470 FEET FOR OHTANI! Shohei Ohtani CRUSHES a LONG homer against the Royals!

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Shohei Ohtani absolutely crushed a 470-foot home run against the Royals on Tuesday night.

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12Hatcher23 5 時間 前
The ball Fell into his bat? What? It’s that simple? I should have taken up baseball. Who’s the Mr Know it all?
I'm Japanese, but I'm glad that Shohei is active. I hope that the major leagues will be lively with Shohei's success.
無糖層 sugarfreeLayer
3:18 Watch directly.
Julian Ruvalcaba
These commentators are so trash
Rey Rey
Rey Rey 2 日 前
Did they change their hitting coach? Ohtani’s launch angle has increased so much this year. That’s what I was hoping for this year,.
tubenachos 3 日 前
The CF didn't move an inch 😂
MyBallSack Itches
For fucks sake the hit is at 3:19
red flag
red flag 4 日 前
Ohtani is built like one of my mlb the show players it’s crazy
Richie Anthes
Richie Anthes 5 日 前
Imagine the pitcher after this homer...
cinnaminson 06
cinnaminson 06 5 日 前
The best player in the world
f 1
f 1 5 日 前
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 6 日 前
ディーズナッツ !!!!!!!!!!
Nato Alvarez
Nato Alvarez 6 日 前
0:49 that's what she said 😅🤷🏼‍♂️😅
Nice 7 日 前
*18歳以上のみ ONLYFANS* MEETME.BABY JPvid: this is fine Someon: says "heck" JPvid: BE GONE однако я люблю таких рыбаков++
Rosannieh dianahm
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Yoshiko Takeda
Yoshiko Takeda 7 日 前
3:15 you’re welcome
omegamanGXE 8 日 前
How does he have such perfect skin 😩 it’s not fair
2020 7 日 前
He is an East Asian.
shatner99 8 日 前
3:41 Thought I was in a huge sports bar for a second.
Zalapski 8 日 前
All Natty def no P E D use
Asafo Rider
Asafo Rider 8 日 前
This guy may be the greatest baseball player of all time
Wolf B
Wolf B 8 日 前
i don't know that you could've thrown an easier pitch to hit on that HR..
Gablesman888 8 日 前
That's a 3 metal wood shot.
Data Ender
Data Ender 8 日 前
Garret Anderson’s and Ohtani’s swings are smoother than smooth
Big Shoe
Big Shoe 8 日 前
A reminder that the Los Angeles Angels have never made the playoffs
Hunter Conklin
Hunter Conklin 8 日 前
3:17 💃💃💃
Dillon6479 8 日 前
Trenbolone swing
Tyson Boothe
Tyson Boothe 8 日 前
ugh...3:20, you are welcome
J Berry
J Berry 8 日 前
Do hitters normally fist bump the batboy? Check it at 3:44
David Seres
David Seres 8 日 前
Nice home run...but what I noticed a moment after he made contact was the pitcher's reaction...I was a pitcher in my Little League/Babe Ruth League days, and I know that feeling/look that - as the ball sails over your head - you resign yourself to the inevitability that it's a home run😢...
Dominique Kunzman
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Vue Lee
Vue Lee 9 日 前
Otani is the nice bully.
松本寿利 9 日 前
Stiltzy 9 日 前
Bet player and Otani's translator were talking baseball for his at-bat. 3:25 He gives him the most "See, what did I tell ya?" high fives ever haha
hank france
hank france 9 日 前
The man to win a MVP but not a Cy Young
Danny Nguyen
Danny Nguyen 9 日 前
I felt bad for the ball
ballybunion9 9 日 前
Home run is at 3:17.
Lukas Cage
Lukas Cage 9 日 前
Anything that travels that far oughta have a damn stewardess on it, don’t you think?
Dylan Hughs
Dylan Hughs 9 日 前
DON 9 日 前
If trout were healthy
C. R.C.
C. R.C. 9 日 前
Real suspect that pre 1970 folks were hitting 500+ foot bombs, and these dudes train with world class supplements and facilities, and they're trying to say that was only 450'? Get outta here....
Len P
Len P 9 日 前
I don't watch baseball anymore but this dude seems like a modern version of Babe Ruth in the fact he is a really good hitter and pitcher. Babe, of course, was a prolific hitter but there seems to be similarities.
carminemg 9 日 前
3:10 for the HR
Bogum my
Bogum my 9 日 前
“Some people don’t like you just because your strength reminds them of their weakness. Some people are going to reject you because you shine too bright for them. And that’s okay. Keep shining. “ Ohtani, please stay strong, don’t let them bring you down.
papi 3 日 前
@Bogum my my what is like what?
Bogum my
Bogum my 6 日 前
@papi you mean yours? Yeah, right!
h w
h w 6 日 前
@papi agree with you 100 %
papi 7 日 前
dude this is such a stupid cringe comment
papi 7 日 前
Joe Jorsted
Joe Jorsted 9 日 前
Painfully bad announcers.
investor Winwin
investor Winwin 9 日 前
This guy is a monster
Wolfgang548 9 日 前
The only other pitcher I'm aware of that hit this well when going up to bat was Babe Ruth. And according to Google, Ohtani's rookie card is already valued at $100,000 and he's been in the majors only 3 years.
