30 Days: The Kai Cenat Documentary

Kai Cenat
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Deshae Frost
Deshae Frost 14 日 前
Love brotha🤞🏾Honored to be apart of the journey💯
Melvin Smith
Melvin Smith 7 日 前
I almost fell asleep watching this video
YasmineMyna 7 日 前
MILK 10 日 前
this love fr
Joseph 11 日 前
Hi, 👋 I have bad news and good news to share with you. The good news will however cover up the bad news and the bad news wouldn't matter after u hear the good news. The bad news is that we all are sinners, and must get punished for all of our sins by spending eternity in hell, BUT the good news is that God still loves us soo much he sent Christ, his only Son to take the penalty for all of our sins instead, by dying on the cross to save us from going to hell and so we can have eternal life with Christ and God in his kingdom that is full of happiness :) On the third day after Christ died, he rose back from the dead which proves he's God. Even though we were separated from God, he came to earth in the form of his Son and died on the cross to bring us back to him, to adopt us as his children :) All we have to do to go to heaven is just accept Christ as our Savior and Lord because Christ died so we can go to heaven :) God really loves us and wants a relationship with us all :) God bless you and have a good day😁
Honey_Folu 11 日 前
I feel you, Deshae
TimeBucks 12 日 前
Kai is super inspiring!
Ds Oli
Ds Oli 21 時間 前
Ram Bhool
Ram Bhool 2 日 前
sujata dalmotra
sujata dalmotra 3 日 前
Jaymo910Clips 11 日 前
"When the world is against him I will be at his feet supporting him" She is exactly what every mother should strive to be. Congratulations Kai you deserve it all.
madhu madhu
madhu madhu 5 日 前
Nice video
iDesireComp 10 日 前
Exactly I love his mother and she definitely plays a big part in his success I know I’m gonna make my mom proud when I’m older
Xavier 12 日 前
Almost cried as he reaches to world record this dude really inspirational man
Sundus Muse
Sundus Muse 12 日 前
i’m not a day 1 supporter but seeing kai makes me happy and he really is him.
Lauran Schutjens
choi an
choi an 7 日 前
Kedo 11 日 前
this video legit made me tear up knowing where kai came from to where he is rn. to anyone who see's this anything is possible you will make it
van truong thi
van truong thi 7 日 前
Rwchon Gomes
Rwchon Gomes 14 日 前
Crazy how he went from a kid just making short instagram skits to the biggest twitch streamer on the planet. inspirational.
Prod. 7ixon
Prod. 7ixon 23 時間 前
@Edixim yeah ice spice doesnt need skill, just luck. Shes lucky drake found her
Edixim 日 前
​@Prod. 7ixon ice spice exists lol
Prod. 7ixon
Prod. 7ixon 9 日 前
@XLdanielsX hell nah being famous is too much. 99% of the time i would rather be rich than super famous
XLdanielsX 9 日 前
@Prod. 7ixon you want to be famous some of us want unknown success
Sangysang 10 日 前
Cuz he sold he’s soul obvious shit
Dozi 12 日 前
One of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen. All love Kai🖤
Selly 🫶🏼
Selly 🫶🏼 13 日 前
Love this 🫶🏼 I remember when I met Kai in 2020 & he was telling me he couldn’t believe how many people were noticing him and all the fans he had now look at him now so proud of you 💕 you deserve it all such a humble, down to earth genuine guy 🙏🏼
Selly 🫶🏼
Selly 🫶🏼 9 日 前
@MindOfManny oh ok 😏
MindOfManny 10 日 前
@Selly 🫶🏼 rizz in the YT comment section lmao never said nothin ab u i said him
Mali Caplot
Mali Caplot 11 日 前
@ChoasARB w rizz
Polao2 11 日 前
@ChoasARB oh my days
Samantha Andrews
Samantha Andrews 12 日 前
For the past month he’s gain over 200,000 subscribers and he did it with the support of us, friends and family. I watched everyday and I was very entertained. I’m so proud of him and I hope he doesn’t stop. Congratulations on the success
syd 5 日 前
Kai deserves all he is getting,his energy is so unmatchable ,Kai is the most energetic person and is so funny. Kai went from a kid that was just making shorts for Facebook to a young man who won steamer of the year TWICE I love Kai!!!
