[4K] TWICE 트와이스 'SET ME FREE' 뮤직뱅크 1위 앵콜 직캠 (TWICE Encore Facecam) @뮤직뱅크 230317

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GoGoTwice 13 日 前
Finally a win❤!!! Twice are producing hit after hit, changing styles from cute to mature, as well as going on World Tours and streaming their shows. This group of girls is INSANE, but yet they stay humble and caring for the fans.
Delana Biggers
Delana Biggers 8 日 前
​@Ruthvika Keshagouni Wait fr? This song made me a ONCE LOL!!!
딱딱 8 日 前
@Ruthvika Keshagouni your mom😂
날아라치킨 10 日 前
Yall hating on Koreans or knetz is ridiculous within comments. Many k-onces didn't know their comeback due to lack of promotions and airing. And koreans in general lost interest on twice. Not cause of American thing that rumor is going on. The end
날아라치킨 10 日 前
​@Dezzzybug you believe that rumor? Barely any knetz think that. It's made up by internationals. K-onces didn't even know this comeback was out due to lack of promotions and that koreans lost interpret in twice. That is it. Not because of America thing. Stop believing what internationals say by translating, picked on postings that's only few
S B 13 日 前
this is how you should celebrate a win, just singing and having fun. not worrying about how they sound or how perfect it is. they sound amazing, i'm so happy for them.
Marta Castillo
Marta Castillo 10 時間 前
I would've liked if they were singing on time :/
Francisca Black
@kcjdhfjfj so? Just because most of them didn’t sing great in this encore it means they can’t sing? XD Mina was sick, btw. She was not feeling well at all, that’s why you barely hear her. Not all the members in TWICE are vocalists. Tzuyu isn’t, Chaeyoung and Dahyun aren’t either. Jihyo was flawless, as was Nayeon, and Jeongyeon was amazing as well. Sana sounded really loud, even I was surprised. Momo exceeded the expectations, she’s good now. They sounded off because they were singing without being able to listen to the song properly. They could hear it but with delay and with many noise. So , naturally, it was difficult for them to sing well. Please listen to them singing , for example, their song Rewind, live at their concerts. You won’t be disappointed.
2 baddies 1 porsche
but they are singers, right?? singing is the best thing that a singer can do, even if they are having fun
Alex-재민 3 日 前
@moon_asthetic_08 apparently
kcjdhfjfj 3 日 前
@Francisca Black im a twice stan and you dont gotta be a hater to know that their vocals are mid and almost all of them, if not all, are unstable. You cant even hear half of them
주식 왕초보 올챙이
오래도록 활동하는 것만해도 칭찬받아 마땅한데 음방 1위는 물론이고 세계적으로 더욱 더 성장해 가는 모습이 정말 정말 아름답고 자랑스러운 트와이스..!! :)
주식 왕초보 올챙이
@김세찬 네 훌륭하십니다. :)
김세찬 8 時間 前
@주식 왕초보 올챙이 저는 자기 파트 한소절조차 라이브를 못하는 사람보다는 훨씬 더 프로의식이 있는 것 같습니다
주식 왕초보 올챙이
@ㅇㅇ 님은 트와이스 보다 성장했는지 프로정신을 가지고 살고 있는가에 대해 스스로 머리카락 쥐어 뜯으며 돌아 보길
ㅇㅇ 2 日 前
성장이 있었을까? 프로의식 제일 없어보이는 그룹인데
D D 13 日 前
한국에서는 4세대가 인기라고 생각했지만 댓글을 읽으면 아직 트와이스도 인기인 것 같아서 기분이 좋다 트와이스가 다시 한 번 한국에서 빛날 수 있으면 좋겠다고 생각했지만 지금 있는 팬들을 소중히 여기고 그냥 트와이스가 오래 활동해 준다면 그것만으로도 더 기쁠 것 같아요 감사합니다 트와이스 그리고 본국원스들
하운 Houn
하운 Houn 4 日 前
@이해석 멜론만 그럼 ㅋㅋ 다른데 보니깐 순위 괜찮던데
D D 8 日 前
twicexbts seriously?????? I'm glad to hear that🥹🥹I dream that TWICE will become the TWICE of the world
jbswag 9 日 前
18 daesangs, 323 awards, most streamed gg in US and JP, most streamed gg on melon, 13M physical sales etc etc etc YAS TWICE ARE FINE AS HELL
pruit v3
pruit v3 10 日 前
@ester_istp just haters lying to show off their jealousy and blame famous idols for their sad lifes.
