3 Disturbing True Mall Horror Stories

Mr. Nightmare
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These are three allegedly true horror stories that took place in shopping malls.
Story 1 : u/MallPatrol722
Story 2 : James Pinto
Story 3 : Joe Epstein
Insta: instagram.com/realmrnightmare/
Twitter: twitter.com/mista_nightmare?l...
If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: mrnightmareinbox@gmail.com
Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so please just make them neat and understandable. Please also state how you would like your name to be credited in a video.





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Kam's World
Kam's World 6 時間 前
Literally, I was trying to enjoy the story but when he said "ache-ren" I was like all hell nah be im from Ohio and that just hurt me😂😂🤦🏽💔 "ack-rin" hunny😂😂
IRatherNotSay26 10 時間 前
"There was a bang like noise." *waits for bang* *Hears nothing* Me:Okay, I guess *BANG* Me: FuCK!
Colin mckinley
Colin mckinley 15 時間 前
you said akron wrong
JasonRussell 309
South Carolina is close to me
Perplexity 日 前
3:57 lmbo
Zach Bochy
Zach Bochy 日 前
Do revenge horror stories
Jinxx 日 前
that weak ass jumpscare got me
Vada Wølfingtøn
I have a scary story Read more
*Scariest thing that happened on my life was PRESSING THE "B" BUTTON ACCIDENTALLY while im in the ELEVATOR*
URMOM Is Wierd
2087 anyone?
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 日 前
1:51 - 1:53 i didn't know you were in college
Twisty 日 前
Tbh I jumped on story 1 when he showed the tall man face
sophie 日 前
Can you please do train horror stories?
Mr. Hippo
Mr. Hippo 2 日 前
Pretty scary when you go to a mall to buy something but they don't have it
Archie Da best
Archie Da best 2 日 前
3:58 he looks like fcking dwayne johnson
Johnny T
Johnny T 2 日 前
So many true awesome stories!! Subscribed!
Jeffrey Dean
Jeffrey Dean 2 日 前
I really like the more descriptive visual aids on your newer videos, they really help set the story.
WarriorWill77 2 日 前
1:15 look into the window of the closest shop on the right! 😧
E M 2 日 前
WarriorWill77 Scary!
Thanex 2 日 前
3:53 WHY?!
5 flapjacks
5 flapjacks 2 日 前
Folks need Jesus. Jesus will protect you from evil unseen entities....throw in eternal life as a bonus. If you need teaching on how to start & maintain your relationship with Jesus, the bible teaching site, teachingfaith com has a series titled, 'change of mind'..30+ free streaming videos....it's good stuff.
Givemesweaters 2 日 前
I want to see the video footage
Robbie Barrios
Robbie Barrios 2 日 前
3:55 aye can I get sum of doez beans bruh?
Meaningless Memes
I lost my virginity to a couch
TicketBeast 2 日 前
Andre Russell
Andre Russell 2 日 前
You should try getting urban legend stories like wendigo and etc. it would be really cool
Baylee Pearson
Baylee Pearson 2 日 前
The guy in story 3 has gonads the size of basket balls
Angelina Vargas
Angelina Vargas 2 日 前
3:54 scared the life out of me 😱
Serenity Novalee
3:54 you got games on yo phone
TheJewelTheory 2 日 前
Story 4: Spending $800 at Victorias Secret
Oscar Fox
Oscar Fox 2 日 前
rolling acres!
Michael Rose
Michael Rose 3 日 前
Hey, Rolling Acres! Hometown reference! haha
Archimedes Legion
good job Mr Nightmare watching your videos since 2016 love your videos!!!!!!!
I love roblox
I love roblox 3 日 前
Or videos
I love roblox
I love roblox 3 日 前
I like your vids
SoZaRu Reacts
SoZaRu Reacts 3 日 前
3:57 "Watcha watching? Can I join you?"
Joshua Lynch
Joshua Lynch 3 日 前
S/O Jake for being a fucking G
Spiffy 3 日 前
Story 3 was a default skin.
Bryan Renan
Bryan Renan 3 日 前
3:54 barfs out every meal since 2010
unfazed 3 日 前
3:58 "aye got any games on your phone?
Queen Marshmallow
12:30 am sitting in my bed all snuggled in my covers drinking poweraid.
Queen Marshmallow
Aleksandar Nacevski no reply eh
Queen Marshmallow
Aleksandar Nacevski why am I a cunt exactly? I don’t want a fight just 3 good, solid reasons why I’m a cunt.
Aleksandar Nacevski
Queen Marshmallow shut up cunt
Queen Marshmallow
I actually have story to tell you guys it’s pretty scary Read more
Queen Marshmallow
Aleksandar Nacevski why am I a cunt, give me 3 good reasons, and more solid proof
Aleksandar Nacevski
Queen Marshmallow shut up cunt
MrAlez5 4 日 前
1:15 Darth Maul?