Jon Sandman
Jon Sandman 14 日 前
You deserve it ALL man. W
IAmThatGuy 9 日 前
@Obese_Loserbro hating 🧂
Josiah 13 日 前
WOW. Jon Sandman, love your vids man. remember watching your old vids with Sodis and the first crate battle you had with Athena.
Shrike 14 日 前
Love your videos dude ❤
Infamous Kno
Infamous Kno 14 日 前
Casual Jon W
Annette Arce Flores
We love you Kai keep going your happiness and smile is what makes us smile ❤❤!
Geo 11 日 前
Kai inspired millions of people like me to never lose hope and never give up and to keep going. He's like a stepfather to alot of people around the world. He's always there for his community and that's what make him one of the best humanbeen in the world W KAI 🎉🎉🎉
Jemraldiii 10 日 前
Stepfather is crazy gang😂❤
josoxeli1 13 日 前
From a toddler to a legend
WOW 😮, this SUBATHON DOCUMENTARY was very very incredible, inspirational, very motivational, you worked very hard to make this possible Kai, all of the planning, all of the ideas, everything that was written on the board happened, you, your Team, your chat, made the vision you had spoken about become a reality and you accomplished many things, you broke the Record, you made it through the 30 days, you made the Month of February even more special, plus it was Black History Month which added to how amazing this Mafiathon was, you made it to the finish line of the MAFIATHON, this was 30 days of CELEBRATIONS, I stopped by and it was fun, it was very entertaining to see you doing something you enjoy and Love, I'm proud of you Kai for being an example and all the encouraging words you speak, helping us realize we can accomplish anything we put our mind too, and work very hard to earn it, your chat, AMP, your Team and everyone who helped make this possible, are GOATED for helping make this possible, now we need to motivate you and encourage you, to get all the rest you need so that you can come back stronger and be able to do more, to keep going forward ⏩, May God continue to bless you and your Family, May God Continue to Bless your Mother, your Brothers, your Sister, your Team, your Chat, AMP, DASHAE FROST, YOURRAGE, NLE Choppa, RDCWORLD1, and everyone who is around you helping you in any way possible, May God give you more Love, Energy, Ideas, Wisdom, and Strength to keep enjoying what you do, but most of all, THANK YOU TO GOD, for gifting you his breath of life daily to make it through this MAFIATHON, for allowing you to make this possible and giving you the strength and wisdom and energy to bring all of your ideas into life for 30 days, but what you did during that time and will continue to do, will be remembered and last for many Generations, Decades, Centuries, keep helping people for the Glory of God, and allowing you all to enjoy the Long Journey this took to do, May God continue to bless and be with always every single day Kai, I have nothing but Love and Respect for you brother, ALL THE GLORY BELONGS TO THE LORD OUR GOD, MORE BLESSINGS UPON YOU AND YOUR FAMILY GOD LOVES YOU ALL AND HE IS WITH YOU ALL, ALWAYS AND FOREVER ♾️ 🙏🏾👊🏾👍🏾.
We need more people like this guy. The energy is unmatched.
Absorber 14 日 前
bro just made history 🖤
uday 13 日 前
bro get a job
Danielle Mays
Danielle Mays 14 日 前
Nah fr bc tho he really did
v 14 日 前
low on views huh?