DJ Koo
DJ Koo 10 日 前
8년째이며 모든 멤버 재계약 했고 소속사도 그대로인 그룹… 또 있나? 너무나 객관적으로 봐도 역대급같은데? 차트인 못한들, 일등을 못한들, 이친구들에겐 그건 이미 중요한건 아닌거 같아보이는데… 그냥 속으론 더 단단햐지고 겉으론 여유가 보여서… 멋지기만하네… 이미자 선생님도 차트인 못하는건 알긴 알지? 차트인 하는 모든 가수에게 가서 믈어봐라… 이미자보다 자신들이 차트인 했으니 유명하고 대단한 가수인지…
Piglet & Twins
Piglet & Twins 12 日 前
They are gaining back their live singing confidence ❤ Love to see them enjoyed it 🥰 everyone looks happy!!! Congratulations for the first 🏆
D D 13 日 前
트와이스 1위 축하해용!! 행복해 보이는 트와이스 보면 저도 행복해요 한국에서도 오래 활동해주세요ㅠㅠ
manuela 13 日 前
thank you so much to other ONCE’S for helping twice 🍭🫶🏻 out and giving them an amazing score!! Keep streaming so we can get all kills on the charts 🎉 💖
Jauhelihakeitto 11 日 前
@Happy honey its called you not knowing shite about staging cause literally even the antis know this is live (just scroll through the comments and you will see people saying how they didnt sing good here, which we both know is a lie since u think its so gr8 it sounds lipsynced) or tell me, why would a prerecorded song be out of sync and have a voice crack? math aint mathing
Happy 11 日 前
@Jauhelihakeitto its called lipsync and the only good vocal is jihyo I guess the rest is like karaoke night
Happy 11 日 前
@skeleton flower lipsync queen
skeleton flower
skeleton flower 12 日 前
​@Happy same can be said for newskirts. Who, just like twice, only have 1 member who is consistently sings well
Jauhelihakeitto 12 日 前
@Happy You seem so obsessed with twice since ur here tho, thank god they served good vocals even with earpieces in so u had a pleasant time
Nicolas 2 日 前
que cantaba jihyo, no? espectacular
Julie Lee
Julie Lee 13 日 前
역시 트와이스는 완벽해! 역대 케이팝 그룹중에 최고야. 내 삶의 원동력!❤ Twice forever~~!!!
아아아 13 日 前
Julie Lee
Julie Lee 13 日 前
@Francisca Black Thanks!♡
Francisca Black
Francisca Black 13 日 前
Vojtěch Malý
Vojtěch Malý 13 日 前
The powerful Sana singing that was incredible and the pitch that Chaeyoung sang was amazing.. Momo also greaaat!
Mike It Happen
Mike It Happen 13 日 前
I'm just smiling watching our queens enjoying the stage, slaying in vocals and dancing with grace and power. 😊 Congrats Twice!! 🎉 Thank you fellow Once 🥰
Intan Warih P
Intan Warih P 6 日 前
​@NADscircle ASMR i'm sorry but i just hear nayeon and jihyo's voice:(
Orange_cocopuffs 1228
@NADscircle ASMRy’all say stuff like this then wonder why idols never sing live anymore 😩
뿌쭈 10 日 前
@NADscircle ASMR get a life
Jauhelihakeitto 12 日 前
@NADscircle ASMR Maybe know how stages work before commenting 😂 most members didnt have their earpiece in which means its way harder to feel the pitch and rhythm, thats why. Also bfr stop lying lmao, watched the thing and heart maybe 2 voice cracks (from nayeon and jeongyeon which are two of the stronger vocalists in twice, which proves my point)
NADscircle ASMR
NADscircle ASMR 12 日 前
Slaying vocals? Please don’t lie bc nowhere in this video they did such thing. All I heard was voice cracks, them singing not on beat, and etc.😅😂
Angela RF
Angela RF 13 日 前
No estoy llorando, no estoy llorando...ok ¡si estoy llorando! Qué hermoso el verlas sonreir y disfrutar del primer win. ¡Vamos por más!
