3.8 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles WNY

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3.8 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles WNY
Many Western New Yorkers were shook awake on Monday morning by an earthquake.
Earthquakes Canada reported that a 4.2 magnitude quake was detected in the Buffalo region.
2 On Your Side has heard from viewers from all the way in Wilson to Hamburg who felt the quake.
USGS reported that 3.8 magnitude earthquake was detected and was centered about 2 kilometers northeast of West Seneca around 6:15 a.m.









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lunhil12 ヶ月 前
In 65 years I can remember only two small rumbles in the NYC area. There's nothing more disturbing than feeling the Earth shake under your feet no matter how small it may be.
In my 66 years, I remember one in 1979. It gave the kitchen in the apartment a GOOD RATTLE!!
Iris Nunez
Iris Nunez ヶ月 前
@Solangela Lebron An earth quake in NYC would be more than horrific😨
Solangela Lebron
Solangela Lebron ヶ月 前
In NYC it shakes because there are underground train subways. Lol. I've been through a 7.3 Earthquake, had to go all the way to Costa Rica to experience it and it wasn't that bad. Most are not catastrophic.
Iris Nunez
Iris Nunez ヶ月 前
@wandering the middle ground lol some people don't feel it
wandering the middle ground
I'm in the Syracuse area and remember one in the late 70's/maybe early 80's. I had an old steel box fan that rattled, which was the only way I knew.
Diana Canales
Diana Canales ヶ月 前
I remember the quick jolt that made me think a truck hit my house in 2015 in Michigan -- It was a 4.2 magnitude, at a depth of 3.7 miles, centered about 5 miles south of Galesburg, located in south central Michigan, close to the Indiana border and just over 50 miles southeast from where I live. This was felt all the way up near Grand Rapids. Earthquakes are rare here, just like in western New York, but they do happen. Our strongest one was a 4.6 in 1947. My heart goes out to the people who experience massive quakes, like the one that just happened in Turkey. Very scary.
steviebboy69 ヶ月 前
We have had a few minor ones here, 4 in my life, but the one we had about a year ago was close to a 6, and the most powerful in Victoria Australia on record. It shook the shit out of my old house, and at first there was a jolt and I thought the house had been hit. There was another shaker in 2012 that was pretty big as well.
AmericanMade1964 ヶ月 前
I remember this too.
Carol Harris
Carol Harris ヶ月 前
There was just one in West NY, unusual.
Joy Woods
Joy Woods ヶ月 前
Yea, I was from Michigan and had experienced many earth quakes. Just in 2013 in a rural area of lower Michigan, the earth actually dropped away from under my feet as I was walking. My ankle was twisted and my knee buckled, what a surprise. I was suddenly falling to the earth in my dads back yard.
Who Ever
Who Ever ヶ月 前
I was like 4 when I felt my first earthquake but my mom had already told me about them. So I looked around the playroom I was in, noticed that the entire room was shaking and so I realized it must be an earthquake. The friend who was in there with me thought she was going to die but I just did what my mom had said to do when I felt one of these earthquakes and so I got her to go to a relatively safe spot with me. If you know about earthquakes and that they could happen in your area, it makes them less scary. Yes, you will always still get an adrenaline rush but being able to figure out what's going on sooner rather than later reduces the level of anxiety that you feel.
KENYAN Jackson
KENYAN Jackson ヶ月 前
People must repent
Kookie Therapy
Kookie Therapy ヶ月 前
@Obito117 Read REVELATION
Obito117 ヶ月 前
I'm from California and I agree with what you said but none of that will matter when the BIG one hits and floor starts cracking open underneath ones feet. Let's hope and pray that that'll never happen.
trvman1 ヶ月 前
Looks like this darn climate change has worked it's way miles down into the ground :)
Charles Dudek
Charles Dudek ヶ月 前
I experienced the two tremors in the 60s. First I had just got home from school. I was downstairs and my older brother was upstairs in his room working out with free weights. All of a sudden I heard a loud noise maybe about ten seconds long. I figured my brother had dropped his weights so I ran upstairs. My brother had obviously not dropped anything and we figured it was a tremor. We were aware there was a fault line in the area. The next day a couple classmates who lived in the opposite direction as me told me about a St Bernard that loved kids and we were all familiar with him as he would run up to us for petting and to play. He started to run up to them and all of a sudden he turned around and ran away yipping. They looked at each other wondering what was wrong. Within a few seconds they felt the quake. Apparently the dog sensed it first.
Charles Dudek
Charles Dudek ヶ月 前
@Ralfie Right. We discussed dogs early warning ability in class that next day. I think someone brought up other animals too. I remember as a kid worrying after the second tremor a year later. I was thinking we might get a larger damaging quake but it never came. Actually when you get those small tremors it is relieving pressure.
Ralfie ヶ月 前
It is said that a lot of animals can sense an impending earthquake, and dogs are supposed to be pretty sensitive to them. The same goes for people who have seizures, dogs can sense them before they happen.