Ysmen Odah
Ysmen Odah 6 日 前
Low key tearing up of how happy I was for you hitting 300k ❤ all love since day one 💯✊🏼💪🏼 keep going Kai! You deserve this ❤️
Stormy 13 日 前
Amazing Kai! I was there for all 30 days. My man watched in and out. He told me that shit is inspiring. Now he is streaming everyday because of you Kai. He loves it! Thank you for being such an awesome person! I enjoyed everyday and was fully entertained! Blessing to your team and every guest you had. Thank you for going above and beyond for your supporters! You gave it your all and we’re so proud of you! I love you so much! God bless you! W KAI CENAT!!!! ❤❤❤❤
Antonio Cetrangolo
isane bro, beyond proud of how far you've come and the inspiration you are to millions of us, keep killing it brother ❤
Reazzy 13 日 前
Kai this was so inspiring and we are all so proud of you. Thank you for making my day better without even trying you’re a role model. I love how humble you are. I’m so glad out of all the years that ever existed on earth were able to see this an we’re born while all this is going on.
veronica 12 日 前
Kai is so humble and inspirational, this was such a good documentary. May god bless him and send him INFINITE BLESSING upon him and his people surrounding him. Great job to his amazing team. Kai I love you sm.
Samuel Fagbewesa
Samuel Fagbewesa 13 日 前
This documentary is not only educating but a masterpiece Kai proving to everybody that anything is possible through God ways 🙌🏾🙌🏾🖤🖤
pink floyd fan
pink floyd fan 9 日 前
Joseph 11 日 前
Hi, 👋 I have bad news and good news to share with you. The good news will however cover up the bad news and the bad news wouldn't matter after u hear the good news. The bad news is that we all are sinners, and must get punished for all of our sins by spending eternity in hell, BUT the good news is that God still loves us soo much he sent Christ, his only Son to take the penalty for all of our sins instead, by dying on the cross to save us from going to hell and so we can have eternal life with Christ and God in his kingdom that is full of happiness :) On the third day after Christ died, he rose back from the dead which proves he's God. Even though we were separated from God, he came to earth in the form of his Son and died on the cross to bring us back to him, to adopt us as his children :) All we have to do to go to heaven is just accept Christ as our Savior and Lord because Christ died so we can go to heaven :) God really loves us and wants a relationship with us all :) God bless you and have a good day😁
XXXTentaclez 11 日 前
curry and cheese
Kion 12 日 前
bro aint nobody watching this shi💀
iDesireComp 10 日 前
This documentary has truly motivated me to conquer my dreams if Kai went from just making skits on Facebook to being the number 1 streamer in the world I know I can do anything I believe I could do so proud of u Kai I’m glad I was here the whole 30 days to watch you make history it’s MGM 4L🤘🏾
Jewlyssa Perez
Jewlyssa Perez 10 日 前
I genuinely feel like Kai was born to do what he’s doing
Nate 214
Nate 214 2 日 前
This guy is something different man. So proud of you Kai, you made my whole month of February. YOU ARE THE GOAT THEE GOATTTTT KAI!!!!
Bam Lush
Bam Lush 13 日 前
This made me emotional and even more inspired. We witnessed something that was one of a kind and that feeling is being applied to my life. NY stand up.
SpidaLIVE 10 日 前
Kai not only made history but inspired so many to push for their dreams no matter what 👏
John Wick 🅥
John Wick 🅥 14 日 前
Miguel Vasquez
Miguel Vasquez 13 日 前
Let’s just take the time to realize Kai is set for the whole year of of this one month grind he just did for us
Joel Ruiz
Joel Ruiz 13 日 前
You worked, you put in that pain, you never gave up, and now you deserve it all KC3, proud of you man and I aspire to be like you one day 🤞🏼
Samuel Martinez
Samuel Martinez 13 日 前
This man is so motivating! I love him! He deserves the world!! Big things for him and I can’t wait to see it all 💕🍀
Nikki D.
Nikki D. 13 日 前
I’m only a 1:25 in and I’m already bout to start crying while I got this huge ass smile on my face! Ugh you are such an inspiration boy! Your so goofy, smart, spontaneous, caring, giving! I bet your ma is sooooooo PROUD! I wanna hug you and your family so bad! I just got on this journey with you about two years ago and I fell in love with yout comic and your heart on Adins E dates your amazing bro I can’t wait to be on top with you! Your literally 2 years younger than me and make more money than everyone in my family lol KEEEP DOING YOUR SHIT !
raare 6 日 前
so fucking proud of you Kai, you the goat and you don’t need to do anything else to prove that been a fan for 3 years and will always be a fan even if I become big as well. Love you You leprechaun 🧡💫🔥 KAIMAFIA4L MGM OVER ANYTHING 😤
Johan Elsborg
Johan Elsborg 12 日 前
Proud of you Kai. You really did it!