Katrina Miranda
Katrina Miranda 12 日 前
❤❤❤ my 9wise
Trissy L
Trissy L 13 日 前
I honestly almost burst out crying when I saw their total score. So happy for them. As expected, they are still so humble, always thankful to their fans for their wins; be it on stage or off stage. Congratulations on the win, teudoongies! 💗
mia 13 日 前
Lalisa girl.. they were talking about who twice were competing with during august/TTT era.. getting so defensive and for what 😭☠️
Trissy L
Trissy L 13 日 前
@Munggo Lloyd as long as you give love to them, they will return your love twice as much.. that's just Twice 🥰
Munggo Lloyd
Munggo Lloyd 13 日 前
The most wholesome comment I have seen so far here.
picket fenced
picket fenced 13 日 前
SANA DID SO AMAZING LIVE , her voice has gotten so much stronger, she deserves so many lines
정누구 13 日 前
울와이스 1위 너무너무 축하해!! 진짜 이번 활동도 건강히 잘 마무리 했으면 좋겠다 항상 응원하고 사랑해❤
YJK 13 日 前
이번 노래 안무도 찰떡이고 노래도 중독적이던데 1위까지ㅠㅠ 역시 트와이스!!♥︎
Holly 13 日 前
Wow they havent been on an encore stage in like a year and a half!! So happy to see them back on :)
bellamario 13 日 前
It’s refreshing. Pop won quite a few but only after nayeon stopped promoting. so excited to hear encores again!!
우동균 13 日 前
음방 120번 1위하고도 열심히하는 모습 너무 보기좋당..역대급 걸그룹
Maynor Morales
Maynor Morales 7 時間 前
​@ㅇㅇ en que momento dijo eso? Un poco de comprensión a la hora de leer
이야 뽀로로다
​@ㅇㅇ 자기 멋대로 해석하네 ㅋㅎㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅎㅎㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎ
ㅇㅇ 2 日 前
1위하면 열심히 안해도 괜찮다는 속뜻이있네? 팬들 제정신임?
Francisca Black
Francisca Black 10 日 前
아폴로리 13 日 前
9년차에 저렇게 꾸준히 활동하고 팬들 소중하게 생각하는 그룹이 또 있을까싶다
이야 뽀로로다
​@ㅇㅇ 넌 저번부터 트와이스를 왜 깎아내릴려하니 ㅠ
@ㅇㅇ 悪い議論無いしw嫉妬?
ㅇㅇ 2 日 前
동시에 트와이스만큼 안좋은 논란많았던 그룹도 얼마없긴함 ㅋ
Maryam 4 日 前
@Francisca BlackLFMAOOO WENDY = JIHYO?? 😭get a grip pls do
별빛 5 日 前
@정훈전 년차로는 9년차에요! 데뷔 7주년 지났구요
Francisca Black
Francisca Black 13 日 前
Nayeon's voice cracks are the most perfect thing in the whole world * o * I love her voice so much!
Francisca Black
Francisca Black 12 日 前
@Munggo Lloyd right?? She’s my bias because I just can’t get enough of her voice haha
Munggo Lloyd
Munggo Lloyd 13 日 前
At this point, she is doing it intentionally. Her vocal cries are good to hear I love it.
