30-Day Wedding Body Transformation

Michelle Khare
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Fianceés Joe and Ashley get *wedding ready* in just four weeks! *SCROLL DOWN FOR ALL INFO ON TRAINING PLANS!!*
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Training and nutrition plans by @FilmFit.Co!
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Editor - Silas Orteza
Assistant Editor - Madeline Puzzo
Camera Operator - Kevin Stiller
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Minjee 6 時間 前
crying happy tears. I LOVE THEM!
Laura OBrien
Laura OBrien 12 時間 前
This couple is going to make it. They're going to be married for life.
Kristine Østergaard
Kristine Østergaard 16 時間 前
I would love to see a meal plan for a vegetarian (not just vegan) ❤️
Your_Majesty 20 時間 前
Guys. I wept😭 this was so beautiful ❤ it's so beautiful to see 2 people come together in marriage nd move on in life together. They make such a great and supportive pair. Their process was so beautiful. And the bride was so beautiful. Look at her! She's glowing😭❤
Ashley Villalba
Ashley Villalba 21 時間 前
I'm in love with ashley's hair😍
Ashley Villalba
Ashley Villalba 21 時間 前
Overwatch editor! That's so cool
Nysha Reddy
Nysha Reddy 日 前
Plot twist: Michelle made this entire video so Garret would propose! You are genius!
linn h
linn h 日 前
but omg the wedding, im crying
Ak Phoenix
Ak Phoenix 2 日 前
I cried at the end
Alice B
Alice B 2 日 前
Can people pleaasseee teach/ learn how to use the rowing machine properly. Thanks 😊
Caroline Keen
Caroline Keen 2 日 前
They are so perfect for each other.
Ter'shia Jackson
Shit i cried
Venya Roy
Venya Roy 5 日 前
Can we talk about how Nick is wearing two watches?
Charity Robinson
I love their love! So much motivation bundled up in one video... Excuse me while I start my own 4-week journey. Congratulations!
Stephanie Landron
y137 6 日 前
I loved how she is absolutely beautiful, but that was not the first thing he said he loved about her
Tutorial Girls
Tutorial Girls 6 日 前
You should be a gymnast 🤸🏼‍♂️ for a month
Mariela Denson
Mariela Denson 6 日 前
you should work with a picky eater
Bella Rodriguez Peña
can you do this for me and my boyfriend please!!!!! we've been together for 5 years and sadly even though we love each other no matter what we've made some unhealthy choices and need some encouragement to get back on track.
Bethany loves you!
I wonder if theirs any way they could do a high School student? As a high school student That would be so cool to watch and a good example for me to follow :)
alishba ullah
alishba ullah 7 日 前
🥺🥺🥺when Ashley put on her dress for the first time i teared up she looks so beautiful and the dress is gorgeous!
Caileigh Mathis
Caileigh Mathis 7 日 前
me and my husband need this !
Jennifer Chacón Salas
I love how this body transformation does not focus on starving and crazy diets. They seem so organic
Sofia Banuelos
Sofia Banuelos 8 日 前
I wish I had that much confidence and I wish I could feel better about myself
lily mata
lily mata 8 日 前
Love this sm!!!!
Maren Loeblein
Maren Loeblein 8 日 前
The rice with the salmon looks delicious! What is the rice called?
Holly 8 日 前
Joe literally looks exactly like Sam from irreplaceable!! Watch that movie last night and omg... :(
Summer Gies
Summer Gies 8 日 前
Did anyone else click on this video because they thought Michelle was getting married?
someone 10 日 前
Want to be healthy so they can live together longer Me: my heart 😭😭😭
Ethan Croft
Ethan Croft 10 日 前
You guys have really mastered the "don't flex in the before picture" method.
Alaina Seery
Alaina Seery 11 日 前
ok im sorry, but is it just me or did the dude remind anyone else of Kevin from brooklyn 99???
ai ko
ai ko 11 日 前
Can you transform a skinny person to a lean and toned person?
Olivia Harper
Olivia Harper 11 日 前
Wow this makes me so happy
Nanami Svetlakova
bruh the way Joe looks at ashley when she talks just makes me go full UwU mode Such an adorable couple
Shama Farhathullah
i need to make social distancing with my refrigerator
ramz 15 日 前
ok but why am I crying in the club watching the wedding
Αθηνά Κωνσταντινίδου
that was beautiful man. wish you the best life.
Advika Anand
Advika Anand 15 日 前
Would love to see a body transformation for someone who wants to bulk up. Someone who is very skinny but wants to look stronger and gain weight in a healthy way. Love your videos Michelle!
I’mDianæ 15 日 前
I need a transformation too😔
dd77890 16 日 前
i highkey need the recipe for that teriyaki salmon it looks so good
Judy Hopps
Judy Hopps 16 日 前
I need an extreme body makeover! I'm not confident in my body and I'm a model! I've put on a lot of weight and I need help!!!!