Lil Fredo Beats
Lil Fredo Beats 13 日 前
Keep grinding and shining Kai. Continue to prove everyone that doubts the impossible much love brotha 🙏🏾👏🏾
Elijah Veilleux
Elijah Veilleux 10 日 前
Much love Kai,brought me to tears, beyond proud of you man 🙌🏽🫶🏼
Samantha Scott
Samantha Scott 8 日 前
This was really inspirational. Congrats Kai!
vhsraid 10 日 前
its hard to find dedication like this on youtube, some youtubers cant even daily upload, its a burn out and takes alot of time and energy. Kai went recording for 30 days straight with a goal in mind, hes earned my sub and everyone else's. This is true work ethic.
Nuno Costa
Nuno Costa 14 日 前
Momma cenat is amazing, Kai is a reflection of her love and hard work. I’m very happy and proud for Kai
6snse 11 日 前
@padarousou FACTS
padarousou 13 日 前
There would be no great men if it weren't for great moms 💯
GBG DopeBoy
GBG DopeBoy 13 日 前
Nah fr
Comarm 11 日 前
congrats kai, you deserve it all fr!
Spa World
Spa World 13 日 前
Right after watching this my motivation shot all the way up keep grinding yall we can make it happen fr WE TOUCHING THAT BAG OFF A CAMERA
Nicole Baby Maples
Kai is definitely inspirational with every last energy frfr
JustKaay 11 日 前
Pure entertainment & love from you so you forever have my support shine on Kai !!🤞🏽💗
Julius Jackson
Julius Jackson 12 日 前
Kai , I personally want to say that you are an inspiration to me and so many others. The fact that you made it this far is just telling you and everyone else that there is always something greater than what we can even expect
Christian Camacho
Man his mom’s speech to Kai at the end broke me that’s motherly love right there
Wolf The Lightskin
much love kai this was a moment of history i was glad i watched. Thank you for the content everyday ill miss it but ure streams will always be peak. keep breaking records my boy
WE LOVE YOU KAIIIII NEVER FORGET THATTTT. real respect for giving god thanks before anyone bc he is the only way to things in this crazy world ❤️
Andres Catano
Andres Catano 13 日 前
this documentary motivational af, imma apply this to my life. Keep up the work Kai.
ThePeopleReact 13 日 前
What a time to be alive! We witnessed history 🎉
JohnnysLit 13 日 前
The best thing to ever happen on twitch. call it glazing but I watched every single day of the subathon and it was never a dull moment. Kai you a legend ⭐🐐
Enoch _C
Enoch _C 14 日 前
I watched the whole subathon and was never not entertained. Kai's work ethics and determination is unreal. Truly a blessing.
6snse 11 日 前
@ou!. how’s that a joke
ou!. 13 日 前
@Enoch _C 2020 ass joke
Zaidenyt 13 日 前
No life
Juelzofficial 14 日 前
@TTV_Skull_laz And ya name has TTV in it lmao 💀
Y Zoro
Y Zoro 5 日 前
45:55 getting chills man, got mad inspired thank u Kai
Treez 11 日 前
just insane success bro take advantage of everything u got going and pursue it to the fullest ur a legend g and the haters at the awards gonna really find out now im blown away by the amount of success u have crazy talent think bout it to be a artist and a content creator and be as entertaining as u all at the same time aint easy at all
Fourty4 Media
Fourty4 Media 12 日 前
You truly deserve it 🥰 And The Journey Is Just Beginning For KC3....Super Proud Of You Kai
EXTREME 11 日 前
KAI really never gave up it's like some people right now wanna do all this but they never just did it
Copper 13 日 前
Kai I have been watching you since day one I remember watching your Facebook skits on my moms phone as a kid I grew up watching you, you where an inspiration to me to just be myself and I just want to thank you for everything you have done for not just me the whole community
TigarHD 13 日 前
Don’t be sad it’s over, be glad the journey happened and history was made, proud of you kai and keep being you KC3
Leo chon
Leo chon 11 日 前
Th ending with his mom brought tears man. LETS GO KAI. THE BEST. WE AT THE TIPPITY TOP AND WE HALF WAY THERE BABY
Christian Perez
Christian Perez 13 日 前
Nah bro this is different. His dedication and the effort that he puts into his streams and the videos for amp is just different
Real Aquas
Real Aquas 13 日 前
Crazy experience I have my computer ion all day everyday so seeing all 30 days and the growth of the community and just how hard people push to help is amazing fr fr
LifewQuann 13 日 前
i still respect Kai to shout out his team/family AMP, and his family to still love them and care for them even when he on the road to his journey of becoming the biggest streamer on Twitch and him and Speed need to collab more.