포테이토 13 日 前
팬들이랑 같이 앵콜하는 거 필스 이후로 진짜 오랜만에 보는 듯ㅋㅋ 넘 보기 좋다🥰🥰
owo 12 日 前
트와이스 오래된 연차에도 열심히 활동해줘서 너무 고마워 🥺❤️ 앵콜때 원스들 함성들은게 얼마만이야 ㅠㅠ 이제 일위 많이 시켜줄게 !!
j j
j j 13 日 前
이렇게 함께 해줘서 너무 고맙고 앞으로도 건강하게 행복하게 활동해주길~❤ 1위 축하해요🎉
트둥동네 응원대장킴완쓰
재계약 이후 새로운 모습의 트와이스를 표현하기 위해 다들 열심히 준비했을텐데 그 보답을 받은 것 같아서 너무 기뻤습니다 1위 진심으로 축하하고 릴레이댄스 세레머니도 재밌게 잘봤어요 사나 따라하는 다현이, 모모 따라하는 나연이 넘 귀여웤ㅋㅋ 음중 인가도 무대 잘 해서 마무리 잘해보자 트트잘 ♡
Ayasami 13 日 前
Momo is really improving a lot, her voice is actually quite powerful and I look forward to MISAMO so I can hear more of her singing :D
Happy 13 日 前
@Jeongie's lap blanket just stating the obvious have u clean ur ears lately ?
Jeongie's lap blanket
​@Happy Why are you here? I see you under every comment. Get something better to do
Happy 13 日 前
@Ayasami cuz autotune
I agree with you
I agree with you 13 日 前
​@Ayasami They're talking about the unfortunate live encore incident from way back. On the actual recorded song she nailed it, but the live was a disaster. They said it's because it's not in her comfortable range.
Ayasami 13 日 前
Also, I don't know what you guys are going on about with comfortable range... Just listen to Bouquet, way higher than she normally goes and it sounds sooooo good
RayYogaFire 13 日 前
Alright!! An encore where they're not shying away from singing live!! Keep it going! The vocal training and lessons never stop!! Keep getting better and better TWICE!!
Kaz 日 前
@notes and did u really watch the vid? she's just walking, you can literally see her are you blind? is that already hiding to you?
Kaz 日 前
@notes for god sake they're just there to celebrate, they can do whatever they want. Is it an actual performance? no right? does their performance here need to be perfect? no right? calling them unprofessional when all of the idols who also won, did the same thing, playing and fooling around. You're too serious, give them a break.
notes 日 前
@Kaz its not professional and ethical to hide when its your turn to sing
Kaz 2 日 前
​@notes and so? hides or not, she still sang, your problem?
​@wassup your ears probably have ear problem. Go and get it checked
siyeonsbff 13 日 前
I wish chaeyoung and dahyun sang more cus they sounded so good here 😭
bellamario 13 日 前
No seriously!!!! That rap should’ve been a bridge because the one line where dahyun sang sounded really nice!!!
おめでとう🎊🎊 長年アイドルやっててここまで人気保ててるのは本当にプロデュースすごい、、、 ずっっと応援します。I love TWICE!
みにゃ 9 日 前
우리 트와이스 1위 축하해ㅠ♡ 태어나 주셔서 고마워😖 앞으로도 건강하고 행복한 하루 보내세요!넘 사랑해용、、、
Ch@nd@n🤍 2 日 前
Twice r just getting popular Worldwide ❤❤💯💯💕
ㅎㅎ 13 日 前
멤버들 다 신나보여서 너무 좋다💕💕 트와이스 사랑해💙
송영훈 13 日 前
오늘도 음중에서 1위하자 트둥이들 데뷔 8년차 햇수론 9년차 항상 원스들 챙겨주고 생각하고 소통하고 잊지않는 트둥이들 고마워 지금처럼 트둥이들 원스 영원히 함께하자 ❤️😄😄🥰🥰
이야 뽀로로다
​@가짜뉴스네여기도 이게 립싱크면 입 엄청 크게 벌리고 노래 불러야하나 보네?
Swwksp 12 日 前
@가짜뉴스네여기도 영상 안보셨나?ㅎㅎ cd를 삼켰는데.ㅋㅋ
happy 12 日 前
음원차트 차트인도 못한 곡이 1위라니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
수정해.. 횟수가 뭐냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Choi아름 13 日 前
트와이스 뮤직뱅크 셋미프리 1위 축하해!!!! 본방사수했는데 보면서 얼마나 기분이 좋고 행복했는지 몰라~ 트트잘 원원잘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
원투 13 日 前
it’s amazing to me how they’re already at their 120th win! i hope the girls, as well as the very supportive fans, know they’re amazing
Angie T.