Stanley Liang
Stanley Liang 10 日 前
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citylims 10 日 前
Not a great pitch.
Rocky Rumman
Rocky Rumman 10 日 前
EviLLivE Clan
EviLLivE Clan 10 日 前
juiced ball is juiced
リエ オカ
リエ オカ 10 日 前
i dont know about baseball but i can tell he's handsome.
Walter Mendez
Walter Mendez 10 日 前
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Barry Miller
Barry Miller 10 日 前
Working the count, then BOOM!
Vine Street
Vine Street 10 日 前
Simple, humble, yet devastating!!!
B K 10 日 前
3:19 you are welcome
Riley Mundt
Riley Mundt 10 日 前
I know it's a home-run so it's irrelevant, but I don't think I've ever seen a shift actually work. When the field shifts, the batter is practically guaranteed to be safe and on base.
jmg999 10 日 前
He has such a sweet swing, and when he connects, he just drives that ball a mile.
Nate Deacon
Nate Deacon 10 日 前
What's up with the insanely long clips these days? Just show the home run.
Christopher Concepcion
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Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez 10 日 前
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Shinzo Fukui
Shinzo Fukui 10 日 前
Phil 10 日 前
Smart play would’ve been to try to hit a grounder down 3rd base line.....is what analyst was saying. Ohtani just hit over the shift instead
Euro American
Euro American 10 日 前
MLB 21 The Show has Ohtani a 37 contact VS. lefties and 75 power VS lefties. They need to buff that immediately. He's been killing lefties this year.
Aaron Schulman
Aaron Schulman 10 日 前
From the side view, the hands look just like Griffey Jr.
In It To Spin It
In It To Spin It 10 日 前
Guitologist Channel 2
Too bad I stopped watching MLB.
GQ 10 日 前
"they were up there tryna do as much damage as they could... like that" perfect call
Ramon Arambula
Ramon Arambula 10 日 前
Anyone know the Angels record?
Garfield Fat Pack
how is that pitcher in the big leagues?
gnarkillx360x 10 日 前
Where did it land you ask, on Jupiter!
danny R aka dboy
danny R aka dboy 10 日 前
if Othani keeps it up ,he forsure deserves to be this years 2021s “MVP” he is a Real Solid ball player & a certified Asset …bcuz of him the end of the line up is suuuuuper Dangerous !!
H.M. 10 日 前
3 letters: MVP
Bob Jines sr
Bob Jines sr 10 日 前
Oht has the power
Jay L
Jay L 10 日 前
Duneedon 10 日 前
This dude absolutely murders the ball.
Carlos Figueroa
Carlos Figueroa 10 日 前
We need true baseball fans. Baseball is more that this man.
Krush 10 日 前
Wow, thanks vanced for bringing me right to it
Carlos Ruiz
Carlos Ruiz 10 日 前
Bubic knew that ball was gone as soon as it left his fingers 😔
pat22nasty 10 日 前
Baseball so boring they have to stretch out highlights lol Jesus
Tootspogs Forever
and yet you're here watching dummy!!!😀
Watson Owen
Watson Owen 10 日 前
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Cizzymac 10 日 前
Babe Ruth is smiling down at this young man.
Katharine dianahp
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Terry Smithson
Terry Smithson 10 日 前
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Tyler Ensminger
Tyler Ensminger 10 日 前
I didn't think he'd able to be really great at both but he's been able to dominate at both
Maxmike 10 日 前
Tyrone Smith
Tyrone Smith 10 日 前
He is the BEST player in the game today without a doubt!!!!!
NYGOLD 10 日 前
Video starts @3:15 Ohtani is a beast!!!
GRod 10 日 前
Congratulations to those including my self who have his rookie card.
Unfocused Senior
Unfocused Senior 10 日 前
Even though that was crushed, it seems like he could connected even better. Needless to say, the moon even ducked on that one.
Tootspogs Forever
they say in one video, it was not even at the sweet spot😀
what!!!! the announcer said, "sayonara" and wasn't fired???????
Kid Poker
Kid Poker 10 日 前
the two most overrated athletes in the history of sports and their both on the same team
Tootspogs Forever
yout mom!!😀
Phillip Beckman
Phillip Beckman 10 日 前
He is good for baseball. Great player and I'm holding onto my rookie card
D R 10 日 前
Shohei Ruth
タカタカ 11 日 前
くだらない!喜ぶな。 日本最高の若い選手が、アメリカで、夢を歩いてる。アメリカさん、小汚い金、金金、主義なら??年で、最低、10億は、払え!我らの宝に!
Monica2929 11 日 前
Fernando Bueno
Fernando Bueno 11 日 前
Helping his own cause ... forgot he’s also DH
WayHighDudeMan 11 日 前
Six Tool Shohei
goodhorn9go 11 日 前
New words Ohtamania
Diany Kelly
Diany Kelly 11 日 前
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