Who Ever
Who Ever ヶ月 前
I generally sleep through earthquakes of this size too but, then again, the ground is different over there than it is in California and you all tend to feel them more readily and in a larger radius. I almost didn't feel the first of the Ridgecrest earthquakes because I thought it was my fan vibrating the bed until the very end of the earthquake. It happens.
Green Man
Green Man ヶ月 前
You are correct about tremors in the east of the US are felt more strongly and over a larger distance. This is due to what the earth is like in the east. It is much older, harder, denser. It transmits the energy. To get an idea...everyone is familiar with those Newton's cradles gizmos...the handing steel balls. The ball on one side falls against the one next to it, and then the ball on the extreme other end reacts as though it was hit directly. If you replaced the steel balls with playdough the effect is hugely diminished. The east is the steel balls, the west coast earth is the playdough balls.
JediLoreen ヶ月 前
I think we Californians are kind of jaded about earthquakes. 60+ years living in Cali has definitely done that to ME.
Ruthanna Bauer
Ruthanna Bauer ヶ月 前
I grew up on the west coast I have been thru many earthquakes & I have to say this seemed like an explosion & NOT an e.q. Plus the animals reactions weren't typical of those who experience e.q's. Our many dogs, cats, horses, etc. would ALL start really reacting, whining & barking, meowing, whinnying & all of them running as if REALLY startled. Even the chickens & ducks knew ahead of time. They'd all start this behavior a few seconds before we could notice anything resembling a quake. Another thing is that where the e.q's. are located they're different. Some move in a rolling motion like waves on the ocean where others shake & jerk & yet others feel like strikes coming from deep in the earth in a pounding type of sensation. I guess you have to go thru several quakes to understand, ya gotta be there. The strongest 1 was a 7.2 on the Richter Scale & afterwards we had 100's of aftershocks that followed for days. They truly make you realize just how tiny & helpless we are & how life is not under our control like we imagine it is. It also makes a person of faith lean on the Lord & know HE'S ultimately in control & that brings us such peace in the midst of the chaos, P.T.L.!
boyfamersfom  Marqwinez
Uh god I remembered the one from Ridgecrest California 7.1 in 2019 that was hosuble I’lve Ben to lots of erthqwakes to I get scared sometimes
Tina Menard
Tina Menard ヶ月 前
But...doesn't the ground still roll?? Interesting for sure. I'm gona check dutchsense on youtube
Taylor L White
Taylor L White ヶ月 前
They feel different up there because it’s hard rock, not soft sand under us.
FEAR No More
FEAR No More ヶ月 前
@Tactical Lemon 😁Yeah we’re like the people in the southeast who don’t bother to board up windows for hurricanes under category 2. Haha
Tactical Lemon
Tactical Lemon ヶ月 前
@FEAR No More I got up once after like a 3.something near my house to move my bed back in the corner
Juliette OscarAlphaNovemberNovemberEcho
I've only felt one earthquake about 10 years ago. I was in Jersey but it actually happened in Virginia. I was in my yard and everything got wavy and everyone's windows rattled. Odd sensation. I couldn't imagine living in California where they're much more common.
Nancy K
Nancy K ヶ月 前
I was in a restaurant in Northern VA when that happened. It was a 5.8 in August of 2011 and it was scary-- can't imagine having to deal with anything stronger than that!
Coral Rae
Coral Rae ヶ月 前
Native Californian here, yep there are all kinds. Rolling jolting, wavy. Some sound like a train like the 87 Whittier Narrows, or like everything is cracking like the Recent LaHabra quake. Always scary and never have gotten used to them ❤
Karima Ogden
Karima Ogden ヶ月 前
I was living in Oakland when the "Loma Prieta" quake struck on October 17th, 1989. That was a doozy knocking down parts of I-80 (Nimitz Hwy) and the top part of the Bay Bridge which my husband had been on a few hours earlier. I was at the Hayward BART station when it struck.
hotdogman ヶ月 前
@ErR0rPr0n3 yeah but the thing is how uncommon we get quakes here, and we’re so not used to it that at first I thought it was a car crashing into my house
Alisa Austin
Alisa Austin ヶ月 前
@HRTsAFyre Thanks for the correction.
HRTsAFyre ヶ月 前
@Alisa Austin that was a 6.2 quake in Sylmar
Juicy Smooliet's Subway Sammich I am the change that is coming -COMANCHE NATION
hotdogman ヶ月 前
I live on the outskirts of buffalo, kind of near Marilla. I suddenly woke up to what I thought was my house partially collapsing. Once it stopped, I was confused as hell, and I then heard my sister opening her door to ask what happened, giving me the courage to open my door asking what happened. She thought a car crashed into the house. I ended up sleeping with her out of fear, lol. 2 major snowstorms, 1 a blizzard, Damar Hamlin, bills lose in playoffs not going to the Superbowl, and now an earthquake. Can't get any worse, can it?
hotdogman ヶ月 前
@Bella Irizarry that too...