Angie T. 13 日 前
Soy once y me siento tan orgulllosa de mis twice reinas que bueno que ganaron su primer win vamos por mas!! Pd: stayc bellas igual
슈링 13 日 前
앞으로의 행보가 너무너무 기대되고 노래 나올때마다 1위 했으면 좋겠어 이렇게 1위하고 예쁘게 웃는 모습 봐야지!!❤
Chaeyoung tu patrona
Let's vote for TWICE on Mcountdown and idolchamp for more wins!🙏
xHikari 13 日 前
Great encore TWICE This will shut the haters! Congrats on their 120th music show win and even getting 12k points? the power they hold even after 7 years
L 11 日 前
@sims2lovealot no, it's not a fact, you're just giving your opinion, in fact there are no off key notes, they all sounded good, especially the vocal line, the track's audio is out of time because what you hear in this video are the air monitors that always tend to generate echo, no member is out of time, Twice are not only dancers, they are a group that covers every aspect and to say that they sound like rookies is a lie to the proof of this video where their vocal was very higher than many other groups
sims2lovealot 11 日 前
@Francisca Black Woah OK this is quite the response. I appreciate the passion. But firstly, I'm not a hater, I'm literally going to their world tour in May and I'm looking forward to hearing what they sound like live in concert. However it is a FACT that they did not sound that great here and, sorry, but biased fans claiming that they're tired and there's 9 members and they're not all vocalists yada yada just isn't a good excuse and doesn't cut it for a girl group that - as you're saying - is meant to be the standard. Not all of SNSD's members were vocalists but they slayed every encore and all of them were stable. Jihyo, Nayeon and Jeongyeon didn't sound too bad here but they were clearly straining and were trying to "sound" good instead of just singing naturally. You can not be a vocalist position but still sound good and stable. Yeri and Irene aren't considered vocalists yet they, also as a 7-year group and leaders in the industry, are incredibly stable and have trained their vocals to be able to sing comfortably live. You can't have the audacity to claim that they're tired when literally every single kpop group is tired and works crazy hard. For a group that's meant to be at the top of their field, it's just a little bit weird that they still sound like rookies in their encore and it's even weirder that ONCEs are standing up for them with silly excuses when it's totally OK to admit that they're just not the best vocalists. They're great dancers and that's their key strength, vocals isn't and, again, that's OK.
Francisca Black
Francisca Black 12 日 前
@sims2lovealot btww, I forgot, Mina sounded the way she did because she was very sick. Her voice is still so beautiful. Idols are human, they’re not superhuman. They feel sick and tired. Stop treating them like machines
Francisca Black
Francisca Black 12 日 前
@sims2lovealot broo, they are 9 members. Not all of them are vocalists. And that’s okay, wthh ?? Jihyo, Nayeon and Jeongyeon sounded absolutely amazing, Sana was very loud and sounded amazing as well. Momo’s rap was a SLAY, as was Dahyun’s, but her voice is just softer so she’s not very loud, but her rap and singing were beautiful! You gotta be deaf.. Tzuyu was not as great as she usually is, and Chaeyoung wasn’t great, she sounded very tired I recognise that. But you have to understand their schedules are HECTIC, they’ve jumped from the Billboard awards, to promotions , all in the US, to preparing promotions in South Korea. They must be VERY sleep deprived and with terrible jet lag. But just because they sound tired doesn’t mean they don’t sing well. Literally, just listen to their live concerts, the mr removeds… They all have melodic voices, they ALL can sing! It’s a FACT! They are the standard. Just because they sounded tired here doesn’t mean they don’t have good voices. They do. They train a lot. They’re the most passionate and dedicated girl group in the industry! Ofc, you haters only focus on encores, that are times when TWICE get 3 hours of sleep per night.. Of course they are bound to be exhausted. But you guys are so biased, you don’t understand. TWICE have many more comebacks per year than any other group, they’ve been active since DAY 1 (ONE), for almost EIGHT years now!! Do you understand what that means?? When they are promoting, they have a hectic schedule and barely sleep or eat. They were in the US. Can you say the same about Red Velvet and AESPA?? How many times a year does Red Velvet promote? One? Two? TWICE promotes at least 5 times every year! They consistently promote in Korea and Japan, and have been promoting in the US and doing world tours as of lately as well. TWICE never stop! So stop comparing other groups to them. They’re on their league. They stand on a different level, babe. And, instead of focusing on encores, focus on their live concerts, that’s when they are at their best!