Olivia Everette
Olivia Everette 17 日 前
I'm crying so much, but happy tears, I can feel their love through the screen
elaineisxyz 17 日 前
omg this couple is so sweet i'm crying
elaineisxyz 17 日 前
omg this couple is so sweet i'm crying
Michelle Bang
Michelle Bang 18 日 前
You should do this with a fast food vegan
Cameron Beers
Cameron Beers 18 日 前
5:57 I'm dying at Ashley's face when he says kettlebell squat! that's me!!
LiabelleLoves 20 日 前
Y'all, I'm going to take a risk and write this comment. I'm going through a breakup and a season in my life where I'm missing people and feeling lonely. I know the pandemic isn't helping, but I feel like it's just me right now. Watching this video was hard, feeling like I lost a best friend like these two have in each other. But I wanted to write this to say, that I have hope for the future. For myself and for this couple. I don't know, I feel weird and emotional, but maybe that's okay. I hope y'all are doing well, too.
LiabelleLoves 19 日 前
@Joëlle Thank you
Joëlle 19 日 前
You're gonna be okay 🖤 this crazy time will pass, and the right person for you is already out there waiting!
Meeem M
Meeem M 20 日 前
I can watch Michelle talk for hour, so beautiful
Cameron Ryan
Cameron Ryan 21 日 前
I cried several times watching this. They're so happy and lovely and I love them
Lauralie Kay
Lauralie Kay 22 日 前
Bruh,I left JPvid for a while after she started singing and when I came back I was vibing to the song and then I remembered it was hers so like, cool! LMAO
Alaina Mazurkiewicz
Tell me Ashley doesn’t look like mylifeaseva’s older sister
Katherine 23 日 前
Such a beautiful couple! And wow Joe's skin looked so much better at the end as well. They did an amazing job and it looks like they had a wonderful wedding ^_^
Višnja Pavlović
when she said "they're just one of those couples that you want to cheer for on the side" i felt that
Nicole Montana
Nicole Montana 24 日 前
You should do a body transformation on someone who’s chronically ill. It’s extremely hard for us chronically ill people to work out and stay healthy. My weight is out of control and it’s so hard to lose weight. So yeah I would love to see that. I’d volunteer myself but I’m on the east coast 😭
Kill Joys
Kill Joys 24 日 前
Ou Brandon gon be maaaaad
MsYohi 25 日 前
Getting married *is* easy. It costs like $90 in Orlando FL. And that's about it. Having a wedding is optional 🤷🏼‍♀️
Noelle Irina
Noelle Irina 25 日 前
This wedding body concept is a joke in itself. I'm willing to bet they'll both gain all the weight back/lose their gains in a couple months after the wedding.
Armah The Trainer
I would be cool to see all your makeovers a season after their times with you. It's the Biggest Loser effect real for these people?
Janina Neven
Janina Neven 25 日 前
The conversion from lbs to kg is incorrect (for all the people out there being confused about how little she lost)
Lorna W
Lorna W 26 日 前
They are the cutest!! So happy for them ☺️
Isabella Camoçato
when she started singing I have no idea how i kept it together because on the inside I was sobbing
The Girly Chat Blog
try rowing 😏
The Girly Chat Blog
Love the video! However, 7.04 lbs is not 1.95 kilos en the same goes for the fact that 3.4 lbs is not the same as 0.45 kilos. Just wanted to point that out. Love this serieus though 😊
Clarity 27 日 前
Can we take a moment to appreciate the reception outfit for 0.25 secs it was on screen bc she was gorgeous in it!
Sunnybear3000 28 日 前
yo if that guy got tan and got abs he would be wayyyyyyy hotter
Lillian Marie
Lillian Marie 29 日 前
i love this couple
NerdyNerdUHeard 29 日 前
That Sims 2 hocus pocus music in the background during the consultation..
Rae Renee
Rae Renee 29 日 前
I’m so happy that I don’t have a huge family because when I get married I’m having a very small easy wedding on the beach lmao just like my dads wedding. So much less stress but still beautiful
Minho and his cats
Ok but let us all take a moment to look at how beautiful Michelle is
Rose Frost
Rose Frost ヶ月 前
If you wanna transform the body of a total stranger, please, I'm ready.
Paula Lucena
Paula Lucena ヶ月 前
I'm 100% Joe waking up
Lexx Reader
Lexx Reader ヶ月 前
why finale??? i love this show :(
Naseem ヶ月 前
Nick kinda looks like Benedict Cumberbatch, especially around the eyes and mouth area. Congratulations on your wedding you two.
Chloee Ng
Chloee Ng ヶ月 前
She should train like a power ranger
Melissa Mondesir
Melissa Mondesir ヶ月 前
Wowwww this is awesome!!! Soooo beautiful
KillerMoose100 ヶ月 前
These are my favorite videos!!!!
Nyawira Wachira
Nyawira Wachira ヶ月 前
I have cried a thousand tears...
Lady Doctor
Lady Doctor ヶ月 前
Can you please give me a makeover Michelle... big fan of yours from Pakistan❤❤
Shi Li
Shi Li ヶ月 前
soooo ugly
Quincy V
Quincy V ヶ月 前
WHEN IS SEASON 2? And how can I volunteer?
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