Nevaeh m
Nevaeh m 10 日 前
Congrats Kai you deserve this 🎉❤
Aaron burns
Aaron burns 14 日 前
Bro really just doesn’t know how he impacted all of our lives in such a positive way! Thank you Kai 🔥
John Wick 🅥
John Wick 🅥 14 日 前
*Here is the full clip: Kai commented on this* jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-0fyTPb-l-Ek.html
Aliyah monae
Aliyah monae 9 日 前
this inspiring asf. kai really raising the bar for black content creators. he has it all the energy the personality the motivation of the people around him. im so proud he doing his thing fr , this documentary make me emotional bc im just so proud of him. he deserves everything he has
Lexballl3000 12 日 前
Seeing this made me cry. He worked so hard🥺 proud of him. & the kid that high five him was so surprised and happy🥹💕💕
Theron Gibson
Theron Gibson 12 日 前
He’s not wrong when he says he cares about milestones. That’s what it’s all about when reaching your goals is setting milestones. But it’s crazy how success can bring you a long way🐐💯🔥🙏🏿
2fyerare 13 日 前
You are a legend Kai I never thought you can make my life even better
Johan Melo
Johan Melo 10 日 前
Kai my man, after watching for 22 minutes I gotta say something real quick. You deserve your flowers for this. This, I never seen somebody so dedicated into their craft the way you went about it and to see you succeed in such a big project and release a documentary to show us the love you put into this. It's jus something else. For all of us. It's insanely motivating and I'm just proud as a stranger to stranger, Fan to Creator. This is jus amazing. The word execution has never been more exemplified in my life until I've seen this. Congratulations, you deserve all of it.
Debra: Come over.[L!ve]
Kai is the definition of hard work and dedication from someone who’s from NY and watched his vid since he was doing skits on FB it just make you so proud and if you don’t get motivated from him something wrong with you. Thank you for the inspiration and for changing lives MAFIA FOR LIFE❤️
mrmodly 14 日 前
cap u a bot
uniquejem10 12 日 前
Congrats Kai your hard work truly pays off. Keep it up
Kedo 11 日 前
One of the most inspiring videos I’ve ever seen. All love Kai🖤
Paradisee Streams
This sabathon was better then any show I've ever seen, Imagine watching a person you love watching PLUS he does entertaining shit NON STOP PLUS he does it for 30 DAYS STRAIGHTTTTTTT NIGHT AND DAY
Jamarion Wright
Jamarion Wright 10 日 前
Can honestly say you’ve inspired me all through out your journey..been here since your first JPvid videos, and the Afro with a fade… keep going 💯
OiledThugBooty 10 日 前
Kai deserves everything he is receiving now !
Arko 14 日 前
This really had me tearing up at the end I'm so proud of Kai
6snse 11 日 前
@Highlight Central good
Highlight Central
He just made bank lmao, why are you tearing up?
Xand3rTV S
Xand3rTV S 13 日 前
krispy kreme the way you glazin dawg
gotmefked up1
gotmefked up1 13 日 前
Bro quit glazin💀
Riizk 13 日 前
Truly a big inspiration for so many people. Mad Respect to Kai.
c smokes
c smokes 11 日 前
my brother recently passed bc of his fake bestfriend, he loved watching you and your literally his favorite . he would always come in my room and hear me watching JPvid and always ask me if it was you and man I just hope he’s watching this with me right now . He truly cared about everyone around him, he loved you and adin so much 💔
congrats man !! I love to see success stories!! makes me so happy to see there is good out there !