Bella Irizarry
Bella Irizarry ヶ月 前
Tops shooting!
Who Ever
Who Ever ヶ月 前
As far as being anxious about earthquakes: I once had a dream that the Big One was happening and I was relieved because I was dreaming I was in the park and away from anything that might fall. Then my brain kicked in and reminded me that I was actually sleeping inside the house and I jolted awake. My heart was racing and, the more I tried to figure out whether the motion I felt was the start of the Big One, the faster my heart raced. When it didn't get big, I finally realized that the "shaking" I thought I had felt had been my heart all along! lmao Bottom line about earthquakes is that, if you're not in a shitty building, you'll probably be fine.
Who Ever
Who Ever ヶ月 前
Also, I've been in four earthquakes in the magnitude 7 range and more earthquakes than I can realistically count lower than that and I'll tell you that my heart still races when there's an earthquake if I am awake for it and aware of it. They just start suddenly and that is something that's supposed to get your heart rate up.
Entrelanieve ヶ月 前
These rattling earthquakes instead of the bouncy ones are so damaging. Back in 1983 I was in Popayan, Colombia and in the middle of the Holy Week, at 8:10 a.m. Holy Thursday, the ground shacked like in the videos but with 5.2 intensity and lasted 18 seconds. Those were the longer 18 seconds in my life. The city got destroyed.
Virginia Hobby
Virginia Hobby ヶ月 前
Turkey and Syria had an 7.8. Over 3,400 have died so far. Tragic.
Tony Thomas
Tony Thomas ヶ月 前
In the 50+ years of my life, this is the biggest quake Western New York has experienced. Can't imagine what it's like in all the places throughout the world that have had multiple quakes that were much stronger, especially the one in Turkey today.
254zero ヶ月 前
I heard a rumble and a moment later my whole house shook. Scared the shit out of me. First time in my life ever experiencing an earthquake.
Hannah Webb
Hannah Webb ヶ月 前
The earth is redistributing its pressures along old and deep faults which are felt in a larger area east of the Mississippi because it is a geologically much older "ground" than west of the MIssissippi-and the Rockies. I live in Kansas and even we get some occasional ground rumblings. Some are more shallow faults that get exacerbated by fracting. Kansas also shares a fault with Oklahoma that goes right down the middle of Kansas under the Flint Hills, but makes itself most felt south of the Kansas border in Oklahoma City. The northern branch of that fault can be traced to the east and goes right under Topeka. Back in November 2011?/2012?, we had a small earthquake in Topeka just east of Bennett's Mound. It shook my entire computer desk and monitor. Also, I could see the shadow of the chandelier in my dining room swinging more than you would think it would in such a small rumbling. My dog certainly noticed it. She was barking like crazy. I could hear a deep rumbling while it was all taking place, about 45 seconds of rumble and movement.
AuraTale ヶ月 前
Man. If this had happened a day earlier, I could have felt this. :(
Bendigo ヶ月 前
I felt something this morning at almost the same time, It was not as strong as it appears to be in the video, but very simmilar. The crazy thing is that it was on the opposite side of the country. I wonder if it was related.
Barbara Hines
Barbara Hines ヶ月 前
As someone from the Los Angeles California area I know if you’re not familiar with them earthquakes can sometimes be frightening. I’m amazed from the different cameras that there were no objects falling on the ground. Sadly it is a different story in Turkey 🇹🇷 and the surrounding area where many buildings have collapsed and several thousands of people have been killed.
Linda Bryant
Linda Bryant ヶ月 前
I was within 3 miles of the epicenter of the 7.1 Loma Prieta earthquake. It lasted FOREVER and the movement was up and down, up and down. I was trying to walk to a door frame and it was nearly impossible. No electricity, gas, or water available for three days. Lines around the block for groceries or bottled water. Stock up folks. Always be ready.
Terri Rebecca Garvin
I was there too. 8 months pregnant. That dang earthquake last a million years!
Sue Prator
Sue Prator ヶ月 前
I knew that one well. The Bay Bridge broke in half and I could see it at 7th and Townsend in SF. My 16-year-old daughter was babysitting and this was before cell phones. Could not take any major freeways home. Had to weave through the City to the Peninsula.
Trish_Fisher ヶ月 前
I live in California now and have gone through a lot of earthquakes since living here for 32 yrs, but I was born and raised in upstate NY and we had several earthquakes that I know of growing up in NY state as well, and some of them started with a loud roaring sound or just a jolt to let you know earthquakes do happen in New York state...
The Car Crazy Guy
I’ve lived through the Sylmar quake of 1971 and the Northridge quake of 1994. Dreading the next one. I do have earthquake insurance thankfully.
The last lady they interviewed said it all. Wow I hope everybody’s OK.