MikeOaht 4 日 前
Omfg I screamed sooo loud at 3:58 Best jumpscare I’ve had in a while
Dill An Clean Bowl
The last story is literally The Smiling Man Part 2😱😂😂
Berk 7
Berk 7 4 日 前
I have a horror story... I GO BACK TO SCHOOL IN 8 DAYS😵😭
Khriss Flores
Khriss Flores 3 日 前
chimtaekook 7 hahaha very funny it will be funny when your face is licked by your ex
That toilet flush😭😭
ryobunkdie95 4 日 前
Shit . Why do you have to put the image and that background music
HeyIts_ Kay
HeyIts_ Kay 4 日 前
I have a scary story One time at the mall I was locked in Forever 21 and my friend had to get security.
zanechaos 4 日 前
@ 3:56 the image 😰😰😰 and the line about being on the toilet 🤣🤣🤣
Not Important
Not Important 4 日 前
That sneaky jumpscare made me flinch.
Noah Bush
Noah Bush 5 日 前
Anyone else notice that at 1:23 there is Darth Mauls head?
Jesus Paz
Jesus Paz 5 日 前
I have a super scary story. I start school in August 23rd
Aleksandar Nacevski
Jesus Paz shut up cunt
I hate in story he says “Acren” ITS ACK RON AKA AKRON. I know this because I visited Akron a few times
OvO Sandusky
OvO Sandusky 5 日 前
I eat mad xani bars while watching these
elite126 arbiter
Weird Propositions
3:55 is my least favorite picture on earth!!!!
M4rshM4il0 420
M4rshM4il0 420 5 日 前
Wearing a face mask, but a punch to the face????????
florence dieperink
6:10 bitch was farting
Deadpool 5 日 前
Story 3 was like The Smiling Man
Mesocruel gaming
I have a scary story In grade 4 I was playing Kingdom Hearts and I heard tapping on the window behind me I opened th curtains but nothing was there so I closed the curtains and it kept happening but nothing was ever there or near there and my room was on the top floor tell me what you think it is.
Gabriel Arizmendi
Now what's more scary than these? Farting in a crowded elevator.
Mesocruel gaming
Who else watched Mr.Nightmare before 1 million
Francisco Carrera
3:58 just cuz of that I dont trust mr nightmare full screen
ItsDarthVader 01
Story 2 you said was in Ohio, you also said your friends name was jake, jake Paul is from Ohio, is your friend Jake Paul?
ClarkeGames 5 日 前
Guess what? Egg and snot
ClarkeGames 5 日 前
Jake is my g
What no way
What no way 5 日 前
3:54 that face tho
Psycho Ninja
Psycho Ninja 5 日 前
Paul Blart is a busy man.
Sarah R Cloud
Sarah R Cloud 5 日 前
1st story, I would have thrown up on myself, especially when the stall was empty.
Alex Dayes
Alex Dayes 5 日 前
Im hiding in the comments..
Fyah Rucker
Fyah Rucker 5 日 前
Potato 6 日 前
Holy fuck Jake is such a legend :O
PieWickedDie Lie
i got a scary story... my mom added me on twitter and instagram
5,000 Subscribers With No Videos
Wow really you shake his hand for saving your life you’re an idiot you should’ve given him a squeezing hug
Black Hearts
Black Hearts 6 日 前
1:22 far right mid screen wtf😂😂
Super Sad Summer
Please do more!! These are amazing
Hank Time
Hank Time 6 日 前
I am from Akron
Hank Time
Hank Time 6 日 前
Omg I have been to rolling acres mall
Ramon  Lopez
Ramon Lopez 6 日 前
I like pears shout out to the other pears
Aleksandar Nacevski
Ramon Lopez shut up *CUNT*
private LTZ
private LTZ 6 日 前
CrispyBacon 6 日 前
Deadsouler the evilest
1:27 is that Darth maul lol
Melissa Storey
Melissa Storey 6 日 前
crazy 1st story
Octo Pie
Octo Pie 6 日 前
I think I’ll just get my stuff online...
Annalisa Poole
Annalisa Poole 6 日 前
I have an idea: How about JPvid Horror Stories? : D
IcyisSpicy 6 日 前
3:34 The person was probably recording an asmr video
michaela bronsch
This one has definitely gotta be my favourite Read more
Lollipop Msp
Lollipop Msp 6 日 前
Jesus you have a really unlucky life
Aleksandar Nacevski
Lollipop Msp shut up cunt these arent his stories
Slothy GamingZ
Slothy GamingZ 6 日 前
Alexis Monge
Alexis Monge 6 日 前
Did anyone else get a porn ad?😂
FadeSkywards 6 日 前
3:50 That was unneccessary.
Rebecca Writes
Rebecca Writes 6 日 前
I Have A Scary Story I'm Starting Middle School
I Like Pie
I Like Pie 6 日 前
Look at Darth Maul to the right at 1:35
llma in hats
llma in hats 6 日 前
Samsung galaxy ad no
Clorpy 6 日 前
Do people really get scared to the point that they need to look in the comments for comfort?
Sarah Lewis
Sarah Lewis 6 日 前
1.5 mill you cant stop now your just getting started 😈
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 7 日 前
Mr nightmare ur stories are really scary and I love to watch it but for some reasons I doubt whether they r true or fake
Its_Gabby Miller
8:46 you got M&Ms ?
Tricia Lee
Tricia Lee 7 日 前
Mr.nightmare? Can you make the stories more scary than your usually stories plssssssssssssssss