Ebony Inivory
Ebony Inivory 10 日 前
Had to comment twice. Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 you should be very very proud of yourself. You’ve accomplished things that many people only dream of ❤️🎉👏🏽🔥
Joey 8 日 前
Kai is a hero to me he always takes me to yoo kai you are the best❤
Isaiah Senku
Isaiah Senku 13 日 前
kai is such an inspiration, he's younger than me and he's achieved soooo much! i'm insanely proud of him!
yolrmendndnndndnd mermermetmrmrmr
@ZenoGeekin overused corny comment
ZenoGeekin 12 日 前
Isaiah Senku
Isaiah Senku 13 日 前
@Daniel Barnes lmaoo no, what type of qiuestion is that?
Daniel Barnes
Daniel Barnes 13 日 前
You his dad?
Stackz Frost
Stackz Frost 12 日 前
This why I became JPvidr/ streamer because of these moments and it’s not going stop here kai your going get even bigger bring amp with you❤️ much love from y’all boys because y’all got me on different timing
leticia mungia
leticia mungia 11 日 前
Kai has made it so far he is such a role model watching this documentary made me cry Kai is so inspirational and I believe he can go farther💯💯
Swift Slay
Swift Slay 13 日 前
Almost cry at the end I'm so proud of Kai 🎉🏝🤩
Laine 13 日 前
I’m glad I was able to be alive and present for all these streams videos and clips Kai. We’re all proud of you!!!!
Thanasisx99 12 日 前
This is history!!! Congrats to kai and everyone on this team keep going crazy❤
Shamaria Matthews
Proud of youuuu kai ! 🥺keep going up 👆🏾
Itgirl Ko
Itgirl Ko 12 日 前
Amazing! Keep going Kai🥳 Proud of you!!! Keep making history!
Kris 11 日 前
Been watching you since the skits days, and ima always continue to watch u, kai is such a safe place for me and I’m so happy to see him conquer his dreams. I love u kai keep going ❤️
Peter rossini
Peter rossini 12 日 前
Kai look like he got a good family an friends around him ! This is awesome to see him grow
Loki SinJuggler
Loki SinJuggler 14 日 前
Kai has solidified his spot in the streaming world forever. Young GOAT 🐐
MykLz 14 日 前
He is the GREATEST EVER🐐🐐🐐🐐
John Wick 🅥
John Wick 🅥 14 日 前
*Here is the full clip: Kai commented on this* jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-0fyTPb-l-Ek.html
Glammerous Mata
Glammerous Mata 13 日 前
I don’t wanna ruin my lashes by crying but Kai you’re so great bro u motivate and move so many people! You’re a GOD
We are all Gods hope that don’t go over heads
Mama LuvLite
Mama LuvLite 12 日 前
God sent his children here to learn, teach and inspire. The way Kai have inspire many…. That’s NOTHING but God. So yes he is a child og God therefore A God❤
Deshaun1710 !
Deshaun1710 ! 12 日 前
Bro said a God💀
Crazy how people think supporting is glazing now
bankroll 13 日 前
Happy To be living
This my second time watching it and I’m still crying with happiness for him.❤🎉
Rah 13 日 前
You know how we rockin Kai. We proud of you king
nah what
nah what 10 日 前
kai cenat really made history in just 30 days. I dont think people realize how crazy the shit that he is doing really is. people will genuinly talk about this for years straight
Nature Love
Nature Love 12 日 前
Wow …this made me emotional happy excited just so many emotions in this video love you Kai so proud of you man you did it you was the first to do it congratulations and so happy for you and many more blessings to you 🤝🏾🙌🏾 you deserve it all ❤
ISO 14 日 前
Kai is the definition of having GRIT and determination. He did it. He actually did it!!!!! What a journey
CBRKID 14 日 前
can someone tell me what the heck kai and him says at @14:40-14:45
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