Lopeo ヶ月 前
Here in Lebanon the earthquake woke us up at 3:10 am the whole ground was shaking it really felt like a nightmare and it lasted about 1minute till it went away but the second time was more subtle it was 4.8 magnitude earthquake
RK NINE ヶ月 前
@Lopeo Which Lebanon are we talking about?
Lopeo ヶ月 前
@RK NINE yeah actually the whole country felt the earthquake it was pretty wild tbh
LongieR8er ヶ月 前
@RK NINE no Pennsylvania probably
RK NINE ヶ月 前
In Beirut?
Elizabeth Taft
Elizabeth Taft ヶ月 前
Snow blizzards and earthquakes, you folks are having a rough winter! Prayers for everyone's safety.
hotdogman ヶ月 前
@Danny451 There’s a difference between Bigfoot and religion, lol.
Danny451 ヶ月 前
@hotdogman You should see how offended the people who believe in Bigfoot get when I tell them there is insufficient evidence of a Bigfoot.
hotdogman ヶ月 前
@Danny451 congrats on offending people like me for religious beliefs!
Rochelle Perry
Rochelle Perry ヶ月 前
@Yah-'Izoa Hakaboth what to do to get out of destruction i am in the world and. Lost grieve the Lord I had. He is vicious angry with me. I did bad sins and regret this. I was so deceived and stupid
Lukas Wolfe
Lukas Wolfe ヶ月 前
@Yah-'Izoa Hakaboth God is so loving that he will "destroy your soul and body in eternal damnation" 😐
Maygan Cannon
Maygan Cannon ヶ月 前
That's crazy because we felt a similar occurrence in our home a few days ago in eastern NC and thought it was a explosion close by. Neighbors 3 miles down the road also felt and heard the same thing. That's crazy. Our house jolted hard and I even heard a loud explosion sound. Nothing has been on the news about it around here though🤔
Mirtzee ヶ月 前
Wow. Something is happening on the Earth.
MarkedMoneyTech ヶ月 前
We don't get to command the earth not to quake and make it obey without question, but we're still empowered to assist one another through any calamities. My condolences neighbors.
@Kali Krause !!!
Kali Krause
Kali Krause ヶ月 前
When all else fails, love is the answer
@Clisedia Gonzalez you've got a brother in me! There's never been a better time to choose to stand up and choose to unite with your neighbors and fellow countrymen- it is the only way we will ever accomplish anything in this country-
BothWorlds*69 ヶ月 前
Natural disasters, rumors of war... crazy times right now
peggy gee
peggy gee ヶ月 前
@Jessie Suzanne correct! But HE says you will know the signs of the times
peggy gee
peggy gee ヶ月 前
@Jessie Suzanne yes it is
peggy gee
peggy gee ヶ月 前
@Jessie Suzanne wanna bet!!! Find Jesus! Read a Bible!!! Do a little research
peggy gee
peggy gee ヶ月 前
@Maria Gricius yep… read the Bible it’s all there!!! Will get much worse too !! Look up your redemption draws near!!! Give your life to Jesus
peggy gee
peggy gee ヶ月 前
@Andrew Knowles AMEN
I'm in an area where we literally have never felt an earthquake. I can't imagine the terror of one suddenly occuring
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson ヶ月 前
I’ve been through many earthquakes over the years…both “ rolling” and “ quick rattle”. Usually, the quick rattle quakes mean you are close to the epicenter…the farther you are from that center, the more “ roll” you will feel.
maryanne razzano
maryanne razzano ヶ月 前
And the type of fault. Thrust faults feel different than slip faults. Southern California here
Mark Wagoner
Mark Wagoner ヶ月 前
I live in eastern NY and I felt it too.
J mendo
J mendo ヶ月 前
I was in my basement at 6 am and the house made weird noises like a ghost walking around upstairs, but apear's to have been the temor before the earth quake. At 6:15am I heard a sound outside and felt like 3 pulse wave through the ground then it hit the house and shook the house violently. After all, I can say to describe it was like a wave coming and crashing into a boat, but in this case was a house. But, I figure that's a better anology to describe it to someone that wasn't there. I have also felt Lighting strike shake the ground at first Thats what I thought Was a 3.8 magnitude that's pretty big for this area
R3tR0actionGamer ヶ月 前
I feel the Earth move under my feet, I felt the sky come tumbling down
D0CI87PC ヶ月 前
NY & earthquakes. Plattsburgh around 1983/4 there was a little shaker. Like the one reported here. Because of our proximity to an AFB, we assumed to be a nuclear target (it was the Cold War after all), we woke up and struggled to decide whether or not we had time to set up our lawn chairs and await the flash. We decided to drink beer instead. I live in SoCal now and don't even wake up for anything less than a 4.5 (local epicenter). Fun stuff!
Z ヶ月 前
Oh What A Day
Oh What A Day ヶ月 前
I learned if you are at the epicenter, I sure did not feel a roll or a shake. I felt like the ground dropped and came back up with a loud noise, also a hard jolt. It’s like dropping a rock in water. The center drops and then goes back up sending out the shake oll effect and lessens as it goes away from the center.