necromancer196 13 日 前
This is already great? What a low bar
Luis felipe Sandoval pizarro
Dahyun al terminar se despidio a todos los artistas ❤ esos pequeños detalles son las que más valen en una persona.
차근차근 공부하자
트와이스 1위 축하해요🎉🎉🎉앵콜도 너무 너무 잘했어요 무엇보다 즐기는것같아 더 행복해보이네요
혜원 한
혜원 한 13 日 前
rinaaa 13 日 前
quỳnh giang nguyễn
Thank you so much TWICE. This comeback makes me feel so happy. Thank you for being TWICE, i will be your side forever.
Fernanda 13 日 前
Omg their vocals improved a lot. So proud of them
Carter Jones
Carter Jones 日 前
@Noelia Gomez yeah ik!!! I just saw it today! They literally sounded SO good! probably one of the best I've seen! I'm so proud of them for getting their first win. I was really hoping we would get to see Twice and Nmixx promoting at the same time but oh well lmao.💙
Noelia Gomez
Noelia Gomez 日 前
​@Carter Jones watch Nmixx encore, all of them sound exactly like the studio version. Also, I agree with you. Twice has improved a lot and I know they will continue to improve their skills.❤
L 11 日 前
@U C Twice has done it in several encores as well, feel special in inkigayo is an example, what the other comment tries to say is that encores are not a performance, IT is a time in which groups celebrate their efforts and their fans.
U C 13 日 前
@Carter Jones lol u def missed out 2nd gen, and some 3rd gen Snsd literally performed during their encore, RV and Mamamoo too.
Matthew K.
Matthew K. 13 日 前
Idk since when this happened. I noticed Mina often hiding or back off while singing her part on encore stage. But, Mina always sing her part okay-ish, rarely out-of-tune even sometimes pretty similar to her recording version. I guess insecurity and anxiety of 'not-singing-good-enough' is there (especially after all netizen's antic for their encore). Ladies, you all just need to be confident. Let it out, set yourself free while singing.
Jesus Chafloque
Jesus Chafloque 13 日 前
Even if Jeongyeon is one of the most stables voices in TWICE, JYP IS NOT TREATING HER AS LEAD VOCALIST, PLS GIVE HER MORE LINES‼️‼️‼️‼️
F 12 日 前
신곡 너무 좋아요 ᴖᴖ 트와이스 화이팅♡♡
라이브 즐기는것도모자라 너무 잘하고 갓벽함 사랑해 짱와이스❤🎉
ㅇㅇ 2 日 前
라이브 잘한다고 하니까 저주댓글이나 받지
​@フリスクチャンネル 네 아니에요😂😏
絶対に翻訳するなよ?🇻🇳 तिमीलाई श्राप दिइएको छ । हप्तामा हड्डीहरू बिस्तारै भाँच्छन्। यदि तपाईंले यो श्रापलाई बेवास्ता गर्नुभयो वा यसलाई ध्यान नदिई छोड्नुभयो भने, तपाईंको शरीर असामान्य हुनेछ। मद्दत गर्ने एक मात्र तरिका मसँग दर्ता गर्नु हो
nouf veldon
nouf veldon 13 日 前
I love JIhyo so much. She is always so confident in her ability to sing, not matter what.
kk 2 時間 前
트와이스 진짜 너무 이쁘고 잘한다. 이젠 다들 아우라가 생겨서 너무 멋있음.... 지효 카리스마... 진짜 팝스타 같음.. 노래도 개잘하고...
peng 13 日 前
다들 노래도 잘하고 분위기도 너무 좋고 귀엽네 트와이스 1위 축하해용ㅎㅎ
Diace Jr Dalagan
Nayeon slaying those high notes! Queen!
