkos 年 前
Can you try out the Revlon one and compare ???
Kaylin Domonkos
Kaylin Domonkos 年 前
Jane the Virgin is sooooo good youll love it 💜💜
Silver 年 前
Naturally straight haired girls, Katie, she's talking to *you!*
Ms. Kasey
Ms. Kasey 年 前
Girl, I love you... But what’s this extra earring? We stand by this decision?
sh3ikh4 年 前
Please watch tutorials on this item. You used the curler wrong... should've been used on damp hair and you didn't need to curl your hair round it because it automatically does it for you.
Denisa Voinescu
Denisa Voinescu 年 前
I’m the only one who is goin crazy looking in the comment sectiot for someone that likes that BOMB EARRING as much as I do??? where is that from???
desislava921 年 前
I think you need better hair cut.
ariana pagnotta
ariana pagnotta 年 前
i know im late on my comment but GIRLLLL TEAM RAFFAEL ALL THE WAY
Stephanie Rodrigues
Stephanie Rodrigues 年 前
Lol I don’t see natural curly hair
Lauren Tobasco
Lauren Tobasco 年 前
Did you buy the product?
Maggie V
Maggie V 年 前
Last ten minutes of every blow out I have a meltdown like a 5 year old. I just can’t
Mrs S
Mrs S 年 前
My hair isn't so bad I need something that expensive to fix it.
Maria Parisi
Maria Parisi 年 前
That’s not how you use the curling attachment!!!!
Holly Eveleth-Moreno
Holly Eveleth-Moreno 年 前
I'm a hairstylist and if you use the smoothing attachments (that look like paddle brushes) it would work much better for your hair closer to the root. And then you could switch to the large curling iron attachments at the ends.
Jennyfer Portillo
Jennyfer Portillo 年 前
YESSS! Team Rafael! I just got into the show too!!!!
Gallia Herrera
Gallia Herrera 年 前
Looooooove your hair
Kristi Bufton
Kristi Bufton 年 前
All the other reviews people aren't really a fan...
Ssandhar 年 前
You need to try this product out with the curling attachment the way it’s made to be used. It’s a game changer! Beautifully blown out curls. My hair game is next level since purchasing this
Sophia 年 前
It’s an amazing tool ! I usually blow dry my hair but mainly roots with the dryer head so it takes less time using the round brush. I cannot go back to using a normal hairdryer after using this it’s just not the same The curling one is supposed to be used on damp hair, the air wraps your hair around by itself so no need to twirl your hair around it.
Cananini 年 前
You Look very bad without makeup
I just chopped my hair off no no! Lol!
Johnny Grey
Johnny Grey 年 前
I neeeeeeeed that cuff earring, does anyone know where it’s from? And Love Dyson-everything they have is worth the price.
Jeni Overton
Jeni Overton 年 前
I know some people could never justify having this... but my old blowout and curl time was almost an hour and a half. Just blow drying my hair was like half an hour. Now I use this and I can blowout my hair in like 15 minutes with the brush attachment, and I can get my curls in like 30 minutes. My hair type is: long, coarse, frizzy, curly/wavy. 10/10 would recommend this tool lol.
Sonia Gongora
Sonia Gongora 年 前
your hair is suppose to be damp...not dry. Please retry the curler attachment with damp hair...it's life changing.
Haley Marie Beauty
Haley Marie Beauty 年 前
I don’t get the hype of this product. You can create so many amazing hairstyles with much cheaper hair tools and products. Save your coin babes💰
linaaanah 年 前
I thought you were wearing AirPods giiiirl lol
steph cho
steph cho 年 前
I am obsessed with the Dyson styler!!! I have thin, straight hair. however, my hair cannot hold a curl with a curling iron, so using the curl wand just works. I start curling with it damp and it works wonders. if you let the hair wrap itself around the barrel, it does a tighter curl. if you do it the way you did it, it will give you a beachier wave. I just love how lightweight it is and once you get the hang of it, it's a lot quicker than holding a regular hairdryer in one hand and a brush in another.
Kristen Powell
Kristen Powell 年 前
I think if I had that much hair and it took that long to blow out I would buy it. My fine hair takes less than 10 from soaking wet to completely dry
Jaime Bellon
Jaime Bellon 年 前
I still say get a blow dry cream or spray. It'll cut your blow dry time in half or more.
Nerea Portoles
Nerea Portoles 年 前
*4:36* that happened bc you unrolled the top with the heat on, so as you were unroll in it you were straightening it. When unrolling the last part you turned it off. Ik im explain myself like shit hope someone understands.
Bird mom
Bird mom 年 前
Juarez 年 前
Wtf!! Nahh i didn’t see that shit do anything magical! I ain’t spending no $550
Ali Giavanni
Ali Giavanni 年 前
I love the revlon one! It's definitely WAY heavier but for the cost I'm down with it ;)
Justine Juz
Justine Juz 年 前
This was therapeutic AF to watch! xx
Ahmad Hussein khatri
Ahmad Hussein khatri 年 前
Beautiful hair styles very nice
T Coates
T Coates 年 前
I'll say this...I have mixed hair. It's fine, curly on the back but straight on top, frizzy & it dries pretty fast so I don't blow dry it if I don't have to to lessen the damage to my hair. I like it curled as it looks fuller. I thought the curl you made was crappy for as much as that thing costs & as you continued the video it disappeared😳😳
Taylor Ashton
Taylor Ashton 年 前
Ok soooo I need this...we have the same type of Great Lengths so I trust ur opinion!!
Mary Lay
Mary Lay 年 前
Grace Hamann
Grace Hamann 年 前
Jeanelle Bentajado
Jeanelle Bentajado 年 前
Haven't even started watching the video and the answer is no LOL
Melanie Mercier
Melanie Mercier 年 前
I was already wanting to get it so definitely worth the price!!!
CJ knose
CJ knose 年 前
No . Hair doesn’t look 500$ better . Love u tho .
Petra Alexander
Petra Alexander 年 前
The Revlon brush is just as good and it costs about $60 dollars. Love you Desi, but unless you got that baller money there’s no way the Dyson is worth the money. Their stick vacuum cleaner though is amazing. Just sayin’.
adriana perez
adriana perez 年 前
i kind of wanted to try it but it is always sold out
Jessica Rolewicz
Jessica Rolewicz 年 前
Anyone else just not coordinated enough to round brush their hair while using a blow dryer? 😭😭😭
Creator Ash
Creator Ash 年 前
Jessica Eden
Jessica Eden 年 前
You should get a keratin treatment it has helped my hair so much!! But I think I’ll stick to my blow dryer and round brush✌🏼
Ximena Soto
Ximena Soto 年 前
Love Jane the Virgin, just started watching it as well
Amal Malik
Amal Malik 年 前
Can u do an updated favorite brushes?
Cammy K
Cammy K 年 前
Nah you can get way better results with a normal blow dry???
Ashley Paez
Ashley Paez 年 前
Chickyyyy do a review on the revlon one!!!
Kathryn P
Kathryn P 年 前
Does anyone still use mousse!!! I could go to my hairdresser and be pampered I don't know how many times for the cost of the Dyson. It works well though and your hair looks lovely 😘.
Trish Romero
Trish Romero 年 前
You didn’t use it right!
Pardeep Basra
Pardeep Basra 年 前
What type of extensions does desi have?? I swear I can't even tell it's extensions!!
Desi Perkins
Desi Perkins 年 前
Pardeep Basra Keratin extensions 💕
Erika Rae
Erika Rae 年 前
I saw the thumbnail and already I was like, no. It's not lol
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