Thomas Small
Thomas Small ヶ月 前
theguyinmaine ヶ月 前
We had a 3.5 in Maine a few weeks ago, sounded like a jet breaking the sound barrier. If you old enough to have been around when they were legal. Then a few after shocks.
Maj. Tom
Maj. Tom ヶ月 前
We live just outside West Seneca. First a good vibration then a very loud bang. Mother Nature letting us know who's in charge. Let's keep the actual victims in the mid-east in our prayers.
Hugs_Nicolle ヶ月 前
Even living in California for 34 years…. I’ve felt ones like that lol…still scares me
roflcopter ヶ月 前
We do not jump out of bed for 3.8's in California, but I bet it's scary to those unfamiliar and in an unlikely place. New Yorkers, just Harlem Shake in the opposite direction to counteract it. :)
Kimberly X
Kimberly X ヶ月 前
Earthquakes up North are short from my experiences. Like an explosion. Thinking a loaded semitrailer is going down your street. There are many fault lines throughout the world. New Madrid for one. I experienced 3 in my life. Usually 3.1 or less. Some you can’t feel unless you’re on a second floor. Still scary.
TheRisskee ヶ月 前
Very interesting! I'm a CA native and we usually get L and P wave EQs and very few S waves that we can actually feel. Most of our S waves are so shallow they're only qualified as tremors. Interesting to hear the experience from the other side of the US! You shouldn't be scared! In a part of the world that has better building codes, we're relatively safe so I say enjoy the ride! 🤣 I'll spend the rest of my life wishing I could relive a 7.1 we had a few years ago. I'll admit, I did get slightly concerned at one point because when I thought it couldn't get more chaotic, it did, but I decided to just enjoy the experience. Haha
Carol Harris
Carol Harris ヶ月 前
I was in Big Bear area and the earthquake was like a cannon shot, going straight up from the fault line.
Sue Lindsey
Sue Lindsey ヶ月 前
I’ve been through rolling and banging, sharp quakes so… not uncommon in Ca. Prophets said this would happen all the way to D.C.😳
Karima Ogden
Karima Ogden ヶ月 前
We had a small earthquake here in Kentucky in April 2008 around 5am which surprised me and I later found out about the infamous "New Madrid" fault that covers Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky and they say it's overdue for a "Big One". I had already been through the "Loma Prieta" quake in the San Fracisco Bay Area back in October 17th, 1989 which was a doozy and am not too happy to know that they have them here in this part of the country.
Autumn Leaf
Autumn Leaf ヶ月 前
I thought a car hit the house, or a meteor. It was like a sharp explosion, didn’t even feel a rumble
Stephanie ヶ月 前
So scary, the massive earthquakes in Turkey and then one here in the USA, prayers for everyone. Thank God all are safe there.
Stephanie ヶ月 前
@The Unholiness Within What is the reason of everyone on here that has commented, you have singled me out to come at? I don't understand.. you're response to my comment didn't make sense and wasn't very kind, and it seems as though you're looking for an argument. Don't get me wrong. I can tango w the best of em, but I don't understand why you have chosen to single me out and come back at me. My comment was when the earthquake FIRST happened, then our media was talking about how we had one in a unusual place in NY and it appeared it was tied to the one in Turkey, almost a wave effect and how this was just so weird and unusual, and I commented that it was scary so many in such a small time frame so far apart ... And there were researchers thinking they were connected. Not sure how that ended up w this conversation.
The Unholiness Within
@Stephanie So, what causes severe weather and earthquakes?
Stephanie ヶ月 前
@The Unholiness Within that LITERALLY makes NO sense, especially in response to my comment. What is wrong with you?
Mike Wurlitzer
Mike Wurlitzer ヶ月 前
Not that far away in Holland, NY and heard/felt 0.00000000. Good coverage!
James King
James King ヶ月 前
Many of the aftershocks of the 1994 Northridge quake were like that- you could hear them coming as a whoosh, and then the struck in on sharp bang. Very unusual.
deborah mckinney
deborah mckinney ヶ月 前
I felt a 4.0 in my basement apartment in NJ in 1986. Scary!
Andre Rone
Andre Rone ヶ月 前
Hello from California myself I remember the Whittier earthquake and I remember earthquake that took place up in San Francisco doing the San Francisco Giants game definitely the the Northridge Earthquake 6.7 on the Richter scale lasting 37 seconds which was more like a nightmare for all of California I hope that the people over New Yorker okay just be safe and prepare for the next if it ever happens God bless everyone
Chal Lloyd
Chal Lloyd ヶ月 前
Went through all growing up in Cal. Left after Northridge. One eq too many.
V's bare tummy & Suga's tongue technology7
Heard about the gigantic ones in turkey. This is the first I’ve heard of this one.
lookingforghosts ヶ月 前
there was one like that in Chesterville Maine this morning too it left a huge crack along the frozen snow they called it a frost quake
ChaCha Dodds
ChaCha Dodds ヶ月 前
Not uncommon in those below zero temps you're having. Stay safe.