Abaleen D
Abaleen D 13 日 前
Nayeon and jihyo live vocals are so good
Grandma Xiami 蝦米娘娘
Stars 🌟
Stars 🌟 13 日 前
Congratulations to lovely Twice!!
Seulrene Michaeng
Omg congrats to the queens on the first win and can’t wait for more. They r so cuteeeee and funny and gorgeous, love them so much ❤️❤️❤️
몬지알지 13 日 前
트와이스 120번째 1위 진심으로 축하해!!! 남은 음방도 건강하게 그리고 행복하게 보내자🫶🏻 트트잘 원원잘!!
Woodylim Willian
Woodylim Willian 13 日 前
Yes, TWICE :-)
Sweetyrinrin 13 日 前
언니들 정말 수고했어 (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) 축하해🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
鄭雲龍 13 日 前
StM 13 日 前
친구? 친구!
친구? 친구! 13 日 前
Im glad they Won! ❤Love you Twice :D
Emery ^^
Emery ^^ 13 日 前
FELICIDADES A LAS REINAS!! vamos por más 👑💗
유뿌이뿌이 12 日 前
@domi 글자나 똑바로 써
domi 12 日 前
먼여왕 웃기고맀네
young 13 日 前
1위 축하해요 트와이스 멋지다 셋미프리 노래도 안무도 넘 좋음
이야 뽀로로다
​@ㅇㅇ 빌보드 차트 200에서 2위한게 망한거구나~ 적어도 방탄 정돈 되야하나보네?
ㅇㅇ 2 日 前
망했는데 좋다니까 더 놀리는거같네
안녕하새우 13 日 前
ㅇㅈ 계속흥얼거림.. 노래존좋ㅠ
Alma Rivera
Alma Rivera 12 日 前
Mis niñas, que orgullosa estoy de ellas 💜
k足 13 日 前
TE 13 日 前
めんま 13 日 前
Victoria Wise
Victoria Wise 13 日 前
Cate 13 日 前
I admire Twice for constantly evolving and working hard to bring out good music. I have stanned them since their debut and I will continue to stan them going forward. This is a bond between we Onces and Twice. So happy for their win today! There could be ups and downs in their career, but we should never let the norm of previous girl groups dictate where they should go and achieve!
victor 13 日 前
I’m sad how high the chorus is though. Nayeon Jeongyeon and Jihyo all took the time to reach the proper note in the chorus so they fell behind the beat slightly. They were clearly struggling
Se las ve muy contentas y seguras, han madurado mucho como artistas. Felicitaciones Twice.
Anto Z.
Anto Z. 13 日 前
I love Twice shutting haters about their vocals, its shame they didnt had their in-ear but they slay anyway!!!
Lyssa Caros
Lyssa Caros 9 日 前
the relay dance was cuteee, i love them sm. their music evolution has been the most satisfying to witness
Harmony Park
Harmony Park 13 日 前
Tenzin Wangmo
Tenzin Wangmo 13 日 前
Congratulations TWICE for SET ME FREE 1st win
흑흑 13 日 前
트와이스 라이브 폼 미쳤다 ㄷㄷ 9년차에도 발전하는 그룹 어케 안 사랑해... 1위 축하해 사랑헤❤️❤️
rinaaa 13 日 前
David Alvarez Lanatta
De verdad que verlas tan felices a nuestras reinas me hace muy feliz!!!!....hay que seguir aumentando las vistas para ver más momentos así celebrando con nuestras reinas 🎉🎊🥳🤗😍😍😍 Fighting Onces!!!