Bella Drips
Bella Drips ヶ月 前
Love how they included the doggo's protest after the shake. 😄
PepsiGal16 ヶ月 前
Providence, RI experienced an earthquake a few years ago and I was confused since I didn’t think earthquakes could happen on the east coast. I thought they only happened in California and on other countries 😮!
JA S ヶ月 前
I live in south jersey... I woke up to my 5 year old son telling me there was an earthquake... I don't know how he felt it or knew but he did.
TradMom ヶ月 前
I was in a around magnitude 5 in Malang Indonesia in 2016. I was living in an ALL cement home w a caged in backyard. It was so scary. I had to get out into front courtyard & prayed nothing would fall upon us. Praying for everyone bc these calamities, plagues, terrible events are going to start happening w much more frequency & detriment. Plz see that you are saved? In repentance? I love you all & I pray for our Heavenly Father to have mercy & protect us all. Much love, prayers of blessings.
QuartzNCoal ヶ月 前
Everyone have your gas lines checked for loose connections and broken gas lines.
Hugh Haefner
Hugh Haefner ヶ月 前
Would it be possible to feel and hear this quake in the lower northern peninsula of Michigan? I ask be because around that time we heard and felt a very quick bomb like noise and very quick vibration, loud enough to startle us and jump up and then it stops.
Son Of Hibbs
Son Of Hibbs ヶ月 前
I don’t doubt you felt it. The vibrations travel.
TheRisskee ヶ月 前
People in Canada said they felt it so I'd assume you definitely felt it.
Wouldn't doubt it
Joan Pivarnik
Joan Pivarnik ヶ月 前
Actually I have been in this type of earthquake in California in 2008, the bang type explosion I thought someone ran into the house I was in, I was told it was because the epicenter was close by.
le th
le th ヶ月 前
Yes, this is what it feel like to live in California...only we EXPECT to get jolted out of bed due to an earthquake, so I'm sure it was confusing for all the people who felt it. Dog in this video is CLEARLY not happy with it. You have to LOVE that newscaster's daughter immediately texts dad to verify wtf that was. lol So sweet.
QmnNvrDyz ヶ月 前
My dog stood up on the bed, about 3 seconds before the earthquake. Amazing animals! I thought maybe a dumpster had been dropped and went back to sleep.
Optimus Princeps
Optimus Princeps ヶ月 前
I'm in Komissar Governor Gruesome Newsom's, People's Republic of California, and a 3.5 is nothing 🤣
LordGoomba ヶ月 前
Im in Rochester and didnt feel it was right on the border of the zone its really sandy here too
KloutKulture ヶ月 前
That was a strong 3.8!
Tammy Roberts
Tammy Roberts ヶ月 前
My husband felt it while driving up by the Jamestown airport area. He was going down a curvy hill and thought a deer hit him.
Deborah Whitten
Deborah Whitten ヶ月 前
So scary, there’s too many in the last 24 hours. Being here in Ca I’m scared, we’re overdue for a big one. So sorry NY and Turkey 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Deborah Whitten
Deborah Whitten ヶ月 前
You know not everyone has a choice where they live, I’m 60 and disabled. I can’t affect to move if I wanted to, my kids and grandchildren are here. No reason to be mean
jessie martinez
jessie martinez ヶ月 前
@Chal Lloyd Lmfao..yes sir
Chal Lloyd
Chal Lloyd ヶ月 前
@jessie martinez commiefornia!!!
jessie martinez
jessie martinez ヶ月 前
@Sue Prator i already moved out of California foo and you ?
Student Account
Student Account ヶ月 前
I was in the 2011 4.0 earthquake in VA that was felt up to MA. I have relatives in CA. These are on a plate which is different from the composition of the plates in CA.
Chris Jones
Chris Jones ヶ月 前
I used to live in Albany, we had one I remember. Wasn’t big, but it sloshed the fish tank all over.
gail hasler
gail hasler ヶ月 前
The New Madrid earthquake was centered in Missouri, but felt in Boston, Montreal, and New York!
buffalo mike
buffalo mike ヶ月 前
Hammer talked about how he didn't think it was an earthquake instead of listening to the reports coming in. Instead of her personal experiences, the woman who is on each morning with him, reported what was being told by observers instead of sharing her personal experiences. She was the real reporter this morning.
buffalo mike
buffalo mike ヶ月 前
@Feesh Reporters report. That's not what he was doing. But to each his own.
Feesh ヶ月 前
The best people to listen to are people that have had first hand experience in dealing with these types of things. It was a very unusual earthquake, and it's not unreasonable to compare it to the earthquakes that he's experienced in person. You'd have to have been there to understand the comparison. People that have been through earthquakes before would understand what he's talking about.
Nicolas Trujillo
Nicolas Trujillo ヶ月 前
Keep them hearts light and calm everyone 💓🧲💓💐🌻💐🌻💐🌻
JBells ヶ月 前
Hello from California just want to let you know that there is always noise before an earthquake. It’s usually like a Hum
FEAR No More
FEAR No More ヶ月 前
@*Stop*Looking*For*My*Name Shhh 🤫 I don't clck on lnks from ppl who dnt take their mds.
Solangela Lebron
Solangela Lebron ヶ月 前
Yeah. That's why the animals start barking and making sounds before Earthquakes. Because they can hear it. Especially dogs, elephants and cows.
RDC_Autosports ヶ月 前
there’s a fault line right there, ain’t been active in a while …. there’s a spot in Ny where you can see the fault line in the rocks
Estie ForU
Estie ForU ヶ月 前
Always stay under brittle structures during a earthquake is what I learned in my physics class
Melodie Drury
Melodie Drury ヶ月 前
We had a small one in N.E. Ohio in May 1985. 3.2 +or- centered in Erie, OH.
Melodie Drury
Melodie Drury ヶ月 前
Correction: Erie, PA. not Erie OH. Border of OH and PA.
David Koplitz
David Koplitz ヶ月 前
Great reporting Patrick. Hello from Minnesota ❤
dorivista ヶ月 前
Depend on the type of soil
Rita Richardson
Rita Richardson ヶ月 前
The 7.4 that hit Ridgecrest California about 2 years ago hit my house and lifted my big chair with me in it straight up fast and then it slammed me in my chair back against the wall. I could then see and feel the quake rolling my house up and down and back and forth. I ran outside and the big pine trees were swaying back and forth and also my wooden fence. My poor cousin is old and he had never felt anything like it. He was trying to hold onto a fence and he told me that he thought his medicine was too strong. Lol 🤣 We were 60 miles away from the epicenter.
ChaCha Dodds
ChaCha Dodds ヶ月 前
Sue Prator
Sue Prator ヶ月 前
Yikes. That is the one in Central CA. It was only 30 miles north as the crow flies from Palm Springs where I live.
Purdy Hen
Purdy Hen ヶ月 前
Some Earthquakes are jolting. There are some that do roll as well. I was born and raised in California, and know the feeling of both. Rolling usually last longer than the jolting ones.
Lee M
Lee M ヶ月 前
Lived in California during San Fransico and you do hear noise and been in South Carolina when they had an earthquake. It had a bang and I wonder if it is because the faults haven't moved in a long time. Almost like a sonic boom. More charring than a roll, like California. Be interesting if someone who studies this a kind of thing as a reason for it.
MeriLizzie ヶ月 前
It was likely what is called a “Supershear earthquake”, an earthquake in which the spreading, of the rupture, along the fault surface occurs at speeds in excess of the seismic shear wave (S-wave) velocity, causing an effect akin to a sonic boom. To the sleeping brain it might sound like an explosion.
Kenji Yamaha
Kenji Yamaha ヶ月 前
Grandma recalled earthquakes in her lifetime. She lived all her life in Marilla,NY.
Brandon Mitchell
Brandon Mitchell ヶ月 前
The plates are shifting hard right now , there was a massive 7.8 in turkey , we can expect to see several more similar over the next week or so
jessie martinez
jessie martinez ヶ月 前
@Lil' Black Duc survival skills
Lil' Black Duc
Lil' Black Duc ヶ月 前
@jessie martinez Spiritual Fortitude will separate survivors from the loosers, going forward.
@jessie martinez then why are the fairy tales in it coming to pass. Makes a person think.
jessie martinez
jessie martinez ヶ月 前
@ZefSide yup once the core stops completely its a wrap
ZefSide ヶ月 前
The core is reversing expect more earthquake on both sides of the planet in 24hrs definitely first in my lifetime
Parry My Logic Then
"Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword"
Vicki Manning
Vicki Manning ヶ月 前
@Andecap Jesus is the blood sacrifice.
Andecap ヶ月 前
We dont want no blood sarifice...
M.E. Reid
M.E. Reid ヶ月 前
Even so, Lord Iesus come!
Brian Scutt
Brian Scutt ヶ月 前
Thank God it was not a 7.5 . Those people are hurting.
Family & Life Too
Only felt one Quake so far from VA .. it was felt in the NY area of the city..about 10 yrs ago
Joe W
Joe W ヶ月 前
I remember one in Lackawanna when I was a kid. Must have been the 66 or 67 quake. Then I moved to So Cal and felt a few real ones.
LookingForSakura ヶ月 前
Wow Lackawanna
Janice M 🥀
Janice M 🥀 ヶ月 前
That was crazy! 😳
Simon2018 ヶ月 前
Yea I remember the shock when I learned that NYS has a HUGE fault line going thru it and the National Earthquake center is here as well.
mchanna ヶ月 前
New Yorkers: We are strong and can get through anything. New Yorkers when it's a little chilly and there is a small earthquake: We are lucky to be alive! This just shows how strong we are!