StM 13 日 前
Las llevaré en mi corazón para siempre. Se merecen lo mejor del mundo😍
Tw200 -
Tw200 - 13 日 前
wow they all sound so good live love their live vocals
Jaida 13 日 前
I think is their best encore yet, sana and momo did so good
Jaida 13 日 前
@Asxtro and tzuyu sounded a bit nervous
Jaida 13 日 前
@Kpop World she sounded more comfortable singing tho
Kpop World
Kpop World 13 日 前
SANA always good at encore😍
notscary 13 日 前
I still think their best is alcohol free, but they seem to have fun here. And its been a while since they look so happy during a encore
Asxtro 13 日 前
@MALTEZO, BOBBY DENVER D. oh yeah I forgot! I’ll edit my comment.
minari sunshine
minari sunshine 12 日 前
컴백마다 새로운 모습 보여주는 열심히 탈려온 트와이스 사랑해 💚
Tzuyu Chen
Tzuyu Chen 13 日 前
Thank you for still being active on your 8 years! TWICE never let ONCE bored and waiting too long for new song to enjoy. It shows how TWICE really appreciate ONCE. Let's have more fun this year as well! Stay happy and healthy for future activities especially the 5th World Tour. I'm looking forward to it! ❤❤❤
young_soul 13 日 前
너무 잘해 트둥이들❤
natalia ruiz
natalia ruiz 13 日 前
Nayeon is so funny, I love her so much! 😭❤
vaughn 13 日 前
sounds exactly like the studio version
튜브 13 日 前
트와이스 1위 축하해🎉🎉🎉🎉 다같이 행복해하는모습 보니까 너무 좋음 ㅠㅠㅠ♥️😭😭
devilish 13 日 前
They did so good😭💋
TWICE truly is the most beautiful girl group that I have ever seen. They are so charismatic and talented. Also thank you for giving us good music. Thank you TWICE!
yoon 10 日 前
Manikrara Santina Dewantari
Yeah, congratulations, TWICE!!! 1st win for Set Me Free 😘💕🎉
今村真子 13 日 前
モモラップ生歌しっかりうまくてにこにこしちゃった 1stWINおめでとう!
rinrin rin
rinrin rin 13 日 前
트와이스 1위 축하해 😍 올한해도 건강하게 활동 잘하자 ~! 너무 너무 축하해!
Madison Stephens
Madison Stephens 13 日 前
Congratulations on your 1st win and Twice l love you so much and hope Mina is feeling better today 🎉❤️🎊
키티 13 日 前
나 진짜 트와이스 너무 사랑해!!!!❤❤❤🎉🎉
ㅎㅇ 12 日 前
언제나 항상 밝게 웃으며 원스들을 위해 열심히 무대 해주는 트와이스! 오늘 앵콜도 너무 완벽했고 역시 만능 아이돌! 앞으로도 영원하자 항상 고맙고 또 고마워요 악플은 신경 쓰지 말고 행복하고 건강하게 무대 해 주세요 셋미프리 더욱더 흥하자! 사랑해요!
Phoebe Li
Phoebe Li 13 日 前
our girls did so so so good so proud of them let’s get more wins
ReGGa Kusdana
ReGGa Kusdana 12 日 前
Selamat 1st win nya 🎉🎉 Sukses selalu TWICE ❤
징징이 13 日 前
1위 축하해 😚 트와이스도 원스도 행복길만 걷자 ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
アズリエル 10 日 前
ricoletta 13 日 前
budyy 〇♡
budyy 〇♡ 13 日 前
Korean netizens please LISTEN and STREAM Set Me Free on K-charts like Melon, Genie, Bugs and so on!
하나만더 13 日 前
구독 한번만 눌러주세요 ㅜㅜ 부탁드립니다
Buri NAZAR wale Tera baap Hu main
Live voclas on fire bruhhhhhh 👑🔥🛐 queens of K-pop twice 👑 for a reason 🔥 proud of you queens congratulations ❤️❤️ btw ONCE keep streaming buying and voting on mnet mcountdown, idol champ and mubeat let's show them how much we love them ❤️
K PPp 13 日 前
Fire?? Lol
maicn89 13 日 前
라이브 너무 잘하고 그냥 음원만 들을때 보다 무대랑 같이 보니까 노래가 훨씬 더 좋다 🥰
Set Me Free by TWICE
Congratulations my Queens, you girls deserve this ❤
Sonic: Clone Chaos (Part 2)
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