Humberto Salinas
Humberto Salinas ヶ月 前
That looked like an explosion vibration as well
hotdogman ヶ月 前
@GAK • 22 years ago a couple of my friends thought that, lmao. I though my house was randomly collapsing, or an explosion was near by. An ambulance woke me up an hour before the earthquake, and I thought that had something to do with it
ocsrc ヶ月 前
@GAK • 22 years ago That was an Overpressure wave. The sound is classic for an Overpressure wave.
GAK • 22 years ago
Yeah bro I thought it was a nuke even though there was no flash. It scared the shit out of me
@xxx 🤣 Noted.
Meg Roth
Meg Roth ヶ月 前
Been in many earthquakes here in SF, 1989 earthquake was 6.9. Felt many above 5. Glad there weee no casualties or major damage.
Adelana ヶ月 前
As a Californian yeah we get ones who sound like trains coming through your house. But we have little 2.4 plus all the time. I'm so used to them all tho unless it's 5.8 plus I don't even notice when we have one 🤷🏼‍♀️ even then it's like "oh my plants are shaking, it's a earth quake" and I go about my day.
Sue Prator
Sue Prator ヶ月 前
We have a TON of small ones some yrs in Palm Springs- 200 one yr. This area is where the San Andreas ends.......great- as I am from SF so I went from the San Andreas going through SF State to ending right under Hwy 10 in the Coachella Valley.
SparK ヶ月 前
Laughs in Chilean*
Adelana ヶ月 前
@TheRisskee Idk about calling it "spoiled". Just used to them yes.
TheRisskee ヶ月 前
Like you said we feel them all the time and we're spoiled by that. Most people never get to experience one.
jak jaen
jak jaen ヶ月 前
i love earthquakes !!
Pia Padmore
Pia Padmore ヶ月 前
I had no idea we had a fault near-by. I lived in Los Angeles for years, and experienced the rolling-feeling..type. I told my sons it was an explosion, no way was that an earthquake. 😂
Kenny james Moses
Thats crazy i just went through a 6.4 this is regular lol hope everyone is safe
Connie Ackles
Connie Ackles ヶ月 前
Be thankful it wasn’t as bad as the earthquake in Syria/Turkey this morning. These are the craziest of times in every corner of the world! Prayers to everyone close these areas. No one is exempt when it comes to Mother Nature! 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻
Waterspirit ヶ月 前
We felt this on the other side of the lake in Port Hope Ontario.
ChaCha Dodds
ChaCha Dodds ヶ月 前
Hope you're all okay.
denise thorbjornsen
The birth pains are getting closer and closer together
Ratus ヶ月 前
While Cascadia keeps absorbing the energy...wow ...not in my lifetime....not in my lifetime....
Brinks Bros
Brinks Bros ヶ月 前
Sweet, that’s a beautiful fade. I’ve been to many of these in Cali
Kevserplayz ヶ月 前
There was one that happened in Turkey 10 days ago it was 7.8 and 7.6
DMTurner ヶ月 前
I recommend the YT channel Dutchsinse. He's accurately predicted hundreds of earthquakes including the one we had. He's on average 24 hours ahead but sometimes up to a week. Usgs says you can't predict them but you surely can
ChaCha Dodds
ChaCha Dodds ヶ月 前
He says he doesn't predict, he forecasts. There's a difference. But yeah, he's usually right on the money, and he forecast both of these eq's. I was watching him Live when the first 8.1 hit Turkey. He immediately said that either the enegy wave would move west, causing quakes across the boundary plate of the creton toward Greece and Italy, or the energy would remain locked up in the same area, and deliver another large eq. Within minutes, while still Live, the 2nd 8.0 hit. Those were both downgraded to 7.8 and 7.5, with a third to follow at 6.0. Hundreds of aftershocks 4.5 and above. Devastating to countries with stone-stack buildings for apartments, and in the middle of the night like this. Tens of thousands of casualties, which may not be reported. Heartbreaking.
Mirtzee ヶ月 前
I was visiting a friend in Tokyo Japan in 2002. It was early and I was fast asleep, I woke to the air “trembling”, the whole Earth felt like it was shaking and it was POWERFUL. I thought a ghost woke me up and I called out my friend’s name slowly. It lasted less than a minute but it felt so long. I can’t even imagine, what the earthquake of 9.0 was like when it hit Japan or what SYRIA and Turkey are going through. It’s stronger than a nuclear missile. The power of that force is like God breathing down his discontent. Not good. Jesus, mercy.
JoeyKnow ItAll
JoeyKnow ItAll ヶ月 前
Pressure release of tectonic plates occurs two ways, most are as you said rolling and last more than a few seconds, what you felt today was a jolt, this is a more violent release of pressure that last only a few seconds. What you felt was a direct effect of the quake in Turkey.
Lord daquan of house Rastafarian
Damit man I live very close to the San Andreas fault line it has been so quite for way too long...every now and then I think about it we’ll see how it goes
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